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Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 14

Chapter 6

Dead Bless

Day 66 to Day 67

Hammer 7 to Hammer 8

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 223 Villains Captured 11 Villains Escaped 27

Take 10 Downtime Days. 2,222 GP. Promote to 8.

Magic Item Eyes of Minute Seeing, Potion of Innumerability, Battle axe with immovable Rod Shaft. Ring of Orator.

Story Award Blessing of Dumathoin. Your eyes become keen enough to pick out hidden secrets. You gain darkvision. If you already had darkvision, you can see in color in the dark. In addition, you can use an action to gain truesight for 1 minute. Once you gain truesight in this way, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

I had an average group of five. Charlotte Bard 5 Barbarian 2 Half elf. Droo barbarian Zealot 7 Human. Gromash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc Evocation Wizard 2. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 7 Wood Elf. Baltyr Fighter 7 human.

As the door swigs back on him, Baltyr is not happy. “A training room? What can we loot from a hundreds year old training room. Wait a minute. If you guys and gal are on the other side of the room looting, who is trying to loot my pocket?” The fight with the automation robots is swift but during the fight a secret door is revealed. Sending the owls out to scout the group know trouble is coming. For the monsters. Between evocation fire balls, spirit guardians, and one fire bolt cantrip the wight and dust mephits are taken out.

Meanwhile while the spell casters are doing the heavy fighting, the Droo and Baltyr are trying to look a great axe halberd which Cailfiel’s owl knocked over in the dojo’s office. It is jammed in the door way preventing access. They are cussing under their breath as it does not move.

Cailfiel, “Hmm. Okay.” He grabs at the base of shaft and the shaft retracts into normal size. “Guys you have to push the red button. The only button. The only red button. With the word ‘Push’ on it. My great arcane skills says this is immovable rod with a great can opener on the other end.” Searching the east side of the upper crypt they find the vault and loot it. And take a short rest.

Sending their owl scouts up ahead they move down to the basement. The owls report four dry rotten coffins before the coffins explode and the skeletons kill the familiars. With Droo in the front Cailfiel passes him the platinum holy symbol of Dumathoin.

Droo, “I am a poor tall dwarf priest of Dumathoin. Please don’t undead me.” The revenants move closer. Droo, “I am stupid human. Please don’t undead me.” The revenants are within ten feet and getting closer. Droo, “Dumathoin HELP ME.”

Dumathoin, “Purify my crypt and take nothing else. A blessing will befall you.” The revenants retreat to the broken coffin and return to their undead rest. The casters resummon their familiars and send them ahead. At the end of the corridor is a water pit. The cat fish are rolling the water. And a ghost zombie is trying to silence the owls and catfish. The ghost zombie fades and the group moves up to get a little fishing in. As one light spell ends, Gromash recasts it on a gold piece and tosses into the water.

DM, “Did I say into the water. I meant into one of the throats of the hydra. Droo screams about hating baths as the invisible cat fish pulls him into the water. Initiative.” The fight is hard on the group and Gromash falls back through the new sloping corridor.

Gromash, “I am advancing down the new hallway and will stop by this door.”

Droo, “Yeah. Sure. And now all your meat shields, and the other caster are bravely between you and the monsters.”

Gromash, “Thank you for volunteering.” When the fight ends, the spider familiar wanders under the door of Gromash and bites a deep gnome who is trying to block the door. The gnome screams in pain but misses the spider. Droo runs down the hall and head butts the door. The door wins. As the door finally loses the deep gnome tries to activate a lever in the room but is beaten nearly to death. Finding no loot, the group decides to wake up the victim.

Baltyr, “Here old man. Step into a Slim Jim and tells what you know.”

Rivibiddel, “I swam in here twenty days ago. I am exploring for the full copy of He of the Hidden Gemstone and found it. Look at the walls, all twenty volumes are engraved on the walls. I did discover the general headquarters up in the north part of the dungeon. I am only 22 but the ghost general aged me. The general was guarding a second lever but I had to flee back to the water. But the hydra and the water weird were back. I ran out food five days ago and water two days ago.”

Baltyr, “Here have some Banana Chips, and peanuts.”

Gromash, “Hey those are mine!”

Baltyr, “Shut it I am bribing the DM.” After a recasting of find familiar the group sends the fighters ahead to take care of the skeletons. (DM NOTE. Cailfiel double check your build I see Owl as familiar but not giant owl.) Three skeletons go down easily. And so does the back up squad of fourteen skeletons. And the two ghost bodyguards. And the ghost general.

Cailfiel, “I love evocation wizards.”

Gromash, “I love Spirit Guardians. So how are we going pull two levers at once? DM, we need a better map.”

With the map drawn, the adventurers are ready to pull the levers. The trio of Gromash, Droo, and Baltyr are in the general room. Cailfiel is in the big skeleton room. Charolotte is in the other lever room. The two owls will relate the information.

The levers are pulled. The grinding sounds can be heard from the walls. The skeleton room becomes a huge skeleton room. Six revenants rise from their crypts and start toward the evocation wizard.

Droo, “That is 800 HP of monsters. Run.” The revenants burn three glares at the wizard who freezes until the sixth revenant punches him in the mouth. The trio dash to help but get caught up in the doorway. As Charolotte dashes back to help she notices the secret has a green glow.

