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Rotten DM
DDEX01-08 Session

Tales Trees Tell

Day 21 Morning to Day 26 Morning

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 91 Villains Captured 25 Villains Escaped 11

Start Time 6:43 End Time 9:15

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 500 GP

Magic item Cloak of Elvenkind, Scroll of Chromatic Orb

Story Award You in the Army Galarock sign the contract to join Pipyap Army.

Story Award (ALL) Jeny is your ex. You broke up with Jeny Greenteeth, she will remember you.

I had a strong group of six. Chris Paladin Human 4. Thraz KrakenScale Warlock 4 Lizardfolk. Myrddin Artificer 1 Wizard 3 Custom Elf. Galarock Artificer 1 Kobold. Smack Human Fighter 4. Graara Death Cleric 4 with Devil sight.

Smack Great Weapon Master On your turn, when you score a critical hit with a melee weapon or reduce a creature to 0 hit points with one, you can make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action.

Before you make a melee attack with a heavy weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack's damage.

Reminder to Regulars YOU may have met an NPC but your PC has NOT. And NEW players have not encountered the NPC. So, NO Spoilers.

The Black Fist have sent the group to Kabel Hill for two reasons. See if one of the deserters from Sokol Keep is present and capture them alive. See if the residents have broken the treaty with fey by entering the Quivering Forest and repair the treaty. Recovering those citizens are optional. Myrddin does extra research before leaving town on the treaty and Quivering Forest.

Entering the town square and calling for the mayor they see Sgt Grim ducking out the Leak Bucket. A hold person, manacles, and TOO many mentions of torture, Grim becomes a happy prisoner. Talking with the mayor and other residents the group uncovers that Halvin was new comer who took over a farm six months ago and wasn’t doing all that well growing squash and pumpkins. He was seen a month ago entering the forest. A week ago, six of the farm boys with no lick of sense decided to go in after Halvin, or negotiate peace with the elves of Greenhall.

Rerk, Rave, Radish, Ray, Richard, and Rodrick did ask the local ranger to help them. Serlis blew them off. Four days ago, Hank found one his cow mutilated, and he been losing one a day. Three days ago, the storm clouds arrived. It has rained yet but if it does it could wash out the crops and village. Before the third round of drinks arrive. Little Timmy dashes through the door. He has messed up his pants, “You need to come down and see this!” He snags Smacks shot and downs it.

Nailed to the town well is Rerk. He is pinned to will a highly polish elk rib. His eyes have been replaced with river wash stones. Chris pulls him down and lay on hands. Graara calms emotions and the DM does get to scream (sad dm noises.) The note the good ole boys made to make peace with fey is still on the rib. Some of elves they boys met shot at him and made them run away into the hands of Jeny Greenteeth. It is the last they remember.

Myrddin takes the rib bone and notices is been finely decorated. They let the mayor return the boy home but Myrddin takes some artificer measurements. Arriving at Serlis Greentree house, he does admit he outfitted boys with swords and sleeping bags but he stays out the woods for two reasons. One is the Greenhall are cousins and he only allow to visit during the family reunions. The second is private. He goes to close the door.

Thraz slams the rib bone into his hand. “Son of a,” yells Serlis. “HELLO LOVER. MISS ME. REJECT ME. KISSED AND TOLD ON ME.”, screams a female voice from the scarecrow which hops off its perch. Three black berry bushes morph into monsters and attack the group. Serlis slams the door and provides cross bow cover from the window. The attack is over quickly. Serlis does admit he dated Jeny forty years ago and that is the other reason he stays out the woods.

After talking with the ranger for a bit, the group decides to get a long rest back in town. Before level Myrddin cast Animal Messenger and sends a report and peace offer to Greenhall. (DM needs to research if Animal Messenger is on artificer or wizard spell list. Also, caster has to visit the location.) Getting back to bar, they sleep on the floor. Just before dawn a white rabbit arrives.

Message, “Avoid Pixies. Get rid of Jeny. Do not count to three.”

After a good breakfast they enter the forest and follow the map. A brief encounter begins with Smack being turned into a horny toad and saddle for the toad round up. And ends with the Pixies getting drunk of the pcs booze. They do give better directions to Jeny’s house.

Jeny’s house has a sixty-foot clearing all around it. It is dusk in the clearing. It is not even noon in the forest. Camp stew is simmering in the yard. Richard and Rodrick are caged near the stew. Smack calls out and gets invite to stir the stew. Miss Greenteeth was not happy with Halvin and sent him on his way. The Richard and Rodrick are prisoners until the fey and Greenhall decide their fate.

Smack, “Ladle you some stew Miss Greenhall. It smells mighty nice.”

Greenteeth, “It is my own special recipe with 7 Herbs and spices. Sure, you don’t want any? Do want anything else? I have unsweeted tea in the cellar.”

