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DDAL Jasper DMs Season 1


Rotten DM
With about 4 new people. Version 13 guidance.
DDEX01-02 Session

Secrets of Sokol Keep

Day 1 Night to Day 3Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 11 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 5

Start Time 7:05 End Time 10: 54

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 500 GP

Magic Items Wand of Magic Detection.

Treasure Splint Armor, Book on Moonsea cults gives advantage on Moonsea Cults religion checks.

Story Award Dark Beacon. You let the Black fist guards. Harae the Ghost will not allow the beacon be lit. Once a month she smacks you awake, or throws a cup of sea water in your face.

I had a very strong group of seven. Myrddin “Earthy” Glimmersong Artificer 1 Wizard 1 Eladrin. Sparrow Circle of the Moon Druid 2 Halfling. Robbart Rogue 2 Halfling. Malroth Barbarian 2 tiefling. Aveline Rogue 2 Half-Elf Noble. Gilder Drake warden 3 with Rumble Hadozee. Thunk Barbarian 2 Goliath.

The group arrives dripping wet at the Laughing Goblin. Their ship had hit a reef and they had to swim to shore. They are not happy. The owner Imizael asks them why they are wet and decides not to make a smart aleck comment. She directs them to Mr. Markoth. Mr. Markoth updates them. The lighthouse at Sokol Keep went dark two days ago. If it is not fixed by tomorrow night the noble house of Sokol will fall back into middle class. Some Black Fist guards under the command of Sgt Grim should have rowed over this afternoon, to update the city about the problem. Lord Igan Sokol is suppose to be in charge. And the keep has two servants and a male child.

Malroth and Thunk have been putting their heads together and decide to challenge the two halflings mercs to an arm wresting match when six dockworkers burst into the tavern. They are four sheets into the wind and pick a fight with the mercs.

Malroth, “Hey we were going to pick the fight.” She draws her battle ax,

Imizael, “No blades No Blades.”

Aveline, “What the good owner means entourage is if you wound or kill someone, I am not posting bail or giving you a reference.” The fight is over quick with only two body slams on each side. But the dockworkers are out of it and are taken to jail to sleep it off.

In the morning Lady Aveline brings her entourage into the House Sokol dock operation. Since they seem to want to get into mischief, she tells all but her scribe Myrddin to wait outside and don’t get into trouble. Myrddin does hint the accountant is low balling the fee but they should take it up after the mission. They arrive at the fee of 100 GP, a ticket each on the ferry, and a scroll announcing their duties.

Sparrow takes over as walk toward the Black Fist Dock HQ. She gets on the goliath shoulders and only allows Malroth to accompany her. She gets 200 GP, A ticket each for the ferry to include the drake pet.

The Harper Myrddin makes contact and gets 100 GP if the group recovers Igan journal if has anything to do so called temple of Tyr under the mansion on the island.

The journey to island is slow as old man Karst can either row the ferry across or tell stories. So, it takes forty minutes longer than is should. Arriving on the island the pier is midway between the lighthouse and the mansion. The row boat is on blocks but in good shape. The lighthouse is in good shape.

Thunk, “Not now. It appears the door is hanging off the hinges. Oops.” Searching the lighthouse reveals no clues. It was locked. But most of the beds were made. The breakfast dishes were put away. The magical light bulb is not present but the artificer jury rigs a light which is one fourth as bright.

The mansion is well care for. The East wing is occupied. But the west wing has lots of cobwebs. Well at least it appears so from the people and critters sneaking peeks through the window shutters. “Oops, I broke the front door,” proclaimed Thunk. As he looks up from the floor and shakes the birdies from his head he looks into the eyes of an old man.

Darvag, “Really sir, you could just rung the bell. Or knocked a little more lightly. This is my wife the cook Shandra and our son Rorin. Are you here to rescue us? Rescue the young lord? Would you like some tea and finger sandwiches?”

Malroth, “No fingers but Oscar Mayer Baloney with mayo and lettuce would be find.”

As the discussion and lunch continues with the servants Aveline is given the house keys so the barbarians will not Knock too loudly. Igan did find something in West Wing but an evil wind blew the door shut to it. And some unholy howls have been heard the last two nights.

The group decides to investigate the East wing first. Glimmersong has his shoulder tapped repeatably and is guided to a hidden door which holds a small shrine to Tyr and a beautiful writing desk. In the desk is a journal about Igan search for the temple of Tyr. Page 78 is very important and people make copies of it.

