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DDAL Jasper DMs Season 2


Rotten DM
DDEX02-04Mayhem at the Earthspur Mine

Days 1 -14.

Take 1 level, 1,500 GP, and 10 downtime days.

Helena you were able to find the papers you were sent after.

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 35 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9

Magic Items Belt of Dwarven Kind. This brown belt is gem encrusted with a buckle made of polished granite. It never gets dirty.

I had a very strong group of seven Cosmo Helmite Cleric 6. Gouda wild magic barbarian 6. Slammer Rune knight 6. He who shall not be named Ranger 6. Helena Rogue 3 ranger 3. Witch Warlock 8. Thoeyna Cleric 7.

Thanks, Cosmo, for checking my math and monster attacks.

Witch a new member of the Cloaks of Mulmaster was told round up some adventurers and get his mission from Talon his sergeant. Talon states the dwarves of Earthspur mine have taken it over and are using King Lorn’s basilisk to stone any warrior sent to take the mine back. Lorn’s brother the Stone Dwarf has a final bout in the fighting arena of Black Sword and Bloody Boar tavern. The Stone Dwarf may have passwords to get into the mind.

The group split into two groups. The Thugs who will sign up for the opening act and the Sneakers who will try to sneak in and contact the Stone Dwarf. The Thugs face person is Cosmo who gets along with the Lady Owner Gethmedra. They chat briefly about cigarette before signing Gouda and Slammer up for the opening act with the boss and most of her staff distracted the Sneakers sneak into action. Only to get busted by the towel boy. While Witch and Helena are flirting badly with the Towel Boy Thoeyna just bribes him.

Towel Boy, “Oh I thought you were for something extra. Fasts of the Stone Dwarf are always welcome but they generally us the back stage stairs and not wandering through the arena.” Winking at Witch he takes to the Stone Dwarf.

Stone Dwarf sets his weights down, “Oh fans. I generally do autographs at 6 to 630 but since you have bribed the towel boy. I guess I can do a few autographs.” He goes to a stack of preprint autograph pictures and starts personalizing them. It takes a few moments before he gets the clue Thoeyna is here for information. Stoner had fallen out with his brother but his shrink has him making amends. So, if they would deliver this letter to his brother the king, he will give them each 1,000 GP on a printed return receipt.

Players, “WE love the new money system this season.”

The group starts for both bouts. Winning the 400GP for the first bout and helping win the final. During the final bout, Gouda recognizes Stoner has been roofie. They help finish the bout and Stoner takes control of Bloody Boar because he knows only the boss lady could have poisoned him. He rewards them each 500 gp.

Know a blizzard is coming, Witchiepoo and pals buy cold weather gear and head out to the mine. Listening to Gouda, Helena and Cosmos wear their boots as hats. All three gain three levels of exhaustion.

Gouda, “Oh sorry. I meant wear you hat on you head to keep your cool. HEY YOU DON’T have to yell and throw snow balls.

He who shall not be named, “Avalanche!”

Slammer, “Yetis”.

DM, “Why not both?”

After a brief combat the group is captured by the daughter of the King. The King is dying….


The king is dying. A medusa has taken over the mine and enslaved some of the dwarfs who did not escape. With this map you the party says the secret words they get sixty-four dollars and a nice prize from our sponsor. Um. Say secret words at correct location save the king.

Daughter, “it looks like they taking the mine carts down. The elevator would be smarter. Dad you didn’t offer them coffee which would eliminate the exhaustion conditions.”

King Lorn, “I did NOT see on page 13. Second column. Last sentence above Bhun’s Letter. They are a very strong group and Helena will mention my oops while I still in car driving home from the game.”

Gouda, Helena, and Cosmo enter the first mine cart. The other four enter the second cart.

Module. “YOU IGNORABLE PIG DOG. CAN’T you read. I said three per cart.”

DM, “I have a lighter!”

Module, “Never mine. Do what you want.”