Rivibiddel, “The chamber of purple Amethyst of Dumathoin is open. DM, I dash in.”

DM, “Three wraiths attack you. I said green glow. You need Dumathoin’s blessing to remove the curse on the gem stone. And take four hits. That 84 hit points.”

Rivibiddel, “Killer DM.” As the trio unplugs the door, and Charolotte plugs the secret chamber all is nearly lost.

Cailfiel looks at the map. “I summon my giant owl familiar to me. Pass him the platinum holy symbol of Dumathoin. He then flies to the gem stone and drops in on it. We all yell for Dumathoin’s blessing!”

DM, “It will be a dex save to drop just right on the stone. Your dice or mine?” Two dice are dropped in the cup. “It is with disadvantage. You have no modifier. DC 15”. The cup is shaken and slammed into the dice tray. “First die is 8. Second die is 15.”

The purple light of Dumathoin baths the crypt. With the gem stone purified the dead return to their resting places.

Charolotte, “I thought we were all going to die!”

The door behind the adventurers opens.

The skeleton priest of Dumathoin hands Droo a ring and speaks the blessing of her god.

DM Note We will pick this up outside the crypt. You still have Gibbet Crossing to do.

End of session 489

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Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 15

Chapter 6

Gibbet to Nibbles.

Day 67 to Day 69

Hammer 8 to Hammer 10

PC Killed 5 Monsters Killed 244 Villains Captured 11 Villains Escaped 28

Take 10 downtime days and 100 GP. One pop up auto cage will hold up to dwarf size. (Only one for the party.)

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 6 Barbarian 2 Half elf. Droo barbarian Zealot 8 Human. Gromash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc Evocation Wizard 2. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 8 Wood Elf. Svkuna open hand Monk 8 Halfelf. Pib Bard 7 human.

The walk to Gibbet crossing was good. No monsters just dread weather. Not one notices the duergar workings on the entrance hall they do notice the Feral Ashenwight duergar.

Gromash, “I have the POWER OF SPIRIT GUARDIANS. CHARGE!” The group charges and clears the room. “Do we send owls to scout or I have the POWER OF SPIRIT GUARDIANS. CHARGE!” The group charges into the intersection (G8) and encounters a Grick Alpha and the kids.

Pib, “I play with my wand dm.”


Pib, “Polymorph the Grick alpha into starfish. I learn this on the net. Can the wizards cast catapult? Chatter BS Chatter.”

DM, “Okay. You are saying you spend gold to buy pickle jars with salt water. And at the end of the hour, since a starfish is not powerful enough to break the jar, it can’t morph back. Okay. I will allow it. But.”

Gromash, “I have the POWER OF SPIRIT GUARDIANS. CHARGE! Come on only thirty seconds left on the spell.” The group charge into the collapsed tunnel (G10). Into the waiting arms of two ropers. One who chews up Droo. The other.

Pib, “I play with my wand dm.”

DM GIVES THE LOOK. “Nat 1. Okay. You find the gems. And.”

Pib, “I play with my wand dm. Joking.” DM flips the switch to neutral.

DM, “do you want to explore north more or back track? Okay during your short rest, you find the pop-up cage in G3 but it doesn’t have a lock. Let me look at locate object. Okay the obelisk is to your four thirty position. The arrow point will move as you move so be aware of that.”

The group travels downstairs into the muck of G18 and back upstairs to the receiving room G21. Five grimlocks await the group and attack Droo and Gromash as they descent the stairs.

Gromash, “I HAVE THE STAFF OF POWER. Wall of force blocking half the monsters off dm.” Svkuna charges two Grimlock and punches them both through the wall. Then steps on the basilisk tail. As they laugh at the imprisoned grimlocks, Gromash hears mining coming from the hallway across the way. The way the arrow was pointing. He charges down the hall (g23).

Jib, “Hey Charolotte let us just insult the grimlocks across the wall to death. Hey there is another basilisk. No problem. Why are my knees locking up?” Svkuna punches the first basilisk into the floor and charges to head butt the other. Forgetting the wall of force. Droo laughs and his knees lock up.

Gromash opens the door to G24 die Grimlocks. “And mind flayer……….”

“Welcome lunch. Grab him boys. I am Qunbraxel. I see you are touch by the god and so too will be one of us.” The grimlock goons pile on the cleric.

Goon 1 “Boss he has that greasy slimy cleric naughty word up.”

Goon 2 “I think it sanctuary.”

Goon 3 “It is sanctuary.”

Goon 4 “DM HE is cheating with shield spell and his build I need a 26.”

Gromash, “Hit me with you best shot.” He steps away and casts wall of force.

Jib, “I have max on my bardic inspiration. So, 10 on my die roll.” Jib tunes to stone. Cailfiel sculpts a fireball and takes out the other grimlocks. Charlotte insults the basilisk and her knees lock up.

Droo, “Go we got this.” Svkuna and Cailfiel charge across the room. Meanwhile Goon 5 and Goon 6 are trying to get through cleric slimy stuff. While Gromash is studying a tilted sand castle which is blocking the way. The mobile adventurers move to rescue Gromash.