Smack, “I WANT YOU TO DIE!” With that Jeny fights and loses.

The treaty is restored. On returning to Phlan, Myrddin sends artificer eyes back to Rerk.

Dm Notes

A spell scroll bears the words of a single spell, written in a mystical cipher. If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can read the scroll and cast its spell without providing any material components. Otherwise, the scroll is unintelligible. Casting the spell by reading the scroll requires the spell’s normal casting time. Once the spell is cast, the words on the scroll fade, and it crumbles to dust. If the casting is interrupted, the scroll is not lost.

If the spell is on your class’s spell list but of a higher level than you can normally cast, you must make an ability check using your spellcasting ability to determine whether you cast it successfully. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a failed check, the spell disappears from the scroll with no other effect.

End of Session 431.

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Rotten DM
DDEX01-09 Session

Outlaws of the Iron Route

Day 26 Morning to Day 28 Morning

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 104 Villains Captured 35 Villains Escaped 12

Start Time 6:31 End Time 9:05

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 500 GP

Bonus “Two TABLEs” Magic Item +1 Long bow

Story Award. Shining Light. You recovered alive the evil Black Fist guards who let Sokol Island Lighthouse go dark. Harae the Ghost likes you. You can summon her once as bonus action. She will cast Blindness in 60-foot cone. DC 12 Con. Duration 1 round. Once you do, you lose this benefit.

Story Award. Land Lubbers. You help out Sokol Merchant House. You can stay on Sokol Island for free when in Phlan.

Story Award Wet Feed. Myrddin only. Lord Regent gave one his two boats you captured. It is Gallon called Swag. Ship’s Cat is called Swag too. (NOTE This for my games only.)

Story Award. Burning Down the House. You burn down the dragonborn Jerralla’s tent. She vows vengeance. She is a sorcerer in league with Tiamat.

I had an average group of four. Myrddin Artificer 1 Wizard 3 Custom Elf. Galarock Artificer 3 Kobold. Malroth Berserker Barbarian 4 Tiefling. Robert Arcane Trickster 4.

Captain Burral has information on Pvt Pyle, Pvt Nabors, Pvt Boyle, and Pvt Stuart. They have Sahnd Krulek and his outlaw band. Pyle sings baritone. Capture them alive for a lawful hanging. The bandit Rathene Fel a half orc is a current prisoner of the Grimshackles Brothers Prison for hire. Interview him before someone pays his maintenance fee.

The rain occasionally chases them on the way to the prison. A good summer thunderstone could knock it down. The two halfling brothers are happy to exchange the second half orc prisoner for gold and free maintenance. As the group is collecting the prisoner on the fourth, the dread pirate Roberts. Um Captain Walharrow a Moonsea Minotaur Pirate escapes from the third floor and runs upstairs to shank the prisoner. The group yeeks him from the tower and the barbarian pins him to ground four stories below. After some questioning and a quick trip back to Phlan, the group comes up with a plan. Capture the Grey Patriots before they make land fall at King’s Pyre.

A good fog bank and good ship maneuvers have them boarding the Patriot at dawn. The fates are with them. (AND FREAKING DICE 14 enemies and I only landed three hits.). After killing most of the extras and Little Eric, the crew surrenders. They are off loaded on the ship Swag.

Repair ship damage takes an hour and they sail into King’s Pyre. Using the ship’s weapons systems, they rain down rocks, huge arrows, and fire flaks on all the tents. As they sail away Garrick moons the remaining kobolds.

DM Note. All the remaining modules are Tier 2. Levels 5 to 10. If you have multiple PCS you can burn 10 downtime days for a level. This will allow you to play either of your two pcs in the upcoming modules.

End of Session 434.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-10 Session

Tyranny In Phlan

Day 35 Morning to Day 35 Noon

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 120 Villains Captured 35 Villains Escaped 12

Start Time 6:45 End Time 9:45

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 1,000 GP

Magic Items Potion of Healing, Scroll of Sending, Spell Book Ixusaxa’s spell book has the following spells in it that may be scribed into a character’s spell book, using the rules in the Player’s Handbook.

1st level: detect magic, mage armor, magic missile, shield

2nd level: misty step, suggestion

3rd level: counterspell, fireball, fly

4th level: ice storm, stoneskin

5th level: cone of cold

Story Award. They call me SIR Fill in the Blank. The Regent knight you all. You are considered to a noble of Phlan. Too bad Tiamat is taking over your lands.

I had an average group of five Malroth Berserker Barbarian 5 Tiefling. Robert Avery Arcana Trickster human 5. Crunch Battlesmith 6 Kobold. Myrddin Artificer 2 Wizard 3 Eladrin. Papa Panji Sport Druid Mushroom 10.

