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Rotten DM
DDAL05-02 Session

The Black Road

Day 1 to Day 6

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 15 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 7:03 End Time 9:10

Take a Level. 500 Gp. 10 Downtime Days.

Story Award Friend on the Black Road. You aided the caravan master Azam on a perilous journey along the Black Road. If you find yourself needing to travel the Black Road or transport something discretely, Azam will provide it safely once for free.

Magic Item. Bracers of Archery Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

These bracers are bulky with hexagon designs along them that do not match any common racial or family styling. In addition, the hexagons turn blue in the cold or a warm orange in heat. The bearer suffers no harm in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit or as warm as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

I had a weak group of four. Shui Sum Life Cleric 1 Circle of stars Druid She who cheesed the mod. Crasher Minotaur Paladin 2. Auto Turret 14 Autognome Wizard 3. Magus Bard 3 Warlock 1 Astral Elf.

Rule Check. Constructs cannot use goodberry. Version 13 rules and guidance are being used.

Remember You can buy potions of Healing before sessions for 50 GP. Not when you are a 0 HP.

Crusher was assigned to a goblin hunt on the Black Road and the order did not need any trophies just his word. Azam hires the others to guard the wooden statue of Triune a threefold deity who is the gawd of hospital corners among other things. This thing takes up one whole wagon. Bert And Ernie, the waggoners, ask for the groups input on how the caravan should roll. The Bert decides food, water and tents, weapon shipment, and finally the heavy wooden object.

The desert is hot. So, a midday break will happen. Between 10 to 3 the caravan will break for a nap. The group will travel to 8 then stop for the night. During the first night a sample raid is defeated. The next two days goblin sign is seen but no raids happen. During the fourth day, a caravan heading in the opposite direction stops the group for lunch. About half a day, the goblins have set up a toll wall. Since it is on a steep slope, Fzoul Slovis elected to pay the toll but the he saw a goblin and a few bugbears.

Shui Sum weather sense kicks in with notice of an approaching sandstorm. But good use of mold earth allows them to build a fire wall um sand castle to secure the caravans. It would work great but the minotaur wanted to brave the sandstorm due to his bull headiness.

After the storm broke, the group said their goodbye and moved on. During the next morning, the group laughs at the toll wall blocking the road. It is mainly guarded by strawmen. Um Straw goblins. The group takes down the wall easily even shooting down a messager hawk. The second ambush is defeated by Auto Turret and Crusher jumping over the log. But Crusher nearly dies three times. If wasn’t for luck and burning all the spells, he would have.

Watermelon Die, “I will get you next time!”

Arriving in Parnast, the Shrine of Axes give them a bonus and throws a party. Crusher freaks out every one by eating the Giant Toe Nails they found.

Magus, “Those were potion components.”

Crusher, “They WERE TASTY.”

End of Session 396

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Rotten DM
DDAL05-03 Session

Uninvited Guests

Day 7 to Day 9

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 21 Villains Captured 0 Villains Escaped 1

Start Time 7:25 End Time 8:15

Take a Level. 00 Gp. 10 Downtime Days.

A Giant Challenge. You have earned the respect of Prince Thornacious. He challenges you to befriend a giant, as he has done with you, (Huge sized humanoid), without using charm effects. If you do, (DMs judgement), you may spend five downtime days to return to Thornacious, who uses Heart Sight to tell if you are true of heart. He bestows upon you the title: Adoness (Peacekeeper). This title grants you advantage on Charisma ability checks with good aligned fey.

Defenders of Parnast. You have repelled the enemies of Parnast and instilled confidence in the people. You’ll never sleep in a barn again while in Parnast. Everyone opens their doors to you.

Brooch of Shielding Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This brooch is fashioned from a tiny leaf inlaid in gold and silver. While the leaf is not alive, it changes color depending on the season as if it were

I had a very weak group of three. Crasher Order of the Ancients Paladin Minotaur 3. Thern Rogue Scout Triton 3. Teraphine Sorcerer 1 halfling.

After 7 long days of desert, Azam and company arrive at Parnast with no party for them. Bad Times have arrived at Parnast. There is no inn. But the half elf priest Chandra Stol is welcoming. It the past year and half the Cult of the Dragon has gotten rid of all the Zhentarium. This is not a good thing as at least the Zhentarium help out the city. The city is starving.

Crusher, “No kidding. Nat asked how much for the liver and she was talking about mine. Jenks was opening a can of beans, and Squiddly was talking about greens and chitlins and ask me how much I dress.”

Chandra, “I think he was asking how much you dress out at. The forest has become dangerous. The Cult of the Dragon has over hunted the woods. Ragnar will be offering you some cash to go hunting. Start at daylight.”

As the group leaves the shire, Crusher decides to shopping at the local alchemist. He passes on the Wake Up sauce, and blue stuff but buy the last potion of healing. (Again people you go buy from the PBH before the session. During the session, it depends.) Ragnar and an extra get in a fight on how much the group should be paid. It was settled on 100 per deer or large animal.

Nat, “The bull man is large and will dress out at 222 pounds and 2 oz. Hoof guys, the paladin can’t take a joke.” He waves a Taco Bell Salsa package at Crusher.

In the morning the woods are strangely quiet, due to stuff or the weird blue fog which creeps in on little halfling feet and just as Thern is about to draw down on a stag, Teraphine starts coughing her lungs out.

Chip Chipmunk, “Fresh air disagree with you Eastern folk. These are my wolves you giants. I want you out. Chipper take care these dudes. Let them hunt in the Swamp of Swamp. These people are boring but huge.” Another chipmunk smiles at the group, their teeth are like a chainsaw. He hops on Crusher’s Horn and makes bad cowboy jokes. But he does direct them to swamp.

