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DDAL Jasper DMs Radiant Citadel


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 1

Salted Legacy

Day 1 to Day 3 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 3 Villains Captured 1 Villains Escaped 0

Start time 6:19 End Time 9: 13.

If you started at second level take 100 GP, 10 Downtime days and 1 level

If you started a first level take 200 GP, 20 downtime days and 2 levels.

Story Award Chow Time if you are at Dyn Singh Night Market you get free food.

I had a weak group of four. Pebbles Rock Gnome Cleric 2. Thrash Kobold Barbarian 1. Sorren Dwarf Fighter 2. Bar None Wizard 1 Tiefling. This is Bar None’s first Adventure League game and only fourth time playing. Welcome Bar None and remember to read the handout.

The group discovers something right off. This is not the material plane. When their boss Rotten Roger send them to get seven herbs and spices, they thought they were just going to the corner store. Nope. The Radiant Citadel which is on the Ethereal Plane.

Sorren, “And we got no spirits.”

DM, “Stop that!”.

Read the travel phablet on the Citadel. It is a wonder utopia except for the fifty-dollar hamburgers. But the boss told them to get some hot peppers from Aroon Family tent. Since the night market only opens at sundown till two PM, they had trouble getting in early. Thrash was sent to the back of entry line twice. But the market opens and the group has trouble finding center of the market. And trouble finds them as a kid kobold crashes in Thrash. He is being chased by a middle age gnome name Lamai Tyenmo who runs a noodle food cart. Lamai accuses the kid of stealing. Before thirty seconds pass Mama Bear um Kusa Xungoon (who runs a seafood cart) rushes into save her son.

The argument goes from who stole the thirty green onions first. To which mama stole the bestselling spot thirty years ago. To who bought the last spicy meatball at the. All the while Pebbles and Thrash are trying to get the women to calm down.

The group is now drawn further into the argument of don’t tell me to calm down foreigner. To why are you taking her side. To why is the tall wizard looking at us funning. Bar None is the tallest person at the market at five foot two. To who is on first. To who stole what first. To who fart first and loudest on Christmas day. To two job offers. Team Noodle Thrash and Sorren are offer 80 GP and thirty days free food. Team Seafood Pebbles and Bar None are offered 81 GP and thirty days free food. Then the fight breaks again on who stole the green onions.

The fight is stop by the town guard called the Shieldbearer who gives each half the onions. (DM you just got tired of arguing out loud with yourself.)

DM, “No I needed to get the game moving along.”

As the group investigates the stalls, they find some persimmon seeds around each one. They get the cold shoulder from all other vendors who don’t want to get involve with the foreigners’ investigation into this local manner. As they are getting frustrated, they smell cherry vanilla and cinnamon. A heavy wave of it.

Kasem Aroon, “My friends let me show you around the market and tell you which vendors to use. Avoid the games. Especially my father’s Spicy Pepper challenge. You don’t have the stomachs for it.” Kasem goes on to kill any interest in the investigation because the feud between the two women goes back at least three generations. But the party does want to get into the investigation and take the challenges.

DM Note cannot do justice to the various roleplay which happen at table but lots of laughter was going on. Or was that just in the DM’s head?

The Spicy Pepper challenge was blind choice and taste test of various peppers. No winners but only Bar None had to escort to outside. They did receive a nice roll of Charmin as parting gift.

The Battle Pawn... Um Prawn. Remember PCS and Players are not Pawns.

The Battle Prawn challenge was six rounds of the group chopping up huge flavor beans and killing a small prawn and add it to the dish. It only took Bar None and Thrash to equal the size of one battle prawn. But the group brought in three battle prawn.

The Hide and Seek Challenge where they look for four silkworms owned by Madam Kulp. In a maze, within ten rounds, and none of the silkworms can be hurt. The group took seven rounds. Note this a skill challenge, action challenge, and movement challenge. Tell you players to read up on object interaction. I will mention one worm took a three-cigar break while the group looked for it.

Having done enough make fun of the newbie and gain enough renown. They ask the suspects, the vendors, the merchants, the person watching the name, for clues. Having gather enough clues and trapping the minions of the villains, they hit a brick wall.

One table always have trouble with investigation adventures. Two they were hearing me but not listening to me as I stressed things. Finally, the adventurers put all the clues together and turn the villain over to the law.

