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D&D General What devil would most want to make trouble in the Radiant Citadel?

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To answer the question literally any devil would want to make trouble there, so you can just pick the one you want to use most.

On Raphael from BG III he's also not a true devil, he's a powerful cambion sired by Mephistopheles. Lots of devils take angel names, so it could have been an insult towards the Celestial Raphael.


5e Freelancer
Raphael is one of the three angels canonically named in Scripture and venerated by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. (He's in the book of Tobit, which many other Christians and Jews reject as non-canonical. Said book is also where you find Asmodeus.)
And? Raphael in BG3 has no notable similarities to the biblical Raphael aside from name. And that’s not even getting into the fact that a lot of D&D demons/devil names were came from Catholicism classifying holy beings/religious figures from other religions as fiendish. Look up the etymology of Baphomet when you have the time. Even the word “demon” comes from the neutral term “daimon” that was used in Ancient Greece to describe anything from the gods to your consciousness.


I don't think of demons typically being subtle enough* to work towards breaking up a would-be utopia through political in-fighting, which is what pitting two of the Concord Worlds against one another could potentially do, but you're right that there's already a demon involved in San Citlan. Good thought.
Pazuzu was generally pretty subtle, always scheming to corrupt naive and pure mortals (as wells as immortals like Asmodeus and Tharizdun) over directly conflicting with anyone. Wanting to corrupt a mortal utopia would be right up his alley

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