During the hunt, the party takes out a giant boar, a regular boar, and bores Chipper. A Gnoll tries to talk to them about hunting on protected wildlands. Wildlands protected by him but the group some him their arms and he decides to fade away.

After dress out the boars, and dragging them to town; the town decides to throw them a party which is rudely interrupted by four gnolls. The party and Ragnar take them down. Chip shows up. He gives them a quest.

End of session. 398


Rotten DM
DDAL05-05 Session

Ettin Wedding

Day 10 to Day 15

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 30 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 1

Start Time 7:35 End Time 10:15

Take a Level. 3,000 Gp. 10 Downtime Days.

Magic Item Cloak of Displacement This cloak is made of the pelt of a smooth, black-furred creature. A bone toggle fastens the cloak around its wearer’s neck. Close examination of the gold-embroidered hem reveals a poem that reads (in Common): “Six men in pain; six men rent. Blood, it falls like rain; broken bodies bent. Six men plead; and six men cry; Tearing arm and leg, six men die.”

Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Healing.

Story Award Frontier Friend. If the characters free Burleigh by capturing Scarn Mikel, the Blood Riders gain a new respect for the Frontier Scouts. As a result, the riders stop bullying the scouts and they stay out of one another’s way. As long as you possess this story award, you have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) and (Persuasion) checks made to influence any member of the Frontier Scouts.

Welcome Albert a former 3.5 player and Victoria brand new player.

I had an average group of five. Victoria Human Fighter 5 Protection. Albert Wizard 5 Evocation human. Art Fighter 2 Drakewarden 6 Winged Tiefling. Donn War Cleric of Moradin dwarf 9. Frila Warlock 10 Autognome.

Remember You can rebuild your PC between sessions and shop from the equipment lists in the PHB.

The group was asked to meet in a snow cover clearing by Deputy Burdin who wanted the mom of the kidnapped child to give her report to the group. Why they were out in the cold became very clear as a crying female Frost Giant entered the clearing.

Scovja, “Evil small ones like you took my son. But I can enter your lands due to the treaty. But you can track down his kidnappers. If treaty is broken, giants can go back to eating small ones.”

Albert, “I would fireball you if you tired.”

Scovja, “Fireball good. 3 bottles for $6.85 at Wal-Mart. Warms the belly. Besides smalls give me tummy rumbles. By treaty I must report my son missing to the clan chief. You have five days. Then small ones become toe jam.” She leaves and Burdin takes up the story. 20 years ago, the Giant wars ended. Boundaries were drawn. The Blood Riders were a giant killing group led by the one armed one eye bandit Scarn Mikel. They did not take well to the treaty. The Frontier Scouts can not cross over the border but the party can. The last known campground of the Riders was a day away if you go over the mountain but the winter storm coming in will be bad. The safe route would take three days. 2,000 GP per person if Burleigh is return alive. A bonus if you capture the leaders alive. The group decides the mountain is the quickest but Frila and Victoria forgot to pack their cold weather gear and gain some exhaustion during the trip.

(Yes, that was a cheesy roll. I will say so in my review.)

Arriving at the last know camp site, it appears Burleigh nearly escaped. Two dead humans were left in the snow. Using speak with dead, good investigation techniques, and searching the scene the group finds out the follow. Scarn Mikel is behind the kidnapping. Valejek was second in command until being cut in half by Burleigh. C is unknown but does know of plot. The Blood Riders brand a Giant Death Rune on their left arm as a gang sign. A minor noble is also involved. Some maps show the various camp sites of the group and the nearest one is only six hours away. A potion of healing was also recovered.

Three hours later as they are crossing a ford they hear a deep voice crying for help. Art stumbles over a body in the river and disappears. Half the group charge across the ford while the others stay put. “HELP BARNEY. EVIL IS CHASING. BARNEY NEEDS HELP.” And Ettin runs from the forest line toward the river.

Art lets loose with two arrows. “OUCH. BARNEY is having bad day.”, yells Barney. He grabs the dwarf and hides behind him. “EVIL SUES ARE COMING. HELP ME.” Albert looks closely at Barney he appears to be about 17. Three female Ettin exit the tree line.

Barney, “EVIL SUES! MARY SUE. BETTY SUE. DEBBY SUE. HEY SALLY SUE MUST GOTTEN LOST. Help Barny from evil girls. Girls are icky. They have cooties.”

Mary Sue, “You dwarf. Let go of our man. Barney is birthday was yesterday. Today he is man. And it is marriage time.”

Albert tries to talk down Barney and convince him that girls don’t have cooties. Victoria and Frila are trying to get the girls calmed and discuss the marriage thing. Barney swaps a human sized dagger with Albert but the discussion is not going well. Donn, “DUDE Just run. Quickly. I will distract them. WHICH BRIDE IS GOING TO WEAR PEACH? I HEARD THAT PEACH GOWNS ARE THE BEST THIS SEASON.” As Barney makes to the far tree line, the Sues give chase.

Victoria, “Well that was interesting. But we have about a day and a quarter left.” They pick up the trail amount the huge footprints. About two hours later just before dusk, they come across the campground. Art low crawls close to the camp and reports back.

Art, “You have a dozen people. One female lieutenant missing her ring finger. She must be the noble who ring and ring finger we found. The one-armed bandit is there. Ten minions. I can cast pass with out a trace and we can low crawl into position.” The group add on to plan and low crawl into camp while Frila flanks and causes a distraction. As they get into the center of camp, they let go with fireballs, hold person, and a beat down. Victoria is able to TKO the two leaders. Art is nearly killed by saved by Albert using the healing potion they found. When the last minion falls, the group was able to capture Bob, Scarn Mikel, and the noble Cathica Lygia. Burleigh nearly escaped on his own during combat.

