D&D 5E Journeys into the Radiant Citadel shows up in the wild!


I crit!




See his Twitter thread for more. There is some glorious art there.
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All those who have pooh-poohed this as "light and fluffy" need to read the adventure descriptions. While some do seem to be a bit less on the murder-hobo side, rampaging dragons, horrors in an isolated farmhouse, foes causing volcanic eruptions, and Far Realm infestations hardly seem to be the stuff of nursery rhymes...

Some really nice stuff in there from that last set of tweets. I really like that they give additional info for areas outside the immediate area of the adventure, advise where you might put them in established D&D worlds if you don't want to use the Radiant Citadel itself, and have actual regional maps for some of the adventures. I was thinking about just staying with the D&DB version, but I might actually get the physical book as well.

Also: Ghouls dragging someone into an abandoned mine. "But it's a light and fluffy adventure book! It has to be since there's a cute creature on the cover!"
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