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D&D General Joe Manganiello's D&D Campaign Includes a Game of Thrones Creator & Vince Vaughn

The entertainment magazine Variety has joined the long list of mainstream publications who have published articles about D&D in recent years. They take a look at Joe Manganiello's home game, which includes Vince Vaughn, plus the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, and one one of the Game of Thrones creators!



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Dire Bare

What I love about this piece is that if you take away the famous names, it sounds like just about any group of dorks talking about their weekly D&D game . . . because that's what it is.

I also found it heartening to not only hear how excited the players are to be a part of Joe's group, but how they view it as stress relief from life.

It does sound like Joe is developing the "good DM" problem . . . where word-of-mouth is getting all sorts of folks to ask if they can join, and you've only got so much room at the table . . . . but you don't want to say "no" to anybody . . . .


This seems relevant...


Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Pretty sure this is where those guys go to get away from the ladies.

And can we all safely bet that Tom Morello is playing a barbarian?

First read, that sounds like racism (Lone POC dude playing the savage barbarian). But maybe you meant something else.

Fwiw, Morello's playing a Mountain Dwarf Champion/Forge Cleric.



I think this is a great illustration that people from all walk of life can gather to engage in a social activity. Rewind 20 years+, and these famous people were uncoordinated high school dorks like everyone else. For famous people, this is a "safe" way to enjoy getting together without having to be "on" for the media (or the inevitable star struck fan) - they just happen to have a larger amount of disposable income than most people.

And that's really what it is about - being able to engage in activities like normal non-famous people. The average person forgets that being rich and famous doesn't provide any stress relief - the job is different and has it's own set of stresses; if you are raising a family (and haven't fallen victim to a diva attitude) you have the added challenge of ensuring your kids aren't spoiled lazy, and there are always people who want your time, attention, or money. Being able to blow off steam in a non destructive manner is important. Doing it by playing D&D beats the excesses of high stakes poker games or going out to night spots where the temptations of drugs, opportunistic groupies, or dangerous behaviors.

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