Just Discovered: Myst Ink Tavern!

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Well, now I understand better where I went wrong with the site presentation and I'm going to learn from my mistakes. So I'm going to delete this post (if that's possible) since it's in violation of the forum rules. My intentions weren't bad, but now that I've read your comments I understand better. I'm really sorry to have bothered you in this way, but the aim was to share original content with other players and game masters. If the forum moderators want to delete this post, I won't hold a grudge against anyone, of course.


Mod Squad
Staff member
... while I was trying to be original in my presentation.

Mod Note:
I'm sorry, but pretending to just be another fan who has "stumbled" upon something, when you aren't, is disingenuous, at best. And it is not original - it has been the most common attempt to evade our advertising policies.

To wit: If you want to do promotional posts outside the Promotions/Press Releases forum, please speak with @Morrus about getting a Publisher's account. Until then, this goes into the appropriate forum.

Please do not try similar "original" approaches. Just play things straight with our users. Thanks.

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