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DDAL Jasper DMs Radiant Citadel


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 6

Gold for Fools and Princes

Day 20 0800 to Day 22 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 47 Villains Captured 13 Villains Escaped 4

Start time 6:35 End Time 9:05

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 1,500 GP

Magic Item Adamantine Chain Shirt AC 13, Ring of Warmth, Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals

I had a mixed group from weak to strong due to drop ins and outs. Bar None Evocation Wizard 7. Thrash Path of the beast Barbarian 7 Kobold. Quinner Potato Rogue 7 Halfling. Bob Protection Fighter 5 Human. Petri Dragonherd Light Cleric 7 Gold dragonborn. Frilla Warlock Hexblade 7.

Welcome Bob First Time Adventure League and only three other sessions of D&D.

King Diara of Anisa has sent his eldest son, Prince Humperdinck, to take charge of the rescue mission. Diara hopes to raise Humperdinck,’s profile, thus gaining the empress’s attention and securing Humperdinck, as her successor. Unfortunately, the Aurum Guild favors Prince Kirina of Niba as its candidate for imperial heir, and he’s intent on aiding the rescue mission.

(Grr too many background characters. An Empress, a King, two princes, and 3 other NPCs.)

King Diara, “A few days ago there was a cave in Goldwarren trapping some miners inside. I send Humperdinck to be in charge. The boy um adult prince of 26 years is a kid in most ways. Help him out but don’t be seen to help him out. You are officially some new body guards and are investigating the mine collapse.”

Arriving at the mines, the crowd is not working at clearing the mine but at the town square. Prince Humperdinck and Prince Kirina are trying to rally the crowd to their side and their solution to clear the mine. The crowd is getting loud. Humperdinck is the prince of the people but Prince Kirina is a member of the local miner’s union.

Overseer Uzoma strokes her beard, “Oh. You people arrived. If this does not go well you may have to rescue your prince. I am Uzoma. Those two nobles have been at it half the day. However, I was able to pull a work crew out that mass. They should have it mostly cleared in four hours. You guys aren’t OSHA or HR or the Red Cross. Oh... You better do your protection detail thing.”

Two giant scorpions appear near the speaker stand and attack. Most the crowd runs away but the princes draw their swords and brace of attack. While taking potshots at each other. (DMs have some of this scripted.) The party attacks and rescues the Humperdinck who lose have his hit points from either the scorpion or badly blocking the shots of Kirina. When killed the monsters disappeared.

Thrash, “Almost like they are conjured. Hmm”

Bar None, “How do you know that. I am wizard and don’t know that. It almost as if I failed an arcana roll.”

Thrash, “A wizard told me as I was beating him up, taking his lunch money, and giving him a swirly. Do you have any lunch money?” Petri shuts the guys up and approaches the princes.

Petri, “Thanks for the help. While you guys take a short rest and get in to your freaking armour. We will talk to the survivors and any other townies we need to.”

Awa the sixteen-year-old son of Zihaya was the last person out. Zihaya pushed him out and went to defeat the eight-legged golden honey badger. Go to the nearby arcana academy they talk to high priest Kedjou. Kedjou does not like Humperdinck and the golden honey badger are called Aurumvorax. But the last breeding couple were put on a Spelljammer ship Barrier Peaks a thousand years ago. The miners are just afraid of rodents of unusual sizes. While listening to the high priest Petri looks around and lets Bob distract Kedjou. She pockets some of the research notes. The group leaves the high priest a little confused.

(Did like the role play of group as they went back to the mine.)

Arriving at the mine Petri takes charge of the princes. She casts light on both their heads and keeps them by her side because Bob the only other human has disappeared on the way to get torches. As they arrive at the turntable in the double railed mine, five Aurumvorax attack.

DM, “NOPE. NOPE. YOU NOT GOING TO MAKE PETS OUT THEM. ANIMAL HANDLING DOES NOT DO. Never mind we will discuss this after the game.”

The group defeats the five young Aurumvorax. And follow the tracks the conjured left behind. They ignore side passages until they get to the final one which Bar None identifies the stone still imbedded in the floor is Stone of Earth Elemental Control. Thrash rips it from the floor.

Thrash, “Ours. Let’s back track and find mommy Aurumvorax.”

They do find mommy Aurumvorax and five more kids. The princes charge with Humperdinck nearly tripping. Quinner follows and so does Thrash. As they form a line the two mages (Light cleric cast fireballs. DM head to desk.) So, of the kids die and as Quinner retreats to drink a heal potion, Kirina puts a kick me note on his back.

The mother is subdued. During post combat chores Petri looks at the kick me note which is actually a conjuration spell and the research notes. Both are in the same hand writing. The high priest’s hand writing.

Petri, “Something to say dear Prince Kirina?”

