(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 6 (thread 2a)


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First Post
The Grim Reality of War

The Red Army marches on.

The Powers run by Kalanyr and William have been fighting back madly against it (that is to say, they have been posting heavily.)
Creamsteak (whose character is not dead) and Sollir have been fighting as well as they could.

However, the lack of posts from anyone other than Kalanyr and William dictates a grim fate for much of Oerth.

I gave everyone a fair chance to post, to attempt to make a reasonable effort to deal with this foe.

You have to remember that people had a chance.
You had enough PL to deal with the Red Army, if everyone had united against it, and if everyone had chosen to fight.

The lack of such posts dictates that the grim fate bestowed in the article below comes to pass.

- - -

The Red Army concentrates it's might, and whips the very bedrock with it's power, flaying the crust of the planet.
The Hellfurnace range, where it meets the Sulhaut Mountains, explodes, cause a worldwide earthquake, spewing debris far into near space.
The Yeomanry is instantly obliterated, along with Istivar.

Forsaken One's deeply buried Secret Retreat survives, because Heward's Mystical Organ saves it, but all access to it is cut off by endless tons of shattered rock.

The land cracks and crumbles, then splits apart.

The ocean roars in from the east, a titantic and colossal tsunami that rushes through the break in the mountains, roaring into the Sea of Dust, swallowing Istivar.
Hence, it smashes against the highlands of Garnak, and overflows, sending floodwaves in all directions.
One of these heads northward, and a small river of it's last expended energy crosses the continent and flows down into the northernly Drawmij Ocean.

The Hellfurnaces south of the cataclysmic explosion all explode into vulcanism, and a thousand new volcanoes erupt where flat earth was before.
The Amedio Rainforest burns away, as vast mountains are created within days by the surging lava, and vast new mountain ranges are formed.
Seas of lava cover vast areas, pouring down into the Azure Sea, wiping out the undersea civilizations there, causing the sea to erupt in tsunamis, whelming every coastline.

The Red Army cracks their power across eastern Oerth in furious frustration, having been unable to find the Union of Oerth.
The Oerth reels in pain, unable to stand the rain of blows being thrown at it - it cracks and shatters.
Violent earthquakes preceed the titantic rupture, as the land breaks apart.

The Thillronian Peninsula, the whole thing, moves, stretching a million years of continental drift into hours, tilting southeastward as it does, moves over 200 miles northeast of it's former position.
The western land moves further west, squeezing Relmor Bay, causing massive explosions and upheavals across Nyrond (which effectively ceases to exist), and causing the waters of Relmor Bay to rush up onto the land, floods hundreds of feet high roaring across all the lands.
The southeastern land, including the Grandwood region, is thrust outward into the Solnor Ocean.
The northern land tilts, it's northeast end shattering against the Thillronian Peninsula, it's southwestern end disintegrating and tumbling into the crevace that used to be the central Union of Oerth.

The ocean rushes in and fills the crevaces and cracks, spilling over the land, waves surging over hundreds of thousands of square miles of land like a bathtub had overflowed.

The Yatils burst into flame, or so it seems, with lava rushing down all sides.
Perrenland, Ekbir, Yecha, and Highfolk are all obliterated, as the lava covers them.

Then more upheavals and explosions occur, by the hundreds, then thousands, and new mountains are created, old ones are thrown down, or shatter, and the Yatils are filled with lava lakes and geysers.

- - -

Then Anabstercorian hits Oerth with the first of his Teleport Without Errors, bringing substance directly from the heart of the sun.
Not a good idea, Anabstercorian.
The substance in question is fusing hydrogen.
Everything for 30 miles in every direction instantly vaporizes - if it is within sight of the release, it is gone.
The equivalent of a ten thousand megaton explosion lifts off the face of Oerth, where Celadan Forest used to be.

The second explosion occurs in Zeif, which passes into history, the lurid fireball lifting for thousands of miles into space.

The third explosion occurs over Lyrn. Arlon is not affected, it's magic somehow saving it.

The four explosion occurs over Erypt.