Qunbraxel, “I smell and hear the thoughts of my soon to be brothers. When we obtain the obelisk, the ritual will harm all of Phandalin. You will rise as fresh mind flayers and enjoy eating brains. The chosen ones minus Gum-Gum are working on ritual prep now. Hey the wizard is about to turn the corner. MIND BLAST.”


Meanwhile the basilisk bites the head off Jib and jumps for the barbarian. “Take 13 you stoner” yells Droo. DM reminds him of the check. Droo, “NAT 1 DM.” And he turns to stone. Charlotte insults the basilisk for some damage.

In the other hallway, the monk has killed off Goon 5 and Goon 6. The wall of fire has injured Qunbraxel and killed the other goons. Svkuna and Gromash start yell at each other on dropping the wall of force.

The basilisk bites the head off Droo and charges Charlotte. “Does a 9 save dm.” The basilisk bites the head off Charlotte and goes in search of more prey. As it turns the corner the final fireball of the night takes out. The wall of force drops and the monk slowly walks in.

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Stunning Strike.”

Qunbraxel, “Saved.”

Svkuna, “Wait till next round. I will kill you next round.”

Qunbraxel, “Glad to meet you. You have dislocated my jaw. Broke four of my ribs. Snapped a burrowing tentacle. Blacken my right eye. But I have two words. Plane Shift.”

The group retreats from Gibbet Crossing. Leaving behind a Roper in a Jar who has written their name down.

DM Notes. On the pickle jar thing. Since werewolves and other things morph out armour and take damage. The monsters will morph and take damage out the pickle jar.

I don’t know why I was confusing a find a path arrow with locate object but no harm no foul.

You can not cast bardic inspiration on yourself. OOPS.

For those reading DM points did change the power level of the group.

End of Session 492


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 16

Chapter 6

Water, Rock, Sand

Day 69 to Day 72

Hammer 10 to Hammer 12

PC Killed 5 Monsters Killed 259 Villains Captured 11 Villains Escaped 28

Take 10 downtime days. A level. Mudslick Tower. Lantern of Revealing.

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 6 Barbarian 2 Half elf. Gromash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc Evocation Wizard 2. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 8 Wood Elf. Svkuna open hand Monk 8 Half-elf. Kise Archfey Warlock 2, aberrant Mind Sorcerer 6 Aarakocra. Norkin Battlesmith Artificer 7 Rock Gnome.

A lost friend is no longer lost as Kise stumbles back into the fold. Kise, “I could never find Gum-Gum or her goblin clan.”

Charlotte, “Dude we killed her five sessions ago. Told you, that you should eat magic mushrooms and making deals with archfey.”

Kise, “But it was only one night of Uno...” He is briefly caught up to date and takes charge. They are going to explore. Knowing dwarf, he and Norkin can read door signs before they open them. If they go slowly.

Entering the show room, they hear scratching behind the storage room. Svkuna kicks open the door to a malnourished woman. She is not who she appears to be which is noted by Kise who is detecting thoughts. Plus, during the five minute of conversion she repletely stepped into and out of the showroom floor. She screams as they say no sale and leave.

Entering the water level of the dungeon they encounter four Chuuls who don’t survive the love tap from the monk or the three spell casters. Cailfiel, “Hmm, let my spell finish you off on your initiative or kill you now. Dagger damage for 8 dm.”

Stepping up out the water into the shrine of Azfadiel Norkin, “Am I dreaming or are the gold pieces crawling over the floor, walls, and ceiling?” Svkuna, “Nope not dreaming. But I could over them and fall asleep. If…”

Zuluthl, “If they were yours. But they are not yours but mine. I will tell them to go back to their chest. Excuse a bit of magic. I am Zuluthl. I been expecting you. Bit of a dog breakfast were those crab people. But now, are allow you adventurers here?”

Kise, “Hey guys move in so I can get eyes on the monster.”

Zuluthl, “A monster in bed you mean. I know drow have a bad rep. But please. We can be civil to each other.” (Hmm six of them but not the same names. Strange happens. I can’t kill them all.) “Qunbraxel woke me up at one a.m. this morning wanting to talk with me about my Mudslick Sand Tower. Yes, that tower which is blocking his and yours passage to the black obelisk. He didn’t offer me a good trade. You look like a rich successful party. One good magic item in trade for command word and ownership of the tower.”

Charlotte, “Gem of Brightness. In trade.”

Zuluthl, “Not a bright idea. Drow remember.”

Norkin, “You say you never seen an artificer. I can create magic items. I can show you how.”

Zuluthl, “Your grin tells me otherwise, that you have something up your sleeve. While I have never seen an artificer during my five hundred years in the realms. I have seen con artists. And as con artists, you are a road side fair type.”

Charlotte, “Immovable rod.”

Zuluthl, “Sold and the directions to the Grimlock swimming pool you played in yesterday. A route which will keep your feet dry.”

The group moves on after the swap and finally returns to the scene of the fight. But Norkin notices the sand tower is not regenerating like it did yesterday. He says the command word. Kise, Gromash, and Svkuna enter the vault.