Bar None got his first Inspiration for his trap idea.

No. Not going to give the clues since the book was release recently.

Tune in next week.

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Rotten DM
The final edit of the guidance was supposed to drop today but did not. Last week guidance just gives suggested running times of each section of each chapter. Each chapter should have a four hour run time.
I have not done a full read through but the GOLD looks a little light compare to the most recent DMs Guidance 12. something. So Double check that.

This was a good adventure but a little gamey. The group gets the job but no one will talk to them unless they play the challenges. And at best I think the table was amused by voices and role playing. At worse they make Shaggy and Scooby look like Sherlock and Columbo.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 2

Written In Blood

Day 3 0800 To Day 7 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 28 Villains Captured 6 Villains Escaped 1

Start time 6:28 End Time 8:53

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 200 GP

Magic Item Heward’s Handy Haversack

I had an average group of five. Ravio Paladin 2 Warlock 2. Bar None Wizard 3. Thrash Barbarian 3. Pebbles Cleric 3. Eironsvard Protection Fighter Dwarf 1.

Mama Noodles has asked the group to visit Promise and talk with Aunt Dellie about some spices which the Noodle Cart needs. The group arrives during the Awaking Festival. This is an annual gathering where the populace sings songs about local history. This is an oral history of the town, their lives, their hopes, dreams and tragedy. A few hours pass when Ravio notice four farmers are not singing or paying attention. These people attack the crowd and are subdued by the party. They are voodoo zombies. One of the zombies has Aunt Dellie godchild’s drawing. It one of the numerous drawing Kianna has created. When Kianna was six her best friend Culley drown in the nearby lake. Kianna has been using art to deal with the death of her friend. The death was twenty years ago. Just this year Kianna decide to join a farmer’s pact (Aka Co-op) in the nearby district of Rattle. Aunt Dellie hires the group to see if her god daughter is still alive and to rescue her if necessary.

As the group is getting ready to leave another merchant Lady Dre invites herself along and offers her wagon with five shock absorbers to make the trip conformable. The group loves a free ride. An hour outside of town they meet Proclaimer Tungsten Ward. Ward is a local historian. When the group mentions Culley, he starts singing about Culley’s death.

Ravio, “Wait a minute. You mean you keep songs in your head about the death of an innocent child?”

Ward, “It is the proclaimers’ job to add things to the Awakening Song. I research magical happens which deal with the gawds. I am also an oral historian as if you write things down people will misinterpret what is written. But Songs Sing to the Soul.” He sings other songs about local history especially about the current blight. As they approach the halfway point they pull into the small village of Ribbon. (ARRGh. Ramble Ribbon Rattle. Hey authors how about different names which are not near each other.) In a nearby corn field the group see two parties running through the field. The corn is so high (CHILDREN OF THE CORN.) They can’t see what is happening. They call to the groups to come to them.

Uncle Polder burst out onto the road followed by three thin coyotes. Two attack the group. One downs Polder and starts dragging him into the corn. The group recovers the dear Uncle but one of coyotes gets away. (Yes, sometimes monsters will be smart and try to have take away.)

Uncle Polder thanks the group and lets them rest at his farm.

Uncle Polder, “Kianna and her pact came visiting earlier during the month to trader for some shovels and pickaxes for their jam and jellies. She was getting ready to throw a party for her old friend Culley. Who should have arrived two weeks ago.”

Ravio, “Culley died when he was six years old.”

Uncle Polder, “I am sure Kianna said her friend Culley was going to visit. Perhaps a newer friend with the same name. You, city folk don’t seem to be too imaginative and reuse names. Anyway, stay here over night and start out fresh in the morning.”

The next morning, they start off for Rattle. The blight is getting worse. The plants and wildlife are dying. Suddenly an earthquake rattles the wagon. But Ward mentions the district is not prone to earthquakes but does have a Bulette problem. The group goes to high alert but that is not good enough as just in sight of Kianna’s pack, a sink hole swallows the wagon, everyone but Ravio and the horses. The horses run off and the crawling claws attack from a tunnel in the sinkhole. They defeat the claws.

Thrash, “I think we should explore the tunnels.” (DM groans as they start to go off script.)

Pebbles, “I think we should dig out the wagon.”

