(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 3)


Why is my defense 9? I've taken naught but 1 hour actions and charged my defense for the entire Turn, so it should be a 10 yes?

Did I sent you an email on Day 1 stating 3 perhaps? If so that was because I thought it meant a strength 3 attack thrown straight off could bypass a strength 4 defense.

And did you get my attack/defense declarations?
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Mr. Draco

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Edena, firstly, I emailed you about the attacks/defenses for the UO & allies for day 4. They each have an attack. Also, the Defense for the UO itself should be 10 not 6. It had a 6 defense day 3, and it was held, increasing by two levels (each power), since there were two powers defending it (myself and serpenteye), it increased by 2 x 2 = 4. Thus its defense is 6 + 4 = 10.

William Ronald


I have sent two e-mails on my attack defenses. One late last night, one just a little while ago. I am making multiple attacks on my enemies.

Some of the attacks of my allies have been held from previous days. So, don't be too upset by some of them people.

Remember, you may have to cancel some of your previously held attacks to strike at new targets.

Everyone, I want you to stop Sollir and Zouron's forces. I presume Lord Melkor will not be attacking as he is away.

Also, I am using the full power of the Cup and Talisman of Al Akbar to eliminate all Red Goo in the territories of Sollir and his allies. This effect can cover an area, as Edena previously stated, equal to the size of the Baklunish-Esmerin Confederation.

I will be out until early evening. So, good luck everyone. Get those attack e-mails out to Edena now if you haven't done so.


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<< We play to win, Legion of Dread. We will kick your ass. We are the forces of creation and life, all ethics aside. You are the forces of destruction and entropy. Our conflict is as natural and inevitable as the cycle of birth and death. But this time, birth shall win, as it never has before! >>

He raises his hands, crackling with thunderous psionic power, and he, along with hundreds of other postIllithid, raise their voices high.

<< Let there be life. >>

The stuff of the stars boils and writhes beneath them, and gives off great burning gouts of stellar plasma. Slowly, vast waves of burning hydrogen gather together in to enormous bulges, like lesions of fire, and then burst, revealing titanic forms hundreds of feet high formed of pure psionic force and stellar fire.

We live. Command us, Creator.

Anabstercorian calls out.

<< Creatures! I proclaim thee to be named the Starbearers. You are commanded to strike out with your cleansing flame and glorious light and undo the horror of the Red Goo. >>

It shall be thus, Creator. All glory to Ilsensine.

And the creatures closed themselves and began to thrum with energy.

<< The stars are in my favor, Phibrizzo. You shall face righteous defeat for your atrocity. >>


11th Level Actions This Round

Level 4 Attack by the Starbearers: Destroy the Red Army. (Overwhelming wave of positive energy that releases them from their fate.)
Level 4 Attack by the Knights of Neraka: Destroy the Red Army. (Also a positive energy wave.
Both of them put up a Level 4 defense over themselves.
11th Level Wonder: Creation of the Starbearers

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