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Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 22

Chapter 11 Tickling Tentacles

Day 123 to Day 137

Eleint 5 to Eleint 19

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 185 Villains Captured 7 Villains Escaped 139

Take 10 Downtime days plus what you won wagering. GP 500 for your cut of the rapier.

I had an average group of five. Zar Wild Magic Barbarian 9 Brass Dragonborn. Fat Fingers Paladin 7 Barbarian 3 Mountain Dwarf. Beowulf Paladin 9 Fighter 1. Marketh Oath of Vengeance Paladin 8 Fighter 2 Scourge Aasimar. Silk Arcane Trickster 7 Warlock 3 Half-elf.

The group toots their own horns and are teleported to Yartar (page 115). Yartar is located about one day from Triboar in the middle of Dessaridn Valley. Well most of the group arrives. Silk show up seven days later. Zar and Fat Fingers try to find out who or what does the casino token belong too. But due to their great personalities no one is talking. Finally, Silk arrives and does not mention what happen during the missing seven days. He finds out Lord Drylund owns and operates the Golden Goose. A river boat casino which is a trireme. The lower deck is for rowers, mid deck is the casino, and upper deck is crew and bridge.

The Paladin Pals come up with a cunning plan. Zar will get hired as a rower. Silk as a dealer. And the paladin posh pals as patrons. Silk does some prep work and smuggles their giant slayer weapons on board as a mostly empty keg of wine with a rejected sign on it. He places this at the bow of the gaming deck.

Zar pushes a bully into the rower position three port side. Silk gets hired as dealer of table four. The Posh Patron Paladin Pals buy in at 100 GP and nibble on munchies as the boat undocks. As the gambling gets under way a problem arises for the Posh Patron Paladin Pals. Beowulf is distracted by elf escort and is seated at table one. Not table four.

Silk panics. He starts to cheat. For the house. Pow Ming interrupts the game and calls for a new dealer. She escorts Silk up to the bridge to meet with Captain Storn. Pow and Storn talk with him for a few minutes. Silk discovers Pow Ming has been using detect thoughts on him. He decides to go feet first and jumps off the port side and swims toward shore.

Beowulf panics and starts a fight. Bets are laid on if he is going feet or head first and how many rounds. Fat Fingers wins his bet of head first and three rounds.

With two of the crew out of action, Zar keeps rowing. Fat Fingers and Marketh are invited into Lord Drylund’s cabin. Think Austin Powers tacky. Lord Drylund, “Let me put Tickles in his aquarium. And we discuss what happen since you two are the only first time visitors.”

The discussion goes on for a few minutes until Lord Drylund recognizes Fat Fingers from dealing with Hands of Yartar (Session 15). Since he is alone, he starts confessing.

Lord Drylund, “The Kraken Society had me hauling King Hekaton downriver the same week you guys show up. He is being held on the ship Morkoth. The ship can…” Suddenly Tickles jets out the aquarium and snaps the lord’s neck. Tickles grabs the rapier and shoots ink into Fat Fingers’ eyes. Marketh smashes the aquarium over the octopus. With their cover blown, the couple jump of the port side with the rapier and octopus. An hour later they meet up with the rest of the shore party.

The Post Patron Paladin Pals Plus One question the octopus. The Morkoth is sailing the trackless sea. Slarkrethel has cast an anti-divination spell on the crew and ship. Captain Tholtz Daggerdark is an archmage. The First Mate is Rool a Half-orc. All Hail the Great Kraken Slarkrethel. Tired of the uppity octopus, they kill and eat him.

The next morning a hot and sweaty Zar picks up the wine barrel and his five gold pieces and wonders why did he have to get dress up in his best loin cloth.

DM Note. The Adult Silver Dragon Clarion will be your pilot next sessions. Please put your trays in the upright position.

I don’t do true names. What is on the sign in sheet is your name or part of your name.

Someone may have to play Clarion so have the stats ready.

End of Session 472

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Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 24

Chapter 10, and 8 Giant Abs

Day 140 to Say 143

Eleint 22 to Eleint 25 (August)

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 208 Villains Captured 7 Villains Escaped 142

Take 10 Downtime. 2,714 GP

Story Award Serious Serissa. She is your ally and will accompany you on your journeys. Some one copy the Storm Giant Stat block and update with her stats. She has the Fire Giant Duke Ring of Lightning Resistance and his conch shell. She knows the other giants’ stat blocks.