Ravio, “I think we should explore the co-op.”

DM, “I think I need a bathroom break while you decide.” Three minutes later.

Ravio, “We are going to explore the barn to get shovels. Then dig out the wagon. Then see about Kianna and the farmers.” As the group approaches the pact some of the farm houses have a red “x” on them. The barn has shovels, picks, and skeletons of horses. The group grabs the shovels and picks and explores the farm without a red “x”.

It is Kianna’s house. Various rooms except the bedroom are nearly totally destroyed. The rooms are covered in red clay hand prints, prints of Culley’s drowning location, or monsters. The group kill some crawling claws and capture four voodoo zombie farmers. Who still have their hands. But where are the people whom belong to the thirteen weddings found in Kianna’s hope chest? They check out the cellar and hear Kianna singing. As they get closer it clears up.

Kianna, “Hush Kitty, Warm Kitty, little ball of fur. Soft Kitty.”

Ravio interrupts and talks with Kianna. Kianna, “Hush. Culley just ate and is taking a nap. I must sing him to sleep. He gets grumpy. He was drown but I just save him last month.” She looks at the pile of limbs against one the basement walls. The conversation loops. Yes, Culley is dead. But he was saved just last month.

Ravio, “Why don’t we go upstairs for tea and I will talk with Culley.”

The pile of limbs, “You can leave I want to play. Or you can sing me back to sleep. Hush Kitty. Warm Kitty. Little ball of fur. Sing with me.”

Ravio, “How about we talk Culley into going with us back to Promise.” DM takes off glasses. Sigh.

Dm, “So you are going to try to persuade the kill thing to go back to town. The evil thing which creates voodoo zombies.”

Group, “Yes. 18 on a persuasion check.”

DM, “Sigh. Let me read a bit.”

As the group move between Culley and Kianna, and Ravio flanks the limbs.

Ravio, “Soft Kitty. Warm Kitty.”

Group chorus, “Little ball of fur. Purr Purr.”

As Kianna gets to cellar stairs, Culley screams. “You can’t leave. I like into the dark.” He attacks. After he is put down, the farmers and Kianna come out their trance. They agree to be taken to Promise for medical check up and see if they can get help with the farm. They give Thrash a magical bag with a surprise inside.

End of Session 362.


Rotten DM
The conversation with Culley was fun. Almost everyone talked with him and some did sing the kitty song. I blew the mind of Pebbles when the coyote started dragging off Uncle. They are used to monsters being totally dumb.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 3

The Fiend of Hollow Mine

Day 7 0800 to Day 10 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 35 Villains Captured 7 Villains Escaped 3

Start time 6:30 End Time 9:00

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 170 GP

Magic Item Ring of Jumping, Periapt of Health, Scroll of Lesser Restoration, Book with Alarm, Find Familiar, Illusionary Script.

I had a weak group of three. Bar None Wizard 4. Pebbles Cleric 4. Thrash Barbarian 4.

Aunt Dellie has asked the group to take Kianna to San Citlan where the Nights of Remembered will be happening in a few days. Maybe this will put the ghost of Culley to rest. Around noon they enter Milpazul which looks nearly abandon except for some bandits attacking an inn. They are yelling something about Paloma when they see Bar None approach.

Bandit, “See the evil Paloma bring in foreign mercenaries. Kill the four of them.” The longbow bandits miss the PCs. One escapes but the other are killed. As soon as the last bandit dropped, an overdress woman with lots and lots of necklaces. So many necklaces as she just visited Mardi Gars. She is carrying three beers. She. Well, what is a skeleton doing serving alcohol at this hour.

Rufina, “Greetings rescuers. I am an olvidado. No, I am Rufina a humble bartender in support of the Great Warrioress Paloma. She who fights for truth, justice, and the American Way. Um San Citlan way. An olvidado. is an undead. PUT THAT HOLY SYMBOL DOWN CLERIC OR NO DRINKS. But why are you upset about undead since you travel with one.”

Group, “WHAT!” Kianna slowly approaches. Her face has shrunken. Arrows are sticking out her!

Kianna, “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.” She drops the arrows at the groups’ feet.

Thrash, “Hey dudes, those bandits weren’t missing.”