Kirina, “I don’t answer to peasants.”

Bar None, “Charm Person.”

The prince spills the beans and Prince Humperdinck orders the arrest of the Prince and High Priest.

End of session 370.

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Rotten DM
Lots of side characters and info dumps in this one., I did allow them to take mommy home. It will be either a flavor pet or if they can build a beast master or something else they can use it in play.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 7

Trial of Destruction

Day 22 0800 to Day 28 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 57 Villains Captured 14 Villains Escaped 5

Start time 6:32 End Time 9:43

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 3,250 GP

Magic Items Decanter of Endless Water, Tan Bag of Tricks.

Story Award. We always have Waterdeep. Thanks to JohnC there is 10% of you meeting the Fire Giant in Waterdeep.

I had an average group of five. Bar None Evocation Wizard 8. Thrash Path of the beast Barbarian 8 Kobold. John C Cleric 8. Petri Cleric 7 Druid 1 dragonborn. Darnik Life Cleric 8 Hill dwarf.

DMs. Print off at least two copies of the map for the players.

The Shieldbearers hired Bar None and group to take a Crystal Ship to Tletepec to explore and report about earthquake. The land is a mixture of rain forest and volcanoes. The ship drops the crew about three hours from Etizalan. They are going have to walk the rest of way. About ninety minutes in they round a bend in a come across a wagon on fire, three adults, fire snakes and salamanders. The elementals are attacking the humans. The Thrash charges, Petri goes wide into the jungle, and the rest lob spells. The fire snakes and one salamander attack Thrash. The other salamander counter charges. As Petri pulls the humans to safely the group finish off the last of bad guys.

Petri, “Breath remembers to breath.”

Suddenly an earthquake hit. Nearly swallowing Bar None and Darnik up to the neck. Petri’s earth elemental

Ameyali, “Thanks. Anyone else need healing. This my mom and pa. We were bringing in priest supplies. But they toast. Walk to town with us and I see about lodging and a job.”

The group agrees to go to Etizalan and spends the night. While drinking in the inn, most of the earthquakes release fire snakes, salamanders, but the fire giant Xocopol is seen near some fissures. The four warriors from town were sent up to the Watchers of the Ashes who live in the Twin Gods Observatory.

They set out the next day. The next town is Xoxotla which is 17 miles away and the Observatory is a half a day after that. An earthquake hits them during their travels but only a fire snake emerges from the chasm and the barbarian boots it back in. At the only inn in town, Bar None makes a friendship with an exotic dancer Ollin an Priest of the Dancer who agrees to help out.

The next morning, they set out. Observatory is only nine miles away but a mile from the place another earthquake hits. This time the fissure opens in front of them. It is 30-foot-deep, 120-feet-long, and twenty feet deep. The group could go around into the rain forest. But they decide to yeek um levitate the barbarian across. Then belay across. Arriving at the site, the observatory is shaped like a collapsing water cup but 200 feet in high.

John C, “Hello you have visitors.”

“Go away. You townies are inferring with important research. We are watching the seven volcanoes and working on the formulas of.”

Petri, “we are townies. We are adventures in hired.”

“In tired t-rexes. That is silly. Go away. The great scholar Tonalli.”

Petri, “We can go back. The earthquake cut a chasm thru the road.”

A second story window open and a e-tool is tossed out. “There. The Watchers of Ashes will out retired t-rexes get back home. The great scholar Tonalli is at the top of building working on the formula.”

Bar None, “Can we please just come in and talk with the great scholar. We have beer and.”

“Why did you say so. I am Scientist one.”, replied Scientist One. The group can hear him climbing down the stair way and grumping about the half-broken door. However, a discussion begins. Petri, and Darnik are not going into the building. The rest of the group will go up the tower and discuss business with the great math scholar Tonalli. Unfortunately, about half way up another earthquake hits. It tosses John C out a window. But rest of tower starts to collapse. With the Watchers of the Ashes and the adventurers. Everyone runs away but the tower collapses on most of group. Petri summons her earth elemental and it digs out the rest of the party and Scientist One. With a brief bit of persuasion which involves a swirly and wedgie, the now Scientist agrees to come along.

The group rest again overnight at Xoxotla and head out to the Gate of Illumination the main temple of the land. A few hours later, the find the warriors of Etizalan. One has been crushed by a rock and the other three burned. Suddenly Xocopol arrives angry and wanting them to go back and not do any more sacrifices. Thrush, Petri, and Bar None pump the giant for information. Meanwhile John C cast Magic Circle around the giant and this some how works. Evil looks go back and forth and Xocopol agrees to meet with John C at Waterdeep to discuss this later.

