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DDAL Jasper DM's Shattered Obelisk


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 1

Chapter 1 A Dangerous Journey

Day 1 to Day 2

Leaffall 30 to Autumn Equinox

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 24 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0

Start Time 6:30 PM End Time 10: 30 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 26 GP

Magic Items Potions of Healing (2)

That is each persons take.

I had a very strong group of nine. Charlotte Bard 2 half elf. Droo the Yonderer Barbarian 2 Human. Silvik Geiger Rogue Wizard. Gronk Ranger Deep Gnome 2. Gromash Gro-Kah Cleric Half Orc. Miraden Paladin Knight Astral Elf. Varyn Silvertree great Old one Warlock Human. Slivin Norkih Artificer Gnome. Zamzumin Kice Archfey Warlock Aarakocra.

Welcome Varyn Silvertree and Slivin Norkih to your first Adventure League game. Thanks, Kice for helping out with the pc creation.

The group has been hired by the patron Gundren Rockseeker. He claims his brothers has a map to the lost mine of Phandelver. They will get 10 GP each if they deliver the wagon of mining tools and supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. But Gundren had went ahead three days ago.

Droo, “Why is Gundren’s Horse on other side of bridge. Why are goblins attacking?” The group slay five goblins and take Trident a goblin prisoner. A friend spell and some persuasion get lots of information. Some traps are on the main path but since he didn’t set him, he does know exactly where they are. Sildar Hallwinter a friend of Gundren has been taken prisoner and is in the kitchen. The Kitchen is off the left-hand passage. The kennel is the first cavern. Wrigley is the goblin boss in charge of the lookout post. Up near the back of the cave pass the bridge is a trap which will wash out enemies.

Klarg is the leader and a bugbear. King Grol the leader of has Gundren in Cragmaw Castle which is twenty miles away. Some Green Goblins with elongated skulls generally work the road side ambush but they are off today. The Green Goblins laugh too much.

Taking a short rest and being forewarned, Gundren Miners avoid the traps and ambush the goblins in the outpost. Silvik calms the wolves in the first cave and Kice uses mold earth to block most of the cave. Kice, Gronk, and Silvik sneak up and murder the goblin smoking on duty on the bridge. They toss his body down the stream. Moving up stream they see the trap which will flood the stream. The rest of the group advance up the stream. All but Slivin take the south passage. The sneaky three and Slivin launch the attack from the north passage.

Kice job is stop the trap. Everyone else job is to kill the goblins, wolves, and Klarg. The fight is bloody and long. Just as Gromash becomes monster mash with the DMs only Nat 20 of the night, Charlotte kills the bugbear. They loot and scoot. And kill the wolves on the way out. As they get deep into the wood line, they hear the rest of the caverns go on alert.

They will deal with the rest of the cave in the morning. The loot is very little split nine ways.

Gromash, “I have a splitting headache!” They did see some supplies with Lionshield Coster Merchant house. But that will have to be recovered in the morning.

DM Notes. We said yes to body horror. We will try to stop at 10 PM. We will try to start at 630 PM. I will print out a larger sign in sheet. Direct Message me if you want a link to Beyond Campaign. I will be using the Phandelver Guidance until the real guidance drops.

Trident the Goblin is still your prisoner.

Gromash will be alive in the morning. This due to AL rules allows free raise dead between sessions.

Be ready to level up during the next session.

End of Session 464

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Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 2

Chapter 1 and 2

Branding Reds.

Day 2 to 3

Autumn Equinox to Uktar 2

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 25 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 8

Start Time 6:30 PM End Time 9:40 PM

Magic item Potion of Healing

Take 20 downtime days, 25 GP

Story Award Lionshield Discount. 10% at the Lionshield Coster. But they only stock things up to 75 GP.

Story Award Gummed up the Works. Gum-Gum Goblin has taken an oath of vengeance against the group. She wants to know who killed Fluffy. 10% of is more than 5 goblins she will be nearby.