Gouda and Slammer easy off the brakes and slowly slide into the mine and the chase music from Indiana Jones mine cart ride begins. Taking four rounds to fight off two bulette the group start yelling for brakes. Slammer slowly engages the breaks and coasts to stop in dressing mill near the office where.

Slammer, “what do I see. “

Gouda, “Here is the break you wanted Cosmos.” Cosmos looks at the break in her hand and closes her eyes as the first cart crashes through the barrier into the foundry.

Slammer, “What do they see.”

The mine carts have split the party. Gouda and her cheesy friends are prone in the foundry with five gargoyles. Slammer and his friends are surrounded by four gargoyles. Scary music comes from the office.

(Cosmo had rolled to placed the hidden location of the boss, their initiative and starting round. I tried to ignored the starting round).

Both groups can hear each other fighting but would be a round or two double moving to get to each other. The fight starts and only Helena beats the monsters’ initiatives. The first round no one is serious hurt and the dice love Cosmo who was only touched once during the combat. At the end of the first round Witch kicks open the office door.

Witch, “SURprise?”

Atia Scorvo Medusa, “Surprise! Is on you. Fly my nightmare. Squish him by two flesh golems.” She closes on Witch but does little damage.

Witch, “I just be closing the door. Sorry to interrupt your beauty nap. Avon is not…” With a total failure of a saving throw, she falls back and casts shatter on the office. (Note player was describing his action as I was reading the saving throw failure state. Witch should been stoned immediately but rule of cool and some damage to the monsters.)

Round four Slammer takes out one gargoyle but is stoned by Atia. Some of the other party members are only in the double digits due to various mass healing type spells. Helena drops the second gargoyle in the foundry.

DM to himself, “They know they can surrender right?”

The gargoyles put He who should not be name and others into the single digits.

DM looks at Skully, “They are going to fight to the death.”

Skully, “Don’t tell them They can surrender. I want my seven names.”

DM, “Guys, you know you can surrender right.”

Group, “we forgot.”

Medusa, “Surrender or be chips off the new block.”

The group surrenders. Twelve days later the Medusa enters the repaired office with a butter churn over her head.

Voice, “See Shaggy and Scooby, I told you the trap would work.”

Group, “Thank you. She would gotten away with it if wasn’t for you meddling kids.”

Fred, “Meddling. We getting paid your reward.”

The End.

Notes I changed the gold piece pay out to match the new Adventure League standards. The monsters numbers are from this module and DDEX 2-3.

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Rotten DM
Some my gamers are returning from Covid lock down. And others are popping back up. Shoot, some those kids grew taller than me during the lock down. Yes, I made some mistakes. Slammer (the player really) is beginning to get on the various dms nerves. The session went well once I push them to make some decisions. And role playing was up with most people get a spot light.
I have already rand DDEX2-1 to 2-3 either years ago or did not feel like writing up the session. Also I am down to dming every other week due lack of players and the other DM running Mad Mage on my off week. As always feel free to ask questions, or point out mistakes.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-05 Session

Days 15.

Well actual maybe 90 minutes in day 15.

Take 1 level, 250 GP, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 35 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9 DM Broken 3.

Magic Items Brooch of Shielding

I had a very strong group of seven Lord Asma Barbarian 3. Darnix Moriger Cleric 3. Pamela Druid 4. Beatha Warlock 4 Red Cloak. Bones Wizard 1 Red Cloak. Kaida Ice Monk 3. Sean Monk 1.

Kaida, “I SUMMON ICE FIST PUNCH!” and punch the burning painting.

The End.

I can not do justice to the 2 hours of role playing we did. They broke the DM 3 times. I decide to give the red cloaks a secret mission investigative the artist who no one has really seen. The reason was the arson related to art sells. So just for fun, I let the two red cloaks go through the actual role play of hiring the other five to be body guards at the high end opening of the new art. They had fun and were enjoying it. I had fun watching them. Then I decided to give each player a scene inside the Noble Art Opening. Think Abbot and Costello meet the Three Stooges.