When they deliver the Riders to the deputy, he gives them a bonus of 1,000 GP. The Riders will be turned over the Frost Giant Jarl for a fair trial.

End of session 400.


Rotten DM
DDAL05-07 Session

No Singing

Day 16 to Day 17

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 35 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 1

Start Time 7:57 End Time 9:26

Gain a level. 200 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Items Wand of Webs, Scroll of lesser Restoration. Spell Book Absorb elements, Catapult, Ice knife, Earth Tremor, Dust Devil, Skywrite, Wall of Water

I had a weak group of four Glider Ranger 1 Hadozee, Auto Turret 14 Wizard 4 Autognome, Turgell Cleric 1 Gnome, and Bloop Wizard 3.

The group has been hired to raid a wizard’s island. The wizard’s library and subbasement were never discovered. But clues lead to it being under the cellar. Arriving on the island and find the cellar, the door is locked by a trap puzzle. A faulty trap puzzle after two unsuccessful tires with boulders being auto launched from a nearby wall, the boulder blows the door open. The first secret stairwell takes them to shire floor.

The shires are for Mystra, Azuth, Denier and Oghma. Some offerings are given and some traps avoided. But a small bedroom is also found by it guard by two mini gargoyles. Which is mostly short work for the group.

Bloop, “Cleric!”

Turgell, “Grumble Grumble. That 3.5 DM dissing gnomes. Grumble. We push on.”

Glider, “Hey a secret door. Someone should check it out. I Did mean charging through Turgell.”

The second stairwell leads to a subbasement. On the walls is a sign says “Wand of webs. Um SING FOR YOUR SUPPER!” and at the end of corridor a red laser wall

Glider, “WHAT does it really say. DM”

DM, “Sings Praises or be tested.”

Turgell, “Oh. Not. No. I have heard Glider and Bloop sing. They clear the whole store out. Just pretend we sing dm.”

DM, “Ok I will pretend the module does not need more editing.”

The group safely gets through three of the four elemental chambers when Bloop fire rays the webs of the earth elemental chamber revealing a stone spider which bites Bloop. Bloop drops.

Auto Turret 14, “I wanted to fire up the webs.”

Turgell, “Why did Bloop drop?”

Bloop, “Because you were still grumbling about gnomes. I called for cleric. And the whole table looked at you.”

DM, “Most Dead PC shouldn’t talk. Bloop yelled fireball the loudest. And the magic players were jumping for joy due to a win. Moving on.”

A quick heal and battle later, the spider is dead and they find the lab. Small problem two of the books are magically trapped. And when Auto Turret grabs the middle book. The door arcane locks. Leaving lock in a room with only three other exits. Which.

Bloop, “Shatter the two top exits.”

Which leads them into the library. Ms. Elguen is not happy some one is entering the library after hours.

Ms. Elguen, “It is after hours. Who tried to destroy the library. Where are your library cards?”

Bloop, “Here holding out nothing. I try to bluff.”

Dm, “Not going to work. But pull your library card from your wallet and I will allow it.”

Bloop, “Here”

Bloop, “Hmm Just one more punch and you get a free lap dance at beep.”

Both Auto Turret and Turgell try to persuade Elguen to calm down and it does not work. Finally Bloop blames Glider and the Elguen pulls out a ruler and goes to town on Glider’s palms. One short combat later, they collect two other books and the index. But the problem remains of the two books in the library. Brave action and sucky rolls allow them to get the books and work the end.

DM Notes. I had already tossed the playtest version of this in the can. And will be adding notes to final version. I suggest other dms skip this one.

End of session 402


Rotten DM
DDAL05-08 Session

Durlag’s Tower

Day 17 to Day 18

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 46 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 2

Start Time 6:52 End Time 10: 35

Gain a level. 13,000 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Item Staff of Thunder and Lightning (very very frightening), potion of superior healing, potion of speed, potion of invulnerability, scroll of greater invisibility, scroll of glyph of warding.

Story Award SEER’s Favor. You found her lost dagger. She owes you a favor. You can cash this in for a 3rd level WIZARD spell scroll or potion of heroism.

I had a strong group of five. Shimmer Moon Druid 15 Kobold. Voidcraft Artillerist artificer 15 Astral Elf. Mischief Divination Wizard 14. Dharrai Lore Bard 11 half elf. Iron Dwarf Artificer 16.

Lady Seer, “Hi. Enjoy the tea and cookies while I update you on your mission. The Iron Dwarf is running late, he will update you on the dwarf stone work call Hizagkuur. Very hard, messes with magic, immune and or resistance to various spells. I will be teleporting you to just outside Durlag’s Tower. Which is located on the Red Clay desert. There is an artifact in a cat’s bell you have to recover. The dwarven assassins Bahldrak & Bellegia Slagspit are advance scouts for a cloud giant squad who want to take over the tower. If you bring them in intact either dead or alive the bonus will be 2,500 GP. The giants should arrive by noon tomorrow. Enter the tower by any means possible. I did lose a jade dagger there a few years ago, find and I owe you a favor. Ready steady TELEPORT!”

Two of the party Dharrai and Voidcraft were not ready and are teleported high slamming into the top of tower door. This activates two addition locks and a portcullis. The group see two holy symbols can be place in a inset on each door. The symbol of Moradin and the symbol of Silvanus. These are three feet long. The group decides to find the symbols instead of bashing down the doors.