The west wing has been closed for two decades as the Sokol family got a better beach house on the mainland. But Igan and the Black Fist have removed the tile from the basement floor. Very worn glyphs are in a circle with a left-hand indention is just outside the circle. 20 real time minutes after most of the pcs have been shocked at least once, the correct ritual is done.

The group enters the remains to the temple. Strangely it does not close behind them. Moving counter clockwise they encounter foot prints in the mud of the missing guard and Igan. Entering the second chamber they are attacked by some guardians which did not appear to attack the first group. The third passage way starts to sink deeper into the mud, and the artificer starts to use mold earth to create sold steps. A brass door is across the sinkhole and too the left of the door about thirty-five feet up Gilder and Sparrow notices an air hole. As soon as Glider climbs up and shoves a torch into the passage way various voices can be heard. Glider worms his way through the duct work and finds four guards and Sgt Grim in a treasure room. They are locked inside.

After the party let’s, them get out of the treasury through the duct work, they don’t full believe their story. So, they show the fake orders of the black fist to them. And the guards intermingle with the group as the open the brass door.

Enter the temple proper they see the remains of ritual. A ritual which took the lives of Igan and Pvt Dan. Dan and Igan have arose as zombies and brought four skeletons and two ghoul friends to keep out the invaders. The group kills the young lord again, and cut a deal with the guards.

The group takes the body of the young lord and gets the servants to evacuate. They summon the ferry and get back to the mainland. They tell house Sokol that Igan was messing with the temple. They tell the Black Fist that they didn’t find all the bodies of the guards. The guards ditch their uniforms and leave on the row boat for parts unknown.

The restless spirit of Harae who care about Igan curse the lighthouse and will let her displeasure been known to the group.

DM Questions Earthy did Mold Earth in two interesting ways. As a reaction made a shield but this took a ready action. So, disadvantage to monster who trying to attack or what? Saving Pvt Robbart, he uses mold earth to shove the zeroed out rogue out the way. Comments.

Mold Earth, you choose a portion of dirt or stone that you can see within range and that fits within a 5-foot cube. You manipulate it in one of the following ways:

If you target an area of loose earth, you can instantaneously excavate it, move it along the ground, and deposit it up to 5 feet away. This movement doesn’t have enough force to cause damage.

You cause shapes, colors, or both to appear on the dirt or stone, spelling out words, creating images, or shaping patterns. The changes last for 1 hour.

If the dirt or stone you target is on the ground, you cause it to become difficult terrain. Alternatively, you can cause the ground to become normal terrain if it is already difficult terrain. This change lasts for 1 hour.

And there was something about giving not spell casters familiars?

Why is always the West Wing of Mansions which have the scary stuff?

End of Session 416

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Rotten DM
DDEX01-03 Session

Shadows Over the Moonsea

Day 5 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 11 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 5

Start Time 6:52 End Time 10: 38

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 400 GP

Magic Items Ring of Evasion Potion of Healing.

Story Award. Dragon Cult Arise. You have records from the Cult of the Dragon ship which show they were behind the raids.

Story Award. Oh, the Audacity. You broke the contract of the Islanders. The hell pirates of Audacity are searching for you.

I had a strong group of six. Myrddin Glimmersong Artificer 2 Wizard 1 Eladrin. Robbart Arcana Trickster 2 Halfling. Malroth Barbarian 3 tiefling. Gilder Drake warden 4 with Rumble Hadozee. Thunk Barbarian 3 Goliath. Gerald Artificer 1 Giff.

Welcome Gerald to his first Adventure League game.

So, of the group decide to sleep in at the Laughing Goblin (That will be your starting point most of the time.) Imizael states Doomguide Yovir a high priest of Kelemvor (who is a neutral gawd of death) wants to speak with them in the graveyard. Along the way they pick up a hippo man name Gerald. Yovir is interested in a Ghost Ship which has been raiding the coasts of the Moonsea for about half a month. A mad man name Yip appears two days ago at the south gate mentioning a draoclich. The raids are getting closer. Knight of Black Fist Aleyd “ALE” Burral may have more information. And he hands over the copies of his notes.

Going to temple, Yip is discovered to try to claw his eyes out and eat his fingers. The only clues was he was assaulted by daggers and clubs. But the Draoclich is real, if you believe the madman. Thunk looking through Yip’s clothing find two hand made fish hooks.

Glimmersong talks to sage and gets a good discount. Delacrae Gentleblossom a female half-elf takes a few hours but the raid is always on the night of moon phase change. Goat Island would be the next raid. If the island still has any people on it.