Story Award Norkin Only, Green Goblins in the morning.

I had a very strong group of eight. Charlotte Bard 2 half elf. Droo the Yonderer Barbarian 2 Human. Silvik Geiger Rogue Wizard 2 half elf. Gronk Ranger 3 Deep Gnome. Gromash Gro-Kah Cleric 2 Half Orc. Miradon Paladin 2 Knight Astral Elf. Slivin Norkih Artificer 2 Gnome. Zumzumin Kice Archfey Warlock 2 Aarakocra.

Fall is here. As Charlotte goes to stomp the first leaf falling Zumzumin catches it. He will have three points of inspiration today. Gronk, Silvik, and Kice take out the goblin in the hide. They notice a grey sheet which could have been a surrender flag. The group fades back into the woods for a quick conference.

Kice in Common, “You can come out in three minutes or we are coming in after you and not taking any more prisoners.” Kice can hear them talking in goblin.

“We have suffered since you blasted out king. And Wrigley this morning. We can offer nothing except the human Sildar and some nice wolf pelts. Recently pelted.” Says Yeemik. A young girl goblin approaches and in goblin points out three of them. “Mommy I think that killed Fluffy. That one kill Barky. And that one killed Old Yellar.” Gum-Gum is hushed and the adults continue talking. Trident the captured goblin will be switched for Sildar. They can take one weapon and what would fit in one back pack.

Yeemik does mention Gunthar was taken by Green Goblins to Cragmaw Castle. Green Goblins with elongated heads. The Green Goblins would occasionally give people headaches. Gronk knows goblin kind and know these would be new type of goblin. As the tribe leave the young goblin

Sildar Hallwinter is happy to be release. As the group is hauling out the extra supplies, he updates them.

A Missing Wizard. Iarno Albrek, a human wizard, was Sildar’s contact in Phandalin. The wizard traveled to the town several months ago to try to establish order there. After the Lords’ Alliance didn’t hear from Iarno, Sildar decided to investigate.

Wave Echo Cave. The three Rockseeker brothers (Gundren, Tharden, and Nundro) recently located an entrance to the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the mines of the Phandelver Pact.

The Mysterious Spider. Klarg, the bugbear who leads this goblin band, had orders to waylay Gundren. Sildar heard from the goblins that “the Spider” sent word that the dwarf was to be brought to him. Sildar doesn’t know who or what the Spider is.

Finding Cragmaw Castle. Gundren had a map showing the secret location of Wave Echo Cave, but the goblins took it when they captured him. Sildar believes Klarg sent the map and the dwarf to the leader of the Cragmaws at a place called Cragmaw Castle. Sildar doesn’t know where that might be but suggests someone in Phandalin might know.

Strange Goblin. A strange goblin with an elongated head was with the Cragmaw band that waylaid Sildar. The goblin gave Sildar a bad feeling, but the Cragmaws didn’t seem to know the creature. The goblin whispered “you’re not what Ruxithid wants” to Sildar before leaving the Cragmaw ambush group.

The group pulls in to Phandalin in the early afternoon. Pulling up to Barthen’s Provisions with the help of Thistle, they unload the supplies. Elmina Barthen shop contains mining and camping supplies but no armour. See knows Tharden and Nundro are camped a mile outside of town on the Triboar trail but has not seen them in a ten day. She does warn them about the Redbrand Ruffians but think they can handle it. They are the local biker gang. She pays them the fee Gunthar agree too and mentions the dwarves are about 250 GP in the hole already.

At the Lionshield Coster Liene Graywind thanks them for the return of the supplies. She pays them and gives them a discount on future purchases. She mentions the Redbrands hang out at the Sleeping Giant bar.

Meeting Townmaster a Harbin Wester in the town hall is interesting. It is a well loved and care for shot gun cabin. He has two jail cells and will pay 5 GP for each Redbrand captured alive. Also caravans on the Triboar Trail have been attack near Wyvern Tor.