Arriving at Gate of Illumination, they bluff their way in. Between the fire snakes, and salamander, it going to a tough fight. But they come offering the scaley, wine flavor kobold as a first SILENT sacrifice. Getting into melee range they strike. But Scientist tries to escape. Three rounds later, they are looting the bodies. Three minutes later they are watching Ollin create potions in the blessing memorial. John C sees the salamander Xind trying to escape and some how cast Magic Circle as an action. Xind spills the beans about the rest of the shire.

Xind, “Tlexolotl has awaken. He has the four warriors of Etizalan tied up near the lava pit but.”

The group makes a hasty plan and going to charge the critter. Ignoring the loot in I5, the sack at the door and open the door to I6 Caldera.



DM, “GRR. You are suppose to write important magic items in the notes column of the check in sheet. Okay.”

Tlexolotl, “ROLL TIDE!” Group, “Strange Language.” A shield of faith is casted.

Tlexolotl, “WAR EAGLE.” Banishment is casted on Tlexolotl. A salamander grabs Thrush and drags him to the lava. Levitate is used to help him escape and the salamander is killed. The group releases the prisoners and makes a hasty plan. Tongues will be cast on Ollin and Bar None. The rest of the group gets in battle formation which involves being not in the same room as the monster.

Tlexolotl returns and does its nova move. Everyone is hurt by it but cast defensive spells and let the tongues do the talking. The group calms the elemental down.

Note the calming the monster down took about half an hour between me telling the group the conditions and just talking it out.

Note. Remember 3 permanent magic items. And 10 consumable items can be brought in. You can go shopping between sessions. Not in the middle of combat.

End of session 372.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 8

Into the Mists of Manivarsha

Day 28 0800 To Day 34 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 61 Villains Captured 14 Villains Escaped 5

Start time 6:26 End Time 8:20

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 5,000 GP

Magic Item Elemental Gem Water, Potion of Superior Healing

Story Award Bought the Farm. Plabon Deeds 20 acres of Farmland in the middle of the swamp.

Story Award Toxic Taxi. You attacked your ride. 10 % of other taxi services overcharging you.

I had a weak group of four. John C Light Domain Cleric 9. Thrash Path of the Beast Barbarian 9 Kobold. Bar None Evocation Wizard 9 Tiefling. Darnik Life Domain Cleric 9 Hill Dwarf.

For eleven days the group has watched and reported on the various contests of the Shankha Trials. This is three city events with flower arranging, boatbuilding, boat racing, cooking, dancing, shankha diving, and swimming. The final winner Nisha raises her medal above her head when disaster strikes.

A tide wave sweeps over the plaza and stands. The PCs are nearly swept away and then attacked by a swarm of water moccasins. The temple guardians are release and are attacked by the party. Suddenly the fight is halted.

Plabon, “You have killed my water elemental. I am taking yours Bar None. It mine now. And pay attention to you casting time. 1 Action is lesser than 1 Minute.” (Oops the DM just caught that.) “Since y’all like fighting, I will pay you in land and gold to find Nisha and the sacred Riverine Shankha shell. Stay here till I get you a ride up river.”

Hours later. Surfer Dukha, “Dudes. I will be you ride and navigator up river. The omens and riverine tell us Nisha went up river. Now you must respect the Riverine. They are the spirit gawd of river. Treat them with respect. Some are nice. Some are naughty. Some are lazy.”

Bar None, “Cool I fought this ritual scroll in your gear, along with the evil five leaf weed. Let see what happens.”

Riverine Sagorpur, “Hmm. What. Why are you bothering me? It is a slow. Warm. Sunny Day. What do you want?”

Bar None, “Information. And push up the river. The Lady Nisha was kidnapped and taken up river.”

Riverine Sagorpur, “A kid Napping. I was Napping when you can gently rapping on the canoe floor. You want a push. Okay.” The keelboat lurches forward ten feet. “There is your push. A treant likes singing to me. A naughty naga bites big time. Mud mosquitoes suck. Sunny nappy time. Zzzz.”

Surfer Dukha poles the group up river. Slowly. Against the current. The group does help paddle through two small water falls. Near the end of day Surfer makes landfall. Surfer Dukha, “Dudes chill out and take a long rest but don’t wander away too far because.”

John C, “Because of the bright green eyes of jungle is watching us.” Two weretigers with long bows approach the dock. “I am Tarzan of the Jungle,” says the tall weretiger, “This is George of Jungle. Why are you in our jungle?” The group make peace with the weretigers and take a long rest. In the morning Dukha has arranged a meeting with the Riverine Tinjhorna. Tinjhorna is busy talking to two bubbling water things. Darnik cast Tongues on John C. John C chills out the water elementals and talks with Tinjhorna. Tinjhorna thinks Nisha may be in haunted Forest of Hands which was once the central of the city Manivarsha. It is about ten hours travel.

