(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (End)

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Edena, one of your previous posts indicated that those destroyed by my attack are forever and completely anhilated, so how can The Torillian Commonwealth be restored so easily? And what about those souls that were sacrificed to Melkor, and that were sentenced to eternal torment in his Divine Realm, like Queen of Celene, do I still have them?
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First Post
Great. The final comments of the third IR are rebukes to me.

Melkor, the Golden Blast was magic off the end of the scale.
The taraakians, with their 12th level magic, could not have accomplished the Golden Blast.

It was achieved using powers greater than 12th level magic: faith, altruism, and sacrifice.

If you wish to blame someone for your defeat, blame Anabstercorian, who gave himself into slavery to save the others.
Blame Vaeregoth, who put aside her feelings towards the taraakians, who had attacked her, and gave absolute power over her into their hands.
Blame Iuz, who killed himself to merge his essence to save his people.

These are the people that made it possible for those killed by the Shade to return.

There is no particular rule stating the Shade cannot return.
Although they killed themselves by the billions, by no means are all the Shade dead.
The Plane of Shadow is infinite.
Given enough time, and regaining of 11th level magic (and eventual gaining of 12th level magic), those Shade that did survive could start regenerating the Shade Army.

It would take some years, but it could be done.
Vengeance, if that is what you seek, is always a dish best served cold.

However, some other DM needs to take up the baton, for now.
I have stepped down; my role, for now, is over.

I will run a 4th IR, given time.
However, now is not the time.
Not the time for me.

Creamsteak is trying to create an IR. You might take a look at the thread titled: Other IRs.

Melkor, consider Yours Truly a friend. It was really great having you in the 3rd IR, and you were a blast to run for.


Posted by Anabstecorian:

Note to self - Run and hide

Indeed you should! You have made your choice, now Penumbra won`t return in its full glory, The Race Of Ililthidi shall not once again rule the multiverse, with lesser beings as their slaves, at least not under you, I think Ilsenine might be disappointed. His Chosen was a butt-kisser of Forrester, than Taarakians, than he decided to become slave of God-Emperor, with his people, Melkor would under NO circumstances serve anyone else than himself.

And Tokiwong, Iuz The Mighty sacrificing himself to save those vermins?! No comment.
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William Ronald

At the Inn of the Last Home


As promised, here is a post set in a famous inn. It has been fun.


You achieved a lot, and I think Anabstercorian has as well. He has preserved his people, who may well be honoring Ilsenine in a new way. Much as the Humanoids of Toril honored Gruumsh and their other gods in a new way after the end of the 2nd IR.

Melkor, be careful about calling Anabstercorian a butt kisser. After all, your words to the Dark Powers were a bit flattering. Until you said they may bow down before you. Be glad that Edena did not decide to have the Dark Powers make you bow before them.

Indeed, one may have to ask how many Shade will follow Melkor now. He has not done much to preserve or aid his worshippers. Indeed, most evil people are more interested in power than self destruction.

Also, do not expect the forces of good to rest on their laurels. The shade will be watched closely.

Also, the Dark Powers of the Domain of Dread may be none to happy with either Sollir or Melkor. Melkor is still a domain lord, and may be drawn back to the Domain of Dread. (Even if he isn't he may have made enemies out of the extremely disappointed Dark Powers.)

However, I will compliment you on your ingenuity and role playing.

Thanks for playing a remarkable villain. You have helped make the IR remarkable.


The smell of cooked spicy potatoes wafted through the air of the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, as Hazen and his wife, Sarai, a short, dark haired woman, opened the door. It was early afternoon, and the place was busy. The trunk of the old vallenwood tree glistened brightly in the light of the sun.

Tika Waylan-Majere dropped her ale mugs and platter which should have dropped to the floor. Except that Hazen glanced at them, and they floated effortlessly to her hands without spilling a drop. He smiled politely. The crowd fell silently, slack jawed.

“I am sorry if my appearance startled you. Mrs. Majere.” Hazen said calmly. “I am honored to see you again.”

“Your one of the Angels that Goldmoon told me about.” As she said this, a large broad shouldered man with mustaches walked out of the kitchen. He stopped suddenly in front of Hazen, right by Tika’s side. “I think I would have remembered an Angel,” the man said.