Checking out only temple in town they meet Sister Garaele. She mentions the Redbrands. As a harper she has quests. It they take out the Redbrands she will sponsor one of them into the Harpers. If they take a silver comb to the Banshee Agatha, and get the location of Bowgentle Spellbook, she sponsor three of them into the Harpers and Three potions of Healing.

Taking the quest clue the group decide to check out the Sleeping Giant bar. (Thanks for designing yourselves.) Charolotte, Gronk, and Miradon hang out at the back door and will wait until the fight starts. The rest boldly walk in. After some heckling on both sides, Silvik kicks off the battle.

Droo, Silvik, and a Redbrand table the matter on who is the best bar fighter. Norkin crashes himself through the bar front and is spanked by Wilma. Good use of Sleep spells and subdual damage take all the thugs alive. (DM Note Everyone starts with Inspiration due to your plan working.)

Question the prisoners nicely and with spells. They get the following information. Locations R1 to R5 of Tresendar Manor.

Glasstaff. The leader of the Redbrands is a human wizard known as Glasstaff, so named because his magic staff is made of glass. Glasstaff’s chambers are in the western end of the stronghold.

The Spider. A mysterious figure called the Spider hired the Redbrands to frighten off adventurers and intimidate the locals, for reasons unknown. The Spider sent bugbears to reinforce the Redbrands and provide extra muscle.

Complex Guardian. The lower part of the complex is guarded by a hideous “eye monster”.

Prisoners. The Redbrands have a handful of captives in a holding area “near the old crypts,” which are guarded by skeletons.

The group drop the alive thugs off into the town jail cells and got to inn. Sildar has arrange for free rooms for three days.

Dm Notes.

We will pick it up in the inn the next morning. If you doing anything after the meal, let me know in the comments so I can research it in the book and post it. If I name drop feel free to research it on the Forgotten Realms Wiki during the week.

Side quests and hints

Wave Echo Cave Page 23 and 15.

Spider page 23

Wyvern Tor Page 34 & 57

Agatha’s Lair page 33 & 48

Redbrand Hideout page 37+

Sildar has some more quests for you.

Thanks, Kice for providing the maps.

End of Session 466.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 3

Chapter 2

Read the Reds.

Day 3 to Day 6

Uktar 2 to Uktar 5

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 27 Villains Captured 13 Villains Escaped 15

Start Time 6:44 PM End Time 9:30 PM

Take a Level. Take 10 downtime days. 90 GP.

Magic items +1 sword, Potion of Healing (3), Potion of Growth

I had an average group of seven. Charlote Bard 2 Half Elf. Bromlocke Ragner 1 Human. Fives Rogue 1 Tiefling. Gronk Ranger 3 Deep Gnome. Dro Barbarin 2 Human. Slivin Norkin Artificer 2 Gnome. Zumzumin Kice Warlock 2 Aarakocra.

The group snuck up on to Tresendar Manor. It was a three-story building but it collapsed decades ago. The Redbrands have been using it as a hideout.

Droo, “Not smart. Some one leave sweeps outside door.” The group enters the first room with Gronk showing off by finding a hidden satchel and secret door. Fives opens the wrong door and ticks off the off shift Redbrands. The fight is brief and the group is captured. They are told of the trapped hallway and the monster in the chasm.

Taking the lead Gronk follows the hallway to the chasm and he hears Ned Nothic in his head.

Ned Nothic, “Liar. The reds have no Deep Gnomes. You lie. Come closer we can talk. Just don’t step on.” Gronk steps on the bridge which collapses. He quaffs a potion of invisibility. The rest of the group flee back down the corridor. Some bugbears and goblins investigate. And talk to Ned Nothic.

Ned Nothic whispers to Gronk. “How much gold you have on you?”

Gronk, “Why?” Gronk is quietly search and his gold pouch is stolen from him.

Ned, “Sorry buggy bears. Me forgot bridge was trapped. Me fix in morning. Me is hungry.” About five minutes pass as Ned and Spider’s allies talk. Ned is sent out to get more sheep. He rifles through his chest. Taking the coin and potion. He pats Gronk on the head. “Nice bribe.” The bugbears and goblins return to their room.