The group is surprise when they come down for their morning cabbage soup Captain Arrayal is waiting. Before she gets a chance to speak Myrddin asks what shady job does the group have to do. The shady job is Spernik the Scroll Thief has been getting extra visitors and should have been hanged four days ago after an honest trial. Suddenly a shadow darkens the windows. Suddenly a kobold stabs Fat Mar the waiter. From the upstairs Imizael is say something about the castle being in dragon.

“Red, Blue, Green, Black and White. Tiamat loves me be she told me so. Red, Blue, Green, Black and White. Tiamat loves me be she told me so, “sings a winged kobold, “Bring out the unbelievers for a snackrifice.” He flies over wagon pulled by a blue half dragon Ettin and two mages.

The group toss up tables and nails spell the front door shut. Spells and rocks are tossed back and forth. A stray spell takes out the owner of the Laughing Goblin. The Evil Jerralla’s revenge is not happening as Myrddin rocks her world. As the dust settles, the situation becomes slightly clear. The evil adult green dragon.

Robert, “We can take on since the Shroomie show up.”

The evil adult green dragon Vorgansharax has taken over the castle. The lord regent and the most of the guild masters are dead. Fighting between the Cult of Dragon and the citizens of Phlan. Combat can be heard through the city. Cassyt has reported in the temple of Death has fallen but she survived due to the morning bagel run.

Captain Burral, “Okay here all the gold I have. I will try to coordinate this section and get the civilians out the city. You can go through theses sewers to get to secret meeting of Lord Regent in the hat shop. If he made it. You can rescue Spernik so we can squeeze him for information. Scribe Master Cassra Brandywine has asked for help to empty the library out. Or take ship and get out of the harbor.”

Robert, “Brandywine can take the new back door that we found a few days ago. She can deal with the various critters in the sewers, she is so smart. We take the jail first.”

As they near the jail Aleyd and some Black Fist make a surprise attack on the forces and the Cult of the Dragon give chase only leaving a few guards. A huge hanging tree is empty. Spells are casted and the group approaches from one the main street.

Elisande, “Hey mister I see you. Oh. You are greater invisible. Don’t worry. I won’t tell no one. Hey Malroth, are you going to rage again. That was cool when you were raging on the burning ship. Don’t wave. You will attract attention. Get back down the road.” The three guards see the group and yell insults toward them. As they get loud Robert rolls between them. He stabs Frank and the group rushes the position with a javelin of lightning hitting Frank again. Around the corner a cambion pops out.

Cambion, “Group form a circle. Group attack the center square.”

Frank, “But I don’t see nothing.”

Cambion, “Group ATTACK the Center Square. See the blood coming from the dead invisible dude. When I say attack, you attack. And who in the nine hells cast an ice storm. Group attack the approaching party. I don’t care if Lt Needlemire said stay put. I am in charge now. CHARGE. Where did the owl go?” As the cultists and demon go over the wall, Horton owl applies a healing salve to Robert. See as her platoon is going to lose the fight the demon shifts for home.

While releasing the prisoners, the Lord Regent is found. Spernik is found with the number one pained on his forehead. He was going to be the first snack. The Regent and group make for harbor avoiding most conflicts. But the harbor is guarded.

The winged kobolds go down first. Ixusaxa and her wyvern go down just after that. Her control bracelet is broken stopping the shield guardian. The group with 130 survivors board ship and sail out the harbor at noon.

KIA Aleyd Burral, Imizael, Scroll Master Brandywine.

End Of Session 437


Rotten DM
DDEX01-11 Session Part 1

Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer’s Island Part 1 and 2

Day 40

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 129 Villains Captured 35 Villains Escaped 12

Start Time 6:40 End Time 9:20

10 downtime days. 505 GP 2 potions of healing.

I had a very strong group. Malroth Berserker Barbarian 6 Tiefling. Robert Avery Arcana Trickster human 6. Crush Artificer Battlesmith 10 Copper Kobold. Wakova Wolf Skinned Bugbear Rogue 5 Wizard 2. Orion Winterwool Paladin 5 Aasimar. Hazel Lore Bard 6 Tiefling.

The group made land fall two days after fleeing from Phlan. During the night the Lord Sage who did catch part of the adult green dragon’s breath made land fall. His minions were able to set up a very nice tent. In the morning the Lord Sage wants to hire them.

Lord Sage, “About two hundred years ago, the dark mage Denlor made land fall on a nearby island. He started doing experiments on the wildlife and then branched out into extra planar experiments. I acquire the rights to island about one hundred fifty years ago. I would occasionally send in a group of adventurers to explore the Dark Pyramid but only a couple ever made it out.”

Wakova, “When you say a couple, do you mean a couple as a limited number or a few which is less than a dozen.”

Lord Sage, “A couple...”

Hazel, “A couple couple or.”