Shimmer chooses the West Watchtower to explore first. It had been attacked ages ago and the wind through the damage whispers “Go Away.” Entering the tower they discover it has been taken over by chain devils. Iron dwarf arrives on his cheating not good wrecking module um. The Iron Dwarf using his broom of flying and good class tactics arrives to help out the party. But the tow has no holy symbols.

The group decides to check out the heart forge. Which is leading at a good till to the left. A good sneeze could bring it down. Looking inside Voidcraft and Iron Dwarf get a great idea. They fly up to roof and lower their artifacts and start mending the main supports. Void’s homunculus tosses an ancient wasp nest down. But it wasn’t a nest but a sleeping dead Beholder and it wakens two tanarukk. One is holding a holy symbol like a teddy bear. A good fight later the group takes a short nap.

Awaken from her nap, Shimmer decides she wants to see if any ponies are still alive in the stables. Shimmer, “Here pony. Pony. Pony.”

Bahldrak Slagspit, “Go away mom. Five more minutes.”

Shimmer, “Here pony. Pony. Pony.”

Bellegia Slagspit, “Brother. There a kobold here disturbing our cat nap. Stabby Stabby time.” Shimmer’s scream of pain awakes the party who rush to her rescue. Nearly dying she stabs Bellegia his final blow. A couple of healing potions later the group approach the garden.

Shimmer, “This is a druid’s garden and the druid Bitter Root is still here.”

Mischief, “How do you know that?”

Shimmer, “The rose bush told me. The forget me nots forgot. But Bitter Root is closer to the center of the garden.” As they group approaches the center the plants nearly entangle all the group but swift and honest statements get them the holy symbol of Silvanus. With the second holy symbol they have the two keys to open the door to the tower.

Once they enter the tower the stairs are blocked off and a platform puzzle floor may allow them access to the basement. About 20 minutes of skull sweat and a few magic missiles in their tummies, they solve the puzzle. (Note read the puzzle. The solution needs some editing.)

With the puzzle being solve the platform raises, and releases a huge demon cat and demon kitten. The demons summon some Vrocks as back up but great spell play put the demons down. They find the cat bell artifact and SEER’s Jade Dagger.

They also discover the following. Vergadain Firespirts recipe. Vergadain, a dwarven deity of wealth and trickery, was known for his favored drink; as clear as water and smelled of honey and cane sugar, but was in truth an incredibly potent liquor that put standard dwarven spirits to shame. He would sometimes challenge unknowing humans and elves to drinking contents, where he would slyly swap in sweetened water while his opponent would down drink after drink of this highly-flammable liquid. It rarely ended well for them. And now you have the recipe! You may spend 60 downtime days to craft one barrel of firespirits. Each batch requires special sweet herbs from Bitter-root’s Garden near Durlag’s Tower and 100 gp worth of other materials, including aged dwarven spirits blessed by a dwarven priest. If you find yourself in possession of campaign documentation that bestows ownership of a distillery, this time and gold cost is reduced by half. Each barrel contains approximately 30 gallons of firespirits, and can be sold for 1,000 gp. Alternately, as this is a rare elixir; it may be worth a significant amount to Fai Chen, certain high-ranking lords, or other purveyors of such fineries. Additionally, if you give a nip of firespirits (just a wee one) to a dwarf, all Charisma (Persuasion) checks made with them are made with advantage for the next hour.

End of Session 404
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Rotten DM
DDAL05-09 Session

Durlag’s Tomb

Day 18 To Day 19

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 56 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:52 End Time 10: 35

Gain a level. 13,000 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Item Skeggox +3 Battle Axe This impressive battle axe possesses a massive haft with a huge gear turning gently atop it. Connected to the gear are a series of gnashing blades that extend when the weapon is wielded against giants. As a bonus action, a dwarf or a character that worships a dwarven deity may brandish this weapon and gain advantage on one Charisma (Intimidation) check. Once this property has been used, it can’t be used again until the following dawn.

Potion of Superior Healing (Remember people the magic items duplicate. You can take for trade bait.)

Story Award Favor of Candlekeep. You surrender of the copper tablet to the acolytes of Oghma at Candlekeep has them overjoyed. The Great Readers spend many weeks poring over the ancient artifact’s hidden meanings and may one day puzzle out where the missing section is located.

The next time you visit Candlekeep or interact with the faithful of Oghma, any Charisma ability checks you make are made with advantage.

Welcome Patrick and Dharrai to the gaming table. I had a very strong group of six. Shimmer Moon Druid 16 Kobold. Patrick 11 Sorcerer Spring Eladrin (First one of those for me.) Mischief Divination Wizard 14 with soon to be dead simulacrum. Iron Dwarf 16 artificer. Damior I Yellios Lindon wizard elf 12.

Note For half the rooms I forgot about the special effect of the dwarf walls Hizagkuur. Sigh. And I treated the group as strong due to Eddie math.

Seer is waiting for the group and the slowly trickle into the tavern. She recaps the last adventure for the new folk and ones who did not read her write up in the Daily Bugle. The group is now going to explore the sub basements. (No, you don’t need a PT boat Mischief.) Arriving at the first subbasement paranoid strikes the whole party and they touch nothing. They easy on down the staircase.

Iron Dwarf, “Johnny Walker Blue 1492 190 proof but where? “

Mischief, “Behind the glass wall with the statue of Vergadain. OH, THOSE FREAKING HERETICS. ICE CUBES IN WHISKEY!”

Shimmer, “They kind look like Jello Shots.”

Iron Dwarf, “This is an outrage. Keeping me from my dwarven relatives’ booze. I calm this booze as a clan treasure.”

Damior, “I though you said you came from a Waterdeep Coffee Shop and were brought to life when Dr Willy Wonka gave you an Irish coffee infusion.”

Iron Dwarf, “For the good of dwarf kind. And….”