Riverina Tinjhorna, “Have fun. Beware the naga and don’t listen to the treant.”

Surfer and group push on about an hour later the water boils. “New comers. Welcome to my section of the river Tinjhorna. I have a challenge. 3 bites and dies. I eat the challenger. 3 bites and lives. Challenges goes home with a pearl of power.”, grumbles the swamp naga. John C, “I will take the challenge.”

(DM. These three auto bites with damage and poison damage. John C still agrees.)

Three bites later. “You win.”, mumbles the swamp naga, “Pass on.”

With an hour to sunset, the group arrives at a small isle. It has a twenty-foot-wide stump on it. Two sides look like a clock tower has sunken into the swamp. On the swamp is Nisha, sawing logs. The group debates waking her and finally does. She is confused. She remembers something about a mayor.

Mayor Jijibisha Manivarsha, “Welcome. Welcome. Always nice to have hearty healthy men folk come to repopulate my town.” An ancient grey lady walks out the swamp. “I thank Nisha for delivering me my medal. I won it fair and square five hundred years ago. So, what are your skills at rebuilding towns?”

Thrash, “We are just here to rescue Nisha. We…”

Mayor Jijibisha, “Men always after the young women. Well, if you are not going to homestead. You are not going home!”. A wall of fire blocks access to the keelboat. “Me and my medal will kick your youngers buttocks.” Thrash charges and hits.

Mayor Jijibisha, “None of that. Boop!” She disappears and can be heard casting a spell on Surfer Dukha. Bar None hoses down part of wall of fire with his decanter of endless water. Thrash summons an earth elemental and has it attack Surfer. The life clerics toll the dead on the mayor. Surfer tries to convince them he is not under her control but they still attack him. He hops on the keelboat and retreats. One round later the mayor is dead.

Adirohit, “Is she gone. How about you release me?”. After the Riverine Adirohit is release, he rewards the group with treasure from the bottom of the river. He tells Nisha to spread the world the city of Manivarsha needs to be rebuild. Especially since she is the new mayor. He summons a water elemental and a huge log to get them back to start of the quest.

Plabon deeds them the farmland but due how they treated Surfer; he makes sure the land is farther out in the swamp.

End of session 374


Rotten DM
This went faster due them being nice. The only encounter I downgraded was the weretiger, since there was lots of time build in for long rests. They were not paying attention when Surfer made his charm save. I only corrected them once but they still continued the attack.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 9

Between Tangled Roots

Day 34 0800 To Day 41 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 72 Villains Captured 14 Villains Escaped 8

Start time 6:21 End Time 9:22

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 2,000 GP

Magic Item Plant Charm Casts Augury or Speak with Plants Once a day for three times. Arrow of Dragon Slaying. Necklace of Adaptation. Staff of Python.

Story Award. Singing to Old Lady. Bar None sung an old lady out her jewelry. Necklace of Prayer Beads.

I had an average group of five. John C Light Domain Cleric 10 human. Thrash Path of the Beast Barbarian 10 Kobold. Bar None Evocation Wizard 10 Tiefling. Darnik Life Domain Cleric 10 Hill Dwarf. Alex Evocation Wizard 10.

Oops Totally Missed Alex’s Weapon of warning.

The group has been hiring to do monster research in the islands nation of Dayawlongon about a new dragon type called a Bakunawa. Just as they reach Kalapang city the Bakunawa attacks. Racing to the rescue they are too late to stop the attack and help move rubble and in the water bucket brigade. As they are resting a mage approaches.

Nimuel, “Come to my tree. Visit. I will update you.” The group arrives at tree. A ninuno Dryad is prepping a quick meal. “This is my partner Lungtian. Eat. The bakunawa that attacked Kalapang is named Pangil ng Buwan, and it is one of the oldest of its kind. It fought against foreign invaders long ago and has never been hostile toward the land’s people.

Pangil ng Buwan was a friend to Lungtian, but the bakunawa disappeared more than two hundred years ago. A few weeks ago, Lungtian began having visions of corruption centered on the island of Lambakluha, once a holy place and now a ruined land.

Pangil ng Buwan appeared in these visions, leaving Lungtian to believe the bakunawa still lives. Lungtian and Nimuel ask the characters to seek out Pangil ng Buwan, discover what’s happened to it, and bring it peace. Travel the skybridge to Lambakluha. Find Pangil. Make peace with them.”

The group travels a few hours until they see the skybridge. Imagine the Mackinanc Bridge, or the Mobile River Bridges but ten times bigger and flashier. At the foot of the bridge, they meet five dragon hunters with Paolo. Paolo asks them to join him in hunting down and killing the dragon. He gets angry when they refused. Paolo, “First to the dragon gets to choose death or peace. Bye losers. We have horses and you don’t. It is the shanks mare for you.” The hunters dash off.