The second thing they notice is a huge tunnel in the far north wall. The first thing they notice is a Xorn burping in undercommon.

Zoklork, “Burp. Man, that was good. Better than my wife’s cooking. Oh. Qunbraxel woke me up at three in the morning about you. You got my amethysts. You kill the ropers who ate my wife’s silver anniversary gift. No. Tell you what. You have lots of gold and magic on you. Take you a magic item for information about the mind flayer.”

Kise, “How do I know you are telling the truth.”

Zoklork, “How do I know you not going to stab me now?”

Kise, “We have honest faces.” DM psychic conference call. “Ok the cute bard will trade you a gem of brightness for the information.”

Zoklork, “Fine. Qunbraxel woke me up with a deal. I eat through the wall. He gets the black obelisk. I get the treasure. So, hand it over.”

Charlotte, “Here you go. Stabby Stabby. Hey no biting.”

Zoklork, “Hey Lucy and Ethel some pate please. Well, you did stab me later. All of six seconds and bath room break for the dm later.” Two earth elementals rise out the group and nearly make pate out Norkin and Cailfiel. The ambush is counter ambush. The group gains the upper hand until all three earth creatures melt into the ground and start destroying the dungeon floor. The group bravely runs away with Gromash making out from one collapse by the skin of his teeth. They double movement finally out ranges the monster.

Two long rests and burning all spell slots on phantom steed gets them to Phandalin at sunrise.

DM Note. Green Lantern of Reveal take one flask of oil per session at least. It is generally one flask of oil per six hours. Just coppering and silvering you to death. Wait a minute I have monsters too.

I let Detect Thoughts go on way pass it time limit. It is 1 minute. No harm no foul.

End of session 494.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 17

Chapter 7

Bar Fight

Day 72 to Day 74 Afternoon

Hammer 12 to Hammer 14

PC Killed 5 Monsters Killed 275 Villains Captured 13 Villains Escaped 31

Take 10 downtime days. 150 GP

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 6 Barbarian 3 Half elf. Gromash Gor-Kah life cleric 69 Orc Evocation. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 9 Wood Elf. Silvik Geiger rogue 9 Half elf. Dustfinger Artificer 5 Wizard 4. Norkin Battlesmith Artificer Battlesmith 9 Rock Gnome.

Norkin is ticked when he sees the Sleeping Giant bar open at sunrise. The door is open. And Ander is in her mother’s bathrobe hiding her face on the favorite special table.

Norkin, “Wake up sleepy head. Wake up Sleepy head. Get up.”

DM, “Today the part of Ander the young bar maid will be played by Charlotte.”

Ander, “every one pays. No pays. Sleep is for the weak. I need a week’s sleep. Friends are.”

Norkin, “Why did you clean up since last night. What are you waiting for. Don’t make come across this table and shake you fully away.”

Ander rises to her six-foot height and shoves the table out the way. “Grista breakfast of our bosses. Who are total lost is.”

Silvik, “When did she grow to six feet?”

Gromash, “Must have been when you were gone for so many sessions.”

Cailfiel, “I am going around back. But when did she turn into a mind flayer?” Silvik and Cailfiel flank around the back while the others provide supporting fight either from the front door or windows. They hear gnome dwarf Grista start coming down the steps.

Norlin, “With friends like these, they could be more help.” He crabs crawls back to the opening.

Grista, “Who is that waking me up. Not another break in?” Dustfinger enters the bar just as the dwarf Grista lifts a skittle and two knives from the kitchen. She throws the skittle and prones him. No hears the floor board creak. They kill off Ander the Mind Flayer while Grista approaches. The floor creaks again.

Grista, “Qunbraxel says hello. He took the Giant’s Big toe. Come here breakfast.” The floor breaks and dumps Grista, Dustfinger, and Norkin into the basement. Meanwhile, the wizard has moved back to the front door while Silvik has entered the back door and is hiding behind the bar.

Norkin, “When did the basement go in? When did the Qunbraxel get here. When are my friends start going to help.”

DM, “The Basement went in between Chapter 5 and 7.”

Gromash off the first-floor piles drives Grista but he takes out Norkin. Mr. Happy shows up. Silvik flips the favorite table and starts rolling to the old favorite table hanging on the wall. Charlotte casts healing word. Silvik decides to toss the table down trying to kill Grista. It bounces off Grista and Gromash. Rolls straight into Dustfinger’s face. And wobbles on top of Norkin. Norkin, “With Friends like these.” He passes out from blunt damage and Mr. Happy moves closer.

Grista tentacles grabbles Gromash and he stunned. “Stun until my next turn, or monk stun, DM?” asks Gromash.

DM, “Stunned until the grabble ends. Wait a minute. Stunned UNTIL THE GRAPPLE ENDS! I been playing wrong since 2016.” (Short discussion on various stunned conditions edited out.) Mr. Happy move closer as Norkin fails a death save. Charlotte can’t target him because he has total cover. Grista eats Gromash brains.

Silvik cuts loose the small favorite table from the wall and rolls down into the basement killing Grista. They flip the table and five Norkin a potion of healing. They take a long rest.