“I was not one then, Caramon. It is a pleasure to be here again. I am Hazen and this is my wife Sarai. I was last here the summer after the War of the Lance. I was the healer who left behind the sack of gems to be given to the needy in Solace.”

“Yes, I remember now. That was a king’s ransom. It really helped out people a lot. Half of Solace thought I had provided it, thinking I had stolen a dragon horde. There was a group of kender who kept searching the inn for weeks.”

“I am sorry that it caused some discomfort,” Hazen said.

“Well, at least I know where you got the idea to have spicy potatoes for dinner,” Sarai chuckled.

“So, you are the one who prayed for the Domain of Hope,” a voice in a gentle but no longer forced whisper said. There was a smile on Raistlin’s face, and his pupils were no longer shaped like hour glasses. He seemed to be a vision of health, as robust as his brother Caramon. He wore red and white robes.

“I prayed for a refuge, Raistlin. The Domain of Hope was more than I had dreamed of. In the end, it proved to be a refuge for us all. And a second chance.” Hazen said.

“A chance that I am glad of, Hazen. Once I had power, but neither the love nor the wisdom to use it wisely. Later, I sacrificed my power for Palin’s sake. Now, I have wisdom and the heart to use it not just for my own happiness, but for others.”

An Irda woman walked over to Raistlin and lovingly grasped his hand. “Raistlin has been teaching and performing some magic shows in Flotsam. When he is not busy with me,” the woman said laughing, and Raistlin joined in, an honest healthy laughter.

“A pleasure to meet you, Hazen, Sarai. I am Amberyl.”

The door opened, and a tall man with dark hair entered, followed by a woman with luxurious gold hair, a young elf, and a young woman with short golden hair. The young woman looked abashed at Hazen, and began to cry as she ran over to him.

“I am so sorry!!!” Mina said as she wept. “I was so vicious, so arrogant, so empty of anything but hate and a lust for power. I was wrong…” The young woman falls into Hazen’s arms weeping.

Hazen holds her gently, and Sarai strokes her hair.

“I forgive you, Mina. You were lost, but now you have peace. I have heard of what you have done lately on Krynn. You are truly a remarkable young woman.”

Mina stops crying, and the young elf takes her by the hand. “Silvanoshei,” she whispers. “I thought he would be angry. I wanted to torture him..”

“You did not, and I do not think you should torture yourself, Mina,” the young elf says softly.

“No, you shouldn’t torture yourself, Mina,” the older woman says softly. “A pleasure to meet you, Hazen, Sarai. I am Goldmoon and this is my housband Riverwind.”

“Hazen, I must thank you. The Que-Shu have returned. No words can express my joy in this.” Riverwind said, his voice choked with emotion.

“I only had a small part in the events that restored your people. Many showed faith in the Taraakians. Perhaps, at most, I served as a good example to others.”

“You never abandoned your faith and your principles, Hazen. When many despaired, you did not. That may have helped others believe that there was more to life than hate or pursuit of power,” Goldmoon said.

“Hazen also put himself on the line for his principles,” Sarai said. “How many people have you seen who have claimed to stand for a principle but not risk anything for it. Sometimes, I think he tries a little too hard.”

The door opens, and a red haired half-elf with a beard, a golden haired elf woman, a young elf male with a hint of human ancestry, and an elven woman of the Kagonesti people.

“Tanis! Laurana! Gilthas! And you must be Kerian, the young woman people call the Lioness.”

“It is good to see all of you,” Tanis said as he hugged Riverwind and Goldmoon embraced Laurana. Kerian and Gilthas smiled at each other and the newly proclaimed leaders of the Que-Shu.

“Hazen, Sarai. It is good to see you again. So you two are behind this reunion.”

“Guilty as charged. So, Hazen, what is to be our punishment?” Sarai says, a wry smile forming on her lips.

“We shall stuff ourselves on Otik’s spicy potatoes.” Hazen said.

The door swings open, and two men in the bright armor of Solamnic Knights walk in. The older of the two men has thick mustaches. They are followed by a woman in scale male, with dark hair and an amused, devious smile on her lips.