About every quarter mile on the bridge are two dragon statues. Marking the mileage and acting like a rest stop. Three miles in they meet Ina. Ina, “Welcome to mile three stop. The left toilet is out of order. I am Ian one of the many maintenance staff on this bridge. Stop. Rest. Sing with me and tell me news. Some BEEP on horse rode by an hour ago and didn’t curb their horses.” Ian is so moved by Bar None’s singing, she gives him a necklace as a present. She is upset about the news of the dragon attack. Ian, “Check in at Fort Courage when you get off the skybridge. They will have updates on the monsters wandering around.”

On the way to Fort Courage, Alex is attacked by three air elementals. A friendly Storm Giant has a short rest with them. Arriving at Fort Courage they fight off some undead and then take a long rest at 0600. (GRUMPLE. I was hoping to stick the group with exhaustion.) The captain of he fort gives them directions. The safer route is to Sorrow’s Zenith and then to the Roots of Bathalang Puno. The second route is more dangerous but cuts half a day off their travels.

Choose the most dangerous way, they fight their way through shambling mounds, evil treants, and flaming ghosts. Arriving at the roots, they seen Paolo hunters about to attack. Bar None talks them down and askes them to watch while the party cures the dragon.

Two sickening radiances spells, a small kobold getting eaten later.

Pangil hacks and barfs up Thrash. “Dude. Bath once. Dude bathe twice a day. You taste nasty. What did I miss?”, askes Pangil. The group informs them on what happen. As a reward, they get selected loot from the horde and a dragon ride back to town.

The end.

PSA. This is Death. Aka Mr. Happy. I am not happy. It has been 28 sessions since any of you died. How is a Reaper going to earn a living and get awards unless you died. Do Worse.

DM PSA. Ignore Mr. Happy. All of you have been playing smart, working together, and occasionally talking to monsters. Good Job.

End of Session 375.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 10

Shadow of the Sun

Day 41 0800 to Day 44 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 73 Villains Captured 18 Villains Escaped 10

Start time 6:34 End Time 9:12

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 5,000 GP, Inspiration

Magic Item Carpet of Flying 6 by 9, Scroll of Flying, Cloak of wings of flying, and Hat of Disguise, Ioun Stone of Leadership.

I had a strong group of five John C Light Cleric 11 human. Thrash Path of the Beast Barbarian 11 kobold. Gilthur Armor Hammer Artificer 16 hill dwarf. Bar None Evocation Wizard 11 Tiefling. Sildred Thief 11 Wood Elf.

For about one week every three years, a mysterious lunar phenomenon bathes Akharin Sangar with light in the dead of night. Ancient magic causes the moon to blaze like the sun for a short while. Sangarians call this phenomenon Shabe Taabaan, or “Brilliant Night,” and celebrate it with a multiday festival commemorating light’s triumph over darkness. Atash, an angel who has ruled Akharin Sangar since he delivered it from catastrophe fifty years ago, suspends the city-state’s nightly curfew in honor of the holiday.

The group is buying healing potions and cotton candy when suddenly five protestors start denouncing Atash and the unjust legal system. They are using thumpers and loud speakers to get their message which works but it also attracts a purple worm who eats the soda jerk and his stand. The purple worm tries to eat Thrash and Gilthur but their cotton candy faces make the worm gag. After dispatch the worm, Sildred and Bar None are grabbed by the protestors and shoved into a vendors tent. Meanwhile Thrash and Gilthur take one protestor into custody. John C scares the other two away.

David, “I am member of Ashen Heir. We are against the enforce of more and more laws each year by the deva Atash. This year he plans to outlaw cotton candy, and chocolate chip cookies for being unhealthy. Last year they outlawed comic books, and wine. We are loud. We will take down this unjust legal system. Friends Sildred and Bar None, go to silvered armed baker Laleh Ghorbani and talk with her. She is stupid peace maker but she is honest about the bad laws Atash is passing. We must go now.” The two Heirs slip out from under the vendor tent.

Dave, “You Thrash and Gilthur are going to send me to my doom. We didn’t mean to call a purple...” The trio is caught in a down draft as Atash the blue skinned with four red wings lands. Atash, “But you did call a purple worm. In the name of the law, you are under arrest for protesting with out a permit. Summoning illegal creature. Murder in course of Crime. Property damage willful. And wearing white socks with crocs.” The good duo talks at length with Atash. Criminals are encased in green crystals for the length of their sentence. No early release. Atash does see Afsoun. “Guards arrest Afsoun. Conspiracy to cause a riot. Suspension of being an Ashen Heir Leader. Do worry she be questioned and if found guilty incase in crystal. But I do need outsiders to help me bust the Heirs. They are always looking for new recruits. Ask the rug merchant Emad. His shop was broken into but we suspect he is fence for illegal goods. I will pay you a thousand gold each if you bring down the Heirs.”, proclaims Atash. He leaves on patrol.