(Gromash signs Skully. Adventure League gives free raises between sessions. Revivify scrolls are found on Gromash. The DM waves the restriction on the free raise and forgets about Revivify not restoring body parts. Hey I was in the groove and wanted the game to keep going.)

A long rest later, they enter the basement and follow the new passage into the Underdark. Except for the last couple of dozen feet, the passage way is ancient. They encounter various wandering monsters over the next fourteen hours with Cailfiel using his new classification Aberration ability to good effect. (Cailfiel is both Humanoid and Aberration due to story affects.) Late into the evening they find some Grells who wish their cousin Cailfiel good eating at the larder. The group find the larder. Townspeople Oskar Ninebough, Aida Camber, and Cathlette are soon to be lunch.

Oskar, “We were the rear group due to my bump leg. Those Grell took out our goblin guards and ate them. We are next.” Cousin Cailfiel gets the Grell to agree to no late night snacking and pops his Mudslick Tower. The group take another long rest. They leave the townspeople behind in the tower and move on.

DM Note. Inspiration which carries over for Cailfiel but his magic item limit is down to two due to this action.

For eight long hours they follow the passage ways and fighting off wandering monsters. They take a short rest.

And will be continued next session.

DM Note. I will consider just having 3 wandering monster encounters to move the chapter along. Discuss this next session. The missing towns people are Thawnia Browne, Nalapina Goldstone, Mildra Merkel, Hovnar Tartesh, Menvin Tartesh, and Wramble.

End of session 496.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 18

Chapter 7

Buddy Behir

Day 74 to Day 75 Afternoon

Hammer 14 to Hammer 15

PC Killed 6 Monsters Killed 286 Villains Captured 14 Villains Escaped 39

Take 10 downtime days. 950 GP

Magic Items 4 dozes of Keoghtom’s Ointment. Careful Mind Crystal (this is a consumable). Subtle Mind Crystal.

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 6 Barbarian 3 Half elf. Silvik Geiger Way of Open Hand monk 9 Half elf. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 9 Wood Elf. Kice Warlock 3 sorcerer 6 Aarakocra. Droo Barbarian 8. Shemeshka.

During the twists and turns some of the party gets separated and old members join. Coming up on an outpost the advance scout spies a Behir. The monk rushes in and lightning bolted, tailed wacked and eaten.

Kice, “Barf. Barf up. Up buddy I can show you where there is better food. Suggestion.” Hearing grell in the other cave Cailfiel gets one to come out which the monk sucker punches to pudding. He is immediately crushed to the floor as brother Behir licks his hands clean of Grell Goo and the surrounding spaces.

The two other Grell try to flee but group murder hobos them including the one casting spells. They find a nice hoard of coins, magic items, and a book.

Thorgran Ironquill used it as a base of operations to spy on mind flayers traveling to and from Illithinoch. He wrote his notes on the east wall, though time and moisture have mostly destroyed them. However, Thorgran placed his large traveling pack against the wall, covering (and protecting) some of his notes. Anyone investigating the pack not only finds the treasure within but also sees that the cave wall behind it bears writing.

The writing contains a handful of partial phrases: “Illithinoch stronghold 7 miles downward.” “Beware of the elder brain’s attention.” “Significant mind flayer general is Oshundo, wears high-collared scarlet robe.” “Mind flayers preparing to move against Gibbet Crossing?” “I stole one of their mind crystals—are there more? Maybe useful to the priests at Talhundereth.

The group moves on down the Underdark with Kice keeping an eye on the time limit of suggestion. Reaching the third out post Brother Behir charges into a Gibbering Mouther nest. Between him, and the two spell cast the nest is emptied. While the Behir is eating, Droo goes to check out the back passage way and is nearly killed by a mutant cloaker. During the battle drops that magic stones are useful to the mind flayers. Ilvaash arises. Oshundo in scarlet robes will assault Talhundereth.

They leave the Behir to eat the cloaker just minutes before the spell wears off. About a mile from the fortress Illithinoch Aunt Bea makes a psychic phone call to Cailfiel. They exchange gossip and he learns the party can just think the doors open.

Shalghast and Ulthundul are on smoke break when the front door open. The party does not look like regular cultists and they are totally warped by the area mutant effect. After some unkind words, they are killed. The oozing statue is strange especially when Cailfiel takes a taste and mentions it tastes like Aunt Bea’s cooking.

They loot Hashutu’s lab and hit the first dining room. Two mutants are engage in conversion so the two groups ignore each other. The Lecture Hall is empty but not Professor’s Chishinix’s room. Droo tries to close the door but with everyone behind in a tight corridor it is not happening.

Gulguush is working on terms papers and is not happy with the interruption. He flings open the door.

Gulguush, “That was a light snack. Hey two demerits for throwing things in the hall. Hmm. Nice wall of force. See you!” Gulguush disappears from the inside of the wall of force.

DM Note, Droo before combat roll a d20. On 1 one of your hands is writing a Druidic Term paper. Shemeshka same problem but you hand is composing mind flayer love sonnets. Disadvantage on melee in combat. And you figure out a penalty for spell casting.

We will pick this up with the party at the corner of X11 and X14.