The fifth explosion occurs over eastern Varnaith.
The fifth explosion produces the mother of all tsunamis.
It roars northward, swamping Touv and Olman Isles, heading for the coastline, fully 2 miles high.
It crashes into the coast, causing a new quake Flanaess-wide as it hits, exploding into plumes of water from Keoland in the west all the way around to the Tilvanot Peninsula in the southeast.
Floodwaves race inward in all directions, roaring up the Sheldomar Valley, flooding into Wolly Bay, into the Great Crevace of Aerdi.
Both Wolly Bay and the Great Crevace overflow again, sending out the excess water in all directions, wave upon wave upon wave.
One of these waves heads due north. It swamps the Domain of Greyhawk, and roars down into the 5,000 foot deep lowland that used to be the Nyr Dyv.
Only to instantly dry up, due to the strange, new enchantments that now fill that place.

The sixth hit ... there is no sixth hit.

A number of Oeridian mages ... seeing that a madman is trying to destroy the world, throw multiple Wish spells to prevent a sixth transfer of fusing material from the heart of Oerth's sun.

Much of the Red Army was destroyed in the cataclysm and subsequent barrage from Anabstercorian, but much of it remains.
And it continues the attack, heedless of the ruin about it, seeking only to destroy.

Because of the Secret Retreats, relatively few of Oerth's civilians on Oerik are killed.
But fully half of all the fighters are dead, most of them vaporized or buried under ash and falling rock.

Wild magic storms and hurricanes are roaring around the planet, and rains of superheated dust and great clouds of poisonous gas are affecting the entire world.

In AnaKeris, tsunamis wash away the coastline, killing hundreds of thousands of people.
Earthquakes rock the continent, as the massive explosions, both from the Red Army's attacks and from Anabstercorian's Teleports, occur on the Oerik continent on the other side of the world.
Superheated ashfalls cause major forest fires, the sun is blotted out by a great cloud that fills the sky - covers all of Oerth's upper atmosphere in one great cloud 40 miles deep.

And still Iuz and his Legions, and Melkor and his Shade, lead what remains of the Red Army against the surviving peoples of Oerik.

And still Kalanyr and his people, and Hazen and the men and women of the Kevellond League, and to some extent Sanctus, the Hellmaster, and their people, fight back against the attack.
Still the Angels fight, now reduced to one third of their original number.
Still Mina fights, and her Dead fight.

Even the devils are still fighting ... and they care not that the world around them is turning into a Teutonic Hell ... they ARE from Hell, and this environment suits them just fine.

On Celene, still untouched by the awesome conflagration in the sky, the Kevellond base remains untouched.
On Luna, the Shade who are there watch with glee as Oerth burns and smolders in the sky above them.

- - -

And STILL the Red Army (greatly reduced in strength) marches on.
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Black Omega

First Post
Kalanyr said:
I am using William's tactics of course.And enhancing them as much as possible with 10th level magic.

I also want to keep working on that Gold Goo and I unleash an Upper Planar Energy Catastrophe on the Red Armada, if someone would like to stop Lord Melkor countering it I would be very happy. Alzem? William? Black Omega?

You know all Kal has to do is ask and Siobhan's happy to help.;) This sounds like a good plan, we'll be ready to counter if Melkor tries a counter.
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Edena you gave people 6 hours, some people may have been asleep or out for the entire time, you really need to give 12 hours before you can be sure everyone has had a chance to read and react.


First Post
Kalanyr's forces successfully obliterate the Red Army that is now occupying all of Aaqa.

The forces of the Kevellond League drive the Red Army from Furyond and Veluna, slaughtering them, exacting a grim revenge for what has been done.

Mina and her Knights, and the Dead, destroy what remains of the Red Army in the Shieldlands.

In the northeast, the League of Warlords is besieged in Riftcrag, which is under all out bombardment from the Red Army.

The great elven city of Sunleai shatters under the assault of the Red Army.
Crystalline buildings and towers shattered, crashing down in thunderous ruin, crashing into each other, debris exploding in every direction, an avalanche of ruin and death.
Bells ring as the great elven cathedrals that held them collapse, endless tons of stone, marble, and crystalline beauty raining down, crushing the ground.
The Red Army fires bolt after bolt.
Elven homes collapse, trees burst into flame, the great central Assembly Hall melts into a pool of Red Goo.

