DDAL Jasper DM's Shattered Obelisk


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 7

Chapter 4

Wight Jelly Eye

Day 47 to Day 51

Nightal 17 (November) To Nightal 21

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 123 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 21

Start Time 6:38 PM End Time 10:20 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 156 GP

Magic Item Lightbringer +1 Mace of Lathander God of dawn. Head looks like a sunburst. Glows bright as torch on command. When glowing does an extra d6 radiant against undead.

Tergon +1 Breastplate. Advantage against dragon breath weapons.

Cloak of Protection.

Magic Item. Limited +1 weapon or +1 armour. Mormesk enhances the item at the forge of spells. Last 1d12 hours.

Story Award the Wight Friend. Norkin has a Wight Friend. Mormesk the Wraith has developed an interest in Norkin’s third eye. He will be Norkin’s ally for Wave Echo cave.

Zombie count 9 of I ain’t dead yet.

Wandering Monster Check every hour.

I had a strong group of seven. Charlotte Bard 4 half-elf. Droo Barbarian 4 Human. Norkin Battlesmith 4 Rock Gnome. Wing Kensei Monk 4. Raptor Fighter 3 Human. Grozu Tossfoot Wizard Stout Halfling 4. Bromlocke Ranger hunter 4 Human.

It is freezing cold as the group finally enters the Wave Echo Cave. Wing has one let of exhaustion due to listening to Droo that the winter storm would hold off until they get to the cave. The group finds evidence of Tharden Rockseeker as in the dead body with a dead green goblin under it.

Grozu, “His brain exploded. Must have been a huge pop.” The group shifts some rubble and enters the cave maze complex. An ochre jelly and gricks welcome them to dungeon. After a short rest they move on. Moving into the center of the maze, Wing and Raptor punch open a door and hear bones breaking.

Not their own but the dry dwarf bones some ghouls were snacking on. The ghouls decide to feast on the monk and give him the magic touch which paralyzes him. They drag him into a corner. Before they can start their feast, the party interferes. Decide leftovers are better the ghouls try to flee with the paralyzed bodies of Raptor and Wing but no such luck as the barbarian strikes the last blow.

Moving south they fight off naughty bats and enter the guard room. The undead dwarven guards object to the presence for a long time as some zombies take killing twice before they become dead and totally dead. Enter the mushroom chamber Charlotte has some bad shrooms and they retreat outside of the dungeon for a long rest.

In the morning the group covers their tracks and reenter the cave system. They find Mormesk the wraith. The mouthy bard ticks him off but once he notices Norkin’s third eye on the back of his hand, he decides this needs investigation for at least two to six business days. Mormesk gets the group to do his dirty work and off the Spectator in the Forge of Spells workshop.

DM Note. We will pick this up back in room W15 page 71. Remember you can only have 1 permanent magic in play at tier 1.

End of Session 476

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Rotten DM
This time didn't totally distracted by the group but did come up with a fast weather chart since the game time has moved into November. We were telling on Charlotte to her father Droo on things she said last week. She holded me by pausing the game and say you are the dm. No one really paid attention to you.
OUCH. For sale one 14 year player.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 8

Chapter 4

Spider, Spider Burning Bright

Day 51 to Day 54

Nightal 21 (November) To Nightal 25

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 133 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 21

Start Time 6:50 PM End Time 9:30 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 286 GP. Take A Level.

Magic Items Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Potion of Healing. Spider Staff.

Story Award. We in the Money. The Rockseeker have restarted the mine. For twelve sessions you get 50 GP as your reward. That is 50 GP Each for who played tonight. You get at the beginning of the session.

I had an average group of four. Charlotte Bard 4 Half-elf. Droo Zealot Barbarian human 4. Bromlocke Hunter 4 Human. Arthas Vengeance Paladin 4 human.

The group moves into the smelter cavern. The smell of old burned stone still hangs in the air. The water wheel has no water to turn. The remains of battle of dead dwarf workers and Derro are all around the cavern.