End of Session 498


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 19

Chapter 7

Slimy Brains

Day 75 to Day 76 0800

Hammer 15 to Hammer 16

PC Killed 6 Monsters Killed 299 Villains Captured 15 Villains Escaped 43

Begin Time 641 End time 959

Take 10 downtime days. 500 GP. Take A level.

Magic Items Quicken Mind Crystal, Heighten Mind Crystal * 2, potion of Growth. Potion of Poison.

One pet each A gnawable.

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 6 Barbarian 3 Half elf. Volt Hex blade Warlock Tabaxi. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 9 Wood Elf. Kice Warlock 3 sorcerer 6 Aarakocra. Droo Barbarian 8. Shemeshka evocation Wizard 9 human.

Droo shakes off the brain drain and stands up. Kice blocks the theology students access to the hallway and they enter the lecture hall. Droo kicks up the door to Uncle Elder Brain and the battle begins. Walls of fire are set up, and the group is blasted by the great power of Uncle Elder brain.
Uncle Elder Brain, “Well back in my day. Adventurers would proclaim they were going to kill me and pee in my pool. Do you know peeing in a pool is a time honored.” This memory causes Charlotte to drop mostly dead. Uncle moves away from the party and is trapped by a wall of force.

Volt, “Really. Really. I could smack him but you are protecting him. You guys are driving me crazy.”

Kice, “Chill Touch. See I can see through stuff and do stuff.”

Shemeshka, “Dropping wall of force on 3, 2, 1. Gross. Volt. Watch with the splatter.” Examining the two rooms, they find a ritual happen in the last forty-eight hours. Something to do with the god Ilvaash. They discover a few things too.

DM Note information dump and I forgot where it one long rest or one downtime day to memorize and use this.

Gulguush’s Book. Gulguush’s unfinished prayer book, called Prostrate before the Dissonant Psyche, is written in Undercommon and compiles everything the mind flayer knows about the Far Realm godlet. Even though the fanatics haven’t included Gulguush in their communion with Ilvaash, the canny Gulguush has pieced together several facts about the deity’s realm. In particular, the prayer book notes the following:

Divine Heir. Ilvaash was formed from the remains of the mind flayer god Ilsensine, the God-Brain. When Ilsensine left the Far Realm to establish a divine domain elsewhere, pieces of the God-Brain sloughed away and awoke to sentience. This is Ilvaash, the Dissonant Psyche, which Gulguush considers to be true heir to the Far Realm and Ilsensine’s divinity.

Godlet’s Lair. Ilvaash takes physical form in a Far Realm place called the Endless Void. The Endless Void lies beneath a deep pool of brine and cerebral fluid at the heart of a location called the Briny Maze. Directions are fickle in the Far Realm, but the Endless Void is located “beyond a lightless star.”

Protective Maze. The Briny Maze is designed to trap those who come to steal Ilvaash’s knowledge or slay his minions. Many powerful interlopers have been defeated in the Briny Maze and absorbed into its fleshy walls.

Ultimate Ruler. Dangerous things drift within the Endless Void. Ilvaash did not create them, but the Dissonant Psyche is master of them all.

The prison cells are empty and they murder hobo Ahooshaltan in his experimentation chamber. They also find a node to the far realm and enter it. While checking out an old monocle for a beholder Volt is feebleminded and starts acting like a house cat. The group puts a lease on him and keep him out of trouble. They take a map and proceed to Volash’s lair which is occupied by the researcher Oshundo. Who at first does not notice Droo and then talks the ear off Cousin Cailfiel. After talking with Oshundo they learn about their opposite number.

The three fanatics are Chishinix, Hashutu, and Voalsh. Each considers themself the group’s leader and Ilvaash’s secret favorite. Although most mind flayers reject the notion of having individual personalities, the fanatics have embraced their own unique qualities, each hoping to become Ilvaash’s most beloved.

Chishinix. Chishinix is a powerful psychic and sees flashes of future events. In return for this power, Ilvaash created a severed head that looks just like Chishinix’s. The mind flayer’s psychic powers are tied to this severed head, which Chishinix must keep by her side. The severed head, in turn, reads Chishinix’s thoughts, ensuring she stays loyal to Ilvaash, and demands frequent treats. The severed head constantly leaks a greasy purple ichor that stains Chishinix’s clothing.

Hashutu. Hashutu was paranoid that enemies waited around every corner and prayed to Ilvaash for more power. The Far Realm godlet answered, offering to trade Hashutu’s hands for tentacles that could warn him of incoming attacks. Hashutu gladly took the gift, and now his arms end in writhing tentacles that alert Hashutu of any movement or other threat that might lurk nearby.

Voalsh. In a desperate bid to reclaim their autonomy, the other mind flayers of Illithinoch ambushed Voalsh. Right before the moment of her death, Ilvaash granted her wings, which unfurled from her back like enormous, writhing tentacles. Voalsh vanquished her foes from above in short order. Ever since, she regularly takes to the air to investigate her paranoid suspicions that her enemies might attack at any time. Voalsh has fashioned a magical, floating disk that she often uses to hover above the eye level of anyone else, unfurling her wings to emphasize her intimidating and otherworldly nature.