The scene which is suppose to trigger the investigation turn more into comedy central. With the Pamela and Beatha help trying to move along and making worse. After the Comedy Fire started, I was not worry about giving the pcs damage but to keep my seat. After the pcs escape the fire, spend 15 minutes trying to get the group back on track but failed.

The Score. Part 1 of module complete.

Glasses of my face 1.

Glasses of face and hat off 1.

Walking away from table to get back to together 1.

DMs note. Add some notes to the clues on page 13 and other cross references.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-06 Session

A Blooming Dead Rose

Days 22-23.

Take 1 level, 360 GP, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 39 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9

Start Time 6:32 End Time 10:00

Magic Item Ring of Mind Shielding. The plain silver river is engraved with the holy symbol of Illmater, a pair of hands bound by cord.

Story Award Yellow Rose of Texas. Liticia Gos talked. If you meet a Yellow Rose monk, they have 50% chance of knowing of the raid on the monastery. 75% if you are wearing the ring.

I had a weak group of five. Darnick Morigak dwarf cleric 3. Reran (ran last) warlock 1. Bones Goblin Wizard 2 a Cloak. Tasmia Mallar Warlock 1. Satordi Mildval monk noble.

Note at 3 of players have previously played in the module way back when it first dropped in season 2.

Sgt Rambo, “Corporal Bones. Corporal Bones. Get in here with your gang.”

Bones, “Coming this my new gang of minions.”

Sgt Rambo, “Did I say you could have minions. Who are you to interrupt the DM. Um Me.? Quiet Soon to be private corporal. The Cloaks need information on the following at the party Purple Rain Mansion. Silkroot a new drug in today. Try to find a dealer. The Yellow Rose Cult. Names of Phlan Contingent and any nobles they have subverted to support the Phlan war. Soon to be Private Corporal Bones is in charge. You will be uncovered as wait staff so hide your weapons. Report to the Purple Rain at 1999. Now get out.”

The group arrives at the mansion and head servant dresses them out in staff clothing and gives them tips on how to deal with the nobles. “Suck it up and deal with it. Lots of Mulmaster nobles are racists. You getting paid 10 GP for a three hours work”.

The group decide on signals and other ways to communicate. With the party starting at 10 just before 11 they take a break and compare notes. (Note I cut up the bullet points and let the group roll a charisma check and pull x number of slips of paper out of an envelope.) Silkroot is being used at the party, but the takers are too high to give a dealer. Two minor nobles and Zor Garwyl Gos (Extra from last week) have pledge to help Phlan. Thylius is new noble who is bringing Yellow Rose monk teachings to Mulmaster. Riasa a starving noble is a follower. Thylius left at 11 to do things. But Riasa is preaching the new way. Just smell good food and good things lead to enlightenment.

The party ends at midnight but Zor recognizes Bones and Darnick from last week. He hires the group on the downlow to find his sister Liticia Gos. She been missing for over a month but he does know if it Silkroot addiction or the Yellow Rose Cult.

MOST of the group spend four hours talking with the staff and mostly passed out nobles. Well, except for Tasmia who has CULTRUED HERO background. (Did not write down the exact background). She spends four hours signing autographs and talking about her and her mom’s adventures before she came to Mulmaster.

After pulling Tasmia away from her fan club, the compare notes. They will visit the Wicked Tart, The Hookah bar next door (was Usilie Smoke Shop), and Thylius’ Family Mansion. They were briefly attacked by Wine elementals just before sunrise but it was not connected to their investigation.

(This is part 2 and would be major soon to be colonel spoilers of this section. So, Skip.) The group gets the address to brand new Yellow Rose Monastery. It just open last Wednesday. Using their brains, they talk Rollo into letting them take the afternoon breathing and Yoga class. Yes, the sister is in the building but sleeping since she takes private lessons from Thylius each night. (Not those types of lessons Reran.) After being hustled out the front and only gate, they come up with a cunning plan. Sneak in quietly after lights out. Kidnap Liticia Gos quietly. And don’t kill anyone.