The group uses Mold Earth to block the two west hallways. And search the chasm, shipping depot, and armory. They discover Sir Aldith call the Black Hawk sword and matching dress swords. The corpse of two dead green goblins, and Thel Dendrar are discovered. Thel has a wooden unicorn pendant. They create a cunning plan.

Kice wearing the face of one the town Redbrands, and a cloak distracts the guards in the prison. He mentions first shift was drunk and he take over the watch. The guards rush out and go into the trapped hallway. Skirting the trap the Redbrands nearly make it. Until Kice casts a sleep spell which puts one of guards asleep. He falls into the trap and with the trap being sprung two other guards fall into the trap. Bromlock takes a flying leap over the trap and misses one of the remaining guards. A flask of alchemist fire and two threats cause this group to surrender. The group takes a short rest.

Meanwhile Glassstaff goes to check on the prisoners and finds his way is blocked. He executes one of the off duty guards for being drunk on duty and not hearing the adventurers blocking the way. He organizes the escape party.

The group finishes the rest and finds the group has fled. They give chase and by dropping oil and alchemist fire block the escaping party path. But some manage to escape as the bugbears take out two of the party.

Exploring the empty cellars they find a letter to Lord Albrek mention the adventuring party is on it way to Phandalin. A book of Urmon talks about the Forge of Spells.

More than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. In addition to its mineral wealth, the mine contained great magical power. Human spellcasters allied themselves with dwarves and gnomes to channel and bind that energy into a great forge called the Forge of Spells, where magic items could be crafted. Times were good, and the nearby town of Phandalin prospered as well. But disaster struck when bandits swept through the North and laid waste to all in their path.

A powerful bandit force reinforced by evil mercenary wizards attacked Wave Echo Cave to seize its riches and magic treasures. Human wizards fought alongside their dwarf and gnome allies to defend the Forge of Spells, and the ensuing spell battle destroyed much of the cavern. Few survived the cave-ins and tremors, and knowledge of the location of Wave Echo Cave was lost.

Three days pass as the talk to the townspeople and Redbrands

Side Quests

Wave Echo Cave Page 23 and 15.

Spider page 23

Wyvern Tor Page 34 & 57

Agatha’s Lair page 33 & 48

Old Owl Trouble Daran an retire drow adventure Page 30 & 49

Halia of the Mining Exchange Offers 100 GP for Glassstaff capture alive.

Sildar offers Lord’ Alliance membership and 500 GP if Cragmaw Castle is found and the trouble taken care of. Page 34 & 47 & 59.

Sildar offers 100 GP if Iarno Albrek aka Glassstaff is captured alive.

The Sleeping Giant Bar can be taken over. Discuss this in the comments.

Qelline Alderleaf a farmer thinks a Druid named Reidoth may know where the castle is. Page 32 & 51 Thunder Tree Ruins.

End of Session 468


Rotten DM
The guidance has dropped. Nothing for the first four chapters so use the lost mine guidance. Two things are story awards. And the mine share gives gold for 12 chapters or sessions. I think I going to give the individual about 50 GP instead of doing the math.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 4

Chapter 2 & 3

Crunchy Castle

Day 6 to Day 17

Uktar 5 to Uktar 15

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 43 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 21

Start Time 6:43 PM End Time 9:45 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 112 GP.

Magic Items 3 Potions of Healing

I had a strong group of eight. Charlotte bard 3 half elf. Droo Barbarin 3 human. Bromlocke Ranger 2 human. Fives Rogue 2 Tiefling. Gozu Tossfeet Wizard 1 Halfling. Gromash Gro-Kah Cleric 3 Orc. Miradon Paladin 3 astral elf. Silvin Norkin Artificer 2 rock gnome.

The group talks to Sister Garaele about Agatha’s Silver Comb an find her old house is about a day north. Along the way they are stopped by Bob Bugbear.