Lord Sage, “Two. Two made it out. The last one only came out only with an orc named Professor, and a human named Paks. They talked about finding a lance which could kill dragons but their report also included things about three moons and limited spell casters. It been a hundred years and the report did not make into my baggage when I fled the city. So, I pay one thousand gold if you enter the place and find the lance. But be award the place has shifting walls and rooms.”

Except for the octopus attack the boat trip to the isle was boring. Making land fall it was seen the phantom steeds were not going to be needed because the dungeon was within walking distance of the shore. The first encounter went well as the ghouls and jellies were not much of a threat. The dim light the hallways gave off did save on their cantrips but the hallways closed off behind them. But not much loot was dropped by the undead wizards of Thay.

About an hour late as the group was getting tired of turning left, they encounter a minor group of red kobolds, a dragonborn, and tiefling.

Crush, “They only red kobolds. They are most likely minions of the Red Wizards of Thay. I don’t think”.

Richard The Red Kobold, “That is you don’t think. Bow down boys. What we go here is one those COPPER Kobolds. This going to be GOOD time to show them our Metal. Bow down boys, he is kind of uppity. Copper is good and rare. His nose is so far up in the air if starts to rain, he will drown from the rain fall. Yes, let us bow down to our superior. Look he is so ugly he still has his toy puppy his momma gave him so he will have a companion. Hey Mack the Mage, do we knife these goobers or.”

Hazel quicky injects and calms the both groups down. The maps are no help. And to paid for passage Crush is subjected the “MARKER OF SHAME”. The MARKER OF SHAME is a kobold ritual between tribes. The loser gets marked up with various slogans from the rival tribe. Some times in front. Some times on the back side. “Kick ME” is the nicest thing Richard the Red wrote on Crush’s back side. The rest Crush will tell us about.

Time passes and the group comes to a room guarded by two poltergeists. They are caught shifting the exit close. Most of the group attacks except Malroth who decides it time of a Slim Jim. As one poltergeist dies, Malroth decides it is Miller time and opens a can of beer.

Malroth, “I thirsty.”

Gary Ghost, “No I am thirsty and still hungry. You got any Jelly Beans in your pack. Oatmeal. You packed Oatmeal with Peaches as a snack. Have you heard of Grits with Bacon. Or just ignore the yakking from your companions and listen to me. GET ME OUT HERE. I been trapped here for a hundred and fifty years. The Lord Sage said nothing about shifting walls. Or. Duck. I told you to duck. DON’T GO ASLEEP ON ME. Some on may change. Rats. He fell asleep due to drow sleep poison. Well, they can’t get me out unless.”

Wakova, “Protection from Evil. Out out dark ghost. Better.”

Gary Ghost, “I have you know I glow in the dark. QUIT HITTING ME. IT NOT FAIR I HAVED HAD a good meal in a century. QUIT HITTING ME. Possession is just nine tenths of my gig. Fine. You want me gone. I am SPIRIT of the Ethereal Plane. CAN’T TOUCH ME NOW. Now you going through my pockets for the last five gold pieces. You. BEEP.”

The group burns all the bodies and moves on.

End of Session 438


Rotten DM
DDEX01-11 Session Part 2

Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer’s Island Part 3 and 4

Day 40 to Day 43

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 141 Villains Captured 37 Villains Escaped 13

Start Time 6:45 End Time 9:05

10 downtime days. 2,500 GP. Take a Level.

Magic Items. Horn of Blasting. It is Pink and blows strings. Dispel Magic Scroll. Mage Spellbook. Use the spells from the Mage stat block.

Story Award. Trashing Thraz. You killed all the men folk of Thraz KrakenScale Lizardfolk Tribe. The Lizard Queen is not happy with you. Plus, Thraz is not happy. 10% chance of any lizardfolk knowing of your misdeeds.

I had an average group of four. Malroth Berserker Barbarian 6 Tiefling. Robert Avery Arcana Trickster human 6. Crush Artificer Battlesmith 10 Copper Kobold. Wakova Wolf Skinned Bugbear Rogue 5 Wizard 2.

After finding a room of rest for a long rest, the group finds some nice stairs. Which go up but it smells of sugar and sulfur. As they advance to the next level, they hear a small explosion and some one name Rorreth yelling at some one else. As the stairs level out, some bricks are falling out the corridor wall. With the yelling the two rogues get close to edge of hallway. They signal the two fighters to push the wall over and charge.

Wakova, “Die Red Wizard of Thay. And why isn’t that wall over yet. Hello I just killed the wizard. You were supposed to push the weak wall over by now. Finally. Why did it take you three rounds to push over the wall? Minions learn to surrender before we kill you all. And quit bleeding on my new threads.”

Malroth, “Strong wall.”

Crush, “And not of us rolled over a six. Finally. Now let’s take down the last three.”

Bob Minion, “BLOW ME. Be yet I will just toot my own horn. HORN OF BLASTING IT is. BEEP. What does it take to kill you PCS.”