They try to sneak in quietly but Tasmia is still occasionally talking about her new fans and Darnick is just clumsy. Sneaking MOSTLY quietly up the stairs Satordi hears Liticia and Thylius talking. Clumsy Darnick trips over his own feet at the top of landing. Thylius opens his door.

Thylius, “Who are you and what the heck are you doing here.”

Satordi, “CANDY GRAM FOR MONGO.” Thylius is stunned he has never heard of a candy gram. Darnick tries to rush the door and is block with a throat punch. Reran tries and is poked in the eyes. The situation NPC at the door, three people trying to rush him and they are supposed to be quiet. ROLL INITIATIVE.

Thylius, “I SUMMON THUNDERWAVE!” BOOM. Tasmia bounces off the opposite door and shakes the cob webs from her head.

Reran, “Going loud.” Bones tries to Sleep Thylius but gets Liticia instead. (If he would have rolled max, I would have given them both.) Thylius is cut down and bleeding out in the middle of the second round. Noises are heard from all of the other four doors as the DM tries to adjust the numbers downward and figures out how fast the new monks will rise. The freshly woken monks grab weapons at hand and find the door knob in dark.

Some of party rush the room. Darnick snipes the first female monk with Eldritch blast and charges the room. Reran lets him by and flips off the male monks who just exited their room. Looks at Thylius.

Reran, “Poke me in eye, I make sure you don’t use your fingers again.” Tasmia tries to crash through the window which was just put there by the dm. She clothes lines herself and face plants outside and twenty feet down. (The group got very lucky on fall damage. Most I rolled was a 7. But the standard was 3.) Bones ties up their rescue victim. Everyone but Reran tries to flee out window.

Reran, “I kill Thylius.” Group groan.

DM, “Ok. You are trying to escape. Everyone wants to make it out and you are going to tick off every NPC who can see you. Do you really do it?”

Farting in the male monks faces, Reran stabs Thylius in the head and hand. With a flick of his wrist and his sword; Thylius ring finger is in the air. Reran dashes to the window while grabbing the finger in midair. And he faceplants twenty feet down for 7 points of damage. The monks yell choice words at the party down below and tell the other monks in the hall that the party is headed for the wall.

The group with some quick healing spells on the fly runs for the wall. Casting Expeditious Retreat, Reran who was last out the window is first up the wall. Reran gets confused should he keep going or help the party?

(Okay. Reran didn’t get confused but the player did. He stopped the game and asked for honest opinions. I gave him three and the group gave him two.)

Bones and Tasmia boost their kidnapped victim up to Reran who slings her across the top of the wall. Tasmia climbs the wall pausing briefly to groin stomp Reran. She goes over the wall and catches their awaken victim Liticia, who head butts Tasmia breaking her nose. Bones goes over the wall. Darnick boosts Satordi with Reran help over the wall. As Satordi hits the group he immediately knows being a hunted noble with a price on his is way easier than working with this group. He fades into a dark alley. Reran helps Darnick over the wall.

Reran, “HA HA. I give you the finger!” he yells at the approaching monk and slips off the wall. Bones tells all except for the murder bit to his boss.

The End.

I added the finger bit in post. They touched the magic item so I gave them the magic item. But they didn’t get the potions.

Reran is one my regular autistic players. He surprised me by stopping the game and asking for suggestions. He does get confuse about his options. Plus, he likes to murder hobo. The table did tell him that he could ALWAYS stop game play and ask questions.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-07 Session

Bog Our Guest

Days 24-31.

Take 1 level, 115 GP, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 54 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9

Start Time 6:3 End Time 10:15

Magic Items Magic Items Potion of Healing, Scroll of Comprehend Languages, Scroll of Remove Curse.