Droo, “Why I do I smell fresh flame?”

Charlotte, “It is Norkin lighting his farts again.”

Droo, “Norkin not here. But.”

A skull burst into brighter flames and rises from the floor, “I am Luigi foreman of Wave Echo Mining Incorporated.”, says the Flameskull.

Droo, “Cool. Do you have anger issues.”

Bromlocke, “Well He shouldn’t. He gets a lot of head.”


Arthas fighting down his smite, “We are here to help out the Rockseeker brothers open the mine.”

Luigi, “What do the Rockseeker clan know of mining. They are tailors. You are with Spider and must die.”

Droo, “Dye us purple or green.”

Bromlocke, “No we are here to kill Spider and his people. Perhaps you could join us in this quest.”

Arthas, “In fact I sending you a quest and join our party in chat.”

Bromlocke, “Hey he could hang off my belt. That way I can see, and he would feel a thing.”

Luigi, “I will summon up my workers with a whistle. DARN IT ACHMED. ACHMED where are my lips.”

Charlotte pulls out a lipstick and draws a pair of lips on the skull, “See this will help.”

Luigi, “I accept your invite but I will stay with the barbarian. Since he is the dimmest one of the group, I will be the brightest one. It will come as a wash.”

DM GLARES AT GROUP IN MOMMY AGAIN. The group moves north into collapsed cavern. This has a small stream which formerly feed the water wheel but today feeds into the cavern and under the cavern. It is a steep decline which would be difficult terrain. It would require your movement and action to get down. A smell of freshly washed rocks arises from the bottom of rift. Two bugbears are washing socks down there and three bugbears are at each entrance opposite of the group.

The battle begins. Most of the bugbears charge the group and they counter charge. The bugbear in the middle entrance stands pat. As the battle goes against the bugbears, the middle manager dashes to the third entrance and flees up it. Most of the group follows.

Bromlocke, “He had to be protecting something. I taking the middle and will meet you at the end. Charging up and zig zagging, the group halts to catch their breath. Arthas peeks around the corner and is targeted by three ready actions which miss.

Meanwhile, Bromlocke dashes up the center and turns left and falls into the stream which has bubble up in the corridor he is swept into the next room.

Athas see three bugbears and hears Spider chanting magic. They charge. Attacking the first bugbear as Spider throws up a web blocking the party.

Meanwhile, Bromlocke is spitting out water and wading toward shore as a giant sneaking snake who is out of root beer bites him and takes him to the single digits.

Arthas ignores the web and charges into the next room. Groo kills the bugbear and charges into the next room. Charolotte ignores the web and charges into the next room. Luigi just burns his way through.

Meanwhile, Bromlocke has killed the snake and is charging up the stairwell.

The group kills the second bugbear. The third bugbear flees. Spider casts magic missile and nearly kills Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Bromlocke has taken two flight of stairs and turn a corner. He can hear the sounds of battle in front of them.

The third bugbear turns the corner and charges toward Bromlocke. The group kill Spider and Arthas catches the Spider Staff and tosses the dead body off him. Charlotte and Droo both take healing potions.

Meanwhile, Bromlocke charges and sees the bugbear morph into himself. They charge each other. And attack.

The group round the corner. Arthas, “Quit playing with yourself.”

Droo, “Which one do I hit?”

Luigi, “Left.”

Charlotte, “Right.”

Arthas, “Left.”

Meanwhile, Bromlocke collapses on the floor.

Mr. Happy, “Hey death saves Dude. No far. Nat 20 is no far. Ouch. Hey Doppelganger you coming with me.”

The group takes a short rest in the temple of Dumathoin. They wisely decide not to loot it. The priest quarter is unlocked and they rescue Nundro Rockseeker. Back tracking the way, they came, they kill a lone skeleton. Picking up the rest of the party they depart for Phandalin.

DM NOTES. We will pick this up in Chapter 5 just outside the town limits.