Ale Knight of Black Fist questions the group about the island but the group remains mum over the squad’s disappearance. She had no luck with Yip but she did investigate the last raid side. Less bodies than there should be. Lots of burned bodies. Most of the loot was gone. But she did find some Philadelphia bones. She gave those to healer Fillistrom. Fillistrom say the bones are toe bones of humans. Some kobold tribes make necklaces from their kills. The tree sap on the bones is still being researched. Using the loaner horses from the Black Fist they leave the north gate following the clues.

About four in the afternoon, they come across a down on his luck merchant Gilfron Milon and his Gilmont. They are both really human not matter how hard Glimmersong tries to peek through their disguises. (DM Paranoid and not even fourth level yet.) Gilfron is trying to fix a broken axle due to lack of maintenance. While his story of being a successful merchant may not be a lie, he hasn’t taken care of his wagon. (What is with AL and broke wagons?) He does give them clear directions to Goat Island.

On the way to the turn off, they are surprised to find two dire wolf cubs in the middle of road. The horses are more surprise when mommy shows up and they dump Thunk and Malroth into the shrubs. As Gilder is trying to catch the two horses, mom and babies beat it.

The next morning as they approach Goat Island ferry landing, they find it is not great shape. About twenty years of no maintenance has cause the clapper to the bell to be in the surf. And the horse barn is one good fart from falling down. But Glimmersong’s Homunculus Servant will watch over the bait. Um horses. Summoning the ferry man, they are in for a rude awaking. Or at least a rude ferry man. He is not happy with outsiders. He is not happy with the warm rain. He is not happy Thunk has one of Fredrick’s fish hooks. He is not happy they want to give him metal fish hooks. He is not happy the crones are gossiping about him. He is not happy with the author telling people he is not happy.

Warsh, “Elisande get your elbows and knees over here. These outsiders speak common better than me. You talk to them. Show them around and were not to go. And I hope they know not to go in the homes. Darn outsiders.” Elly is blond twelve year who was orphan by sickness three years ago. She is the most normal of the inbred island folk. In her former home is another mad man name Verik. They will be staying in the barn with the three milk goats and stud. Milky the blind goat is the island best source of goat milk. The northwest woods are off limits to all Hog Warts students who don’t want to die a painful death. The Crones always have the fire lit and crab boil on. The smoke house which holds mainly fish is the best maintain hovel of the hovels. About twenty years ago the whole island basically quit doing any maintenance.

Verik is crazy but does mention the ghost ship Audacity attack his village four or so days ago. The group is slightly suspicious but can’t find fault with his story.

The three crones take a liking Thunk. Glimmersong gives a bottle of wine to Thunk. Who shares with the crones. Exirsa, Lolmetta, and Rentida all reek of fish. They get a nice buzz on. The group gives their excuses and goes to the barn for an afternoon nap. A few minutes later Rentida and her fellow ask Thunk outside for a wash. They have found an ancient bar of Ivory soap, and big man like him should wash off in front of them before dinner crab boil. Thunk gives off a good show (where were our minds at?) Malroth does find the name plate to Audacity.

On this discovery they decide to send out the various familiars and pets. Glider’s does not come back but there is a cabin in the north west woods. Sliding out the back door of the barn, the group enter the woods. At cabin it has been a holding place. Just recently but the melting human from the familiars is not here. Perhaps in the cave in the ravine next to the cabin.

The cave is hard to get too. The first chamber is normal water cut cave. The second chamber has been professionally worked. It is over sixty feet wide. With a hellish altar. On the altar is twenty gold trade bars, and a scroll. It is an altar to Tiamat. Some rotting books are in a corner written in Draconic. A scroll is in the center of the altar. The group steal the gold and pass out to Thunk and Gerald who are too frighted to come in. As the last of the group leaves, Robbart uses mage hand to open the scroll which causes the candles to light up the chamber. He floats the scroll to him. The scroll is a contract between the islanders and Tiamat. It gives them power over outsiders. They beat feet up the ravine only to be attack by two lemures. Finish them off they hold up at the cabin in the woods. (NO there are no chainsaws.)

The group has a decision to make. Confront the crones about the contract. Or grab Elly and the ferry and get off this freaky island. The group decides to grab Elly, who is also willing to beat feet. As they row off the island as the sunset they are at peace. They are safe.

Group, “BUT we wanted more combat!”