Spell book 1st level: charm person, earth tremor*, magic missile, shocking grasp

2nd level: earthbind*, hold person, invisibility, Snilloc's snowball swarm*

Ring of Water Walking

Ring, uncommon, requires attunement

This band of flaking, rusted iron band seems to be constantly damp and quickly soaks through any gloves worn over it. All but the spell book duplicates

I had an average group of five but started with a very weak group of three. Kithri “Kittri” Ruskettle Rogue 1 Cleric 2. Essence Swamp Ranger 3 Bones Wizard 3. Tasmia Warlock Druid. Dalmar Bard 3 Aasimar. Dalmar first Adventure League character so we had some minor teething problems.

FLGS, “Yea. Like you thought the D&D group was adventure league and mad that they were in your chair and at your table.”

DM, “Not mad but just wanted to remind them no red markers on new battle map.”

Bones and company were sent by the red cloaks to check out Captain Charming the Amazing Holke to see if he was on the take. Holke asks them to help out a gnome merchant named Angharka who was going south on the North Road. Angharka Hettix was the owner and operator of two wagon merchant train going south on the North Road. Some recent trains have been attacked with the lost of five people. But the attackers only stole small stuff like cash, gems and furs. Easy to pawn stuff. Also, there are rumors of the female bandit group Robin Hoods reforming. And an evil halfling was seen selling some of gems in the ghetto.

The group check out the rumors and assignment. The Amazing Holke is just getting promoted due his ties to various nobles in Mulmaster. No good information on the evil halfling but the sole survivor of the Robin Hoods named Moonfist was crying in her beer about losing the treasure maps to their hordes.

The group meet up with Hettix who is going south on the North Road to border. She is amazed the goblin Bones is riding an Axe beak but what every works. They are not to investigate either wagon. No peeking at all. They are supposed to maintain at least twenty-one feet three inches from the wagons at night. No questions about what they are carrying. (And what was in the wagon was cut during the final edit.)

While fighting off the first ambush and combat….

FLGS, “Hey there is a family unit from Georgia here. Talk with about the game and see if they are interested in the game.” The gaming group discussed D&D with guests but could not get them to play. But another player joined the group during this time.

The prisoner from the ambush does reveal Moonfist has put the Hoods back together but is now more interest in getting mining tools to discover lost treasure. A map is discovered of the home base and general treasure location. They leave the prisoner in Hettix care and move on to base camp.

At the base camp they discover loot, and yellow school paste bug repellent. The Swamp Ranger browbeats the DM until he allows the smaller races to share a dose.

Moving toward the treasure location, some Lizardfolk think about attack the group but the evilly prepared Swamp Range has the correct language. The Lizardfolk are happy the non-scaly are going to get the other non-scaly folk out of their swamp and give better directions to the treasure location. While in the swamp the city folk Dalmar does as why the Swamp Ranger was going to step on the huge Violet flowers. The Swamp Ranger corrects the city folk Dalmar as to the proper name of Violet Fungus but she was distracted by keeping the rest of the party from drowning in the swamp.

DM, “Yea. Right”.

Entering the treasure location, it appears to be abandoned until Bones ask the group to be quiet and the rest of group hears digging and shouting coming from the tunnel entrance. Entering loudly, they upset some swampy mud critters. (NOPE DM is not giving out what the monster are. Burn an action if you want to know.) Not knowing what the swamp critters are they let them start to attach before the murder the mud mephits and gray ooze.

Continuing downwards they surprise three men, a giant badger, and Moonfist preparing to haul something out a big pit. Some nice word play happens but since there is a reward for Moonfist combat is going to happen if surrender is not. Combat begins and Stone Guard Monks repeatedly beat Kittri unconscious until Tasmia comes to help. A Thunderwave spell later two monks and one Kittri are dead.

Skully, “YES. Kill 108 session 342” (Note player did agree to let the spell go off.)