Shimmer, “The abuse of our livers!” With that the booze was release. Lots of booze. High Grade 190 proof booze. Booze from the floor to the ceiling. No air. Some air bubbles from the pcs. A few minor sips later. Um hum. I said a few sips later. Look you about to go the way of the Lucky Irishman drowning victim.

Half the party, “WE are okay with that.”

Shimmer, “The Jello shots are attacking. Save me.”

Iron Dwarf, “Save the booze.”

The drunk pc, “hic hic Lighting bolt.” Two pcs drop and Skully is not happy the instant death from double damage did not go into effect. A few rounds later the trap is reset and the group makes it down to the Gorm level.

Gorm is hot as heck. It does not help the fact that two thirds of the floor is lava. And not chocolate lava cake Mischief. The stairways disappear into the ceiling. The close wall starts moving toward the lava. The five horned devils are not happy with the party not laughing at their jokes. The wall moves closer to the lava. Dharrai and Patrick nearly dropped but the slightly sober Rusted Iron Dwarf flies to rescue. (I really like and hate that build.) The group stops the wall and gets rid of the devils.

Moving down to next floor it is a nice executive business conference room. With a twenty by twenty cube of treasure. Surrounding the treasure are the same four gods from the first subbasement. But they are missing their holy symbols. Going back up is not possible because the wall of force on the booze hall is back up. Iron Dwarf spends an hour crafting some mid-range holy symbol knock offs.

This dumps the treasure to the final basement. Durlag’s sarcophagus is here. But instead, being covered in gold. It is covered in copper. In fact, it a copper sheet with various dwarven lore on it. With the true reason the dwarfs and giants fight. Iron Dwarf and Patrick lift the copper sheet off, and the true golden sarcophagus is revealed.

Shimmer, “Pretty.”

Clapping sounds from the stairs, “Very Pretty. And mine.”, says a pale cloud giant. “Excuse me. My manners are a little lacking. Airship travel and jet lag you know. I am Baron Rajiram. I do believe what is yours is now mine. Hand over the tablet and we will only hurt you a little bit.”

Mischief, “SPELL OF READ THE TELEPORTATION SCROLL.” BAMF! BAMF! “Why were there two bamf. And where are Dharrai and Damior?”

Dharrai and Damior wave the brimstone smell away from their noses. They are in a pink bedroom. In front of them is a floating bar tray with a mug of O positive blood. In bed is a slightly awake Baron of Blood Artor Morlin who is nicely dress in a current bed robe. And a vampire.

Baron of Blood Artor Morlin, “Why have you interrupted by rest. Who let you into Trollskull Manor? Why shouldn’t I eat you now for a mid afternoon snack? What do have to say for yourself?”

Dharrai, “Can I beat feet out here my lord?”

Baron of Blood Artor Morlin, “I don’t here the beat of no feet. But I do here heartbeats.”

Dharrai, “Beating feet now sir. Please feet. Please feet. Left foot. Right Foot. Left Foot Right Foot.” Lif closes the door as the two callers run away.

Will Dharrai and Damior beat feet to SEER? Tune in next week to the same bat channel.

End of Session 306.


Rotten DM
DDAL05-10 Session

Giant’s Diplomacy

Day 19 to Day 30

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 56 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 7:03 End Time 8:10

Gain a level. 500 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Item Potion of Healing, Potion of Greater Healing, Ring of Jumping

Story Award Satyr Training. Prince Thornacious has heard more of your great deeds through his servant Blassios. The latter invites you to come on a “vision quest” with him in the Forgotten Forest. If you do, you may spend 5 downtimes days to engage in revelry and seeking out your inner self. Once, if you fail a saving throw against poison, you may call upon your fey teachings to succeed on the saving throw, instead.

Defenders of Parnast. You have helped forge a treaty between the city of Parnast and the Ettin Gralm. Citizens will buy you a drink or meal and many toast to your name.

I had a very weak group of three. Yardak Paladin 1 dragon born. Cricket Drakewarden 4 Tri-kreen. Graara Death Cleric human 1.

The group is laying over in Parnast when ask by Azam to help with two peace treaties. One with Ettin name Gralm who is currently in negotiations with Bad Fruul who is working with Baron Rajiram a storm giant. The second treaty will be Prince Thornacious who will stop attacking both Parnast and Gralm. The group approaches an outpost of hobgoblins and instead of attacking confuse the goblin boss by mumbling we come in peace. This confuses the boss by the goblin Oblivillish offers to take the group through the fey forest and to meet with Gralm.

Oblivillish leads them over a rainbow footpad into the fey. Suddenly trees start falling, bricks fall from buildings, mothers take their kids off the street as Clifford the Big Fey dog charges them.

Clifford, “Play. Play. Puzzle. Hustle. Puzzle Palace with out malice. PLAY. I have three humanoids to play with.”

Cricket, “I am a Tri-keen. Not a humanoid.”

Clifford, “If I nipple your crawdad arms off you will be humanoid. If you a not fey you get no fair breaks. Now play the word game with me.” A few minutes later. “Good. Now I need new art on wall, take this magic pieces and make nice art. Confuse are you. You could make a cat, a house, a sparkly from the collar of cat. Once you make the cat, I shall hang it on the wall and bark at it. DM the paladin made a cat but he crossed the pieces over each other is that allowed?”

DM, “well since the writer of module did not think of it. I will allow it.”

