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DDAL Jasper DMs Keys to the Golden Vault


Rotten DM
Key From the Golden Vault Session 7

Axe from the Grave

Day 250 to Day 251

PC Killed 1 Monsters Killed 25 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 8 PC Captured 7

Start Time 630 End Time 8:38

Take 60 GP. 10 down time days. A level.

Magic Item A rare magic item subject to my approval. 6 +2 crossbow bolts, Banjo the Instrument of the Bards Canaith Mandolin.

I had an average group of five. Buildrick Artillerist Artificer 7 Human. Bronwyn Zealot Barbarian 7 human. Rhodes the Cannibal warlock 6 Tiefling. Leon Oath of Vengeance Paladin 6 tiefling. Clunk Light Cleric 6 Half orc.

The Key Master Rhodes is not happy. A mission in the bayou to recover a dead bard’s banjo. With twenty-two hours to go before the Locks arrive, Billy Bob their pole man is late. Billy Bob is a gator hunter who got distracted by Big Bertha but finally arrive to pole the group to Toadhop the swamp village. Things do go well for Buildrick when Mayor Jenna Bean head butts him in the nads.

Huberta Hadley, “Ya is them city folk gold fleece fellows? Pay not attention to the mayor, she just being friendly and checking your pockets for crawfish.”

Rhodes, “Yes mama. We are the Golden Keys. We are here about the bard Froderic Dartwild.”

Huberta, “Only his ma called him Froderic. We and his fans called him Frody. He was the best swamp grass singer every. Boy done rose from his there grave due to fact someone done did violate it. He return to home Grassland. Much to the concern of Cambelts. They were cousins of Frody and with Ma Frody pass on about ten or so ears ago, they had claim to the land and house. Frody done spooked them away. But it kind strange like a zombie ain’t eating brains. And.”

Rhodes, “Can you tell us where Grassland and Frody is. How far is from here?”

Huberta, “You silly city folk, y’all try walking to Grassland you is going to get ate by the gators. I heard Big Bertha was seen here about. Billy Bob pole these good people to over there to Frody and mind your manners. No celling them grease lightning like you did with that Revenue girl from last month.”

It takes a short while to get to Grassland. A half pink brick and wood house rest on a hill with a pier extending out into the swamp. A Rhinestone and Blue Glass sign announces the name Grassland. As they get off the pier, they surprise three kids who are taking bets on if Frody going to eat their brains.

Frody, “Get you kids. I tell you ma on you. Making such a rack it to rest the dead. Shoe. Y’all must be the golden kid fellows, I asked my agent to git. Two Fish boys Mackerel and Trout done dug me up a ten day ago and stole Betty. Betty my Banjo. Them Fish boys live a few miles away and.”

Clunk, “Dear Sir while you are a newly risen zombie with get conservational skills. Why are you not eating brains. Like the brains of those kids?”

Frody, “Brains. I had brains before with that Indy Jones fellow a decade ago. Them monkey brains taste nasty. But. Brains. BRRRAINS”

Bronwyn, “Frody do you know why the Fish boys would steal your banjo. Not to change the subject.”

Frody, “You will have to axe them. Bille Bob pole these city slickers over to Fish house. And not stopping to hunt gators.”

The Fish brothers are happy Frody is not here to eat their brains. So, they confess that Sythian Skalderang paid them 10 GP to steal the banjo. Sythian is kind of hard up. About six month ago his olive orchard start dying and even with him talking in music students he is kind of hard up. And he is hard up for his boyfriend Joster.

Trout Fish, “Billy Bob while don’t you pole these people over to conservatory. And mind you Sythian is deadly afraid of frogs due to fact he was nearly ate by a giant frog while he was a little devil.”

The plan. Frog Team A with Leon, Bronwyn, and Buildrick will capture some frogs. Climb up to roof. Break the skylight and dump most of the frogs into the third floor. They will keep two in reserve. Buildrick will cast enlarge on the frogs as need. The Talkers will knock politely and ask for the banjo back.

Making landing at the olive orchard Clunk discovers demon ichor is kill the olive trees. Frog Team A starts their ascent while Rhodes knocks.

