Is D&D Your Favorite RPG?

Is D&D Your Favorite RPG?

  • Yes

    Votes: 238 54.3%
  • No

    Votes: 200 45.7%

No, I think it's a thoroughly mediocre RPG. That said, this is entirely not the fault of the game or its designers. D&D is and always has been a gamist-simulationist RPG (and sadly the already subdued simulationist part is shrinking) and therefore it is, by its very nature, not for me. As far as I can observe, 5E has been pretty decent gamist design, if only a tad bit flavorless but that's a minor complaint. D&D 3.x wasn't very good, even for it's time. It was an updated version of D&D that reflected changes in general game design that AD&D had missed out on. It was much clearer game design than AD&D, however - but it had several other flaws.

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It's crazy how many people here share my love of HERO System.

I like D&D, it was my first RPG and I will always love it and its tropes, but HERO System just works better for me and my playstyle.



Hero System, followed by Traveller, followed by GURPS, followed by Deadlands, followed by Cyberpunk 2020...

D&D's not even in the top ten.

Angus MacDonald

First Post
Not even close.

My players love Heroquest and FATE, first and foremost, but there is also a healthy respect for GURPS and Ubiquity ... and now Ars Magica.

D&D/Pathfinder are kinda low on our totem pole...

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