End of Session 478


Rotten DM
I had fun last night. The group threw out of the suggestion of making Luigi an ally. And while I deciding on allowing, they started digging a hole by insulting the flameskull.
Also the other table had some gamers who were old friends that were back in town visiting relatives and us.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 9

Chapter 5

Cool Burn

Day 54 to Day 56

Nightal 25 to Nightal 27

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 144 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 22

Start Time 6:50 PM End Time 10:20 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 25 GP.

Story Award Body Horror 1. If you got hit by a green goblin. If you got covered in blood from the green goblin you have this. Or have already.

I had a very strong group of seven. Charlotte Bard 5 Half elf. Dustfinger the Physician Artificer 5 Kalashtar. Droo barbarian Zealot 5 Human. Gromash Light Cleric 5 Orc. Norkin Artificer 4 Battlesmith Rock Gnome. Raptor Slayer of Goblins Fighter 5 Human. Gozu Tossfoot Wizard 5 Stout Halfling and his Wise Giant Owl Flitter.

DM Note. I missed the Kalashtar part till halfway thru the game but. Since the player did not use any of their abilities no harm. No foul.

The group arrives back at Phandalin. It looks like sleet weather. A group of angry protestors are outside Harbin Wester house. Including Ander.

Norkin, “WHAT IS THIS! It is pass sun up. You should be in the bar working.”

Ander, “YOU NOT MY ONLY BOSS. Grista close the bar due to the attack last night. It is a wreck.”

Norkin, “If you ticked off a customer, I going to take out your pay. Droo, Charolotte, with me.”

Halia, “Harbin what are you going to do about the destruction of the Shrine of Luck!”

Gromash, “We take the shire and meet back in the inn.”

Group, “The DM SPLIT THE PARTY. The DM split the party!”

Entering the Sleeping Giant inn, Norkin ducks and Ander takes a crossbow bolt to shoulder. Ander, “Boss I think I need a sick day.”

Norkin, “No sick days for you. You still a Probe. Walk it off. WHO BUSTED THE BAR BY MY GNOME FLAP!” Grista is reloading when she hears this. Last night after midnight some green goblins invaded the bar and stole the black toe of the sleeping giant. The Black Toe is a black obelisk in shape of a toe her grandmother captured during her adventures long ago. They also wrote Gum-Gum Rules, Adventurers Drool on the bar. They raided the cash box to so the bar is 60 GP short. Suddenly up on the roof top they hear clip clopping on it. Droo casts web out the Spider Staff. Norking goes out the back door. Charlotte out the Front.

Three green goblins are on the roof. The beefer ones dive off the roof and engage the PCs. The Goblin Psi Commander flips off Droo and dives off the roof and face plants. Droo webs him to the ground and the other two escape.

Meanwhile at the Shrine of Luck, Sister Garaele and her trainee Tamara are trying to rebuild the shire. A black obelisk arch stone has been stolen. Tamara and her sleep over buddy Trilena saw three kids run away with something at dawn. While the group is helping rebuild the shire, the find an axe with duergar runes on it. They take the axe to see if the other party members can help with the clue.

Having tied up, beat up, and investigate the goblin Trident. The only clue the have is the Zorzula’s Rest. They kill the goblin. And tale with Harbin who offers them 50 GP if they solve the goblin problem.

The next morning, they are summoned by Ander one of the halfling clerks of at Barthen’s Provisions. The well is dry. The well it self is mostly destroyed. Ander is a hyper active teenager who flirts badly with Charlotte. It is hard to question him as he has only coffee before second breakfast.

Ander, ‘See the well was destroy and no water. The roof is gone. The roller is gone. Gum-gum Rules humanoids drool is stomped out in the snow. And it is very dark down there. It is dark like Charlotte hair.”

Charlotte, “You are too young for me. And I have better things to do.”

Ander, “You are only 17 and I am 16. I am 16 going on 17 and want to date you. You have nice sharp ears.”

Norkin, “Can you focus.”

Ander, “I am focusing trying to get a day with the cute elf chick.”