“Tanis and Laurana, it is good to see you. Truly it is.” Kitiara says as Laurana eyes her.
“Don’t worry. If I knew this was the reward for being on the side of good, I would have switched sides during the War of the Lance. At least now, I don’t have Lord Soth pining after me.” She catches sight of an Angel standing in the Inn of the Last Home and suddenly falls silent, seeming remorseful.

“I’ll go quietly if you want me to. I know I have a lot to answer for.” Kitiara says softly. There is a look on her face that no one ever saw before: profound guilt.

“There is no need. You have a second chance. You have led the Dragon Lords in their efforts to help make Krynn a better place. There was always good in you, you just needed to realize it. You did let Laurana and Tanis go free at Neraka,” Hazen says softly as Kitiara’s face brightens.

Sturm Brightblade pats his son Steel on the shoulder as he walks forward to embrace Tanis. “Tanis, it is good to see you again. Thank you for being a friend to Steel when he needed one.”

There is a slight shimmering and Palin Majere and Usha appear with Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Flint Fireforge. “Sorry we are late,” Palin said.

“Some fool of a kender tried convincing me to go boating!!” Flint roars.

“Well, it was a nice boat. Lucky for you that Palin and Usha showed up.” Tasslehoff said. He notices Hazen and his wife and begins talking rapidly.

“Are you really an Angel? What’s it like?”

“Are there really kender on Toril? Can I visit them?”

“How did this all happen?”

“All in good time, Tasslehoff. I thought a meal would help me to say thank you. The courage that many of you have shown has helped sustain me in hard times. So, again, I thank you,” Hazen says, bowing politely before the heroes of Krynn.

“THAT is the best idea I heard all day. Is that Otik’s spicy potatoes I smell?”

“It is nice to know that some things remain the same,” Tika laughs.

“Indeed, with all the changes I have seen, it is nice to have some constants in the multiverse,” Hazen said.

“Thank you? What’s a constant? I know, it’s a sound that’s not a vowel, right?” Tasslehoff asks, as the people in the inn laugh.

“Constant, not consonant, Tasslehoff,” Hazen says. “Something that stays the same. Such as your essential good nature and good appetite.”

As the sun sets hours later, the Heroes of the Lance and their families remember the Krynn that was and the Krynn that now resides on the Domain of Hope. Others join them, including Gilthanas and Silvara, Dalamar, Huma, and the King Priest of Istar. There is much talk about the past and the future.

“Krynn now has a second chance, as does Oerth, Mystara, Toril, and Athas, and more worlds besides. While eternal vigilance will be needed to preserve what has been restored, your deeds will inspire all who come after you,” Hazen says as he gazes at everyone.

“Indeed, perhaps the greatest lessons of the last few months is that people of different lands, races, and worlds can stand together in common cause. Together, we are far more powerful and wiser when we stand together. I shall work to make sure that remains the case. For those who would seek our destruction always lie in wait in the shadows. We shall stand at the ready, never abandoning our watch. For the Domain of Hope must remain as a refuge for all who seek it. So many have given so much on all of our worlds, that we owe it to them and our posterity to preserve what we have gained, protect it, and improve upon it.”

"For my part, I will stand at the ready. For the benefits of freedom are well worth the price."


Nice WIlliam, nice :)


What do we do with the Domain of Hope and the "City of Peace"?

I'd like to see a post with as many replies as there are Domains.
Would be great to see everyone work out there Domains and their factions and post them in 1 big post on the boards.

Would give Edena a nice starter or backupinfo if he would run his 4rth IR in this setting or with our factions in a background role.
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Posted by William Ronald:

You achieved a lot

No , I achieved less than 0! Edena`s last posts indicated that everything I have destroyed was restored, greater than ever! Everyone I have killed was restored to life, I think that even those that where a part of Red Goo, and those whose souls I have taken! I wanted to achieve The Night Eternal, but created The Eternal Paradise instead. Actually William, Melkor understands the extent of his failure, and this knowledge makes him suffer greatly, more than he suffered in Kalanyr`s and Siobhan`s prison. You see, it might be true that Hell is inside us, and Melkor has created a huge one for himself.

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