Kianna, “I think you missed the point. You dead beats. I am dead. I know how Culley feels now. Well not feels. Aunt Dellie said strange boys would be the death of me. Why are you killing time looking at me. Just drink up and get DEAD drunk. It isn’t as if you now have a DEADLINE. DO YOU?” (I lost track of how many dead jokes I made in this exchange.)

Rufina, “Come in to tavern be the heat stroke kills you. I have some Martinez Tequila inside.” The tavern is slightly crowd but the crowd is moving out into the sun. Most of them look sickly. A dwarven woman is drinking in the corner.

Paloma, “Thanks. For the help. The day owl has brought a curse on our village. The sereno curse is killing our town. It starts with a supernatural chill. You seek sun light but it does not warm you. It kills you by exhaustion. Me and a squad hunting the day owl which is a fiend of some sort to the mine in Hollow just a few hours away from us. The owl fiend is called a tlacatecolo. Kill the demon. End the curse. Take the three horses of the bandits. Here is my ring of jumping. Use it. Lift this curse and 100 GP to each of you. Go now.”

Kianna, “Hey guys. Me and Rufina are getting married. That news will knock Aunt Dellie dead in her tracks!”

A few hours later the group enter Hollow. It was a ghost town over a dead silver mine. But why does a ghost town have a Rolls Royce coach parked outside the mayor’s house a tiefling exits the coach.

Thrash and Bar None both tieflings, “Hey he is a green horn!” (I didn’t get the joke until just now.)

“I am Itzmin del Prado. Councilor of Arms to the Trecena. San Citlan’s Ruling Council. What are you foreigners doing on my property.”, proclaims the tiefling in an upper crust arrogant tone. Itzmin has bought all the town. He is planning on burning to the ground as this town zero of the plague which is affect outlining townships. He will burn towns until the plague is gone. The group is stupid and wrong about a curse but if they want to explore the old mine, their deaths will not be on his head.

Find a secret door in the first chamber the group wisely does not take the elevator. Using their wits and two javelins duct taped together, they defeat the evil Teocin lair. Teocin was in service to the evil gawd of you did not make your religion check. But she was creating ghouls. Ghouls which attacked Thrash. As they tried avoid the monster on the third subbasement, someone blew up the ground floor trapping the adventurers. Journeying deeper into the mine they find an artist’s mad lair. Part of the art depicts San Citlan. Other parts are to the evil gawd of you did not make your religion check, again. After stealing art supplies and other stuff they find a back tunnel which leads to the outskirts of San Citlan.

Arriving in San Citlan it well into the evening a Night of Remembrance is partying hard. A few party goers do see a huge owl overhead and point out where it went toward Dona Rosa mansion. But being dead tired they decide to take a long rest. In the morning after sleeping on unconformable benches, they arrive at Dona Rosa house. It is huge. Servants are cleaning up from last night party and resetting the decorations. Pebbles hears Dona Rosa crying on the second floor.

Approaching and with words of kindness they get the whole story. Her son from her first marriage has been cursed by her former husband’s cultists. She also thinks Don Itzmin has something to do with. Her son has fled to one Itzim’s businesses. As they are leaving to check out the various businesses, Thrash remembers his Granny Colusa and leaves an offering at the ofrenda. Suddenly his cheeks are being pulled.

Granny Colusa, “You do write. Look at you my dear terrible terrible Trash. Wandering around with adventurers not of the clan. How am I going to get great grand kids? How the girl friend? When are you going to marry her. Wait a minute. You have a GHOUL Friend on the side. I thought I raise you better.” Ten Minutes later. “Yes, yes that Donny Itzmin did try to kill you. One of the local aunties just told me he is two blocks down to the south. GRAND KIDS! Running away with out a good bye to their dearly departed grandparents. What is this world coming too?” (Love it when a pc bites a plot hook).

The group dashes off to south and gives chase to Itzmin (I still have trouble with chase rules.) They capture him and drag him back to Dona Rosa. Dona Rosa orders the servants to party loud while she questions the Don not so quietly. Her son was told to hide out at the metalworks across town. It is empty. And Itzmin will not reveal how to break the curse but he will. She grabs a ball preen hammer, “You kids go save my son. Capture him. Bring him back to me alive.” She shuts the door to the work room.