A few seconds later Moonfist is dead and her evil brain runs away. The party does set off the booby trap on the treasure.

DM Note. Looks like some things were cut during editing. Even with dealing with family for over twenty minutes we finished this in under four hours. I did have some trouble with the phone hotspot and USB tethering. Remember it is setting, mobile hotspot etc. The new laptop bag holds a lot. So I will be changing what I carry in the store. It currently looks like the banker hard box with two PHB, Black AL notes, and hanging folders of pregens. Then the tote with Skully. Looks like I used 600MB last night.


Rotten DM
Dalmar had rolled her stats but this really did not matter until the final fight and we just said her attacks were +3 spell attacks. We talked to her while packing up from the game. I got a 17.3 laptop briefcase for the 15.6 laptop. I am double bagging the laptop with the 15.6 pillowcase bag I bought with the laptop. Looks it can hold all the campaign books, notes, clipboard etc.
Removing all the PC related hardcovers except the two PHB really reduces the weight on rolling lugguage. And look under an hour to type up session notes.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-08 Session

Foul Death

Days 32-33.

Take 1 level, 219GP, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 80 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9

Magic Items +1 Rod of Pack Keeper, Rod, uncommon

This rod is always covered in a thin layer of slippery, foul—smelling slime, whenever it is drawn or picked up, the creature doing so must succeed on a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or drop it.

Start Time 6:41 End Time 10:00

Note the level is wrong in the second page. It says sixth level but the monsters are all tier one. I set at level 2 tier 1.

I had a strong group of six Darreik Morigak Cleric 3. Lord Asmo Barbarian 4. Bones Wizard 4 and red cloak. Dalmar Bard 3. Tasmia Mallar Warlock 2 Druid 1. Herwarin Rogue 3.

The red cloaks sent out Bones and his team to help the watch. Sgt Maskyr has a bard name Dalmar prisoner who has been volunteered to help the group find out about a beast. It appears to be a jelly.

Bones, “What is a flumph doing here?” Yes, is a flump and a quick discussion of PC knowledge and character knowledge takes place. The flumph has been killed by crossbolts with a brass head and black fletching. Team Bones is not the only group in the sewers investigating at least three others groups have been voluntold to investigate.

The smell is bad. And will some people not having darkvision, torches occasionally flare up in the methane. About an hour into the search the lost ranger squad is found. Florio, Kyra, and Nualion have only encounter rats, big rats and maybe wererats. Bones give them directions out of the sewer.

As they enter a wider chamber, they start hearing voices in their heads and to not go swimming within an hour of eating. Suddenly the sewer zombies attack and one tries to drown Lord Asmo. After the zombies are dead Herwarin joins the group along with Laal the Flumph. Laal points out Herwarin has been lost for most of the day and she would like to join their group. And beware of evil cultists with huge lobster shell shields. Thirty minutes later the find the Red Lobster Cultists. They only murder three before Xaxan Thavish calls for a parlay and the group agree.

The Red Lobster attack on the grape Flumph was an accident. They had attacked by Troglodytes earlier and though the jellies were evil members of the Troglodytes clan. It was an honest mistake. Laal does not trust Xaxan but most of the group do. The Red Lobster Cult are trying to find the altar of the holy butter biscuit. The group agree to allow three of the lobsters to join their group, if they show them to the trogs lair. It should be a piece of cake, nine people against a few troglodytes.

The group finds the lair and the two tanks charge ahead. It goes okay for the first four rounds until fate (and the dice) turn against them. Red Lobster Snot Nose is the first to fall. Bent Nose follows next. Dalmar rushes into the first chamber and tags out Morigak, she falls. Lord Asmo takes out troglodyte fifteen and falls. The last five start kicking Morigak to death before they die. (Die rolls went from a hit one every three or more rolls to all dice hitting.)