Story Award Jasper’s Rescue. He remembers Haru paying off the Zhent and wants to join you. Haru will play him. Veteran Shield Dwarf.

Magic Items. Ioun stone of Fortitude. Potion of Speed. Potion of Vitality. Potion of Invulnerability. Potion of Supreme Healing. Rod of Alertness. Oil of Slipperiness. Dust of Sneezing and Chocking. + 3 Arrows (20). Potion of Giant Size.

Charm of Giant slaying for Haru and Fat Fingers. Charm of Dragon Slay for the others.

I had a strong group of six. Zar Wild Magic Barbarian 11 Brass Dragonborn. Fat Fingers Paladin 8 Barbarian 3 Mountain Dwarf. Beowulf Paladin 9 Barbarian 2. Marketh Oath of Vengeance Paladin 8 Battle Master 3 Scourge Aasimar. Silk Arcane Trickster 8 Warlock 3 Half-elf. Haru Hunter Ranger 11 Wood Elf.

Entering the mediation chamber King Hekaton calls for his daughters and Auntie Ocean Breeze. Serissa is over joyed her father lives. The other two are not. Auntie Ocean Breeze left three minutes before they arrive saying she got a mental message of trouble with smalls at her hold. Auntie Ocean Breeze is the Ancient Blue Dragon Iymrith.

The group talk the king down in not attacking Iymrith today. Serissa and the group will approach each of the other giants with the good news and tell them to stand down. The group gear up and teleport to the top of the twelve thousand steps. This ticks off the Chimera which stupidly attacks the group.

While descending into the valley Fat Fingers goes into a rage. The Fire Giants keep slaves. Marketh tackles him and ties him up. Katha-Kaya is the towns man. A Yakfolk. He has three naked Moon elf slaves. One a princess.

Group, “No Haru you can’t marry her. You have a wife in Nightstone.”

Haru, “But Chief Kartha-Kaya has two wives.”

Imberu, “Different Strokes for.”

Nahala, “Different Folks and don’t talk back.”

Mumbling, “Yakety Yak,” said Silk under his breath.

Serissa, “I am the regent of the storm giants. King Hekaton is alive and well. WE will speak with Duke Zalto.” The group is told he is somewhere below and to take the elevator to halls below. Descending five hundred feet, they meet Freddy a fire giant. Fredrick’s Cousin is bored and not happy a group of smalls is disturbing his coffee break.

Freddy, “What youse peoples want. Can you see my orc slaves are busy?” Fat Fingers snaps a tooth spits it out at him. “Oh if a fancy girly in her daddy’s outfit. What you want sweet cheeks.”

Serissa raises her maul and decides to ask nicely. So nicely the temperature drops twenty degrees. “We are here to discuss business with your Duke my fine fellow. Where is he? On in the assembly hall below. Thanks. We take the elevator down.”

The meeting with the Duke does not get off to a good start. Jasper a shield dwarf last seen counting his share of Haru’s payoff when Haru bought Nightstone is a prisoner of Zalto. Inside the giant maul.

Zalto, “He rattles nicely in his cage. And look if isn’t Heck a ton little girl. Did you bring me these smalls as presents? I love shaking my maul and hearing them moan.”

Duchess Tartha, “Dear this is the Order of the Night Rose. I met them a few weeks ago. You may.”

Zalto, “Hush. Wife attend to your knitting. I am talking to sweet cheeks. You have something to say.”

Serissa, “Two words. SINGLE COMBAT. For the conch and throne.”

Zalto, “You on. Sweety. Your daddy throws lightning. Ring of Lightning Resistance. Give a better shot.” 18 Seconds later.

Duchess Tartha takes over the discussion. She reminds her husband his crown, cloak of office, and other treasures are also Serissa’s”

Silk, “We take cash. And a few potions.”

Haru, “And the Elf Moon Chick.”

Serissa, “With the fire giant conch out your possession you and the fire giants are out the running for the ordning. You will take no more prisoners. Quit work on the Vonindod.”