Clifford overs the door to his dog house and they are suddenly a few yards away from Gralm’s army. Oblivillish leads them to Gralm and their peace treaty amuses him. But if he is going to ally with Parnast and the adventurers he needs strong allies. So, dinner, drinking, and showing off your strengths are tune of the day. Cricket saves the day with Graara being the worst off with disadvantage on everything. But Cricket drinks Grindle (no relation to Be a Wolf) under the table and wins the hot boar dog challenge by eating 23 to Grindles 13. Graara got down 4 and Yardak got down 12. So, the peace treaty is sign. Now to find the prince of the forest.

However on the way to the Prince, they discover the Satyr Blassios who is drinking by a pond. Graara tries to mooch a drink when Oblivillish tells the group to kill him. It appears one of them is narc. (To find out who you play the module.) But instead of attacking him, the group offers a three-fold challenge. If they win Blassios takes them to the prince. If they lose, they leave.

(DM Note. This was suppose to be the second combat of the night but the group threw me a curve and ask for a peaceful solution.)

Blassios and Cricket are able to cross the pond on a tight rope but the other get wet. Blassios and Cricket where both able to find the lost whiskey flask but Graara had taken a short nap. Yardak saw a butterfly. Still being a tie the Satyr did mention he was going to start on working with a Witchlight Carnival and needed workers. Workers who could some time make customers pay up with out roughing them up. The paladin takes the part of the look out while Graara belches loudly into the mark’s ear, and Cricket lifts the purse. Blassios agrees to take the treaty to the prince.

The group returns to Parnast with some hung over but two peace treaties.

Note. I fix the story and names to match what is in the module when I get confused during the game. I told the pcs Bad Fruul was an alias of Gralm. This is the second fastest time I finished a module 1 hour 7 minutes since the group took the peace option.

End of Session 408


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Rotten DM
DDAL05-11 Session

Forgotten Traditions

Day 30 to Day 34

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 61 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 7

Start Time 7:16 End Time 10:25

Gain a level. 2,500 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Item Potion of Superior Healing * 2, Scroll of Antilife Shell,

Opal of ILD Rune

Story Awards Student of Stone. You have studied under the tutelage of Illsenstaad, a legendary stone giant lore master and stone carver. You gain the benefit of the dwarven Stonecunning trait. If you already possess the Stonecunning trait, you triple your proficiency bonus instead of doubling it. In addition, you also gain proficiency in mason’s tools and the Giant language if you are not already proficient.

Dreamwalker. Your meditations have granted you the gift of foresight. Upon receiving this story award, roll a d20 and record the number rolled. Once, you can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by you or a creature that you can see with the number you rolled. You must choose to do so before the roll. Once you have used this story award in this fashion, remove it. This story award may be earned again as often as you like, but you must complete the Dreamwalker downtime activity (above) each time and may not do so again until you no longer possess this story award.

I had an average group of five. Cricket Blaze Drakewarden 5 Thri-kreen. Valdimar Champion 5 Goliath. Xasys Drunken Monk Plasmoid 10. Erza Scarlet Battlemaster 5 Human. Lion Draha Vengeance Paladin 7 Dragonborn.

Kryshilir a stone giant has tasked the group to travel to the temple of Hotun-Shûl which was swallowed by a mountain five hundred years ago. They are to recover various rune stones. The weather bounces off of freezing during their three-day journey. A cave in the mountain leads them into the first chamber.

The first chamber has two traps. A glass steel floor which provides little traction and a door which has to be ratchet opened by all five members because of their puny weak non giant status. Xasys slips away as soon as the door is open an inch which makes the job more difficult. Ten minutes later the door is open wide enough for Valdimar to get in. Who in a fit of greed tries to take the fire gems out of one of the friezes. Which triggers a track. Xasys jiggles at them from a safe room. Exploring the safe room and the chambers connecting to them. They discover this is a trap laden dungeon.

An argument between Valdimar and Erza breaks out over who touched what and to touch nothing. This argument peters out after a hour and a short rest.

Exploring the other side a young r Remorhaz tries to eat the party. As Lion Drake starts touching its corpse it morphs into two fire elementals and after those are dead, two blue sapphires are found. After a short rest Lion Drake triggers a trap in the next hallway. Which he claim he successfully defeated.

Valdimar, “Yea. Right. All of us ran away and got into the far cooridor. I ran over you.”

Lion, “But I did 13 points of damage to the rock.”

Cricket, “Yes with your face.”

In a secret room the find and dine Illsenstaad. A Stone Giant Stone mason is going to be in trouble with his wife. He has been putting off decorating the place for 498 years. But the group agrees to help him if he helps them. Being very bored and amused by the fact of cheap labor he agrees. He does tell them about the traps in the next hallway. Which are mostly triggered by Lion Draha’s summon steed. They are stumped by the brown mold but decide to grit their teeth and run through it.

Getting into the death rune room was easy. Getting out was not. As a hill giant and two ice ogres have seen the group enter and are trying to kill the trespassers. After Lion and Vladmir are nearly killed Illsenstaad steps in and orders the hill giant home. The group finally kills the ogres. Illsenstaad taking pity on the group since only Xasys is above 20 hit points escorts them out.

The Rune Guardian tries to stop them but Illsenstaad mentions that they are his great great grandkids. None of the group hears the guardian mention how ugly they are.

End of Session 410.


Rotten DM
DDAL05-12 Session

Bad Business in Parnast

Day 34 to Day 35

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 67 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 10

Start Time 7:10 End Time 9:25

Gain a level. 400 Gp 10 downtime days.

Magic Items Gantlets of Ogre Power, Oil of Slipperiness, Potion of Healing.

I had a strong group of six. Lunar Cleric 2 human. Vander Dragonborn Gem Sorcerer 1. Robbart Rogue 1 halfling. Malroth Barbarian Tiefling 1. Gilder Ranger 2 Hadozee. Thunk barbarian Goliath 2.