The group now has a decision. Push on to the Holy Biscuit Temple or leave. They stack the four bodies beneath the bodies of troglodytes for safe keeping and take a long rest. (The DM and players give a copy of the Flumph and Xaxan to the players who have dead PCs. Thanks, Bones for the help.)

The group finds the Holy Biscuit Temple and with the aid of three rings of water walking defeat the Pabst Blue Ribbon Elemental to obtain the prize and loot.

End of session 344

Sorry, this was so short. I had lots of yard work to do this morning. And the next game is in under two hours.


Rotten DM
I had a discussion about tactics with the group after Skully was signed. The group agreed some of them made some bad mistakes. Also the dice really went against the party in the trog lair. I even rolled under the monster's intelligence six times to do dirty tactics.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-09 Session

Cold Monk Blowing Monk

Days 34-46.

Take 1 level, 1250 gp, and 10 downtime days.

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 80 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 9

Magic Items Potion of Healing, Scroll of Sending,

Figurine of Wondrous Power (Serpentine Owl) This fine statuette has the appearance of a giant snowy owl when activated.

Wand of Lightning Bolts Wand, this slender rod of glass feels solid, but appears to have a constant storm of thunderclouds roiling within.

Start Time 6:30 End Time 10:52

I had a strong group of five Alex Distance Walker Evoker Wizard 8. Panga Warlock 7. Socorro Paladin 7. Bones Necromancer 6. Delta Fighter 5 (Pregen). Welcome to the local group Delta. Bones and Alex are both Red Cloaks.

The Cloak Gang were miserable and wet as they went to the meeting at the House of Suffering. Mulmaster has been experiencing rain. It is not a hurricane regards of what Nina’s Newspaper is saying. They meet with their contacts just outside the warehouse when the road collapses.

Oscar Otyugh, “Home gone. Food is wet. I like wet food. Wet food is speaking unknown language at me. Wet food soon to be goosy food.” The collapse surprised both Socorro and Delta. The flash flood is trying to wash them into the mouth of Oscar. Bones summons some skeletons. Socorro climbs out the drain but Delta is nearly mouthwash for Oscar. With evoker casting Sickening Radiance, and the skeletons; Delta survives.

Their mission is to find the cause of the bad weather and investigate the monastery of the Yellow Rose. Their contact is going to be Ovon who is under cover at the monastery. He gives them the pass word to the entrance and mentions the road is being watched by members of the Howling Wind. But he has not discovered who in the various chains of command are supporting the Howling Wind.

With this information the group decides to go over the mountain and come in behind the place. The trip is hard with daily combats. Winter Spiders. Mommy and Daughter Remorhaz nearly eat both Bones and Panga. The only reason Bones does not die is Panga demands the Mommy Remorhaz eat him. As soon as he makes contact with Bones and discovering he is not bones, he thunders claps teleports away. The group does not want to remember the naked monk Mi0val who peed on their fire and drunk all of Alex’s booze.

Arriving at the monastery they try to sneak in the side door. They totally forgot they had the password. The gate master and guess master make fun of them especially Delta who is tripping over his snowshoes. The grandmaster of Flowers know they are fake initiates but does allow them to enter the monastery. The cover story is the Red Cloaks are making sure the various orders have no criminal element and it would be okay for nobles to send their kids and cash to the various orders. They spend a few days investigating and being bored have the time. (The players were not happy with some of the side hooks and fake clues. And neither was the DM.)

On the last night they finally meet with Ovon who mentions the anchoring ritual to keep the rift open to the elemental plane of Air would take place tonight at.

Group, “When. Is he passed out? Come on give us a clue.”

DM, “You clue is you all been poisoned Constitution saving throw.”

Half the group gets sick but Socorro and Mother Wydda help them throw off the poison. Wydda does arrange for them to be near a side door of the infirmary and provides instant fake vomit just add water. The smell and dividing sheets allow the group to sneak out just before the ritual begins.