The prisoner Jasper remembers Haru and asks to join the group. The elf moon princess Halani is returned to her people and rewards each person a charm of slaying.

DM Notes. We will pick up next week in Chapter 7 Berg of the Frost Giants. (Page 155 to 165) Bring your mittens. You will be landing in the Airship unloading zone.

Since you want the scroll of resurrection, you can shift the random rolls to Table D if the table is higher than that.

You can swap out one roll on a Table D or greater magic item table for a giant ally for the boss fight with Iymrith.

Have a copy of the Storm Giant stat block for when you gain an ally.

I am up for starting the slave revolt if the group wants to.

Side quest Citadel Adbar (page 78) Prevent assassination attempt of the shield dwarf king Harnoth.

Armour Up. You can upgrade Serissa armour but it will take time and role playing.

End of Session 475


Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 25

Chapter 10, and 7 Cold Raid

Day 143 to Day 153

Eleint 25 (August) to Marpenoth 5

PC Killed 3 Monsters Killed 222 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 142

Take 10 Downtime. 1,100 GP Take a Level.

Magic Item Conch Shell of Teleportation. Ring of Lightning resistance.

Story Award Egg Beaters You saved Isendraug and Cryovain seven eggs. They owe you a favor.

Story Award. Cold Shoulder. Serissa bragged about the raid. All Frost Giants start out hostile to you.

I had a strong group of six. Zar Wild Magic Barbarian 11 brass dragonborn. Fat Fingers Paladin 8 Barbarian 3 mountain dwarf. Silk Arcane Trickster 8 Hex Warlock 3 Half elf. Hara Hunter Ranger 11 Wood Elf. Tibalt Storm Cleric 10 Human. Serissa Storm Giant.

Serissa demands the group takes her to Waterdeep. While she been raiding the castle’s treasury, she came across various potions which she is not sharing. But she did come across a sixth level and eight level spell scrolls. She teleports the group to Happy Happenings and knocks on the door.

Gardina, “Fat Fingers, I know you interested in HUGE TRACKS of LAND but this is a bit too much. Serissa, lets go shopping with your minor small minions and hope my brother doesn’t show up to crash the party. We hit temple alley and then get drinks.”

The priest at the temple is surprise when a giant wants to swap out two spell scrolls for a resurrection scroll. He has invisibility casted on Tibalt to follow the group. It will be thirteen days until he can get a resurrection scroll. (DM Note. The book hints that Serissa wants a resurrection scroll for her mom. BUT never places one. So, the players have been cheerfully asking to roll on Table D to get the scroll. So, they have given up lots of magic items. I decide to let them swap the scrolls.) After a few drinks on Serissa’s tab the group moves on.

The group decides to pay a visit to Jarl Storvald. On teleporting to air landing pad no one notices. A party can be heard nearby. Serissa opens the door with ease, three drunk bike frost giants are talking about how many smalls and giants they could take on single handily. It takes about three minutes before the biker chicks realize they are accurately seeing five smalls and a storm giant. They challenge Haru to a drinking contest. One small beer. Well, one small beer for a frost giant. Haru has trouble lifting the wash tub of beer. He spills some.

Fredrick Frost Giant, “Beer Abuse Beat Down. Hey no fair. We are supposed to be beating down you smalls.” A half hour of questioning follows. Jarl Storvald is out whale hunting and has been in a bad mood all this week due to no catch. The Jarl keeps two adult white dragon prisoners. The female is in the temple guarded by two priestesses. The male is chained in the Jarl’s longship. The longship has room for fifty rowers but only twenty went out today.

The group decides to free the white dragon. As they enter the temple the two priestess attack and are ended quickly. Isendraug is not happy, she will not eat them if they get her seven eggs from the lodge. She knows the eggs are guarded but they are not on the ground floor. A plan is hatched.

Sixty Minutes to Jarl’s arrival. Silk turns invisible and other things and sneaks into the lodge. Eight Ice crows are in the rafters.

Fifty-Eight Minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk pushes open the kitchen door and four ice crows come to investigate. They don’t find him.

Fifty-Five Minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk returns to the main hall and checks out Oar Storage room. Think Gun safe but with the oars in slots. The Ice crows have fallen asleep.

