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Is there a set build for a half-elf/half-drow?

I was thinking of, like, a wood elf/drow cross (due to the horrors of what commonly happens in warfare) - what would that character gain/lose from her heritage? Less Charisma vs more Dexterity? Less Darkvision but more innate magic?

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Possibly a Idiot.
Officially, they end up as just a Drow (most likely) or a Wood Elf (less likely). Also their children have a high chance of being a Drow.

But that's kind of a boring answer, and requires a Punnett square to work out if they have the Dominant Drow gene.

So instead:

Using the Basic Elf, it would be a custom subrace, based on mix-and-matching the two existing subrace's traits.

Starting off with picking your own ASI: +1 CHA or +1 WIS.
You would then have to choose either Drow Weapon Training or Elf Weapon Training (to account for where you were raised).

Finally, the real nuts and bolts comes down to handling the rest of the traits, You have your pick of the last two features from the list:
  • Superior Darkvision/Sunlight Sensitivity,
  • Drow Magic
  • Fleet of Foot
  • Mask of the Wild
Or I guess you could swap out Drow Magic for the Wood Elf Magic feat from XgtE instead.

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