Suddenly the rain lifts. The Cult of the dragon Queen ship tosses three grappling hooks onto the ferry and hauls them close. Suddenly from the gates of hell the Audacity arrives ramming the cultists ship. Lots of combat (1 hour) happen. Hell ships don’t care if you light them on fire. Hell Pirates don’t care if you firebolt them. Captain Lee Majors is an ass and likes to take victims back to hell with him. Isn’t that right Gerald. (Not the first time Skully gets a name on him with fresh player). The group gets rid of the hell spawn and cultists. They secure their horses and sail for Phlan.

Studying the books on the way home, it mentions the final resting place of a Dragon Mask.

Glider, “What is a dragon mask?”

The End.

DM Notes. Catapult spell. I read it. I will allow up to 3 vials of acid, oil, and etc. being stuffed in a prepared bag.

Second night of going pass 10:30. I am going to start calling combat at that time.

Malroth and Robbart will sit by my immediate left so they can hear. Also, Robbart contact me just before you leave the house and I will go ahead and log you guys in on the sign in sheet.

End of Session 419


Rotten DM
They broke the module with going to escape with Elly. BUT I told them they had played smart and could skip parts 4 and 5 but they wanted to do the ship combat. Combat was not swingy but they kept missing the Hell Captain Lee Majors. (Hey I grabbed my long ship model as prop) and I did say it was going to be deadly. Gerald didn't mind as he is dm too and has die in the first combat at other tables.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-04 Session

Dues For the Dead

Day 7 Morning to Day 8 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 37 Villains Captured 10 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:48 End Time 10: 06

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 200 GP

Magic Item Goggles of Night

I had a strong group of four Malroth Berserker Barbarian Tiefling, Robert Arcana Trickster 4 Human. Myrddin Glimmersong Artificer 2 Wizard 2 Eladrin, Buster Barbarian 1 Hadozee, Victor Warlock 2 Plasmoid.

The city of Phlan is still deciding which house is going to rule. The Black Fist are trying to keep the population under control. The graveyard is the only notable feature of Phlan that is sits north of the river. Most of the city is on what is presumed to be an artificial island. Some where in Phlan past the builders dug two channels into the river Stojanow and split around the city. Doomguide Glandon priest of Kelemvor has ask the group to take on a task.

Glandon, “I thought I was meeting with a group of five. Not four with a bucket. A talking bucket. A sassy talking bucket. Whatever. The dead are rising again in the Necropolis beneath the yard. I lost two good people. Novice Ray I first thought quit and forgot to turn in their papers. Brother Rasoran had ten years of duty with no problems. Sister Bethel was found partially eaten in the crypt twelve days ago.”

Victor in bucket form, “I thought you said you lost two good people. You mentioned three.”

Glandon shakes his finger at the bucket, “I said I lost two GOOD people. Ray wasn’t into the death scene. Get the rust out of your ears. Cassyt. Cassyt. Come her girl. Cassyt is a novice. She will be your tour guide. SHE HAS KEYS. Cassyt it is priest in the middle. Spam Sacred Flame. Remind them no stealing from the dead. Even the walking dead. Come back alive with most of group.”

Victor in bucket form, “Hey”

Glandon, “You can kick the bucket and who every is doing a Jeff Dunham into the bone pits. The reward will be 200 gold each and a set of googles of the night.”

Cassyt tries to pour the water out the bucket and finally hands the bucket to Glimmersong. She casts light on the two barbarians’ axes. “The first room cloister. Why it is not closed for maintenance, look at the beautiful murals. And the Fresco made by Freddy Pea Costco. The second room is the Banquet Hall. This where some feast with their dead for the final time. It has been used since Bethel was found.”

Robert, “What about the door in the back corner.”

Cassyt, “Employees only area. It where we prepare the bodies for the final rest.”

Robert, “Can we see it?”

Cassyt, “why do you want to explore the back of a funeral home?”

Robert, “Because it could be A FUN for you and me.”

Cassyt opens the employees only door. A huge dumbwaiter big enough for coffins is behind the door next it is a ladder. Descending the ladder to the work room not one makes any comment.

Glimmersong, “What is behind this door?”

Malroth, “I can smash it. Can I smash it please?’

Robert, “Yes what is behind the door?” Victor oozes under the door.