Fifty-Three Minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk pauses. He knows this human mage. It is one of the Zhentarium which Haru paid off to own Nightstone. The mage is pacing the room. He will see the door open if Silk tries to go through.

Fifty Minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk speaks. Nilraun, “I know that voice. Zar no. Haru no. You must be Silk. Why are you here? And how can we help each other.” Lots of things are discussed. The release command word of the male dragon chains is given. More things are discussed. Silk returns to the temple.

Thirty Minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk tells the group the eggs are in the northeast corner of second floor. Both the second and third floor windows are covered in four feet of ice. Two Frost Giants and three winter wolves guard the eggs. Plans are discussed. (DMs pulls out stop watch and starts calling off minutes.)

Twenty-Four minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. With mommy dragon bringing up the rear, they enter the lodge. Taking out the eight ice crows is easy. The mage waves at them as he packs. Fat Fingers breeches the door on the second floor while mommy is trying to squeeze up the stairs. Spells, wild magic, sneak attacks, volley fire, tempest microwave, and shatter take care of the giants, the wolves, and the ice on the two top floors. The dragon checks her eggs.

Fat Fingers, “Now to loot. And count the loot.”

Twenty minutes to Jarl’s Arrival. Silk points out the shattered lodge, “No time to loot and scoot. Everyone grab your max teleportation weight and teleport to the storm giant’s home. Serissa where are you going?”

Serissa, “To leave a message and steal the conch shell. You have crates, barrels, and chests. Grab and go.” She returns three minutes after the group. She told on herself and the Order of the Night Rose by some naughty graffiti.

The group counts their loot and spend the next seven days planning the raid on the blue dragon’s lair. They will gather allies and other stuff.

DM Note. Clockwork Mule. An artificer can fix it like it is a steel defender. Otherwise, 1 hour maintenance and 20 GP for parts. Has Mule stats but is a construct.

Gripe. Grr. Page 158 mentions Nilraun being in the Zhents. Way over in page 159 second to last paragraph mentions he does not look like he a Zhent.

Other than Serissa, you will be given four Storm Giants as battle buddies. First one is always cracking jokes. Second one rarely speaks and why use three words when one would do. The third farts when she is excited. The fourth is a coward. Choose among you who will buddy up. You buddy will go on your initiative and go last.

Review all the sessions to see if you can find other allies. They will be under your control. If it is a dragon ally let me know in the thread so I can approve it. Others just mention in the thread.

OOPS. You got away with too much stuff. I double checked the size limit on teleport and I called wrong.

Did we roll on the magic item table C?

End of session 477


Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 26

Chapter 12 Dragon Cat Fight

Day 154

Marpenoth 6

PC Killed 4 Monsters Killed 257 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 142

Take 10 Downtime. 3,700 GP. Take a Level.

Begin Time 6:30. End Time 9:15 PM.

Magic Item Piton of Heroism, Boots of Speed, Sword of Giant Slayer (Again), Potion of Supreme Healing, Potion of Invisibility, Scroll of Protection from Fire, Ring of Free Action, Ioun Stone of Protection, Tome of Clear Thought, Oil of Sharpness, 6th Spell Scroll your choice, and Decanter of Endless Water (Again and Again).

Claw of Wyrm Rune. Cubic Gate.

I had a very strong group of seven. Zar Wild Magic Barbarian 12 Brass Dragonborn. Mami Tomoe Fighter 12. Fat Fingers Paladin 8 Barbarian 4 Mountain Dwarf. Haru Hunter Ranger 12 human. Silk Arcane Trickster 8 Warlock 3 Wood elf. Beowulf Devotion Paladin 9 barbarian 3 human. Marketh Vengeance Paladin 8 Battle Master 4 Scourge Aasimar.

Battle Buddies. Zar and Serissa. Mami and Billy Gun and Orlekto. Fat Fingers and Greased Lightning. Silk and Old Gnawbone (ancient green dragon.). Beowulf and Isendraug (white dragon).

Enemies. 30 Gargoyles. 4 Air Elementals. Iymrith.