Robert, “HIGHER DCS?”

After looting the bodies, they loot the wizard’s bedroom. They then loot the wizard’s alchemy rooms. Flipping a coin, they choose the non-secret pathway. Coming to a door, they hear draconic voices snoring and whispering. Opening a door, they yeet in a fireball bead and bead of force. When the smoke clear the Lizard Queen is not happy.

Lizard Queen, “I am not happy.”

Wakova, “You are not a dwarf either. Now tell us the layout of the pyramid before we yeet you again.” The queen starts talking and begs to leave. The group lets her.

The last stairwell is before them. They start smelling cotton candy, root beer, and gym socks. The noise gets louder as a huge piece of machinery starts up. Coming to a landing, the gym socks smell turn into old lady smell and a misty hulk green fog cloud is before them. One walk has eye holes carve into. Robert and Crush look. Crush starts drooling buckets as the perfect artificer machine is operating in the next room. They see a red slaad pulling levers and rotating hand wheels. They turn to the party and the party does not react to the black ink around their eyes. With only one slaad they attack.

DM, “Did I say one slaad. Let’s make two slaads. And after you nearly kill the first one. Most of the banging goes away. Followed by all the dials hitting the red marks. And a tin whistle starts playing the drama danger music.” Some of the adventurers try to kill the music. Some try to kill the monsters. The DM tries to kill time. One monster dies. Some dials go back into the yellow safe zone. Every one grows ear hair. Everyone farts rainbows. Some more dials go back into green. Did I say green, due to Markova two, some dials go back into the yellow.”

Malroth, “I give wedgies to the two seven armed lizardfolks. Cousins of yours dad?”

Robert, “Different PC Malroth.”

Finally, the whistle stops. The dials go green. The loot is some more cult of the dragon information. The deed to the island already filled in and certified. A plush purple dragon with the name Lance is found. They return back to king’s camp ground.

Endo of Session 439.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-12 Session

Raiders of the Twilight Marsh

Day 44 to Day 45

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 166 Villains Captured 37 Villains Escaped 13

Start Time 6:40 End Time 10:20

10 downtime days. 5,000 GP. Take a Level.

Magic Items. Scroll of Protection from Energy or Water Walk, Scroll of Haste, Potion of Invulnerability,

+1 Splint Armor, rare

This fine suit of armor has dwarven runes etched upon it. The runes describe the glories of great battles in the North against orcs. The armor glows faintly when within 100 feet of orcs.

Uliset Faelgren’s Dragonhide Spell book

This spell book is bound in black dragon scales and clasped shut with an ivory toggle.

1st Level: comprehend languages, detect magic, identify

2nd Level: detect thoughts, locate object, see invisibility

3rd Level: clairvoyance, tongues

4th Level: arcane eye

5th Level: legend lore

Costume Items. You killed a black dragon. You can reskin your outfits, armour, and other stuff as being from a black dragon. This will have no magical benefits.

Story Award Saved Tevish Malacont. A living prisoner who thinks he is undead.

Story Award. Gawd Save the Queen. You rescued the Lizard Queen and the women lizard folk. You can one lizardfolk help you if you in a swamp. Thraz can have a Lizard Queen help him. This good for one time only. And only one-party member can have this active at once.

I had a strong group of six. Chris Paladin Oath of Devotion Human 5. Thraz KrakenScale Warlock 5 Lizardfolk King of Swamps. Glider Drakewarden 8 Hadozee. Nemoman Moon Druid Monk Changeling 9. Adrik Ungart (THAT PASSED MY SPELL CHECK!) Cleric Hill Dwarf 5. Indmu Evoker Wizard 5 High Elf.

Welcome Indmu and Adrik.

The camp gossip was interesting that morning. It was good news the sacred plush dragon name Lance was recovered by a group of adventurers. The Evil Sorcerer Island was now open as a possible base. The word “Yeet It. Don’t Eat It” was gaining ground. The good king of the swamps Thraz was holding to court and looking for a job. Suddenly, an unexpected voice is heard outside his tent.

Bogclaw, “Boss. Good King. Boss. Hey Youse Guy. OH My Gawd. You have talking food in you tent. Soft skins. Good with herb butter. Smoked in a pit for eight hours. Them is good eat. Um. Oh, great king who kick my head in twenty-three days ago. WE have suffered since you left your kingdom. It has bogged down. Two days your Queen.”

Thraz, “I have a queen.”

Bogclaw, “Your great queen return from her island assignment where she was working on making money for your great kingdom, while you working on getting adventuring jobs. A band of evil adventurers raid her workplace. They “Yeet It” a bead of force and fireball into the hospital ward killing all the men folk. They then disrespected her and told her to go home. This just left me and a handful of males left in the swamp. She ordered the men folk to do. I can’t say it.”