Arriving at the warehouse they sneak in the window. Bar None uses his new familiar to scout ahead. Serapio is in human form and talking to himself. He is currently in control of the curse. The group goes up the ladder to the second story walkway. The owl familiar is still relaying he currently in control of the curse.

Bar None, “I think we should rush in.”

Thrash, “I like rushing in and killing things.”

Bar None, “But we can do some to remove the curse but what? We could be peaceful.”

Thrash, “Peaceful is nice. His mom would be happy.”

Bar None, “He is just mumbling quietly to himself. But we could rush in.”

Pebbles Gawd, “Hello. DROP AND GIVE ME 300 PUSH UPS. Were you sleeping during the Curses. Removal Of?

Pebbles, “What. Huh?”

Pebbles Gawd, “Check your inventory. You owe me 600 PUSH UPS. Curses. Varied. Greater or Lesser Restoration. SIGNING OFF.”

Pebbles, “Hey we COULD use the scroll. But the DM forgets I have it as a spell.”

Thrash starts laying down a soft drum beat as Pebbles cast the spell and removes the curse. Serapio is reunited with Dona Rosa. The curse is lifted. Leader Paloma gives them their reward and offers them jobs as lieutenants in her army. They decline.

Oh, you want to know what happen to Itzmin del Prado. Councilor of Arms to the Trecena. San Citlan’s Ruling Council. Go ask Dona Rosa. But be aware, she still has the ball peen hammer.

End of 364.


Rotten DM
I had fun last night but occasionally the players were clueless. I was getting some bad movie vibes especially with the council member. The story seem to pack three different plots into one story. Which is great for homebrewing and expanding this chapter.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 4

Wages of Vice

Day 10 0800 to Day 17 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 35 Villains Captured 11 Villains Escaped 4

Start time 6:29 End Time 8:04

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 1,150 GP

Magic Item, Bag of Holding with 3 bottles of Jeli Wine.

Thrash 2,150 GP

Story Award Barbarians Bribe Better. Trash Only You took the bribe. People will remember your dishonesty.

Story Award Honest Adventurers, you refused the bribe people will know this.

I had a weak group at the start which became average as players came in from work. Bar None Wizard 5. Thrash Barbarian 5. Pebbles Cleric 5. Quinner Rogue 5. Frilla Warlock 5.

The group was hired by Momma Noodles to deliver a wine contract to the King of Coins of Tavern keepers who lives in Zinda. However, is during the 10 days of Vice. An annual celebration where everyone gets their vice on and at the end of the party, their sins and vices are swept to the sea. (After Play thought I would go with the third option Old Secrets and have the group be given a rose pin.)

The group are waved through the gates as Budweiser Beer Float is coming up behind them fast. Zinda is on the final day of partying hard. Think (WATCH DM KID PRESENT) of Mardi Gras to the max. In fact, the first sin is free the rest are three for a gold piece. Getting caught up in the party they don’t notice the Beer Float has pass them by. As Thrash tries to catch up with it, he notices a dwarf in an alley giving him a deadly look.

When Pebbles goes to question the dwarf, he coughs blood over her and slumps down dead. She knows he was not killed by a weapon but does not know what killed him. As she is investigating further. Some cops and the elf King of Coins Jewelers Madame Samira Arah arrived. She hires them to investigate the attacks on the sons and daughters of other Kings of Coins. She has stashed last night possible assassination victim Zenia Ruba—the eldest daughter of Myx Nargis Ruba, another of the Kings of Coin Taverns with her father at the Tavern Thornapple. The dead dwarf is son of another King of Coins Smiths Massimo Ain.

On the way to Thornapple, they see an herbalist go crazy and attack a noble. Pebbles tackles the dude and is nearly TKO with the abacus. (3 Nat 20s in opening combat.) But the group subdues the merchant and heals the noble. The captain of city guard shows up. Captain Adann explains that the wounded man is Arel Avim, son of the King of Coins Weavers Messer Solenn Avim. Arriving at Thornapple they met both orcs. Zina and Nargus. As Nargus is arranging for stage to be setup, the group talks with Zina.