DM Note. This was the final battle. Looking at the map it took up at least 10 by 20 feet. If I did the map correctly. The longest range was the trebuchets with 1,200 ft. Each square in the backroom of FLGS is 12 inches. Everyone had access to a ruler or tape measure. Battle buddies where drawn either straight from the books which were the giants. Or I allowed the PCs to call in the various favors they earned during the campaign. Those were two dragons. The group started about 20 feet from the amphitheater.

Silk, “People I present to you Old Gnawbone who will be with us on our fight. She is take forty-five percent of the take and one magic item.”

Gnawbone, “Plus other conditions to be revealed to the survivors.”

Fat Fingers, “I give you Isendraug who will be pairing up with Beowulf. At no cost.”

Serissa, “My subjects. Get with your battle buddy. Remain within arm’s length of them until they cut you loose. Your orders are to kill Iymrith at all costs. Some of us may not survive but that is the cost of vengeance.”

Marketh, “Actually it is a class dip and buck seventy-five for the cloak.”

The group teleports in out of range of anything. They are in the eye of a sand hurricane. They start closing and ignoring Iymrith’s catty comments. As they get into trebuchet range, Serissa and Zar are the main targets. Two flights of gargoyles take off and charge the group.

Time and a real hour passes.

The group enters short range. Zar, Serissa, Beowulf, Isendraug, and Gnawbone are all being swarmed by the gargoyles and air elementals. Beowulf is targeted and dodges one rock and hit with another. He swallows a potion of healing.

Beowulf, “Bet you can’t do that again. You suck as a general Iymrith!”

Iymrith, “Focus fire on the Devotion paladin.”

Beowulf, “How do you know what type of paladin I am?”

Iymrith, “Because you spent at least ten bucks on your cloak unlike other paladins.” Rocks fall and paladin dies.

Isendraug, “Hey fresh pancaked paladin delicious. Oops. Now one told me not to eat the freshly dead. Who am I fighting? Oh those.”

Iymrith breaths on the Zar, Fat Fingers and Serissa. Suddenly Orlekto screams, “Death to Serissa for the glory of Mirran. Focus fire on the princess. And Rocks to her head.” Serissa falls and is clawed by Iymrith to stand down. “No healing yoyo for you.”

Tail attacks, more breath weapon recharges, and lots of hits latter the dragon and her minions fall. They move into the lair. Gnawbone warns them away from one coffin which contains a mummy lord. Loot is sorted and stack. Sacked up and they teleport back to the storm giants lair.

We pick this up in Nightstone for the Epilogue.

DM Notes. Okay some minor mistakes. And if I would redo this, I would start the group with in firing range after about ten minutes of real prep. You did very well running the NPCs. Beowulf remember you get a free resurrection of after the session.

Okay you have two dead noble giants. Mommy and Daughter which one are you going to raise? Scroll pick up is in two days. You can fight or visit the other two giant rulers if you want.

Totally forgot to give out the Claw of Wyrm Rune.

We will discuss which books I run next in the next session. Books NOT Ran Hoard of the Dragon Queen 1 -7, Princes of Apocalypse 1- 15, out of the Abyss 1-15. Keys to the Golden Vault. Planescape.

We will sign the map next session.

We only stepped on two minis.

You have 10 pulls from the giant loot bowl.

End of Session 479.


Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 27


Day 154 to Day 160

Marpenoth 6 to Marpenoth 12

PC Killed 6 Monsters Killed 257 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 142

Take 10 Downtime.

Begin Time 6:30. End Time 7:50 PM.

I had a strong group of six. Zar Wild Magic Barbarian 12 Brass Dragonborn. Fat Fingers Paladin 8 Barbarian 4 Mountain Dwarf. Haru Hunter Ranger 12 human. Silk Arcane Trickster 8 Warlock 3 Wood elf. Beowulf Devotion Paladin 9 barbarian 3 human. Marketh Vengeance Paladin 8 Battle Master 4 Scourge Aasimar.

Fat Fingers, “Okay we have a dead princess, a dead traitor, and what else? I have Dented steel Sheild, and Picture of a giant’s mom.”

Silk, “I have a moldy wheel of cheese and a carved wooden statue of a dwarf”

Zar, “I have an uprooted black berry bush and a wooden door with twisted hinges.”

Beowulf, “I have a shabby wool giant size cloak, and giant drinking horn.”