Norkin, “Can’t you date some one in town. And can we get back to the well.”

Ander, “Well. WE only have forty-three houses in town. And ain’t no interstate to bring traffic to town. Most of that traffic are dwarven miners. Not cute chicks like Charlotte. Hey out towners are cute. But you.”

Norkin, “Focus on the well. Please.”

Ander, “Well the well is dry. Well as you can see, the well is stone and roof and rope are destroyed. Well, aren’t going to go to do adventurer stuff. Like explore the well. Well. Well. Are you going to explore the well. I want to be adventurer. I could do well at it.

Norkin, “YOU want to go on adventure?”

Ander, “Well Yes. I want to go on adventure!”

Norkin snaps, “WELL TELL US WHAT IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL!” He shoves Ander down the well. Ander hits the bottom, his head cracks. As blood is beginning to pool out a tentacle snatches the body.

The group quick repel down the well shaft and find an Otyugh eating Ander. A good fight later they win. Goblins had heard the monster into the cave under the and collapse part of the tunnel. Some of the tunnel extends east into the woods. The group pulls the body of the Otyugh out and brings to Ander’s father. The situation gets tense as half the party is about to tell the true about Ander when Gromash casts silence on the party. He motions this discussion needs to take place back in the Sleeping Giant Inn. On the way back the prevent a mugging and capture two regular goblins.

The goblin Wrigley does not answer questions until Raptor and Norkin starts beating him. Wrigley, “The Great Gum-gum says the new gods will give us all powers. All hail priest Gum-Gum. You murder doggies. You are evil. Do you feel remorse for killing an innocence goblin’s puppies.”

Droo, “They were Dire Wolves.”

Wrigley, “And the town is dire straights.”

Gozu, “That is a great band but where are you from?’

Wrigley, “The Neverwinter Woods.”

Norkin punches him, “That is too big. Where are you from.?

Wrigley, “The Neverwinter Woods. We have multiple goblin tribes there. Hit me again.”

Norkin punches him again, “Where are you from.”

Wrigley, “The Neverwinter Woods. Hit me again with the other hand!” Norlin slams with right hand which has the eye growing on it. Wrigley morphs. He morphs into a Goblin Psi Commander. His eyes turn green. His head elongates.

Wrigley, “Oh bless me with the blessed hand. You too have been touched by the new gods. Glory to new gods. You never asked my where I was located. It is Zorzula’s Rest.” He breaks the ropes and mind blasts everyone in the room. They go to their knees. Then attack. Wrigley giggles as the fatal blow is struck and his head explodes. The group cleans and goes to bed.

The next morning one of miners wakes them up. A note is also attached to the door mentioning Gwyn Oresong being at the Stonehill Inn. Gwyn is a dwarf scholar from Waterdeep who is visiting her sister. She is very interested in the black obelisks and has only forty two books on the subject in her backpack of book stuffing. They talk most of the morning.

In the early afternoon, they finally make to the Miner Exchange. Halia is not happy that some goblins have stolen the north east corner stone of the store. But goblin tracks lead to the east. The group know they are not good at building things, so they leave Halia to deal with it on her own. But they follow the tracks into the woods. Just as they lose the tracks, they hear goblin voices. Gozu, Charlotte, and Raptor agree to sneak up on the goblin camp while the group hangs back. The sneakers get within thirty feet of the fire the goblins are around when Raptor trips over his feet. One goblin Psi Brawler flees to get help while the others attack. Using psychic powers they push Charlotte and Raptor to they knees. They claw nearly to death Gozu.

Gromash, “Fire ball to the fight DM.”

DM, “Um that will get the people in combat.”

Gromash, “There is no room. I did not ask who is within the blast radius. I SAY FIREBALL TO GREEN GOBLINS FOR 58 points. EVERYONE ELSE chase down the green goblin. I HAVE A WAND OF FIREBALLS AND I NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!” As the echo of the blast clears the groups ears, and Gozu and three green goblins go up in smoke, the group follows orders.