The Death Forest and the Red Army battle on the slagged fields of Northern Aerdi.
The trees hurl death energy, death bolts, at the Red Army, destroying them and the land itself, leaving blackened husks atop barren stone.
The Red Army fires back with an endless barrage of Red Goo and spells, melting the oncoming trees, frying the Unseelie commanding them.

The Vesve Forest marches into the Empire of Iuz.
New Doraaka is whelmed, it's buildings literally torn to rubble by the trees, then effaced from existence by Faerie magic.
Dams and power plants, homes and businesses, roads and power poles, all are swept away in a fury of green and silver magic.

The Red Army fires back, though, destroying millions of trees, creating vast areas of Red Goo that the trees cannot cross, blasting the Faerie with every kind of destructive magic ever invented.

In the west, what remains of Garnak fights a bitter, losing battle against the Red Army there, until Kalanyr's force comes up from the west, from Esmerin which it just saved, and relieves them.
Garnak Forest and the people of Garnak are saved, because of Kalanyr.

Festy Dog's Underdark races continue a bitter struggle of their own.
Aside from cave-ins, inundations, and lava flows that have destroyed a greater number of their cities, they must fight those units of the Red Army that stormed underground.
Fierce fighting, without pity or relent, fills the caves and caverns of Oerth's Underdark.

Above, volcanoes spew, the Oerth shakes, all the oceans are filled with wreckage and the white plumage of waves, while the sky overhead glows a furnace red, and rains of superheated water come pouring down, along with endless worldwide bursts of multicolored lightning.


First Post
Kalanyr and Alzem are unable to use their 10th level magic to halt the destruction from spreading even further, because they are being forced to use everything against the Red Army.

The Red Army in the east, unable to locate the Secret Retreat of the Union of Oerth (which survived, due to it's inherent magic), decide to head west.

The Angels counter the southern stroke of this great onslaught of the Red Army.
The devils counter the mid stroke of the onslaught.

But the northern onslaught has the backing of Iuz and the demons, and the concentrated might of the Shade.
Even the incredible strength of the Faerie is not enough to withstand this onslaught.

The Vesve Forest itself is forced to retreat, pushed back out of the Empire of Iuz.
Mina and her Army of the Dead is beaten back into Furyondy, then the combined forces of the Kevellond League and Mina's army are swept out of Furyondy altogether into Veluna.
Furyondy is obliterated, every last upraised stone and bush annihiliated, nothing left to testify that man or beast ever lived there.

Kalanyr's forces manage to reach Veluna before the oncoming Red Army, and bitter battle is joined, right there, in the heart of the Kevellond League, between the two great powers.
The Emerald Order throws all it's remaining forces into this battle.
To the aid of the defenders comes all the force Ulek has left.

Oerthblood battles Red Death.
The power of the Light faces off against Evil, against the Darkness.

No further help is forthcoming from any quadrant - Alzem and his forces are locked in mortal battle in the south, the Sky-Sea League is desperately defending their home isle, the Alliance of the Rising Sun is shattered, and the Alliance of the Crescent has no strength to send.
The Death Forest, led by Valkys, assails the middle of the Red Army - that portion fighting the demons - from the rear.
The Red Army, beset fights back against both fronts, but it is squeezed tigher and tigher between the two advancing forces.

Alzem and the Angels start winning in the south, pusing the Red Army back towards Aerdi, destroying them by the thousands, effacing the pools of Red Goo as they go.

But there is no magic left over to save Oerth itself from further destruction, much less to recover anything that has been lost.


First Post
I think, Kalanyr, that most of the questions have either been answered by what has happened, or is happening, or ... those questions have become irrelevant.

Concerning Anabstercorian and Zouron - I am still waiting to see what they do.
If they attack each other, then they do ... I will wait and make rulings on what happens, based on their posts.

I hope you get better soon, Zouron. I am sorry you are sick.
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