The group talks to each other and compare notes. They decide to go the bakery first. Laleh has already heard of their actions and offers them chocolate chip cookies. During the interview, Sildred notices she is passing communications with the other customers who are coming and going. She does confess she is with the leader of the Silent Roar. A nonviolent group which wants to get rid of Atash and remove the unjust laws. She does give the headquarters location of Ashen Heirs. She hints heavily if the Heirs are removed it would be easier to bring Atash to the table. The group hints back that they would help but want more information. They will get back to her in the morning.

After the bakery visit, they decide to visit the rug merchant. It is one of few businesses in the bazaar which is not a tent. In has a roof at twenty feet and.

Sildred, “Does have any back doors?”

DM, “It does even have a map. So yes, there is back door.”

Sildred, “Ok, I will enter the back door and explore. Thrash and Gilthur will enter the front door and ask about the break in. John C and Bar None will be our look outs.” A quick plan and some improvement later. Sildred is invisible and what he doing in the back room no one knows. But John C does spy two thieves hopping onto the roof. A loud alarm and death save on the bad guys later. The group has acquired two Heir masks. The password to the lair. They pass the criminals off to guards. Emad rewards them with a slightly used carpet of flying.



During the night, sleeping behind black out curtains, they come up with a plan. Gilthur will use his artificer abilities to duplicate the masks. Sildred will be the face man. After a breakfast of health food with NO BACON, the group arrives at the Temple of Elvis um Sunweaver. Being new recruits, they are present to the boss Navid, and his lieutenant David. He is in a Zen sand guard which would be cool except for the burning sands. Happily, Navid, has place huge walking stones in the sand garden for those wimps who can’t take the heat.

Navid, “Good, new recruits are always welcome. In fact, I have a job for you.” Suddenly, the sand starts to swirl and a djinn arises from the sand.

Baddi, “Navid. Have those two mages you sent to steal from the rug merchant got back with my cousin’s flask?”

Navid, “They are late. If they don’t make it back. I will personally do the deal. Say hi to the new recruits. They are going to doing the jail break tonight. On manticores. Go get a rest. Be at stables at 1800. You should have only one deva, two knights, and two pegasus to fight tonight. Go now.”

The group leaves and everyone notices the thief is covered sweat.
Gilthur, “Something you want to tell us?”

Sildred, “I have the djinn flask on me. I think Baddi could feel it. But we can use it during the attack tonight.”

That sets off the planning session. They give the dm their final idea.

DM, “WELL that is a great idea. No dice need to be rolled. And you win all the magic items. Exactly how you word the show up to the peace table notes, I still don’t know. But since you have information and dirt on each party. Each faction arrives at the rug merchant location. A peace is made. The End.”

Book, “But what about final battle. Flying horses, knights in white satin.”

DM, “Three official factions, plus the normal towns’ folk. Each trying to maintain or take over. The players out thought your author.” The DM shuts the book.

End of Session 376


Rotten DM
This was a good adventure but it was a slight railroad. It assumed the deva and peace makers would be happy to have the Heirs killed.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 11

The Nightsea’s Succor

Day 44 0800 To Day 48 0800

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 84 Villains Captured 18 Villains Escaped 10

Start time 6:58 End Time 9:44

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 4,000 GP

Magic Items Driftglobe, Sun Blade, Staff of Frost, Charm of Seasoul which allows 3 castings of Gaseous Form.

I had an average group of five but occasionally bumped the encounters up a bit. Thrash Path of the Beast Barbarian Kobold 12. Bar None School of Evocation Wizard 12 Tiefling. Alex Distance Walker Evocation Wizard 12 with Devil Sight. RoadFlur Aka Flare Light Cleric 12. Von Voidcraft Astral Elf Artificer 11.

Welcome Von. Remember if you have AL or rules questions you can post at the Facebook page.

I group is leaving the Hungry Hobbit after breakfast which an unearthly um uncitadel siren is heard behind them. Blue lights flare blinding Flare. Four humans in a long white wagon pull up.

Humans, “No time to explain. Get in we are going Ghost Busting on the Citadel’s Dime.”

Curly Hair human with googles of night, “Actual it on the Citadel’s Silver Piece. Get in losers we going on an adventure to the coastal kingdom on Djaynai set in the Forgotten Realms Universe 33. The good people of the kingdom are being haunted by ghost of unusual size and abilities. We will drop you off on a ship as we break the universal cake barrier of the mega multi huge big twinkie. Rick will pay of all the transit fees.”