They do not find any evidence of the black obelisks.

DM NOTE. DOH. Spider Staff can only be used by bard, sorcerer, warlock, or wizards.

Body Horror 1. The New Gods reaches out to the character in one of the following ways, determined by rolling a d6: (1) the character awakens from nightmares to an audible, disturbing voice urging them and those around them to go to a particular place or perform a particular act; (2) the character and those around them hear whispers of bizarre conspiracies or nonsense; (3) the character recognizes disturbing words now and then in languages they otherwise don’t understand; (4) the character notices strange patterns in everyday items and events; (5) the character discovers unfamiliar objects in familiar places; (6) the character occasionally hears an unfamiliar voice come from their throat when they try to speak. Or you can choose.

End of Session 480


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 10

Chapter 5

Door Battle

Day 56 to Day 58

Nightal 27 to Nightal 29

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 164 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 22

Start Time 6:47 PM End Time 10:37 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 315 GP

Magic Items Potion of Supreme Healing, Dagger of Venom, potion of psionic Fortitude

Story Award Hjoldark a Psionic Ashenwight is ally.

I had a strong group of seven. Charlotte Bard 5 Half elf. Dustfinger the Physician Artificer 5 Kalashtar. Droo barbarian Zealot 5 Human. Norkin Artificer 5 Battlesmith Rock Gnome. Raptor Slayer of Goblins Fighter 5 Human. Cailfiel Queldrer Evocation wizard 5 wood elf. Kotash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc.

Droo, “Weather should change by now. Sleet not comes. I.”

Dustfinger, “Yeah, keep the weather report to those who care, I going to loot this goblin.”

Droo, “Perhaps I not say I hear goblins signing. Every one hide.” The fight is short. “Droo could swear Gromash was male when he went into tent. And Wizard was halfling when he became toast.”

Kotash, “Listen here you buffoon. Where is my son and don’t question how AL works with pcs. Now I will have to cast speak with dead to find out. What you mean my son was captured. Okay this has just become a rescue mission. To the volcano.”

The towering stone double door is free of ornamentations and handles. Arrow slots lie in wait if they charge.

Droo, “Found badger hold. DM can stop with box text.”

Low crawling for fifteen minutes they enter a pantry and then Gum-Gum’s bedroom. It has nice silk and satin sheets.

Cailfiel, “What is the loot, how about an info dump. And what is in that jar.” Taking three hours to explore and being careful of not bumping elbows the group find about 315 GP each. Some potions, a dagger and elemental gem. And information on Gum-Gum’s plans. The door to the bedroom rattles. Droo opens it.

Droo, “it is ugly body guard and Gum-Gum. Sorry bedroom full. No whip cream and beer, no can come in.”

Gum-Gum, “I have a nice non- alcoholic beer.”

Droo, “Give woman of Satan. Get back. DIE!” The battle goes well for the group until the golem brings the roof down block the hallway. The group can hear some digging from the hallway so they fall back to the outside.

Cailfiel, “We will use the water elemental gem to push the door open and then charge in. Well, that didn’t work. Charge!”

The battle for the door goes long. The life cleric does her job. The door is finally pushed open and more goblins are cut in half and use to beat other goblins over the head and shoulders.

DM, “Raptor are you saying I have dandruff, or the goblins.”

Raptor, “You. No, the goblins.” Raptor is TKO’ed the next attack and slides down into the mess hall. Droo and Cailfiel take care of the back up. Mostly. As Droo falls, the group gather their mostly dead and retreat to fight another day.

DM Notes. Sorry I messed up which monster died in which tower. Opening the door is badly worded. So it takes 12 actions of pushing to open it. The badge crawl space will be blocked by the time you return. I ran some of the monsters wrong. But did engage steal rogue tactics and disengaging forward. Boy did the wizard eyes get big when the goblins were about to sack him.