Welcome Malroth, Robbart, and Thunk to adventure league.

The group arrives in the evening to Parnast and takes crash space at the only tavern in town the Golden Tankard. Ragnar updates them. Bad Fruul maybe breaking the treaty. Some outlining farms have been destroyed. Families are missing. Bad luck has been plaguing the village. The southern tower collapse last week killing a citizen. But it has been rebuilt but no one is a carpenter in tower. So, in the morning check it out. Supplies and tools are vanishing but have been put under lock and key. Gundalin the only cartwright in town has been giving me a headache by second guessing my decisions. Also, the salvage cart busted an axle and Gundalin said it would be two days to fix.

Vander, “Just where are the supplies being kept.”

Ragnar, “I not telling a new adventurer that.”

DM, “Will there be any late-night shenanigans before I advance the mod to morning.”


One Hour DM from the future. “DUDE YO IDIOT.”

Glider and Lunar decide to go fix Guindalin’s wagon. Thunk sneaks out the door to check out the south tower. Vander is going to check out the herb shop, and Malroth is going to check out the shrine of axes because barbarians like axes.

DM grumbles, “The map and the encounters don’t match and why do I have two 8’s in part two.”

The wagon fixing goes well as it is now 11 PM and the village has been under curfew for three hours. Gundalin is old and balding. The sneaky pair does not notice his son Wallace in the upper rafter bed. The wagon is fixed with mending.

Vader discovers the herb shop is mostly sold out and half the herbs are going bad for some reason. Only two bottles of Wake up Sauce and two potions of healing are left.

Malroth does not wake up the priestess Chandra as she is flipping through old wanted posters. No axes are in the shire as it used to be dedicated to Malroth’s God but the priest left town ten years ago. Now it is dedicated Auril (winter), Chauntea (summer) Mielikki (autumn) and Angharradh (spring). The wanted posters are for the destroyers of Ten Towns. Wanted for releasing a Tarrasque. Siding with the Duergar Invasion Force. Creation of a vampire Sperm Whale. Union Busting of Kobold 451. Assassination of a Mayor. Sandoval the Fake Frost Giant Ranger, Cleric, and Rogue a human. Midi Cleric. Gold Fine Artificer. Andy barbarian, rune knight. Tuk’n Rol Sorcerer Wizard. Jimmy Swashbuckler Gloomstalker. She takes the posters to see if she can collect on the bounties.

Thunk finds the tower has been sabotage. A figure races away from the tower toward the crater and he loses the prep in the dark. He returns to the tavern and wakes Ragnar after midnight. By luck everyone has returned to the tavern. The party wakes the villagers and start collecting clues.

The suspects who boot size may fit the suspects are. Ragnar, Chandra, Sylas, Wallace, Trove, Calder, Gundalin, Rodrick, and Ulrich. The townsfolk are not happy when Ragnar, Chandra, Sylas, and Gundalin are eliminated because the adventurers were in their houses. Wallace was sleeping above the cartwright shop so he is innocent. Ulrich was asleep on duty in the north watch tower.

Lunar, “Only a sneaky person could get away from a barbarian. So it must be Trove the scout. Do we hang him, or behead him or.” Needless to say, the crowd goes wild and Robbart points out villagers are good with pitchforks. But Trove now has brown pants and confesses around 2 AM about being paid by the (DM pauses ignores part two and flips to part three). By the Bradimen brothers. They live three hours outside of town. The door swings shut on Lunar and Vander.

Vander, “Um Lunar. The rest of them is not following. I think we should go back.”

Lunar, “You go back. I going to kill two brothers.” Vander falls back to tavern and the group sleeps through the night.

At sunrise Lunar arrives at the cabin. Three orcs guard the cabin and a cage of five prisoners. Lunar, “It can take on three orcs.” He low crawls closer. The three goblins spy him and ambush him.

Around nine AM the group approaches the cabin. Lunar’s body is hung from a tree. Three orcs are guarding the cabin and prisoners. An ogre burst out of the cabin, “SALT AND PEPPER. Human is on the menu tonight. The boss is still asleep.” The group low crawls closer splitting left, right, and up the center. The goblins giggle as they ambush another set of adventurers. The combat is close with at least three adventurers being zeroed out but saved by health potions. The ogre is the last to fall. Kargorta and the two Bradimen brothers escape out the back window.

The End.

Module, “Told you not to let them go off script.”

DM NOTES. Okay with three new people who said they want to do some low level adventures. I putting Season 5 on hold. We will being doing Season 1 Tiamat next week. I will not run them in order but by Tiers. But we will discuss this at the table.

End of Session 314


Rotten DM
Storm King’s Thunder Session 1

Chapter 1 Good Morning in Nightstone

Day 1 Sunrise to Day 1 Noon

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 13 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 1

Start Time 6:30 End Time 8:55

Promote to 2nd level if 1st. 10 downtime days. 250 GP

Magic Items Potion of Heroism, Potion of Healing, Vial of Antitoxin.

Story Award Good Goody Gum-Gum. Echo has made a friend in Gum-Gum. (Group need to discuss to either treat him as Goblin AC 15 HP 12 +4 To hit Damage 5. Or as a sidekick.)

Story Award Horse of Different color. Keeper saddled a special riding horse. It has yet to bond with him. (I need a name, breed, color, etc., for the horse.)

I had a strong group of six. Keeper Bard 1 Eladrin. Zar Barbarian 1 Brass Dragonborn. Samantha Monk 1 Variant Human. Echo Light Cleric 1 Dhampir. (Oops Fix this. This is from Ravenloft campaign not the Realms. See the player’s handout in the black box or ask me.) Silk Arcane Trickster 4 Half-elf. Haru Hunter Ranger 4 Wood Elf.