They also learn they have two more nodes to explore and where they are. Entering the orrery room they fast talk the blue slaad in taking a walk through the node. The red slaad is engaged in conversation while Droo, Charlotte, and Cailfiel explore the node. This node is guard by a grey slaad which decides to beat feet when the earth elemental shows up. They find the second gnawable.

Mass destruction happens when Kice does not pay attention when Volt gets into the crystal library. They are able to save two crystals. To keep him out of trouble they cast levitate on him.

When the earth elemental would not fit into the lab, Kice molds earth on it and makes looks like a rice Krispie treat. This stuns the psi goblins. And then the party is stunned by Hypnotic pattern cast by Shemeshka. When the goblins put down, the group enters the slime feeding node.

Censor. Oh my god. Censor. Breaking the dm. You did what. During the feeding node they break the feeblemind spell and capture the last tribble rune to activate the ritual.

Dm Notes. We will pick this up in Chapter 8. The Gimp software is good but that is a lot of ink.

Far Travels and Safe Journeys Kice.

End of Session 499.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 20

Chapter 8

Big Brains

Day 76 0800 to Day 79 0800

Hammer 16 to Hammer 19

PC Killed 11 Monsters Killed 315 Villains Captured 15 Villains Escaped 44

Begin Time 631 End time 1008

Take 10 downtime days. Take A level.

Magic Items Staff of Defense, Cape of Enlargement

I had a strong party of six. Charlotte Bard 7 Barbarian 3 Half elf. Volt Hex blade Warlock 10 Tabaxi. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 10 Wood Elf. Droo Barbarian 10. Norkin Battlesmith Artificer 10. Moxxie Knolastname Battlemaster Fighter 10 Harengon.

Cailfiel, “I tell you it takes no brains to figure this out. We do the ritual, go through the gate. Kill the bad mind flayers. Win.” Droo opens the door.

Glasstaff, “WELCOME TO THE CLEANING CREW. Magic Missile to Droo.”

Gulguush, “Hey didn’t I eat you brain just yesterday. Hey Left over DIBS!”

Qunbraxel, “Hey no hogging the diet snacks. Hmm. Perhaps I should do take out!” He drags Droo’s body through the rift.

Moxxie, “Who are these villains. Charge!” 2 rounds later.

DM, “End of session. Party retreats out of rift and calls the Adventure League Services. Droo dead to massive damage.”

ALS, “Um fortunately your barbarian is still under warranty. True Resurrection.”

Hammer 17 0800 the party enters the rift. Cailfiel and Moxxie attune to the brain. However, the shadows of Droo, Norkin, and Volt detach themselves. During combat the shadows will return to do mischief. Dex save of PC or spell focus goes missing for one round.

Cailfiel, “Strangely It is like I am in my own mind. I know where the magical rods are. I will take you straight to the them. Take a right here.”

Volt, “You did say anything about fire skulls. Banishment.”

Norkin, “Scattered that is four fireballs coming on line. Scatter. What do mean they resistant to fire!” 32 seconds later the fire skull starts to return.

Cailfiel, “Lighting bolt”

Charolotte, “Cutting Words”

Volt, “Sick Radiant.”

DM, “Me and your shadows. Me and your shadows have stolen your spell focuses. Next!”

Sharpshooter, “Machine Gun Moxxie does 54 hits.” Moxxie has a reskinned long bow and sharpshooter.

Cailfiel, “Hook a hard left. Do a u turn at the brain cancer. A hard left at the ear worm. Hey at Githyanki silver great sword. Cool beans.”

After taking a hard left at the ear worm. Varakkta, “Cool Beans. You brought me my sword. Thank you. We will let Droo pull the level in exchange. We will secure your ritual site.”

Cailfiel and company back track and go to the left hemisphere of the brain. Avoid some cobwebs, they get close to center of the brain. Droo thinks the door open.

Norkin, “Why are there 95 hash marks on the door?”

Mublinesh, “because 96 I am four more kills to make this my lair. EYE BEAM ACTIVATE. Why are you running. Hey 96 quit moving. Eye beam. Eye beam. Eye beam. Eye Beam. Now who will be lucky number 97?” Moxxie falls back nearly off the map. Not noticing the monster slowly creeping up on her. Droo and Charolotte throw arrows at Mublinesh.

Norkin, “Hey One EYE. YOU cheated. ONLY Three beams.”

Mublinesh, “Are you talking to me 96? I thought you were dead. Fine. Roll a d10!”

Norkin, “Why do I need to roll a d10?”

Mublinesh, “Just roll the die!”

Norkin, “Zero!”

Mublinesh, “NOW DIE TO MY DEATH RAY AND LEGENDARY ACTIONS! Charlotte come her. Hey no running underneath me. Where is 97? EYE BEAM. EYE BEAM. EYE BEAM. You are dust Volt. Hey quit shooting me Moxxie. Oh, Charlotte and Droo and throwing tooth picks at me. Legendary actions. Die 98 formerly known as Charlotte. 99 why are you outside my big ray? WHO SAID YOU COULD CAST THAT! Look behind you.” With the party distracted and the loud battle commentary an encephalon cluster and babies encephalon gemmules slowly attack the party.

DM, “End of session. Party retreats out of rift and calls the Adventure League Services.”