Bob, “Halt in the name of Waterdeep. And King Spider. Would the person called Fives present himself for capture. Crimes. Killing Fluffy, Doggie, and Doggie two. Murder of King whatever King of Goblins. Unlawful evil victim of goblins from their home. Rubbing out the Red Brand Ruffians too roughly.”

Fives, “how do you know it me. That poster doesn’t look like me. And why no wanted posters of the rest of group. What other crimes?”

Bob, “Square Dancing in a round house!”

Droo, “You are evil. That is five to ten in the federal pen. Kill them. UM Capture them.” A few rounds later they find the bugbears are broke. They don’t know who Spider is but meet at place ten miles up the road to exchange prisoners.

Later that day Gozu trades the silver comb to Agatha for information on the spell book. Agatha gave Bowgentle’s Spellbook to a necromancer name Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor a hundred years ago. The group returns to the sister and are awarded some healing potions and some become Brass Harpers which is the entry level to Harpers.

Hanging out at their dive bar Qelline Alderleaf a farmer thinks a Druid named Reidoth may know where the Cragmaw Castle is. He lives in Thunder Tree which is fifty miles north of the town. Along the way, they spy a goblin hunting party and ambush it. Charlotte puts one to sleep. Miradon stabs one to dead.

Gromash, “Hey I would want this ability does. DM, I called down Radiance of Dawn. And place it on the field. Then end my turn.”


The two surviving goblins tell their back story. Tell them Gum-gum is going to kill them even if she is only seven years old. They give up their personal information. Their mother’s maiden name. Their Social Security numbers. Their emergency contact numbers. The location to Cragmaw castle. But please don’t let the cleric show them the dawn. The goblins are ordered to report back to Phandalin.

Early the next morning they find the castle. It was a seven tower seven level wizard’s home. But now the ground floor survives and half the walls have fallen in. Leaving at least three ways in which are not the front door. Two goblins guard the door.

Droo, “How close is forest to castle. What is murder zone?”

DM, “The book does not say. Roll percentage dice and tell me the result.”

Droo, “Brown high. 08.”

The forest grows to within twenty feet of the castle. Bromlocke and Fives elect to scout ahead. They move into a small closet and listen. King Grol, a dog, and an elf are beating a person about some where abouts. King Grol knocks the person out. The duo decides to climb to the remains of the second floor to hear more.

A few minutes later, the group see their scouts climb up to what would be the roof. They wave but the duo starts jumping up and down and waving. They disappear through the roof.

Having jump on a weak spot they fall into the king’s chamber. Rolling to their feet, they see a bugbear, a drow, and a dire wolf. Collapsed on the floor is Gundren Rockseeker. King Grol yells for back up. Fives yells for back up. The castle starts to come alive. The closet door is thrown open and Droo is dropped to the floor as Fives runs over him. Bromlocke is nearly killed by is saved by a healing word as the cleric climbs the rumble. Miradon goes deeper into the castle and dodges a duo of bugbears come into his room.

King Grol is killed. The Dire Wolf is killed. Another bugbear is killed. A goblin coming from the front door and around the castle is killed. The party is winning.

Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek, “Excuse me kind people. Let me read some off this scroll. The number of the level of spell shall be three. The upcasting of the spell to level four shall be right out. You shall not cast this spell at level two. The number of the d6 needed for the spell shall be eight. The spell is fireball. Now we could continue my fine gentle people. You did destroy my nice gig of trying to take over a small town. There is a gnome size hole in my bar. You burned my liquor licenses. Killed my ruffians. Gutted my goblins. Beheaded some bugbears. Which means you are powerful. But are your powerful enough.”

Slivin, “Less powerful than your breath. Dude toothpaste is a thing.”

Glasstaff, “To join my team. I am look for mugs, thugs, ruffians.”

Charlotte, “We killed those already.”

Glasstaff, “never do wells.”

Gromash, “I thought that was a side quest.”

