(IR) The 3rd IR, Turn 7 (thread 4)

Zelda Themelin

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Btw, I think this dueling system is very cool. It is simplified enough system for really high-powered mass combat.

Wish we had had such an idea, when my oldest and most brat-natured character was out there blasting worlds. Throwing just d6 opposed rolls was perhaps bit too simplified on system level. ;)

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Thank you for the compliment, Zelda.

Unfortunately, I believe Kaboom and Uvenelei do not share that sentiment, and they sound hurt and down.
I will assign new Powers (from those who were turned to good by force) to those who want them.

However, I cannot bring back what was lost.

And the battle is only just begun.
It's going to get WORSE, and it's going to last at least several days.

- - -

Nobody knows exact casualties, but estimates are between 5 and 15 billion killed.
At least 70 million people were sent to Ravenloft, along with the 2nd City of the Gods (which the Darklords will have their hands on soon enough.)
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Zelda Themelin

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Yes, and saddly some of them have gone into oblivion. Then again...not guite, for see.. we have the story.

All Things to nothingness descend,
grow old, die, and meet their end.
Man dies, iron rusts, wood goes decayed,
towers fall, walls crumble, and roses fade.
Nor long shall any name resound beyond the grave,
unless it be found in some clerk's book;
it is the pen which gives immortality to men.




All my 11th level attacks were Imprisonment.
My convential assualts were death.

Mina is Good Aligned :eek: I spent hours trying to do that and all it took was nukeing an entire planet with Oerthblood. Congratulations Festy.

I take it now is the time to redeclare attack/defence?

As for the destruction, whooh I never thought I'd see anything like it.


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No. Not yet.
Do not declare Attacks, Defenses, 11th Level Assaults, or Conventional Assaults for Turn 5 yet.

I need to assign new Powers to those who want them.

I have to establish a new Order of Battle, and post it here, so that everyone knows exactly where they stand.
That way, there will be no confusion concerning who still has what Powers, what strength they are at, and whether they can still launch 11th level attacks.

A Disarmed Power CANNOT launch Attacks, Defenses, or 11th Level Assaults, but it can launch Conventional Assaults.
It can also be completely destroyed by a Coup de Grace.

(goes offline)


The Angels stand silent, weeping, tears runing down their transparent faces at the massive destruction wrought. No sound is forthcoming but their anguish is clear. Across Oerth hundreds of Angels weep.


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I am really, genuinely sorry I have to make this post.
I ask those affected by it to grit their teeth and not leave the IR, and remember that they still have surviving Powers to play.

As DM, I must do my job, and unfortunately - this time - that job involves hurtful rulings.

- - -

The Dark Powers are good to their word.

All those 70 million people sent to Ravenloft, are sent to Melkor's Domain.
They immediately become his property.
He has a very real and most awful Carte Blanche over what he does with them.
He can do to them, whatever he is going to do to them, immediately.

Melkor determines if they live, or they die.
Melkor determines whether they become undead or Shade.
Melkor sets up the rules on what magic or psionics will work.
Melkor sets up the rules on what technology will work.

Melkor, can ABSOLUTELY prevent any escape from his Domain by his subjects (as per the Ravenloft Campaign Setting rules.)

There is no possibility of those sent to Ravenloft overthrowing Melkor. It is literally impossible.

Melkor can even choose to give his subjects to the other Darklords of Ravenloft as gifts.

Melkor, can do whatever he wants, and there is nothing that can stop him.

For now.

When the Militant Fair arrive, that will change.
(The Militant Fair are coming, too.)

However, for now Melkor has free rein.
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Edena, the weekend hath come and the chances that my personal computer at home will work is slim to none. I started a speech, but it doesn't live up to what I have to say; I'll use the weekend to compose it if I can't come on-line. It'll be big, I hope. For now, Anfaren is in Ravenloft and means to do something about it.

Hope I'll still be online. If not, I'll see you all after the weekend.

Zelda Themelin

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Edena_of_Neith said:
Thank you for the compliment, Zelda.

Unfortunately, I believe Kaboom and Uvenelei do not share that sentiment, and they sound hurt and down.

What happens when such system is used in game to blast factions to oblivion or whatever is quite another story.

And those other attacks beyond dueling system are confusing. I didn't end up using them either. It was pretty new ruling too.

What comes to systems, I never got along that well with your basic PL system.

I still like them, but my imagination doesn't live well chained like that. I am quite happy, though.


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The Final Ultimatum of the Alliance of Dread

A message is sent by magic from the Alliance of Dread to all other Powers in the IR:

We represent the Shade, the Unseelie, the Black Brotherhood, the Red Army, and the Eternal Order.
This message is to the Alliance of Oerth, the Union of the Worlds, and to the United Commonwealth of Toril and all it's allies.

We are issuing an ultimatum.

We demand immediate and unconditional surrender.

You will turn over all your magic to us.
You will discharge all your psionic power, and not recharge it.
You will deactivate all weapons, then turn them over to us.
Your leaders will come before us, kneel, and accept whatever fate we decide.
Your people will accept our rule unconditionally.
Whether your people live, die, or enter another state will be entirely our decision.

If this is not done, then we will destroy the United Commonwealth of Toril and it's 100 billion people immediately ((Coup de Grace Attack))
We will also immediately destroy the Kevellond League and all it's people ((Coup de Grace Attack))
We will, in addition, destroy the unprotected and unprotectable world of Krynn.

We appreciate that some of you still have fighting capability.
We appreciate that it will take some time for us to achieve victory over all of you.

However, we can quickly destroy the United Commonwealth of Toril and the Kevellond League, and the destruction of Krynn should not take longer than a day.

Is your pride so great you will sacrifice over 100 billion people for it?

Surrender now, and maybe you will live. Maybe not.
If you do not meet our demand, though, those people will most assuredly die.

We have watched you negotiate your infantile peace agreements, and have watched them collapse one by one.
We appreciate that the only real negotiation is to put the sword to the neck of the foe.
We appreciate that power - power to destroy, power to kill - is the real negotiator, not this peace and reason of the Angels.

Well then, this is our negotiation.
If you agree to our terms, absolutely and unconditionally, we will be satisfied.
If you do not agree to our terms, absolutely and unconditionally, you will all be killed.

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