Is Ascencion Available for purchase?


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This may be a stupid question, but I can't find it on rpgnow or a way to buy it on, yet I think people are discussing it?

I just bought the bestiary today.

Can someone help?

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The EN World kitten
U_K did a pre-release of Ascension, wherein he let people pay for the book early, receive an unfinished copy, and he'd keep updating it as new work was done on it. He did a similar thing with the Bestiary prior to its release.

However, the pre-release for Ascension has been a disaster, in U_K's own words (he may have called it something different, but that was the sentiment). It's taken quite a long time even by U_K's standards (he always misses his own deadlines by months), and he's grown frustrated at the idea of having an incomplete book out so long. He's long since stopped taking pre-orders, but most of the people here already have the book (the latest beta version is 2.6).

Hopefully, it'll be completely done soon...


And U_K did a good move with pre-ordering his book. If you take a look at most D&D book, you will see a extensive list of playtester. Without releasing it to a small public before selling the book and eventually print it in gaming store, the book wont have been what it is now.

Its not perfect, but the balance of the book in overall is there and even if I dont have number, those that have pre-order are only a few comparing to the number he will sell. So he made a better book and those that will buy only the final product will be pleased with it and then its better for the sale , because he will be more reknown fo rhis book and wil lhave a better reputation.

What he will have to do in the future is take some playtester and/or co-creator to work on the books to speed-up deadlines. He can't make everything himself and expect to respect the delay (and still work at the same time in a real job).

So I still think it was a smart move to have done the pre-release and U_K now know some of the people that contribute the best to the final product and in future he should maybe speak to those person and maybe just pre-order with few person.

Yea, its not quite done yet. Getting there...
I think having to stick with an update schedule helped U_K stay focused, (Probably to the point of burnout) But I can't speak for the man.
It certainly was cool seeing some of the elements of the book evolve over time. I think U_K misjudged how much writing this book would take initially. (IIRC, it was about this time LAST YEAR that U_K thought he would finish... But things come up, and no one I know can just sit down and churn stuff out 24/7)
It should be done 'soon'. This recent doldrum of nothingness aside, if U_K works at his most efficient rate, I can realistically say December as my guesstimate. (By December, I mean done and errata'ed and off to the presses) Perhaps U_K has secretly already finished and is mocking us right now. Perhaps it comes out tomorrow. This is U_K. Who can really say?
(And U_K, I know you are doing the work as fast as possible while trying to remain sane. It's almost over... After this, only like 10 more books and... :))

Hey Etric! :)

I think others have already explained the situation. The beta-release was available, but I have since stopped selling those. I am currently finishing off the art, when I have that done I'll have the pdf on sale at RPGNow (and Drivethru RPG).

I'll be revealing the art at the end of this month. I doubt I will have it all done, but I think when people see how good it is (relative to the Bestiary art) they'll forgive me for once again dragging my heels.


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Upper_Krust said:
I'll be revealing the art at the end of this month. I doubt I will have it all done, but I think when people see how good it is (relative to the Bestiary art) they'll forgive me for once again dragging my heels.
So we're only three days away from an update? :D


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Three days from an art preview, four days from an Ascension update (Sunday 1st).

Rats, I'm going away on vacation and might not have computer access during this period.

At least it's something to look forward to once I get back. :)

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