The knocking interrupts lunch Dolly Part In answer it and invites the strangers to lunch. Introductions are going around and Rhodes starts to ask for the banjo back.

Complication. A droning mosquitoe decides to sup on the Frog Team. While killing it, they break the skylight which even one hears. Joster and Sythian attack.

Jumping down to third floor Frog Team splits. Leon is going to raid the third floor. While the other two with frogs in their left hands are going to run down to help the talkers. Some light combat happens on the ground floor until both the barbarian and Artificer leap onto the dining room table and throw frogs at the owner.

Flying Giant Frogs scare the owner who tries to flee. Meanwhile Joster reveals to the group he is an incubus. Joster is killed and Sythian captured. Some question happens. With the banjo return the group leaves Toadhop.

Control, “But we did hear that the mayor went missing later that day. Do you know anything about it?”

Key Master Rhodes, “Nope. Bacon sandwich?”

End of Session 522

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Rotten DM
Keys From the Golden Vault Session 8

Vidorant’s Vault

Day 280 to Day 282

PC Killed 2 Monsters Killed 25 Villains Captured 3 Villains Escaped 9 PC Captured 9

Start Time 630 End Time 10:18

Magic Item Ring of Evasion for the living. Gloves of Thievery for the Dead

Take a level. And 10 downtime days.

No gold.

I had a very weak group. Rhodes Wizard Tiefling 7. Buildrick Artificer artillerist 8. Krowe Arcana Fighter Archer4 Thief Wood Elf 3.

The Silver Fingers society head Goldenbeard has an offer for the keys. Steal a crown back from his former partner Vidorant. He will pay 1,000 GP. Help Fence whatever else they steal from her vault. And they will become members of the Silver Fingers Society. Since the Silver Fingers are an international thieves guild, this could be important.

Vidorant’s Vault is in Chisholm a mixed industry part of town. Vidorant is currently living in Wynn Lakes but visits her vault daily at random times. The group only gets a laid out of the first floor due to the security.

Security is done by the Pinkertons. But once a week a crew is fired. Vidorant has fired six of her guards this week. The guards hang out in three pubs or taverns.

Key Master Krowe decides to take overwatch and scouting of the vault. Rhodes and Buildrick will to take the bars. 48 hours to go.

Pub G is the first bar where Breelen and Kavton hang out. Breelen wins a couple of the arm-wrestling matches and after a few beers sketches out the top floor plan. Which is very rough. One they can only access the balcony by the rope ladder. Two, in the stairwell room, they can never cross the bridge and mine the pit. Kavton is slightly buzzed when Buildrick approaches. He invites them to a date and more but Buildrick turns him down. But they do get invited to a frat party. On the way to the frat party, Rhodes does charm person and they get secret two.

DM Note. Try to avoid some spoilers. And I suggest DMS write down the secrets to track them.

The Silver Bar is Rent a Cop bar. Ballidyr gets involved in a friendly debate with the duo. Is Canadian Pineapple real pineapple and does it belong on New York Style pizza. Secret three discovered. Pelten gets drawn to what is the best scabbard for indoor work and how long a Billy Club show be. Secret four found. And good look at security uniforms for the ware house.

The team briefly thinks just stealing a uniform but wiser heads nix the idea. Uniforms unlocked.

The Vulgar Unicorn is an upscale wine bar. Turolga is a cat lady and is meeting with her Cat Rescue group. While Rhodes engage them in conversion, Buildrick goes out to hunt for a stray Ginger Tuxedo stray. Secret Five scratch off the list. It is also ball room dancing night but neither have dress correct. They return to the safe house.

42 Hours to Go.

A short meeting and quick change have Krowe ball room dancing. He lifts Jeniana’s necklace and then discovers it on the floor. Some nice champagne and secret six slips into their grasp.

Meanwhile the duo has a slight problem. It will be three hours for a fitting and 10 GP for each uniform.

38 Hours to Go.

The second information meet has more information. The inside crew runs a security check every ten minutes. The few windows are at ten feet and only are gnome or smaller size. The Arcane symbol is unknown. They think a lot.

36 Hours to Go.

Krowe starts his fitting and will go visit Verdant. The Dynamic Duo will sneak into the Pinkerton offices and forge their names on to new crew which is starting tomorrow. Complication. They are nearly discovered and only Krowe gets on the list.