Glasstaff, “Okay. Truce. You can take your employer with you. I will halt my people. We will go peacefully away. And in three days’ time. I will send you information where Wave Echo Cave is. Spider the leader is there. So, the fireball where the average damage is 36. Which would drop all of you if you don’t save. And about half of you if you do save. And you could try to kill me. Or peace in our time. What is it going to be?”

The group chooses Peace in our time. On the way back to Phandalin Gundren wakes up. He is glad they rescue him and will reward the party gold, the location of Wave Echo Cave and a share in the mine. The group is reward by many of the townspeople for clearing the castle.

Side Quests

The group wants to do some side quests so they can get to experience the subclass features. We will move on when you say so.

Wave Echo Cave Page 23 and 15.

Spider page 23

Wyvern Tor Page 34 & 57

Old Owl Trouble Daran an retire drow adventure Page 30 & 49

The Sleeping Giant Bar can be taken over. Discuss this in the comments.

Qelline Alderleaf a farmer thinks a Druid named Reidoth may know where the castle is. Page 32 & 51 Thunder Tree Ruins.

Rumors of a dragon cult in Thundertree. Page 51.

End of Session 470


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 5

Chapter 2 & 3

Buring Down the House(s)

Day 17 to Day 30

Uktar 15 to Uktar 30

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 74 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 21

Start Time 6:32 PM End Time 10:05 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 175 GP. Take A level. (Thanks, Gozu for mention the rewards)

Magic Item Hew +1 battleax Does Max damage which includes weapon and added on dice against plants and plants creatures. Dryads hate the weapon and know if you are carrying it openly.

Story Award Causing Crazy Cults. Charolette and Crew started the Cult of Venomfang. 10% chance of a dragon cultists belonging. They will ask for donations to rebuild his lair.

I had a strong group of six. Charlotte Bard 3 half-elf. Droo Barbarian 4 Human. Gozu Tossfeet Wizard 2 Halfling. Bromlocke ranger 4 Human. Miradon Paladin 4 Astral Elf. Gromash Light Cleric Half orc.

The group goes on a quest to find to find the druid Reidoth in Thundertree. Entering the empty village from the west they investigate one of the small buildings. As they know numerous twig blights form from the shrubbery and attack. After taking care of two building Droo decides to raid the bar. The patrons Sam, Carla, Cliff, Norm, Fraser, and Rebecca are still there. But since no one knows their names, the group attack the ash zombies. And take a short rest. Droo is mad because there is no beer.

Moving down the block they come to the Simpsons and Flanner’s house. Droo, “Hope Bart has not drunk all of Homer’s beer! Hey Homer you got any beer! Why does Homer and Marge look like cactus people?” A round dozen of twig blights and some needle blights later, the group knocks on Flanner’s house.

Reidoth, “I heard you. Burning down houses with a permit. I will tell Smokey the Ground Gopher on you if you don’t stop burning down houses. Only you can prevent forest fires. Kill the wizard first!”

Gozu, “Hey it was the cleric Gromash with his flaming bowling ball of death! I am innocent this time. Besides I can’t cast fireball yet. But we need information. Sorry to disturb much need beauty rest but we need information on Wave Echo Cave. So, give up or.”

Charlotte, “what the idiot means. Would you please.”

Reidoth, “No I will not please. I am not buying your candy for your band camp. I am not buying you cart wash for your fundraiser. I not buying tickets to your play Grease or Spell. You get that young green dragon to fly off and get rid of those dragon cultists and I will give you some information on Wave Echo Cave. Also, I will sponsor one of you into the Emerald Enclave.”

The group puts its heads together. Bromlocke investigates the dragon tower and does not scream as a dead spider falls on him. A dead spider as big as the gaming table. The dragon is asleep. (DM Note Green dragons were asleep 40% of the time not 30% Droo. In 1E). The group decides since the dragon is fifteen feet up resting like a cat on the support beams, they let Charolette talk to him. The sneak up on him.

