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Kickstarter [Johnny Rook Games] Beneath the Ghoul Lair: An OSRIC/OSE Revised and Expanded Reprint is Live on Kickstarter!


Johnny Rook Games just launched their third Kickstarter to print their revised and expanded Beneath the Ghoul Lair adventure module! Originally published in 2011, this is an OSRIC and OSE adventure for 4-8 characters of levels 2-4. It was designed to be story-light, dungeon-heavy, with an early 80's sensibility couched in a modern feel. This module began as a response to an in-game choice by players to find the origins of a ghoul attack, which was a random encounter and had no other bearing on the adventure at hand. Those pesky players and their off-story directions! But there was no railroading here, just a nifty dungeon for them to explore as a side-quest.

If you missed the first two Kickstarters for the successful "Watchtower on the Hill" and "Warrens of the Great Goblin Chief," those two are ALSO available in this Kickstarter, in case you want any or all three!

Click the image below or click here to pledge today!

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A little addendum - I'm getting a lot of questions about compatibility and wanted to add that all of our adventures contain base rules for OSRIC (1e) and OSE (especially Advanced OSE), but also contain rules for 2e play (Morale and XP adjustments, mostly) and for 1.5e (Unearthed Arcana, Oriental Adventures, etc.). I personally play a 1e/2e/BECMI hybrid game at my table so I don't leave anything out of my books!

Game on!

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