Is Cavalier a bad choice for LPF?


Hey everyone. Semester is ending soon and I am optimistic that this means I will get to start playing again. With the long break in play I am strongly considering retiring my Barbarian Vax and making a new character.

Has anyone played a Cavalier in LPF and had fun? If I were to play one I would probably be Human (I know a small character/medium mount would be easier but I just can't imagine a Cavalier as a gnome or halfing).

I am not concerned with being super powerful but I don't want to feel useless or like I am actively dragging an adventure group down. I figured I would focus more on general feats like power attack and maybe toss in a few mounted feats later on. Alternatively I could pick up teamwork feats to share.

In short I am looking for thoughts on whether a Cavalier will be fun to play or turn out to be a real bummer.


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Short answer: Cavaliers are going to be tough in LPF.

Medium answer: Actually, smaller races work better as cavaliers, because they tend to ride medium-size war dogs, which fit into dungeons and on boats. Alternatively, you could take the huntmaster archetype.

Long answer: Cavaliers with horses really push adventures toward mounted combat. Unfortunately, this means that either the cavalier shines and the other players are bored and ineffective, or else the other way around. Once you get into mid-levels, and the other characters in your party could conceivably spare a point in the Ride skill, mounted combat becomes less of an issue, but you're going to be lonely for the next 5 levels.


Yeah, I am not actually all that interested in the mounted combat aspect. Looking to build a Knight in Shiny Armor style character who cares about helping the common man and doing grand deeds. I liked the banner and sharing of teamwork feat aspect of cavaliers but the mount and charging portions of the class are not ideal for a living world.

Perhaps I will make a Paladin instead. Could always downplay the religious aspect and make his personality more centered around Chivalry instead.