Charlotte, “How dare you live like this. An old abandon tower with only three-month-old dead spiders as lair dressing, and no minions!”

Venomfang opens one eye, “Are YOU speaking TO me. You LITTLE Morsel.” The group makes their wisdom check not to laugh. As Venomfang voice is CRACKING.

Charlotte, “Yes. I know of a recently raided castle with some nice holes in the walls. A fixer upper. But it has goblins you can eat.”

Venomfang, “I LOVE eating goblins. I heard they are COMING in GREEN occasionally. And Bromlocke can be MY head MINION.”

Charlotte, “Well Bromlocke is the reason there is hole in the roof of Cragmaw Castle. But there are some dragon cultists who want to join you but they scared of you. And here is the location of the castle, the deed, and a poster of you in all your glory!”

Miradon, “Where did that deed come from. Where…”

Gromash, “Shush. She is on a roll.”

Venomfang, “That is GREAt. Wait a MINUTE.” The dragon climbs to the top of the tower and starts to shout! “ALL dragon CULTist who WiSh to BE my MEN Onions follow me to Cragmaw Castle. What can I do for you adventurers?”

Gromash, “Hey I notice that rusty battle axe in your horde. Don’t you want a shiny new +1 long sword instead of that Rusty Old thing.”

Venomfang, “SURE. Even STEVENS.”

Returning to the druid, she has mad tea and has a beer for Droo. “Wave Echo Cave used to have Violet Fungi, Zombies, and Striges in the front rooms. Now get back to town with you.”

The group return to town and gear up from the attack on the orc and bugbear raiders who are hiding out in Wyvern Tor. Charlotte’s Sleep spell does not work but with a surprise round they take down the bugbear look out. Bromlocke charges into the cave and sees an ogre.

Bromlocke, “Never mind. I hear Avon calling.” He rushes out of the cave. The bugbears, ogre and Fabio the Orc charge after him. The Barbarian and Paladin block the entrance. A few rounds later they find Fabio’s contract for a series of Romance Covers.

A small drawing of a goblin with a crystal jutting from its skull is found on the cave wall. It is signed Gum-Gum. (Player note. You will know this goblin name Ruxithid if you see him.)

DM Notes We will start with Chapter 4 next week. Levels 1 to 4. Don’t tier out of the section. 3 vials of perfume were found in Fabio’s stash.

I will need to know if you want to start in Phandalin or near the cave.

Remember you can go shopping between sessions. Anything from the PHB equipment lists.

End of Session 471


Rotten DM
Note in one fight I had to pause the battle. bromlocke had forgotten to track his gold or go shopping. So we had to talk to him and have him update his pc sheet and my check in sheet. Remember to give new people common information repeatly.


Rotten DM
Shattered Obelisk Session 6

Chapter 4

Bar, Bargaining, Bodies

Day 30 to Day 47

Uktar 30 to Nightal 17 (December)

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 74 Villains Captured 20 Villains Escaped 21

Start Time 6:38 PM End Time 9:08 PM

Take 10 downtime days. 30 GP

Magic Item Boots of Striding and Springing, Potion of Healing, Scroll of Darkness,

Ring of Protection (Netheril Green Glass. Gain +4 bonus on saves or checks against disarm or dropping what is in the hand the ring is on.)

Story Award Rocky Road. If you ate the candy, had the wart, or were wolf bitten. You are starting to mutate. Into what? Only the Story knows.

Story Award Body Horror 2. Slivin Norkin and Elthor Cragborn. You have extra body parts.

I had a strong group of seven. Charlotte Bard 3 half-elf. Beatha Troichan Undying Warlock 4 Deep Gnome. Gromash Gorkin Light Cleric 4 Orc. Elthor Cragborn Tempest Cleric 4 Mountain Dwarf. Silvin Norkin Artificer Battlesmith 3 Rock Gnome. Fives Assassin Blue Tiefling. Gozu Tossfeet Wizard 4 halfling.