ALS, “We were here just yesterday. It is not even 10 o’clock!”

Hammer 18 0800 the party enters the rift. They avoid and sneak by some things. Talking nicely to both Ashripask a nice foxy lady and Lowarnizel the nice gem dragon, they activate the rods and need one more set of rods to open the brain drain.

Summoning an earth elemental, the group activates the last set of rods.

Cailfiel, “Just a six-mile swim down the spine column. One mile. TAPE WORM. OUCH!”

DM, “Nat 20. How many hit points do you have left Cailfiel? Ouch Death from Massive damage and the tape worm swims away. Mile 2 athletics or sneak. Mile 3 athletics or sneak give the worm back 50 hit points. Mile 4 athletics or sneak. Mile 5 athletics or sneak. Mile 6 athletics or sneak. You arrive at the Endless Void. See some of you next week. Sign the map tonight.”

DM Note. Since Cailfiel is an aberration due to body horror he has been tapping into the various aberrations’ brains. They can tap into his brain too. So, he was able to tap into the big brain, and get a map to try to do a speed run through this level.

I or the players randomly roll the beholder’s eye ray. I then decide the order and target. And lots of 9 and 0 were rolled.

12 pages to go and six small maps.

End of session 501.


Rotten DM
I am losing Caifeil after this session, and Volt will be leaving at the end of March. Norkin may make it another session but it will depend on his training plans.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 21

Chapter 8

Mind over Matter

Day 79 0800 to Day 80 0800

Hammer 19 to Hammer 20

PC Killed 15 Monsters Killed 322 Villains Captured 15 Villains Escaped 42

Begin Time 629 End time 900

Take 10 downtime days. Take A level. 8,000 GP

Magic Items Comprehend Languages scroll * 2, Tongues Scroll, Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, Scroll of Cone of Cold, Supreme Healing Potion

I had a weak party of four. Charlotte Bard 7 Barbarian 4 Half elf. Vult Hex blade Warlock 11 Tabaxi. Barbarian 10. Norkin Battlesmith Artificer 1. Pike Trick Foot Life Cleric Gnome 11.

Landing in the Crystal Dome they take out two shield guardians and find five townspeople. They hear the prisoners been taken to the topple statue island and proceed to try to find it. But Droo sees a shiny river and they drift off course.

At the shiny river island, they meet Crit Crab the Aboleth who is land mobile but this does not good as Groo remembers his silver great sword and cracks on. The dead wizard is no more help except for loot.

Pushing one they rescue all but one of the prisoners at the base to Mind Flayer Liberty statue. Droo, “I smell granny’s fart. Granny is here. GRANNY. GRANNY. I need hugs, kisses, and your mountain dew!” He leaps into the void chasing an island.

Droo, “I don’t need no hero’s feast gnome thingy. I need mountain dew and ding dongs. Why is this fart attacking me. Get off. Get off foul air.” The ground wipe out two stalkers. Droo is mad and pushes off to the next island.

On the jungle island a snake wants to play riddle games with Charlotte. Charlotte, “I have a question. Why is large monster on such a small path. Cutting Words.”

DM Note. The Mire is another map which the monster does appear to be too big to use the pathways. This has been a recurring thing in the whole book.

While making snake soup, the group decides to take a long rest. (And the DM and Players decided they wanted to advance to boss fight.)

The next morning, they push on to Ilvaash’s lair. Their host is Chishinix with an extra talking head. Angered at his brain being eaten by Chishinix’s relatives Droo attacks and is stunned. Charlotte is grabbled.

Pike Trick Foot, “Um DM can PCs choose to fail their save throw.”

Wary DM, “yes.”

Pike Trick Foot, “I cast banishment on Charlotte and then drop it.”

DM, “That is too Cheesy. She gone for the minute. Moving on.”

Vult splatters mind flayer brains across the porch and the party enters. They take the left passage way and raid the cupboard. Finding out the ritual is having problems and the mind flayers are psychically linked to the black rocks. They push on.

Rounding the corner Vult blasts Hashutu half to death. Vult, “WTF. NOBODY SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FLYING MIND FLAYERS. How.”

DM, “You killed the other mind flayers too quickly. And since you are in cone range Stunning cold brain blast.” Charlotte and Droo are stunned. Voalsh loses half his hit points.

Voalsh, “Hmm Bard or Barbarian brains. I choose Bard brains.”

Pike Trick Foot, “Banishment on Droo and Charlotte. Kiss my ass flayers. Hey not my brains. Ouch. Losing concentration.” With the two stunned characters back, Hashutu feeds on Charlotte. Pike is finally trapped and is feasted on.

Mr. Happy, “Like my new moped. Hey Droo quick making those death saves. Hey Vult dodges well. I said quick making those death saves. How is Vult dodging so well. Finally a death fail. Opps so much for Vult. WHAT DO you mean you stabilized!”

Voalsh, “Yuck previously eaten barbarian brains. Well dear Hashutu shall we go back to the ritual.”

Hashutu, “Maybe tomorrow, some of those brains disagreed with me.”

The new morning during their morning coffee all of Phandalin turn to Mind Flayers.


DM Note. I forgot how quick combat goes with four people and weak monsters.


End of session 503.

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