Zina recalls she was shopping last night when a glitter bomb exploded over her head. She remembers a pink cloud. She also remembers a rude woman in a yellow tunic and green pants flipping her the bird just before. Thrash remembers a similar woman just before the herbalist attack and Pebbles remembers the herbalist being covered in a small pink cloud. They are interrupted twice. Once when the King of Coins Tavern opens the Can Can Dances show and less than a minute later by the Can Can Dances attacking them. Pulling their blows and with a good use of a Potato as sling ammo the group subdue the dancers. Pebbles discover the Divas glitter bomb was spiked with a rage poison.

Diva Luma remembers being gifted the glitter bomb by a datura which as a spirt druid name Kala Mabarin. With that name, Nargis confesses to his and all the other kings of coins except for King of Coins Jewelers Madame Samira Arah. Five years ago, they promised a witch their first-born kids to serve a ten-year apprenticeship. For this service the Jeli flower would have great harvests and Kings of Coins will get rich. But they killed the witch a few months later, but the witch daughter died ten years ago. It could not be the daughter. With this news the group talks to the city guard, secret police and the Prince of Vice. Prince of Vice is Azra Nir, the son of Grand Messer Amos Nir, the eldest member of the Kings of Coin.

The plan is to pull close cover with everyone but Frilla dressing costumes and being bead throwers on the Prince of Vice float. Frilla will be flying above the float as sin eater. Everyone will be on the look out for Kala to capture her. As the parade float is about enter the sea, they spy Kala and attack. When Frilla knocks out Kala, her mother’s ghost arises from her body and loudly names and curses her murders. She tries to steal Frilla’s broom of flying but is stopped. She curses the Kings of Coins again.

Frilla, “we will make sure everyone knows.” The ghost departs. When the party is over, Samira tries to bribe the group. Only Thrash takes the bribe. The rest give their account to the local newspapers.

End of Session 366.


Rotten DM
This was an average short story turned into a module. I would take some the notes from the Gazette at the end and expand the adventure. Maybe have some extra encounters of Bloodletters Vs the Kings of Coin faction.


Rotten DM
Radiant Citadel Session 5

Sins of the Elders

Day 17 0800 To Day 20 0800

PC Killed 0 Monsters Killed 37 Villains Captured 12 Villains Escaped 4

Start time 6:36 End Time 8:21

Gain a level. 10 Downtime Days. 1,000 GP

Magic Item Weapon of Warning Charm. Good for 3 sessions.

I had a very weak group. Bar None Wizard 6. Thrash Barbarian 6. Quinner Rogue 6

The group was asked to take some dry noodles to the Magistrate Kun Ahn-Jun during the spring festival of homecoming. (Okay I am not going to use the holiday hook for the next few sessions.) As they approach the town gate a ground fog rises up. And a gargoyle in shape of an old wise female dragonborn attacks. The party puts the monster down and fog clears.

Guard Bob, “Hey now. Littering is against the law. Pick up that destroyed statue.”

Thrash, “Huh, you were just shooting at that gargoyle a round ago.”

Bob, “If I was shooting at a gargoyle I would remember. What type of guard do you think I am.” It soon becomes clear that the fog takes memories.

Meeting with the Magistrate Kun Ahn-Jun the info dump is. Fog takes memories. Use to be rare. With the fog attacks from tigers, bears, and fog critters happen. City folk don’t talk about their troubles except with family behind closed doors with the shades down and Rapping Swamp Metal Rock being played loudly. City Folk will help if you ask but if you are juggling twenty plastic bags, Fluffy and his leash, and drop your house keys you are going to have fun until you specifically ask for help. Three places of interest are the construction site outside the city, the shrine of the elders’ party (um park but a shrine to your grandparents biggest party would be interesting) , and the oldest tea shop in town.

(This is another investigation adventure and my group has trouble with those.)

Arriving at the Elder Park Thrash honors his Granny Colusa in front of the shire in the center of the park to Queen Young-Soo and feels like he did something right. He feels he should go get tea.

(DM Notes Okay we were not getting into this module very well. And trying to avoid spoilers.)

At midnight on Day 20 with the classified number of relics, they speak with angry spirit. Due to classified spoilers. They classified the spirit with classified damage.

End of Session 368.


Rotten DM
Found out our youngest player is from Korea and English is his second language. We did spend about ten minutes trying to figure out what real world nation was background for this adventure. He is also enjoying being a wizard but is having trouble getting a handle on it. Does ask some good newbie questions. And his parents approved of me giving him access to my Beyond account.

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