Haru, “3 boulders, and a pup tent used as a handkerchief.”

Marketh, “I have a book on Drizzt and mangy fur pelt.”

The group returns to Hekaton with the dead bodies. Hekaton, “My daughter fell in battle. My oldest daughter tried a palace coup while you away. I been having a bad day.”

Beowulf, “You been having a bad day. I was pooped out a dragon. Have you ever been raised from the dead cover in.” Hekaton slams Beowulf with the back of his hand. “Snape out of small. You are an honorary giant. My daughter is in prison awaiting sentence.”

Beowulf, “Can I taunt her and kill her?” The king face changes.

Hekaton, “Pick a battle buddy. You are all honorary giant. Let battle decide. If you win, you win and I will reach into my treasure vault. If she wins, she will be banished for twenty years. Let the throne room be prepared.”

Uncle Uthor, “This is trial by combat. Mirran versus the King’s Champions. Beowulf and Marketh. Take opposite sides. There will be no betting. Silk and Zar sit on the King’s right-hand side. His daughter Nym on his left. Battle begins in three minutes. Make any preparation you want. Begin!”

Marketh casts Haste and charges Mirran. Beowulf polishes his nails. Mirran and Marketh exchange blows and Mirran falls back. Beowulf polishes his sword. Maketh charges again and smites and smites and an extra smite. Mirran downs Marketh.

Mr. Happy. “Hey What the Frack. I was on the beach with Serissa. She looks fine in a two piece. Why are you getting in a fight. What the frack is happening?” Marketh, “I have a plan.”

Mr. Happy, “DUDE you are on death saves and you battle buddy is still polishing his sword.” Mirran drinks a potion of supreme healing. “Are you coming to your death my small?”, asks Mirran.

Beowulf, “I have a plan.”

Mr. Happy, “Hey one and one. And the giantess is looting your body. I was sure she stomped you. Two and one and Mr. Genius still has not moved. She is just looking at your body and your battle buddy. Two and two and nobody is moving. Well, your breathing is getting labored. Dude sucks to you now to heaven.” Marketh sits up.

Marketh, “My friends I go to hell.”

Mr. Happy, “DUDE you a paladin, I got your travel orders. It is heaven.”

Marketh, “I go to hell my friends. I will await you and slay many of demons and devils and make Zariel weep in shame. I await you.” Mr. Happy and the rest of group jaws hit the floor.

Beowulf draws a line in the sand. “I dare you to cross this line.” Mirran quaffs the potion of giant size.

DM “I allow this to work and since I give range multiattack to all giant’s damage is going to be triple. Since everyone is okay with that continue.”

Rocks are thrown and mostly dodged but Beowulf does not cross the line. As Mirran closes the distance Beowulf finally takes his potion of giant size. As he is growing to his new height Mirran slices his face and cuts his stomach open.”

Mr. Happy, “What the frack. I was on vacation. I was not supposed to appear tonight. Okay. One fail. And the giantess is just waiting. Two fail and she is using your sword to trim her nails. A Nat 1. What the frack! Shut it no speech for you.”

As the last breath leaves his body, he hears Hekaton banish Mirran. The next morning, they port to Waterdeep and pick up the resurrection scroll. Hekaton uses to raise his wife and find out how and by whom she was murdered. A day or so pass and the group teleport into Nightstone.

The finishing touches are being done. Yondra is visibly showing and Haru starts putting his foot in his mouth. “Havin you be busy slaying giants, and kill dragons I have. You been safe here in town.”

Yondra, “I want chocolate. And I want my feet rubbed.”

“Honey, I see you are upset. Here is a thousand gp. Get you something nice,” replies Haru. The door slams in his face. The rest of group retreat to the inn. They bury the dead paladins in the new cemetery.

Zar retires and opens a cat bar with Marmaduke as the head Tom.

Fat Fingers and Silk return to King Hekaton to have him decreed all giants have to give up slavery. The other giants counter offer captives would serve three years of service. As honorary giants, the duo makes war on any giant which takes slaves. The first week, they kill all the Yakfolk of Duke Zalto. They team up with the moon elves and continue the battle. They need recruits.

The End.

End of Session 481

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