End of Session 482


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 11

Chapter 5

Chewing Gum

Day 58 to Day 60

Nightal 29 to Hammer 1

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 175 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 25

Take a level. 10 Downtime days. 215 GP

Magic Items. Javelin of Lightning, Bracers of Archery, Bracers of Celerity, Luminous War Pick, Ring of Mind Shielding. Gem of brightness.

I had a strong group of six. Charlotte Bard 5 Half elf. Droo barbarian Zealot 5 Human. Norkin Artificer 5 Battlesmith Rock Gnome. Glyph Fighter 5 Human. Cailfiel Queldrer Evocation wizard 5 wood elf. Kotash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc.

The group wakes up on New Year’s Eve grumpy and with a hangover which was troublesome as they didn’t drink the night before. They scout around the volcano and find a lava vent. After some adventures in the vent, they find themselves in a hot spring room which centuries ago had be converted by Hjoldark into a spa. Spending an hour relaxing, they decide to push on to the adventure.

Droo, “Um Smelly goblin latrine. And smelly goblin. Charge. He broke and won’t answer questions.” A quick speak with dead gets a head count of the goblins and location of Kotash’s son. As they open the door to the dorm rooms a minor fight starts and ends with a small goblin trying to open the huge doors by himself.

Arriving on the second level Cailfiel nixes going up the backdoor sewer passage and the group turns south into the purple geode cavern with only dealing with some worms who contested their passage.

Following the cart tracks they come out to the lava lake. The mine tracks run along side the lake and three stories of scaffolding are still being worked by the remains of the deep dwarf work force. On a fishing house in the lava is the lift to the Indigo Sanctum. As they get two thirds of the way across, the Shield guardian and Gum-Gum come out the elevator.”

Gum-Gum, “All these nice new recuits for the new gods. And an ugly mother.”

Karash, “So you met my son.”

Gum-Gum, “Yes and he is below listening to the gods.”

Karash, “I want his wand.”

Group, “Um. UUUU.”

Karash, “of Fireballs.”

Gum-Gum, “You mean this wand of fireballs. Which does fireball!” and the fight is on With the walkway being only five feet wide a deadly funnel is form on both sides. With their movement block by their own party a lot of shoving goes on. Dangerous shoving. Norking casts heat metal on the wand which causes Gum-Gum to toss in the lava lake.

Karash, “Get the wand.” Glyph dives for but is body checked by the guardian. Spell, arrows, swords and fists fly back and forth. Norkin reduces the stone work on the walkway causing the guardian to fall in. However, the guardian drags Glyph into the lava with him.

Norkin, “FETCH” Sacrificing his steel defender Glyph is saved. But as he nears death a healing word brings him back. As he opens his eyes the smell foot of Droo lands on his belly button, and Droo lands across the broken walkway. Over extending his side cut, he succeeds in taking Gum-Gum’s head.

He doesn’t succeed in his dex save and falls into the lava. Karash grabs his body by the ankles and fishes out the wand. She slaps a cure wounds on his butt and dashes into the elevator. She goes down alone. As the group is looting the body, they hear a muffled fireball.

Gromash Gorkin comes out the elevator dusting the ash of his mother off his clothing and throws down more loot.

End of Chapter 5

DM Notes, Love the boss fight and good use of spells. We will pick this up just outside of town next time. Auto loot for finishing the chapter and due to time.

A giant badge name Bessie follows Norkin home. Perhaps a saddle needs to be made.

DM Gripe. MAP problems. The Shield Guardian is Large. It was either build in place in the sanctum or you have to have squeeze through the rest of dungeon. Either fix the map, or have the guardian be man sized.

End of Session 483


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 12

Chapter 6

Strike A Pose

Day 60 to Day 64

Hammer 1 to Hammer 5

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 185 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 25

Take 10 Downtime Days. 10 GP.

I had an average group of five. Charlotte Bard 5 Barbarian 1 Half elf. Droo barbarian Zealot 6 Human. Norkin Artificer 6 Battlesmith Rock Gnome. Kotash Gor-Kah life cleric 6 Orc. Dustfinger the Physician Artificer 5.