Cassyt, “No smashing. No picking locks. Um NO oozing under the door. I have the KEYS to the doors.” As the group snags the keys, Victor plows on ahead. (DM Hey we have a nude Plasmoid in the house. Flashing the dead. Um.) “This is the greater Necropolis. We do 1/10 models of the city, and bury you in a model of your house. For a small and reasonable fee.” The group explores three cities in miniature and as they turn back skeletons attack. Defeating the skeletons, the group spends two hours more exploring but get the hint it a dead end.

Buster, “Hey can we take the tour in reserve?” Cassyt pops an aspirin and agrees. “Leaving the new parts of the crypts we enter the old part. Notice. Notice the new construction? There not supposed to be new construction.”

Buster, “How about a kobold on sentry duty?” The kobold screams in draconic and the group charges. Slaying it, fresh zombie come out the walls. Victor shifts into green jello kobold form. The group slays the zombies and regroups. Victor in common, “Yes friends please come me my other friends. See a fellow kobold, a zombie, a Red Wizard of Thay cleaning out his desk.” Glimmersong catapults his flasks of doom. (Three and only three vials of oil or acid sewed into a bag.) It sets the Thayan on fire and burns the cultist so badly the dm forgets about him. The zombies and kobolds charge. The invisible Knight zeros out Buster and Death (Mr. Happy comes surfing in to collect names.) A few rounds later only the name tag of Rorreth is left. The wizard is not dead but he escaped through a teleport circle. The group jury rigs a trap on the circle and on the illegal passageway the kobold has used to dig into the crypts. Kerry Kobold was proud of his work and is not happy to be a captive of the group.

Module, “EXCUSE ME. CASSYT had TURN UNDEAD. The players mentioned it.”

DM, “SHUT it. It wasn’t in her stat block. It is on page 18.”

Module, “Well if you are NOT going to run the module as written. HEY GET YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THE DELETE KEY.”

The group takes a quick nap and collect some evidence. Sweeping through the rest of crypts the group rescues some Welcomers (unknown group) from some zombies. Robert is nearly eaten by some ghouls. The skulls talk gossip in the skull room.

The group leaves the crypts a few minutes after dusk settles.

End of Session 422


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Rotten DM
Malroth made a surfboard for death. And I knew the moment I saw the back door on the map, the players would take it.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-05 Session

The Courting of Fire or

10 Little Zombies

Day 8 Morning to Day 14 Morning

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 75 Villains Captured 11 Villains Escaped 6

Start Time 6:30 End Time 10: 04

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 350 GP

Magic Item Ring of Fire Resistance, 2 scrolls of Flame blade

I had a very strong group of six. Chris Paladin 1 Human. Thaz KrakenScale 1 Lizardfolk. Warlock TraiFiraRear Shepard Druid Tabaxi with Doggy 3. Victor “Bucket” Warlock 4 Plasmoid. Buster Barbarian 2 Hadozee. Zanihl Warlock 4 human.

Yet again in the pass seven day does a group of new travelers enter the Laughing Goblin wet.; having swum ashore. Captain, “Look at the contracts. No liability of unforeseen circumstances. The Lighthouse is only working at thirty percent. That ship wreck was not there last month. You can get your money back.” Just as he finished the speech Sgt Carter of the Black Fist enters and tells everyone to “Heave too for inspection. He is looking for an accessory to murder, book thief, and square dancer in a roundhouse.” Since he does not find Spernik he lets everyone go. They can apply to the Lord Sage of Phlan.

The next morning the Lord Sage hires them to recover his two book which Spernik and Tibeem stole and substituted a copy. He will give them extra if they bring back the originals. A bonus is offer is Spernik is brought back alive. Some hints the stealing sages where planning of leaving town are a shopping list, and a back pack of camping gear. Tibeem has been arrested. The couple would visit the Laughing Goblin for most meals.

Arriving at the jail they find out they are too late to question Tibeem as he was hung at sunrise. But a partial map was found on him. An extra 50 GP to capture Spernik as he has crossed the border, and the Black Fist can not chase him. This fact and other clues lead the group to Standing Stones in the shadow of Dragonspine Mountain. Grabbing the horses from the sage stable they head out.

Two days late around eight they arrive at the standing stones to ambush two kobolds which were standing guard. They are counter ambush by some other kobolds and winged kobolds but this does not help as not one gets hurt. Taking a short rest and swapping around magic items. The enter the basement of the former temple.

Buster, “Zombies. Why does always have to be zombies. An even dozen.” Well actually it is eleven,” replies Victor. The group holds at the door and fights the zombies to a standstill.

(45 minute later the DM calls the fight. 10 successful zombie death saves. This module locally has been known for the zombie fortitude to kick in.)

