(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (End)

William Ronald

Indeed, eternal vigilance will be necessary. The possibility for evil to return exists within us all.

The Shade will return because the heart of mortals and immortals have not changed. Hatred needs to be fought, and a careful watch needs to be kept on those powers which contributed to the ruin of worlds.

That is one of the reasons for my long posts set on Krynn. Anything that has been achieved in the Domain of Hope can be trhreatened.

Hazen will ask the Taraakians for their reasons in not punishing Hellmaster Phibrizzo; he suspects they were being merciful to his people. The common people of the League of Warlords, such as the farmers and the craftsmen, did not ask their leaders to pursue the course of destruction.

Other dangers exist, Acererak may slip from his magically imposed good state or be corrupted by his own pride or by the actions of others. Also, the dangers in each of us exists. Hatred, pride, bigotry, and a lust for power at any cost can threaten us all.

Just because most of Melkor's followers are dead does not mean he should be ignored. He can raise his followers from the dead or try to recruit new ones.

Hazen will try to counter some of the recruitment with diplomacy to the more neutrally aligned shade, but even this will not stop Melkor. Inevitably there will always be those who want dominion over others and will use any means deemed necessary to achieve it.

If the Domain of Hope is a paradise, it is one which must be defended from threats without and within. To this end, the Kevellond League, the Baklunish-Esmerin Confederation, and all powers under my control offer a mutual defense treaty to the restored Domain of Greyhawk. However, trying to teach the people of that city not to hate the Shade may prove an impossible task.

I expect sooner or later, the battle will be enjoined again.

Serpenteye, probably lesser or intermediate god for your character. Remember, the gods of Oerth and Toril are worshipped elsewhere, including countless parallel worlds.

As Hazen signs the defense pact with the Domain of Greyhawk, he gazes at Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal and the lords of the Gem of the Flanaess.

'Eternal vigilance shall be needed to preserve the Domain of Hope and your city. My people shall aid you in this."

"Yet there are dangers we must face from our own selves: hate, fear, jealousy, pride, the desire to dominate others, and all the manifestation of one's own inner darkness. For the Dark Powers are waiting for us; they are within each of us. For it is not just with strength of arms that the Domain of Hope must be defended. It must also be defended from within our own hearts and minds. A friend, Orrin Rilanth, has said that free will is a great gift and a terrible responsibility. We have it within ourselves to answer the call of the Dark Powers, or stand with the Army of Light. The choice is before us."

"Let the people of the Domain of Greyhawk, and all the worlds know that they are loved. They are loved by the Angels, by the powers of light, life, good, and love, and by the Eternal. Yet the choice is always before you: to fall into darkness or to rise above the call of the Dark Powers."

"The Angels have taught me how to fight without hate. There is a great danger in hate. For if one is not careful, you may begin to become too much like what you oppose. I have seen it in many wars. Yet you can chose a nobler path."

"We stand with you, our friends, our brethren. May the powers of good and the Eternal always bless us."

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Truly speaking I can't see why the God-Emperor couldn't pull Greater Status, Pholtus is worshipped only in a small area of countless parallel Greyhawk's too. Though I will contend that enforced worship is as effective as freely given worship.


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Kalanyr said:
Truly speaking I can't see why the God-Emperor couldn't pull Greater Status, Pholtus is worshipped only in a small area of countless parallel Greyhawk's too. Though I will contend that enforced worship is as effective as freely given worship.

Thanks, Kalanyr, I agree ;)

I suppose the worship of the God Emperor could be considered enforced, since all Cydians are genetically programmed to worship him. This, however, does not make their worship any less fervent.
Plenty of people in the real world have been socially programmed to worship a certain deity, those people are often the most fanatical and devout. Is their worship worth less because their free will has been limited by external factors?

Forsaken One might be right though, maybe the power of the faith of the worshipers take some time to reach the deity. Or maybe worship must be accumulated over time, and since other dieties are much older than the God-Emperor they have a head start.

William, are you referring to the campains of every single DM when you talk about paralell worlds? What happens in one DMs campain doesn't usually affect what happens in every other and vice verca, it would be odd if worshippoints were the only exception to this rule. I don't expect the God Emperor to appear in many campains outside the IR. :D

I am the God-Emperor, the God of Emperors and the Emperor of Gods.


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well one thing to remember about gods who's power is decided by worshippers (forget it Ao Io and other overgods don't need worshippers) are decided in strength based on the number of worshippers in the current "crystal sphere" not the total amount across all crystal spheres, if it were across all then all gods would be greater.

Also remember see it compared to other gods in a sphere, if a book says god B is a demigod and is worshipped by millions it might be because there is a limited amount of divine energy in that sphere, it might be because it demands so much more to become a demi god, or finally because gods here are not dependen on worshippers.

The God-Emporer might be a greater he might not, in the end it is the DM/GM of the current game that decides.

Mr. Draco

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Hmm, I always thought that it had something to do with the domains of a given god. For instance, some god with the domain of fishing trout on wednesdays in a pond four miles east of shadowdale would have very little devine power compared to say, a god of life, the universe, and everything.

Course, the God Emporer doesn't exactly have all those porfolios within Greyspace, as they are held by different deities, are they not? Oh well, just my 2 coppers...
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