Norkin and the others are hanging out in the Sleeping Giant talking with the Mayor Harbin Wester. Charlotte is trying to drum up business outside. Harbin is trying to settle accounts of selling the deed to the adventurers when things change.

Norkin, “Why is place suddenly three stories tall? Where did the two outlining buildings come from.?”

Harbin, “Urban renewal. And you were in a bar fight last time you were here.” (Page 86 gives a good map of the bar. Which should been in Chapter 2).

Charlotte, “Come to the grand reopening of the Sleeping Giant!” A middle age female dwarf starts heckling her, “I didn’t know it was close. How can you have a reopening when it has been close for years.”

Charlotte, “The Red Coats. Um Red Man. Um Red Dye number six close it down. When a brave band of adventurers attacked them in the bar and threw them in jail.”

Grista, “You can’t have a bar fight with out damages. You didn’t damage my antique table, did you?”

The group inside hears the last sentence and Grista enter the bar. “Harbin Webster. Townmaster of Phandalin. Are you trying to sell my bar? Where is Wheel of Fortune? Why is there a GNOME DOOR in my Bar. Who are these people?”

Harbin, “The Town thought you were dead. The Redbrand Ruffians killed you.”

Grista, “No the captured me and ransomed me. Didn’t you get the note?”

Harbin, “I did not. It must have gotten buried in.”

Grista, “Under your copies of ‘Mayor Mischiefs Monthly’! A nice villain name Glasstaff ransomed me off to my brother George last week. And my taxes are paid up to the end of the month.”

Harbin, “Those files must get misplaced but I think you should consider selling your property because.” Norkin and the group step in. They negotiate for a full day. Grista will get the third floor for her use. The second floor will become the party’s bedrooms. First floor the bar.

The second day, the group talks to various people to staff the bar. Elmina Barthen gets the commission of mugs with the bar name stamped on them. Her daughter Thistle gets a day job. Thistle is not happy when her mom starts charging Thistle’s allowance against her day job salary. Daran Edermath agrees to join if the group takes out the red wizard of Thay at the Old Owl Well.

The Old Owl Well is short and the group finds Daran’s Mom who was a zombie. They return her class ring and he gives them his magical boots. However, during the return trip back to Phandalin, they encounter eight wolves with glowing green eyes. They kill the wolves quickly but the new collars on the wolves say “Property of Gum-Gum”.

The morning after they kill the wolves Norkin right hand grows an eye. This freaks out the party and they make a quick journey to Neverwinter. The morning they arrive at Neverwinter Elthor’s beard turns into tentacles. He thinks it looks cool until the tentacles start knocking the beer out his hand.

The sages of Neverwinter consult with the gods and the group must defeat the new gods of Phandalin. They then close the city of Neverwinter to anyone from Phandalin.

The group arrives back in Phandalin. Everyone is cranky and on edge.

DM Notes. Thanks for the players playing the NPCs so I and the rest of the group could play off you.

Elthor is affected. He can play. Or tell his other dms about his condition. His condition will go away if the group are successful in their quest. Or after 12 sessions.

The solution is in the adventure. Finish the adventure successfully and the body horror goes away.

Sleeping Giant Business Chart.

You can spend 1 GP to add 1 to your final result. If you are in the hole subtract 1 for every 1 GP owe.
Roll a d100 every 10 days
01-20 Lose 60 GP
21-30 Lose 30 GP
31-40 Lose 10 GP
41-60 Yea! You broke even. Lose 0 GP Gain 0 GP
61-80 Roll 1d6 * 5 = Profit.
81-90 Roll 2d8*5 = Profit
91 or higher 2d10 *5 = profit.
End of Chart.

I am changing the body horror from what is on page 13. You have input on how the body horror affects you.

End of Session 474


Rotten DM
I use a good trick. I asked other players to play the part of certain NPCs. This way I did not have to have a conversation with myself. This fun. The group loved so much when they did the hiring side quest, two other players volunteered to be Thistle and Mom.

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