The Chaos Fog dumps everyone but Haru and Silk out near the village outpost of Nightstone, just as dawn is breaking. A huge wind disperses the fog as Silk and Haru are dropped off by Runara. The church bell is ring in the sunrise. It is kind of loud. After some brief introductions, Silk and Samantha scout ahead. As they get to drawbridge a few things are evident.

Goblins and Worgs have entered Nightstone coming from the north. Rocks Felled and everyone died. Well not really. A huge siege rock is out in the barley field; the scarecrow looks sad down at his missing arm which is under the rock. Other rocks have fallen on the various locations. The bridge to keep is broken. The southwest tower is destroyed.

As the group gather together at the bridge, in the town center they spy two worgs pulling apart a Doberman Pinscher. The monk kicks dust up in everyone’s’ faces. “NOT DOGGY,” She cries. Half the group follows the rest put down covering fire. Once the group kills the monsters they tried to make plans. But can’t hear each other over the church bell. Silk pushes Samantha toward the church. It is Little House on the Prairie type. Silk flanks the door as Sam opens the door, only to get a boot to the head. Make that two boots to the head.

Beebo, “Wee. Wee. Who is that, that is messing with my fun?”

Vark, “Rescue humans. Kill. Kill. Kill.”

Beebo, “WEE. I can’t hear you. Oh crap!” The group put down the two goblins quickly. The group moves on to the inn. A rock has crashed through the roof, one bedroom, and the main dining table. A dead goblin lies near the middle of main hall. It was killed by a crossbow from the bedroom. Samantha and Zar yeet Silk up into the bedroom followed by Echo. Samantha then takes the stairs with Haru. The second group do a quick peek into each room. Most of the rooms have been abandon quickly.

The group is discussing with gestures and whispers as they all gather around the hole in the bedroom. Haru, “Why are they five sets of boots, and only four of us?” He peeks under the bed, “Hello little lady who has a loaded crossbow pointed at my face. Peace?”

Kella Darkhope, “Peace. Thanks of rescuing me. I was taking a merchant survey when rocks fell from a cloud. I ran up here to pack up when a rock zeroed be out. I had just finished a long rest when two goblins entered the inn. I got one of them from here and then hid under the bed.”

Zar, “One dead goblin. Plus, no dead goblin means…” A glass shatters in the kitchen. She knocks on the door to the kitchen. “Who is there?”

Gum-Gum, “It is I Gum-Gum. Who is knocking on the kitchen door?”

Zar, “You know it is me.”

Gum-Gum, “Why are we speaking Common. Oh Crap!” The sounds of a window being open is heard. Zar kicks the door open and sees a goblin with a sack almost as big as it is. “Give me the bag!” demands Zar. “Oh poop. I raid fair and square,” Gum-Gum shuffles over in their boy in trouble stance and hands her the bag. And shuffles back toward the door.

Meanwhile Samantha has made to you to door and yells, “How big are you?” to the goblin. Goblin, “Um. Three two and forty-two pounds.” Sam grabs him by the face and ties him up. “I mean how big is your raiding party. Why did you raid? Where are the humans?’

Gum-Gum, “Two Worgs. A dozen.”


Gum-Gum, “Less than a dozen goblins. We saw rocks fall out of the sky and saw the rocks fall on the village. Why raid Humans are delicious with saffron and cloves. You mean the ones we didn’t nibble on? We didn’t find any living towns people.”

Echo, “He is cute. Can we keep him?” (DM groans.) After a few minutes of looting, the group checks out the stable. Five draft horses, five riding horses, saddles for all of them, and two plow harnesses are on the walls.

Keeper, “Hey free horses. I choose this one. And this fine saddle. Achoo.” He sneezes as some hay and dust float down between the hayloft floor boards. The sounds of little feet can be heard. The hay door opens. Through the open barn door, they see a gobbling running away. Silk tries to snipe it and misses.

Derp yells over the quiet town, “Humanoids in barn. Humanoids in barn. HELP. MURDER Death Kill. My Murder. My death. Kill them.”

Most of the group prepares to fight. Haru, Zar, and Echo chase after the goblin. Samantha, Kella, and Silk take up sniper positions. Keeper keeps saddling his horse.

Silk, “Rats missed it again. I don’t see any one else.”

Zar, “Quick ducking my battle axe Derp! Two coming from the windmill. Two from the far tower. Two from the farm. One from the near watch tower.

Kella, “Those are amazing directions. Left or Right?”

Haru, “Left side only.”

After an intensive battle where Echo and Zar nearly died, only Gum-Gum is the only goblin left alive. The group splits to loot and look and agree to meet at the bridge to the keep at noon.

The End.

Mundane Treasure

Dwarf Size Chain Mail and Helm. Healer’s Kit. One cooked chicken cold and greasy. One set of cooking gear. Stuffed Teddy Bear (Gum-Gum claims dibs). 3 dragon Ante Set. 10 silver darts. 3 bottles of perfume. Tinderbox. Notary supplies.

NPC Kella Darkhope AC 12 HP 27 +4 to hit with short sword or light crossbow. She goes on initiative 1 if you remind me.

Hiding somewhere in town. One of you frighten a Tressym while searching. It flew out the door of the notary.

DM Notes. We will pick up at the bridge on page 25 next time. You still can take the free feat of Tough or Skilled.

I am still looking for a high definition map of 3.1 Storm King’s Thunder. I do have black and white maps for the this.

Parts of the book will be choose your path and you will gain some npcs which you can play.

Log sheet Entry. DDHC-SKT Chapter 1 Session 1. My name. Etc.

End of Session 424

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