The group jump in and disappear into the Chaos Fog. When the fog clears, they see less fog. Well, it is no longer supernatural fog, but regular fog. Fog which has stomped in on huge fat cat feet waking them before their morning coffee. They hear buoys’ bells marking the channel. The crew of the ship have been ghostly silence and only answering questions when asked.

As they arrive at the docks, they are met by a courier from Anadoura’s Rest House. They direct them toward the inn. As they are nearing the in a fight breaks out in the inn. Two artists flee through the open door. Four humans follow. The two artists flee through Flare.

Flare, “You mean they go around Me.?

DM, “No they walk right through you. And those aren’t four humans but four wraiths.” Three rounds later. Their names are Derek and Violette. They were separated from their families and taken from their homes in Djaynai long ago. The ship they were on, the Girscamen, sank, and they were lost to the sea, along with important tomes they were protecting. Something wicked recently disturbed their remains and claimed the lore they were guarding. The wraith was one of the haints’ captors. The haints are free now, but the tomes they protected are in danger. They entreat the characters to help them by finding their resting place and reclaiming the tomes. Only when that knowledge is safe can they find true peace. They paint sigils on Flare. The group said they would consider it and take a long rest.

In the morning the kingdom mucky muck elite guard called Lightsea Lancers ask the group to meet King Atiba-Pa. A quick Calm Emotions gets Pa out of his depression and he invites in as cousins. He has a quest of them but they can take the next three days to get ready. The longship Girscamen was a raiding ship that captured Djaynaians took over and sank during the Passage of Vultures. The spirits the characters encountered likely died in the struggle before the ship sank. Two great stone tomes holding the collected lore of the Blackmist Way and the Blackthrone Arts were lost during the Passage of Vultures. The sigils suggest some connection between this lost lore and the Girscamen. The People’s Stewards now hope the tomes were on the Girscamen and can be recovered from its wreck. One of the Tomes may contain the nuclear missile codes or Grandma’s secret recipe. The king will offer three thousand gold pieces for the recovery of the books.

While they are preparing for the mission Flare marks up the bedroom as a Word of Recall location. They also party at Djeneba’s frat house. Impressing the frat boss, he offers the group four thousand gold pieces, so he can destroy the tomes because history and secret recipes are boring. Progressive is ahead of us.

Three days and twenty minutes of plans later. The ship Beden-Moon and Captain Gurau are ready to leave with the tide. But the group is only mostly ready and still talking about possible plans and revising their current plans. They discuss plans so much when Flare announces instead of just swimming down to sea city, they will rope themselves together and. Suddenly the sailors’ hand everyone but Flare a twenty-pound anchor and they are yeeted over the side. Just as Flare is about to make another smart comment he is pulled under.

Kisaroua, “Gurau, you do know they are wearing breathing necklaces and will not drown.”

Gurau, “Always with the negative ways. Always with the negative waves. But the loud mouth is gone.”

One hundred feet and still sinking. One thousand feet, still sinking and getting darker. Two Thousand feet still darker. Three thousand feet a ghost long boat with the name of the Girscamen pulls along side and fire on the divers. A few rounds later with only Bar None nearly dying, they survive. Just as they are going to board the ship if explodes in green slime. They continue sinking.

Arriving at the sea bed, with a huge city before them, they see.

Thrash, “Horses. Big Horse. Staring in the window.” After everyone has petted or talked with the Cement Gallop Riders, the game resumes. The city of Janya is led by Zisatta who knows the location of the ship. But it is haunted. And he has a deal. Two thousand gold pieces for the books and they lie to king about recovering them. The group takes into advisement. But asks for a short rest location.

While resting they are approached by Brother Broumane, who, Group, “HAS An OFFER.” Brother Broumane will give them one thousand gold pieces and just wants to make copies. The group takes under advisement. And heads out to the sunken ship location. (SET Change. Since we have a cool ship prop.)

The group arrives at the stern of the ship and some of them get the ghostly chills. The evil Aboleth forgets to summon its minions and attacks from the cargo deck. Making the water difficult terrain. (DM Note appear the writer did not take into effect the full Aboleth stats.) After eating Bar None and drinking all his health potions, it is killed by the remaining party. During the looting and recovery part, the gain a bonus from the artists ghosts. Flare recalls them to bedroom, and they give the books to Djeneba and become forever frat bros.

End of Session 378.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 12

Buried Dynasty

Day 48 0800 to Day 52 0800

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 93 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 12

Start time 6:58 End Time 9:41

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 10,000 GP

Magic Item Sending Scroll, Dust of Disappearance * 3, Scrying Scroll, Adamantine Splint, Slippers of Spider Climb, Potion of Longevity * 3, Supreme Healing * 2, Elixir of Health, Wind Fan. Way of the Dragon Charm 6 charges. Expend 1 charge. Difficult Terrain is regular until a long rest. Or next time you are paralyzed/restrained the condition is removed. 1 charge per long rest.