The group sweeps left and right exploring the dungeon and finding information cult of the dragon. A quit fight takes Spernik prisoner.

An off-scene fight takes out Scalebinder Skovac and more information that the cult of the dragon is now active again after all these years.

End of session 425.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-06 Session

The Scroll Thief or

Murder Goes Boom

Day 14 Morning to Day 16 Morning

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 82 Villains Captured 17 Villains Escaped 8

Start Time 6:30 End Time 10: 10

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 500 GP

Magic item Scroll of Dispel Magic, Scroll of Hold Person, Potion of Healing, Potion of Greater Healing, Headband of Intellect.

Story Award Favor of Ellison Berenger. You arrested and only kicked him in the knee once. No immediate benefit.

Story Award Burr on Burral. You followed orders and killed not one person. He will give you raises on future jobs.

Story Award R.I.P. Rythnax. You threw a bomb in his face. He is scared of you. Social Checks with Advantage next time you mean.

I had a very strong group of six. Chris human paladin 2. Thraz KrakenScale Lizardfolk Warlock 2. Barbarian Path of Beast Hadozee 3. Rolen Sorcerer Half-Elf 1. Myrddin Artificer 1 Wizard 3 Elf. Graara Death Cleric 2 Variant Human.

DM, “Take three points of damage. You in chains. Bruised. You hear Burral yelling.”

The group is marched into Knight Aleyd Burral office in chains. Two deputies with clubs are behind them. Each of them is the proud owner of a new shining black eye.


The group had just walked out the Laughing Goblin when they were caught up in a book riot. They did not draw weapons which led to a couple of extra bruises. “Ok. Fine. You are hired. The town has been having rash of book thefts recently. Started while some of you were working on the lighthouse job. Bring the suspects in alive please. Talk with the Scribe Master Cassra Brandywine. No, she is not a drinker Buster but she does have a good head on her shoulders. Brandywine works at the Mantor Library which is on the opposite corner where you were busted Buster. She will have more information. Go through processing. Pick up your patron slip. Get a healing word. And GET OUT OF MY OFFICE.”

The group is not happy. But a job is a job. Brandywine’s office is stacked high with scrolls and books. A humming is heard from a stack of books. “We are working for the Black Fist about your robberies.” Brandywine moves some books to the top of two stacks. The books would make a Jenga Tower weep in amazement. A blonde halfling with blue ink on her fingers, lips, and left appears in the tunnel she just created. A quill with fresh blue ink is behind her ear. She dips her second quill into a well. “Cassra Brandywine. Let me update my employee’s work cards. And I will be with you.” She updates some notes and tucks the second quill into her robe.

The facts of the case are the following. Three Rare books have been stolen. Rare as either rare to a collection. Or rare to the owner. Aya Glenmiir had an extend loan of “The Weave: A Collection of Impractical Observation” stolen from her shop in the Scholar Square. Marten Foss had asked for Volume 17 of the “Adventures Notes and Observations Ren the Red Nose Ranger of Phlan”. Mr. Foss has loaned his collection to the library for access to the inter library loan from Candlekeep. Last night “The Lords and Lineages of Phlan” was stolen from Lord Agin Lamarck shop. He does research on noble lines and coat of arms for visiting nobles. The Weave is the only book bought with library funds which she wants returns. She does care if the thief is brought back alive. But paper cuts and lemon juice are offered as a punishment.

Buster decides Glenmiir would be the best choice to talk too. Her shop has a boarded-up window as if a paladin or barbarian had toss townsfolk halfway through it. Aya, “Let me close up shop. Then we talk.” In the back room is two-foot glass case which had covered the book when Aya was not using it. It has tiny preservation runes, cleaning runes, an alarm rune etched into the corners. The alarm rune had a precise drop of acid dropped on it to destroy it. The front door had been picked. She mentions on the sly, she did not make a full police report. A horn of blasting, scroll of hold person, scroll of fireball, and detect magic are missing from her personal stuff. All her ink was stolen too. She gives them a bonus of 100 GP if the book is found and the thief is injured. The group agrees and sets off for the heraldry house. Myrddin notices Aya opens a new bottle of blue ink.

Lord Lamarck shop did not take much damage during the riot. He is a researcher for noble houses. Rolen makes comments about a noble getting ink on his fingers which ticks off Lamarck. Thraz and Myrddin talk the rest of group into taking an early lunch down at the tea house. Myrddin casts Detect Thoughts on the noble. He is hiding stuff. It does come out one his greats grandmothers fake his line. The book does cover some the noble lines which disappeared when Tiamat last tried to take over. But other copies of the book exist in noble houses. He will kick in 50 GP if they find the book, and keep his secret.