Being brave they decide to charge through the front door. Slaying a knight, some initiates and ice mephits, they disrupt the ritual but the main members escape. (Not really, we ran out time and the store close.)

Note this is an 8-hour module. Part 1 is a nova combat take a long rest and repeat if you go over the mountain. Going by road it is both Roll playing and dice throwing. Part 2 is straight role playing and investigation. You have 21 name NPCs and few clues. Part 3 is straight tower defense combat.

End of session 347.


Rotten DM
DDEX02-10 Session

Devil Boots

Day 47- 48

Take a level, 10 downtime days. 300 GP.

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 101 Monsters Captured 0 Monsters Escaped 16

Magic Items. Potion of Flying, Winged boots

I had a weak group of four. Tasmia warlock 3 Druid 1. Gaimus Ranger 1 Centaur. Kalimha Psychic Rogue 4. Jordan Fighter 1.

Note. If using something from MOM Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse List in the note column. Aka Stairs take 20 moves for 5 steps for centaurs.

The group was summoned to the Theatre of the Stars which is running Storm Silverhand’s play “To Harp at Twilight” about two bard vampires falling in love over garlic toast. The patrons are not happy someone is riding a horse into theatre until they notice it is centaur and assume it going to be part of act.

Boss Zel, “New recruit of Bones I see. We need a more divisive crew.” He questions each newbie carefully. Suddenly the lights go out.

Kalimha, “DEVIL SIGHT.”

Suddenly the DM is pounding his head against the table.

Suddenly a thin man in winged boots, dives from the top of the roof sweeping Zel off the balcony over twenty feet to his doom. And the two people below the balcony are not looking good either. Combat begins. Gaimus crushes the stone that darkness was cast on.

Gaimus, “Is the boss dead.”

DM, “No. He is just making eye contact with you and farting in your direction at the same time.”

Tasmia, “Healing Word!” The knot on the DM’s forehead grows.

Boss Zel, “Damn I have a beautiful ass. Why didn’t someone tell me I had a beautiful ass. THE PAIN.” His head snaps back into the correct position and the Little Wing escapes. Being not dead he gives the group more of the evidence and temporary badges.

Following the first clue they arrive at Drakewell’s Arcana, Mr. Drake is not doing to well as his head is on backwards and he has been stabbed three times. While searching the body, they hear a noise upstairs. Most charge up the stairs. After a brief struggle they capture Abe a former red cloak who is now working for the Elemental Evil cults. Between questioning and searching, they discover Drakewell was a member of the Evil Air Element cult. They loot the shop and turn Abe over the cops. One clue did give the location of a Kenku hideout. The kenku are working for the cult. On the way to hideout out, evil Radinka a swindling Damaran fortune teller insists about giving Tasmia a reading. (BEEP I bought the prop.) Kalimha steals her Lucky Charms as they leave and Tasmia has breakfast the next morning. (Yes, I bought a dollar bag of Lucky Charms.)

Approaching the hideout, the group is confused on how to act. PC got in each other way, darkness was cast. One kenku was killed and the other surrender to the newbie cops and gave over their winged flying slippers which are good for ten minutes. The leader also gave up Little Wing’s location.

DM, “BAD MODULE. BAD. I am not going to run a combat if the group did the diplomatic solution. SKIP.”

Module, “OK they off my script and you are playing with three other dms. I just a poor little module trying to provide you with four freaking hours of fun. But ignore me. Um. Put that match down.”

Arriving at the hideout they don’t discuss plans. Kalimha does the three musketeers’ solution and rides the windmill blade up to top. Gaimus kicks in the door with his rear hooves. With combat on two floors. The going is tough but the tough get going,….


Little Wing and his backup murder Kalimha and flees the scene. The group murders the guard on the ground floor and saves Kalimha from certain death.


Slipping on their slippers of wings, the group gives chase through the air, through the chimney, through two wash lines, and finally capture Little Wing.

Note I had some problems with the chase rules on page 22.

End of session 351.

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