I had a weak group of four. Thrash Path of the Beast Kobold Barbarian with Sun Blade. Zon Voidcraft Artificer Astral Elf 14. Plebius Downing Human Bard 14. Road Flare Dwarf Light Cleric 14.

First Speaker Sholeh asked the group to check out the kingdom of Jingling. Rumors of a possible insurrection is being to start. The White Jade Emperor for a human Um dwarf (Looks human in the picture) has lived a really long time. Almost as if he is an elf. Check out to see if he not a lich. Your contact is Grant Secretary Wei an archmage.

Taking the crystal ship to Youngling burns two days. Arriving at the city of empire called “The City of the Empire”, they are force to wait in the barbarian line of new arrivals. Finally, around noon a minor bureaucrat takes their name. Plebius talks nicely to the dude and gets to front of line.

Grant Secretary Wei talks only to Plebius and ignores the little barbarian kobold who interrupts her. Before she will discuss the rumors of Emperor, the Emperor is proud that they accept a minor task for him. A new part of the old city which was destroyed in the Epic Earthquake of 1906, has been uncovered. Perhaps the ancient diaries of the Moon Cloud Empress will help guide the emperor. Or at the various least her hot cocoa recipe will be found. Be aware the new city has been built on the old city.

Thrash, “Why? Not just move out the rubble and build on bedrock.”

Wei, “Well actually the founding Empress built a castle in a swamp. It fell over so she builds another castle in the swamp.”

Flare, “DM quit quoting Monty Python!”

Wei, “Very well the scholar Lu Zhong Yin will be your guide. She will take to the finance office for your upfront payment. Then shopping for various archelogy expedition equipment.”

The group is dumbfounded and has trouble understanding they are getting a partial payment up front. Flare find a nearby temple to setup a Word of Recall zone. And others do some minor shopping.

Arriving at the underground site, Zon sends his familiar out ahead. An Altar chamber is to the north through a suck in your gut passage. And something ate it to the south. Flare, “LEROY GENKINGS!” After taking the ropers down they group checks out the altar room.

The mirror of life entrapping swallows Flare but spits Lin Gong. While the scholar is translating to modern common, Flare retro actively spends 250 GP on a tuning fork attuned to the prime plane, and gets out the mirror. Lin is the current um former lover of the Moon Cloud Empress. It appears all the people in power in this kingdom have a hang up on extending their life span but not becoming a lich.

Exploring in former home of Gong, they defeat some undead and find some magic loot, diaries of the Moon chick, and some potions of longevity. The scholar betrays herself when she is more interested in the potions than the diaries. An earthquake conveniently hits collapsing the entrance. A switch in the throne room leads to a secret passage but it is a trap.

As the throne covers up the secret passage entrance, Secretary Wei comes on the evil hologram network and terminates them. Well. The stone golems will terminate them. As Thrash is fighting the stone golem, the rest head for the bronze doors. Flare’s cunning plan is to stone shape under the doors. He starts working his cunning. As a second stone golem activates.

Plebius, “Hmm I wander what happens when I press this jewel. Cool beans. The doors open.” He steps on Flare’s head and moves into the corridor. The group follows and closes the door. The scholar switches loyalties and helps the party. The Emperor is dying of long-term longevity potion poison. Some the documents they have recovered will help Grand Secretary Wei create a new formula but they still need to find a way out.

Thrash, “Found one. I think. It only guarded by a shackled Adult Gold Dragon and two mages.!” Plebius takes over and talks the mages into taking an early lunch. The dragon is hit with various healing spells, and shows the group the way out.

Flare, “I could just word of recall us out. In fact, WORD OF RECALL!”

The weave, “I am sorry all teleportation types are spells are not working due to author’s demand. I mean. All teleportation spells are not working at the moment. Please try again later.”

Flare, “That sucks. We are sent underground. The moment we find the diaries Wei collapses the entrance. When we find a new way out, it is trapped. And escaping the trap just drops out in one of Wei’s research basements? I want out this dungeon.”

DM, “The secret exit is to the east.”

Escaping the research basement, a trap door leads to the Emperor’s Theatre where he is currently having a “Dinner and Movie Um Theater”. He dismisses his subjects except for his guards and listens to the group. The Emperor calls for the Grand Secretary. He offers a bonus for the group to keep their traps shut. No one is going to be punished. His subjects will gladly die for him. And barbarian lives don’t matter.

As they are boarding the Crystal ship, a rain cloud turns into a white fluffy dragon shaped cloud and winks at them.

End of Session 380.

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