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Jeff Talanian Announces 3rd Edition of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea to Kickstart in June


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Here's a brief summary I was able to jot down while talking with Jeff:

Here's the summary I was able to make:

ASSH to likely be renamed Hyperborea. Simpler name. Easier branding. Tastes great. Less filling ;)

The new edition will be split into 2 core books.

There will be a new cover and new interior art, including full-color plates. A number of artists were mentioned. Val Semeiks & Del Tiegler were two names I recall, but there were many others.

There will be 26 new class illustrations - 4 core classes and 22 subclasses.

New chapter frames/art

The goal is an early June Kickstarter, but this is subject to change.

1st level adventure by David Prada (add on available on the Kickstarter)

Future projects:

2 other adventures - one written by Johnathan Bingham and the other by Ben Ball , who also wrote Beneath the Comet)

Again, further details are in the video below. Jeff also spoke about Castle Zagyg (and working with Gary Gygax), how AS&SH came to be, heavy metal, Conan, H.P. Lovecraft, and more.


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