On the way back to tea house an elf states he has information for Thraz if they follow him to a quiet play. Reading his thoughts Myrddin knows it an ambush and sends his familiar to get help. (HEY the spell should be long gone. Oh well.) The ambush is counter ambush by the two spell caster friends. All four of the Welcomer’s are captured alive. Soares is marked by a cult of the dragon tattoo. The other thugs were just hired by a person in a black mask who had blue ink stains on their fingers. A note to Soares reads. “Just get it done. If they find me, then the last four months are wasted. Ensure the Whisper’s Faith in us is not ill placed.” It was signed by B. Soares does not know who “B” is.

Arriving at the dwarf’s shop of “You 2 Can be Adventurer” they meet Marten Floss who retired from adventuring when a black dragon ate his left arm below the elbow and his teen-age daughter Vera. She is mouthy but can’t trick anyone into fighting her. Floss wanted to check some notes in Volume 17 of the “Adventures Notes and Observations Ren the Red Nose Ranger of Phlan”. Ren Ranger was the person who help break the charm spell casted by Tyranthraxus which controlled a bronze dragon who was ruling Phlan during Tiamat’s last rising. Tyranthraxus fled to the Pool of Radiance located in Valjevo. A rough map of the keep was in the volume. Mr. Foss only a master lock on his door. The book was just place in the hallway bookshelf.

After tea and biscuits, they decide to talk with the head scribe about Brandywine and Burral. Master Opanrael is not happy. Not happy his tea is being interrupted. Not happy with adventurers. Not happy with two of his employees not showing up for work. Not happy with the workers not going to sick call. Not happy with sassy adventurers. Myrddin and the Master get into a heating yelling match which leaves Opanrael spitting mad. Brandywine gets between the two and takes the group to the scribe sleeping quarters. No clues are found either room but the beds were made.

Taking the group to the basement to scene of the first crime, the group discovers the body of the senior scribe. She had her head bashed in. Her key ring is missing. A used Detect Magic scroll is near her body. Ren the Ranger Volume 17 and The Weave books are near her body. Both books are missing pages. And. BOOM. BOOKS FALL. Shelves fall. And Myrddin takes damage. The explosion happened in the sub-basement. Brandywine give up her key ring to Rolen.

The sub-basement has a huge hole in it. “DM you are forgetting the four shadows.” Chris. After a quick battle and short nap. A broken horn of blasting is found. A chest with treasure in is found. But no sign of Ellison Berenger is found.

Entering the sewers, they get sick to their stomachs but push on. At a small drop they are surprise by carrion crawlers. The crawlers think the Hadozee is very tasty. They group cut their dead friend out the monster’s stomach and find around the next corner a dead by fireball crawler. In Ellison’s backpack they find the missing pages from the books. An empty blue ink well, a map to the local swamp. They fall back to the town for a bath and raise dead. (Raise Dead puts you at -4 penalty for lots of rolls but is mostly ignore because it happens between sessions.)

After a quick spell casting, long rest, and horse borrowing in the middle of the night they leave for the swamp. Arriving at the location on the map they find a well-rested by burned and battered Ellison. Also, the black dragon wyrmling Rythnax is present. He has strapped to his chest a passenger pigeon document holder. Ellison admits the dragon has copies of the pages his stole about the Pool of Radiance. The group charges and Myrddin breaks the weave by using catapult to toss three bombs in the dragon’s face.

Suddenly darkness surrounds the dragon who runs away and the thief surrenders.

The End.

DM Note. No to bombs strapped together. Oil flasks and Acid Vials up to 3. All equipment bought must be from the PHB equipment lists. D&D Beyond and the SRD does list the bomb as a common item. Also, it is an action to light a bomb.

No harm. No foul. Yes, we are still learning.

The module gave the dragon lair actions.

For those who have played or ran the module. No passing. If I call for a decision roll a die to make a decision.

End of Session 427


Rotten DM
The new guy is coming up with some interesting tactics. And bluffing me on some spells. But he is coming from a 35.E background. Off to do lawn work.