Verdant is hosting a meeting with her new crew and Krowe is uneasy about them. After they leave, he bluffs his way into a meeting with her. She knows the Golden Keys are in the town. And so is Goldenbeard. She will pay Krowe 500 GP to assassinate Goldenbeard. His location will be at drop box in twelve hours.

Complication Verdant new crew is the Silver Locks. With Tosh having slightly red skin from being resurrected after someone dumped his body in lava.

The plan. Krowe is now an inside crew guard. When he reports to work, he will hold the door open for the two invisible members.

26 Hours to go.

No one trips on entering the building. Krowe being a new Pink is not on outside duty.

59 minutes to go.

Krowe declines the poker game and is now on walking rotation. But those are done by the whim of the shift leaders. The invisible duo artfully dodges the guards walking around the break room.

With thirty minutes to go, Krowe is given the walk around. And told not to touch things. Yell if there is trouble. He slowly opens the gem room until touched on the should by Rhodes. He closes the door.

Krowe, “I will leave all doors open. Catch up with us.” Rhodes loots one chest for a thousand. He passes on the potions and cracking the safes at this time. The art room has a secret and then catches up with the other two in the zoo. The zoo has two displacer beasts but they don’t stop for names. The library has some expensive collections but they move on.

5 minutes left on his rounds. Entering the stairwell room he falls for the trap. He gets out of the trap and sends the other two ahead. He will fall back.

4 Minutes 28 seconds left on rounds. The duo splits. Buildrick enters Vidorant’s rooms, and Rhodes makes for the vaults.

3 Minutes 28 seconds left on the rounds. Buildrick final opens the desk and shoves all the notes into his bag holding. Meanwhile Rhodes has discovered on trap. Mostly stopped it and looted on file cabinet of a thousand gold. He has also fried himself on the trap on vault A.

3 Minutes 22 seconds left on the rounds. Rhodes casts dispel magic on the display case which holds the crown.

3 Minutes 20 seconds left. BUSTED. The alarms go off as Rhodes did not make his arcana check.

Rhodes, “Three ones in a row. I am looting everything!” Buildrick discovers the balcony door is locked and Verdant bamfs in. Verdant sees her files have been stolen and rushes to the vault. Krowe decides to release a displacer beast as a distraction and the indoor guards are moving through the first floor.

Rhodes dumps the skull and book into the bag of holding and the alarms go silent. Verdant, “You naughty little keys. Come out come out where every you are. I just locked us in. Surrender and we will cut a deal.”

Rhodes, “ELDRITCH BLAST.” Verdant bounces off the door and charges Rhodes. She does not hear Buildrick trying to pick the lock. The Displacer is trying to eat Krowe who is holding himself between the cage door and cage, when Bob opens the door and is attacked by the beast. The rest of guards slam the door shut and lock it. So, Bob, kitty, and Krowe are also in combat.

Upstairs Buildrick has bounced off the door twice before breaking it down. Verdant, “You naughty little keys. Come out come out where every you are. Busted my door down. Surrender and we will cut a deal.” Buildrick sees Rhodes tied up and Verdant is shaking out loot over his living body. Buildrick tries to put the bag on her but misses.

Verdant shaking out the second bag of holding, “My of my you been naughty. Those are my documents. I don’t share.”

Buildrick, “STABBY STABBY.”

Verdant, “Stab. Okay that two down. Where are the other four?”

Meanwhile downstairs Buildrick decides not to open the second cage and pulls the cage door shut on himself while Bob and Kitty go at it. A few seconds later.

Verdant, “Garfield SIT! Take Bob to the potion room and lock the door be me. You naughty little keys. Come out come out where every you are. I just locked us in. Surrender and we will cut a deal.”


Verdant, “Dude you are going to piss me off. Surrender. I will just open the latch. I going to pop out for a potion of healing. Garfield Lasagna.”

One hour later a potion of healing is given to the two living keys. Verdant knows about them but to tick off Goldenbeard she will cut them a deal. Take her Ring of Evasion and say the job was too tough. She will dump Krowe’s body into an alley. Or they become pasta dinner for Neramal and Garfield. They take the deal.

End of session 523.

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