The early morning wind blows dust and slush into Dustfinger’s face which causes him to sneeze. He blows a long strand of snot and as he goes to wipe off, he smacks him on the hand. Charlotte goes to help and shoves her finger up his nose. Dimitri the tentacle pulls her whole hand up Dustfinger’s sinuses. A few seconds goes by and a huge sneeze expels the hand. Charlotte gets motion sickness as the Blue eye, Green eye, Brown eye, Hazel eye, and Violet eye which have replaced her fingernails look back at her. Violet eye winks naughty at her. A few minutes of panic follows. The calm reigns.

Returning to outside the outskirts of Phandalin they attack by a mad cow which vomit up four psychic grey oozes. They are microwaved and smack down with only giving Droo a head ache. All is not well in Phandalin. The recent child labor is bumping cigarettes from the customers and her hump is now on the left. She asks for help find Pip one her former friends. He had an Atari 5000 and was rejected when the Xbox A came out. But he was last seen on Strawberry Hill. Other strange things are happening. The mail person can not find Neverwinter. People and animals are sprouting tentacles, eyes, or bones, and they are ticked off. The group agrees to accept Pip quest but want talk with the mayor.

The mayor is not in but Halia the union boss asks them to check out the fate of some miners who were attacked by some shrubbery. They pass on the quest.

They find Pip on Strawberry hill. He talks about walking four siders with tentacles. A huge hole has opened in top of the hill and the group repel down. They are immediately attacked by….

Norkin, “20 Survival on my Monster knowledge roll. They are Encephalon Gemmules.” The group has a rough time with the dice tentacles. They loot the dead paladin’s home of his journal and return to the Sleeping Giant inn. Gwyn the Research loves the journal and lulls them to a short rest about Marthungrim the Valiant adventures.

The next morning Gwyn reports eleven people are missing. Thawnia Browne, Aida Camber, Nalapina Goldstone, Mildra Merkel, Oskar Ninebough, Shansa, Hovnar Tartesh, Menvin Tartesh, Wramble, and their bar maid. Gwyn did some research during the night and the mind flayers did attack and take over Gibbet Crossing, and Talhundereth hall. Two centuries ago. The group decide to visit Agatha on the way to Talhundereth hall. Agatha has not seen Blackstaff but the Harpers have told her to send him to Third floor of the Baxter building to buy a Chewie Chunk if she sees him. They push on.

Arriving at Talhundereth, they descend into the second-floor landing when rocks move ahead. They dash down to the third landing and are stopped by Fremine and Frowode, who are Galeb Duhr. The group are warned not to disturb the artist called “Hoona”. Which they do, the medusa Hoona is very charming and orders the three Galeb Duhr to start shampooing and styling Charlotte, Norkin, and Dustfinger.

Dustfinger, “You help are very good barber.”

Hoona, “They are Stylist You buffoon. And you be on the next cover of Vogue.” The fight is long, hard, and very dangerous with Dustfinger and Norkin nearly dying. The group bravely retreats.

DM Note. We start back at the front door next session. Dustfinger can and should promote to sixth level. Everyone else can do. But remember the monsters get stronger too.

End of Session 485


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 13

Chapter 6

School Is Out

Day 64 to Day 65

Hammer 5 to Hammer 6

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 199 Villains Captured 25 Villains Escaped 25

Take 10 Downtime Days. 3 GP

Magic Item Alchemy Jug, Periapt of Health,

Story Award I got a Rock. You rescued the black obelisk called the Giant’s Toe. It can go back to the bar.

I had a Strong group of seven. Charlotte Bard 5 Barbarian 1 Half elf. Droo barbarian Zealot 6 Human. Norkin Artificer 6 Battlesmith Rock Gnome. Gromash Gor-Kah life cleric 7 Orc. Dustfinger the Physician Artificer 5 Wizard 1 Human. Cailfiel Evocation Wizard 6 Wood Elf. Glyph Champion Fighter 5 Human.