Thraz, “What did she do.”

Bogclaw, “She ordered us to BATHE! That was just the start of the nightmare. The evil young black dragon Throstulgrael stole the women. They are hostages as we are looking for six strange herbs to make him a lich. You must help us. So, are going by boat or walk?”

Taking the boat was a great idea until the hell pirates of Audacity show up. At last, they could not defeat the adventurers and were returned to hell.

Making swamp fall around 1300, the camp sight is not good order. Two of guards were captured by witches and taken away. They left a goblin to pay for their meals? The group decide to push on into the swamp to stop the evil dragon.

Polling deeper into the swamp, strange things start to happen. As Nemoman is swimming beside the boat Swamp Thing talks to him. “Sneak Snake. Help me get Fertilizer from serving dish. I will give you all my Root Beer. Hey get off me. Us Swamp Critters have to stick together. Help. Help I being compressed.” While the Moon Druid is taking care of one shambling mound the group tries to take out some Will-o-Wisp and another Shambling Mound. The second mound swallows the paladin and tries to make off with his brunch but is killed for his effort.

After a quick tea break, they push on. Two trolls try to ambush them but are nearly ambushed back. But the evil dragon flies over and deploys the first kobold airborne. This would have worked except for no parachutes.

Arriving at the dragon’s castle is not much of a castle anymore as most of has fallen over into the swamp. The Paladin takes the lead to left hallway but everyone else stacks up behind the ice spider form of the druid. As they near the basement a voice can be heard.

Lizard Queen, “Don’t you disrespect me. The dragon may just eat me. But I will slap your ugly kobold face so hard. You be back into egg. Don’t puff out your chest at me. I will give something to be angry at. Finally, my so call rescue. And you brought second rate adventurers with you. What you could find Hank and his crew. Or at least Holga and here crew. Girls when the cages open dash outside and run home. I will be along as soon as me and my hubby have a nice chat.”

Some of the adventures dash in and engage in combat. Some open cages and the women dash out pushing them back a few feet. Lizard Queen, “I heard you rolling your eyes a me wizard Indmu. Don’t make me get my shoe. I will slap your so hard you will change your class and your name. Finally let me show you how it done.” She steps out the cage and grabs a cult fanatic by the throat.

Six Nat20s later, the enemy is dead with the witch bolt taking down the dragon. The group loots and scoots. They have rescued 26 lizard folk and one acid scarred human.

DM Note. I DON’T have system mastery. Please put your subclasses down in the sign in sheet. It helps when you do weird stuff I not use to.

Put your story awards down on your character sheet or log. They can help or hurt but do help out the story. What little of it there is.

You can rebuild, redo, remake your pc between games. The only thing you keep is loot and magic items you have. Talk with me or just post on the site if you have questions.

End of session 442.


Rotten DM
This was a combat heavy module. Also, I don't know where the Angry Queen came from but it made sense as some players have been asking I turn the modules more into a real story. So having the Lizard Queen in combat help. But I wasted six nat 20s on the bad guys.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-13 Session

Pool of Radiance Resurgent

Day 225 to Day 230

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 196 Villains Captured 37 Villains Escaped 13

Start Time 6:45 End Time 10:05

10 downtime days. Take a Level.

If You took a sample of the pool and sent to your friends, faction, etc. take 3,000 GP.

If you took a sample of the pool and kept it. It will be good for next session. When you drink it, roll a d10 on page 19 of Dex01-13.

Magic Items. Item Potion of Gaseous Form, potion of Greater Healing, Scroll of Dispel Magic,

Mantle of Spell Resistance Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This crimson fine linen cloak is edged with cloth-of-gold, and bears a gold clasp. The wearer’s ears tingle when a spell targets the wearer, whether or not it takes effect. Moonsea Cults

Thailoss of Tyr wrote a book on various cults in the Moonsea region. The book can be sold for 20 gp, or a character can keep it. If a character keeps the book, and is able to reference it, the character gains advantage on Intelligence checks regarding cults of the Moonsea region.

Ixusaxa’s spell book

1st level: detect magic, mage armor, magic missile, shield

2nd level: misty step, suggestion

3rd level: counterspell, fireball, fly

4th level: ice storm, stoneskin

5th level: cone of cold

I had a very strong group of seven. Chris Oath of Devotion Paladin 6 human. King Thraz Arcana Trickster Lizard folk 7. James College of Lore bard 5 Half-elf. Gilder Drake warden Hadozee 9. Wyvern Tempest Cleric 5 Wood Elf. Nemoman Monk 1 Moon Druid 9 Changeling. Michael Thomas Cleric 6 Hill Dwarf.

Welcome Wyvern to Adventure League. New People as long as you keep your total level and your magic items, you can rebuild your pc from the ground up.