Rotten DM
DDEX01-07 Session

Drums in the Marsh or

Snackrifice Swamp

Day 16 Morning to Day 21 Morning

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 85 Villains Captured 24 Villains Escaped 11

Start Time 6:43 End Time 9:36

Take a level. 10 downtime days. 500 GP

Magic item Scroll of Fireball, Keoghtom’s Ointment 3 doses

Story Award Sniper. You took another’s group adventure. They may take revenge.

Story Award Clan Thief. You destroyed the black dragon plans. Throstulgrael will get revenge.

I had a strong group of six. Chris Paladin Human 3. Thraz KrakenScale Warlock 2 Lizardfolk. Myrddin Artificer 1 Wizard 2 Custom Elf. Buster Hadozee Path of Beast Barbarian 4. No Wizard 3 Cleric 1 Human of Sadness. Graara Death Cleric 3.

The group had been chasing the black dragon wyrmling Rythnax for four days when they come across the Crossing Inn. Mr. Kal was expecting another adventuring group but you will do. The lizardfolk clan has been stealing livestock and people. Anything over 300 pounds or 5 foot 4 inches. Taroo the gnome farmhand is on his way with more information.

Taroo is adopted his parents are human. Last night he was gator hunting when he heard the drums. He passed the information up the swamp and went to investigate his home. His parents and live stock are missing. The group gets in the keelboat.

No, “How can seven people fit in a ten by fifteen keelboat?”

Myrddin, “Magic or combat plans verses sitting. You are technically being squeezed. So, suck in that gut.”

Arriving at the farm it is mostly well maintained but only the piglets and chickens were left behind. Some signs of fighting are found and tracks are leading to the stair. Um SOUTH. The farm south of Taroo’s farm is not that well maintain. However, the bull is still in the barn. Sending in the owl recon results in the knowledge of. Bull MAD. Bull has tranq darts in side. Some blood on the horns. One sleep spell through the holes in the wall confirms the raiding party lost this fight and bar the bull inside. More tracks lead south.

All the clues lead deeper into the swamp and now the drums are drumming. A quick check of rules to see if Tenser’s Disk would help is ruled out. So, the keelboat it is. Some time later they come across the first ambush. Seven Lizardfolk attack from the shore, the water, and the deep. But the encounter goes against npcs. With four being captured, one escaping and the other two fleeing for their lives. But information is obtained. The Clans are having a GRAND SNACKIFICE (thanks Buster for the new word). The evil dragon Throstulgrael has call for snackage and what they don’t eat get sacrificed to the gawds. Three clans are involved. (I love when information is scattered in the module.) Scale Crusher leads Dusk-Dusk clan and is charge of the raids. The Root Water and Muck Marsh clans are raiding too. All clans are led by a Lizard King. All clans have at least one shaman. The Root Water Clan passed by with new prisoners in the pass hour. The group tie the captives up and tow them behind the boat.

Using the owl scout and being less loaded the group gets ahead of the Root Water clan boat. The use a magic snare and harpoon to stop the boat. The group gets a little vicious and kill one lizardfolk before taking prisoners. The Dusk-Dusk clan gripe about the Root Water clan. Halflings and Dwarves are below the size limit. They are trying to cheat. Thraz calms both group and gets the location to the center island. The group ties up the prisoners and send Taroo back with released swamp folk with a report.

The group make plans but are concerned the dragon will be present on the main island. So, Snipe, Sneak, or Charge?

SNEAK is the option. No and Thraz will scout hundred or more feet out. Removing the muck from their faces they spy no dragon. In fact, a young Lizard King is tearing down the various Dragon altars. They low crawl back to the group. Removing the muck from their faces they report in. More information is needed. They low crawl back to the island. Removing the muck from their faces they talk to Bogclaw. Bogclaw killed his daddy and has taken over the clan. He hates the dragon and the contest. But he will need to take out leader Marsh Mouth of the Muck Marsh clan to enforce his will.

Thraz, “Can you have a champion or two.”

Bogclaw, “Yes but only people in the pit can fight. Anything goes. You can even bring a shaman. But supporters can’t throw chains into the pit. And you can’t throw chairs at the audience.”

DM, “No wounding or killing the audience. No audience member supporting the WWF wrestlers in the ring. But it is possible for sneaky support. Any spells which are not flashy could help out your champions.”

The challenge is issued. The bets are made. Hold Humanoid is cast and wins the freaking day. Three Nat ones in row. And a burned luck point destroying a Nat Twenty wins the day. Bogclaw releases all the prisoners and livestock. He will pass on information about the dragon when he gets more.

DM. Don’t tell Thraz he is the king of a tribe.

End of session 429.

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