In the morning, the body horror has grown. All of Charlotte’s finger nails are now eyes, with the left-hand being monster eyes. Goblin, Kobold, dragon, and two sleepy ones which don’t show themselves well enough to be identified. (Charlotte gets to choose these eyes). Glyph has grown three eyes in the back of his head. The voices are louder and clearer in Cailfiel head. Norkin has grown a new eye on the back of his left hand.

Charlotte and company enter a common room. It is cleaned. It has seven dorm rooms off it and a hallway stairway combination leading south deeper into the mine complex. Three nearly new chairs are facing a blood-soaked chair. Norkin pulls out his magnifying glass and starts checking the chairs for loose change. No change but the blood is from a goat.

Droo, “how know it from goat.”

Norkin holding up a bone, “Goat femur. You find a blood trail?” Droo points to room number three and Charlotte shoves her hand under the door. She sees a college student and tiny bundle of fish eggs which the student is stroking like a cat. She knocks.

Charlotte, “Housekeeping. Me and Dustfinger are new staff just hired by the boss. And these are your new dorm mates. You are?”

Farfark, “I am Farfark student and follower of the Midnight Obelisk. Blessed, be I have new associates. You should clean up the blood soak chair first.” Charlotte starts to fumble the con when she asks for the cleaning supplies. So Farfark leaves the cleaners behind and escorts the rest to the library. He seems a little distracted but the rest follow him. Entering the common room, they all have a vision. The vision is a dwarf murdering a mind flayer on the coffee table. As they shake off the vision, the mind flayer rises and attacks. It ignores Farfark and he it. The fight does not go well against Droo as the mind flayer drains most of his health before it dropped. When it dies the illusion drops and reveals an intellect snare. Searching the room turns up empty beer cans and an alchemy jug.

Farfark takes them down a staircase and up another one while chastising them for goofing off. When he enters the reading room of the library, he is confronted by three drow. As introductions are being made, Erdan looks at Cailfiel and in elf battle language say kill the Farfark as he is an enemy. The rumble begins and the group finds out Farfark is a mutant which can fly and cast psychic bolts, and the eye kitty can scratch for psychic points.

After the battle is over, real introductions are made. The Sisters Nythalyn and Yanthdel are looking for their father who was taken by the cult of the midnight obelisk. So, if they team up no killing drow cultists. Meanwhile Gromash has did some research in the library. It has a trapped book which summons earth elementals if it is not checked out correctly. And the locker combination to the crypt below. As he is relating this information, the party plus five hear a hammer and chisel being used in the grand hall.

Glyph checks it out and it is another mutant with four kitty eye monsters. They are defacing the statue of the dwarven god of lost mines. The group takes an exception to this and attacks. Malinia calls for reinforcements. The Cleansing Chamber door opens revealing daddy drow and three other mutants. Daddy drow takes offensive at Norkin asking out his little girls to the prom and tries to blast Norking with Nightmare blasts.

The group is generally locked down in a fatal funnel with the front rankers being frighten and not being able to move forward. And with the crowd behind them, not being able to retreat. Glyph is nearly killed twice before the battle turn. All but daddy is killed.

Daddy drow during the short rest debriefing reveals mommy eye kitty is in the worship hall. She guards a black obelisk. The members of the Midnight Obelisk feed unworthy recruits to mommy. The group and drow decide to get rid of mommy.

Mommy is actually an Encephalon Cluster with gives birth to two kittens when the group attacks. Droo is nearly killed before they take care of mommy. Exhausted and being wise they retreat to the outside camp with the drow and daddy drow.

The drow Nythalyn Henlifel gifts Droo with a periapt of health as the group retreats out of the dungeon.

DM Note we will pick this back up at the entrance next session. Other treasure 100 feet of silk rope. Three daggers. Blank diary. Calligrapher’s kit.

Again, the placing of some these monsters make no sense. I would place the drow in the dorm rooms and Farfark in the library reading room.

End of Session 487

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