The Last six months has been exciting and terrifying. Both the Sorcerer’s Island, and Denlor’s Tower have fallen. The Regent is only working with special contacts. The Lord Sage has been taken by the Vorgansharax or the Tears of Virulence. The green dragon has been working with the red wizards of Thay. The green dragon has put a price on the King Lizardfolk Thraz head. The Tears of Virulence are hunting down Black Fist members and their allies. A few days ago, spies discovered the dragon was sending people outside of Phlan lands to recover something in the Tickleberry Hills at the foot of Dragonspine Mountains. Ixusaxa Terrorsong is rumored to be alive. And has a flight of wyvern with her. It started snowing early this year. However, a warm front has move in with highs in the lows 40s.

The group decides to get a drink at the new and mostly falling apart tavern Myrddin Minotaur. A Minotaur’s skull is over the bar. The minotaur was killed by the great Myrddin by yeeting it out of the jail with just his thumb and then tossing a pencil throw its skull. The hostess Aunt May.

Michael, “She looks more like an Aunt December.”

Aunt May, “No spit in your beer for that comment young dwarf. You can have watery beer or watery wine. It costs the same. Your horses look fine, I will pay prime prices for them.”

Crowd, “That because you try to tell us they prime beef instead nag.”

The crowd is pro Regent. Pro Dragon people are used as dart boards. They gather some information on the pro dragon forces. Ixusaxa Terrorsong is leading a force of cultists to recover a meteorite which fell in Tickleberry Hills a few months ago. They plant some false rumors in the crowd before going to sleep. These rumors help out.

The rebel band is able to get ahead of Terrorsong. A friendly cyclops with Harper ties, agrees to help ambush the cult of the dragon forces. Between pits, surprise, and good rolls, they wipe them out with only a little problem.

Michael, “A little problem the ten-foot-high guard drake yeeted me into our own pit. I took almost the same amount of damage from the pit than I did the monsters.”

Chris, “Actually the drake was the size of a Saint Bernard.”

Wyvern, “I could swear it was the size of tea cup poodle.”

DM y’all behave. The ambush was successful. Nemoman tossed Terrorsong’s body into his bag of holding.

Ixusaxa, “That is not fair. I am six foot two and weight 225 pounds. Plus, I just had withdrawn penalties for using one k of gold to be myself raise. This is hurting my 401k. And I couldn’t fit.”

Nemoman, “IF I break certain bones you fit. And.”

DM, “PC and NPCs play nice with each other. The body will take up half the space and pounds of bag of holding. Now shut it. You didn’t even get a spell.”

Ixusaxa, “DMs Pets. DMs Pets. It was a surprise round. Hey don’t close that bag.”

The group loots and scoots. Having recovering lots of robes. Medium size only size robes, the group reads the cultists mail and dairies. They get the exact location of the crater and cave. The Burning Banner Tribe of orcs have been guarding the meteor. When they moved into a cave system, the cave pool turned into the Pool of Radiance.

Oscar Orc, “Well. Which one you brought a pet.”

Gilder, “I am not a pet I am…”

Oscar Orc, “Dude. You are a flying monkey. Did you fall from space or something?” Nemoman in his half green dragon form shuts the orc down and gets him to lead them to the boss.

The boss is a stone giant. Kranun and Narle Shieldbiter are having tea when they arrive. The bluff of new orders does not work. Kranun laughs and orders the orcs and perytons to attack. A quick Insect Plague and faire fire tosses the fight toward the party. Kranun giggles as the King Thraz kills him. And his ghost jumps into the pool. Most of the group take a sample to seen to friends. They arrive back later in the week at the tavern.

DM Notes. Good luck and good tactics really shorten the encounters. The next session is the final session of the season. It will be cold and it will be a rescue mission.

End of session 445


Rotten DM
DDEX01-14 Session

Escape from Phlan

Badgering the DM

Day 235 to 236

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 208 Villains Captured 37 Villains Escaped 13

Start Time 6:37 End Time 10:50

10 downtime days. Take a Level. 5,000 GP

Story Award Knight of Phlan. You been knighted by the Lord Regent for your actions. You have the Noble background.

Magic Items Robe of Eyes

Wondrous item, rare

The eyelike patterns embroidered upon this dark blue robe glow faintly when within 100 feet of a source of strong elemental power, such as a gate to an elemental plane or a formidable elemental creature.

Spell book.

Cantrips (at will): fire bolt, light, ray of frost, prestidigitation

1st level (4 slots): detect magic, mage armor, magic missile, shield

2nd level (3 slots): mirror image, invisibility

3rd level (3 slots): haste, fireball, fly

4th level (3 slots): ice storm, Evard's black tentacles

5th level (1 slot): cone of cold

I had a very strong group of seven. Malroth Order of the Berserker Barbarian 8 Tiefling. Thraz Fathomless Warlock lizardfolk 8. Nemoman Monk 1 Moon Druid 9 Changeling. Glider Drakewarden Hadozee 10. Alexander the Weak Psi Warrior Human 10. Renee Montoya Rogue Scout 6 Love Bard 4 Half elf.

The briefing was to the point. Get to the Myrddin Inn and get transported to Phlan. Vorgansharax is planning on eating some citizens on noon on new years day. He can project his voice through the city by his thicket. He ate Andy the artificer last week, find out why. You are part of the sixth group send in find out what happen to the other five. Bring out the following five individuals. Madame Freona, Durnam Goblinkicker, Jhessail Greycastle, Ellison Berenger, and the Lord Sage. You have their last know locations. Also, find out if the rumors of the fey goat are real.

The group is happy they took Aunt May’s advice and ducked during transport. The teleportation circle dumped them into Phlan T-shirt and Taco Bar basement. Even most of the basement was destroyed. Tunnelling out they discovered Shambling Mounds and Will-o-Wisp don’t like people moving around after curfew. During the battle Thraz is bitten by a swarm of rats and then bowed to as he kills some with his green dragon breath. Renee was able to enter the Denlor’s Tower but it was empty except for the mad writings of the Lord Sage.

She saw Freona pushing a wine barrel toward the thicket covered Tea Kettle. Freona sets her own business on fire and giggles not caring the watch is just a block away. The group rescues her or at least joins her in Tea Kettle Smores. Freona orders them to the Laughing Goblin, which is the center of the rebel.

Glider, “Wouldn’t that be loyalists since we were here first in Phlan.” The group looks at him. “Okay we are rebel scum.” Durnam and allies are not happy with lack of rescue. Most of the other groups were captured and eaten in hours. With each day the thicket has grown, only business supporting the dragon have easy access. Most of the sewers are block. Those which are clear are patrolled. But the Rebel Alliance has a work around. They stole the escape plan from the Great Escape. Low tunnels with cart tracks have been dug thorough the city. But only small people can travel upright through them. The rest have to push themselves on carts.

The Lord Sage was moved to Harry’s Heraldry shop two months ago. He started working with Andy to protect himself. Andy was captured two weeks ago. The Lord Sage collapsed his end of the tunnel. A crazy kid and her goat have been delivering him food. She or the goat is fey.

Entering the underground railway, the group hits an intersection. They forgot to ask for a map. A kid and her goat climb over Renee to Thraz. Elisande, “Hi, you king. I never met a king before. Well, I did. He was a dog. He loved playing fetch. Will you play with me. Oh. Lord Sage bush is to the right. He has worms. Well, they are not worms. But they look like worms. Why do you have badgers on your backs. Do they like honey? I can you some honey. Then they be honey badges. But beware of worms. Because, …” Carrion Crawlers with burrow speed attack the party. Due to the smart summoning of the moon druid, the badger companions give their friends a burrow speed as the help action.

Module, “That was not how I wrote that. They can’t do that.”

DM, “It looks Adventure League legal. Talk with WOTC and maybe ask your writer to do a version two.”

After a brief fight, Elisande kisses Thraz on the nose for good luck and steals a badger for herself. She and her two friends go down the left tunnel. The group burrow to the Lord Sage location defeating traps along the way. They remove the trap door.

Module, “I Didn’t write that.”

DM, “I did. And the Lord Sage is mad. And not in the high blood pressure way. He about to set off the trap.”

Renee, “And I rewriting your rewrite. Persuasion with bardic inspiration. I briefly calm him down and Moony the Druid is going to mold earth around him. I don’t care if the shop goes up after we leave. One thousand k of gold to us.”

The group returns to the Goblin. The word is given. The Rebel Alliance will bug out through the underground railway in twenty-four hours. The adventurers will raid the jailhouse for the remain two prizes. Ellison Berenger is not in his cell at the moment. He has been escaping his cell whenever he wanted and leaves mocking notes to the guards.

Jhessail is missing from her office. It is well maintained. A cot and chamber pot have been added. But the only new thing is poster of “See Sunny Baldur’s Gate “is on the wall.

Renee, “I put my fist through the poster and what do I find.”

A new dug passage way leans to a section of unblocked sewer. The druid casts another summoning. The creatures have the best passive proception of the group. They warn Renee of the Glyph of Warding and it is easily defeated by a high roll. They follow the sewer into a cage pit fight but the DM is nice and some of them to stay in the tunnel. Which closes behind them.

The floor drops out of the cage match revealing a vat of poison ten feet beneath the grided floor. The floor becomes difficult terrain and is steel. Some Blue Slaad and veterans attack them. While hung by the wrists is Jhessail who is yelling for thieves tools. Shatter, and some lightning bolts end the fight and group flee back to the sewers.

Ellison shows up at the first intersection to show them the way out of Phlan.

End of session 447


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