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Just finished my "The Old Tolgate Bridge" (16 1920x1080 map tiles)


First Post
The Old Tolgate Bridge.jpg

On the river of the old border between "The Kingdom of Ryand (River Land)" and "The Norie Empire" sits the "Old Tollgate Bridge" part of the defense empire wall that is now abandoned and in ruin.

The warden in his once fine gold trimmed uniform, now scruffy and worn. He will make sure you pay the right fare, for the goods you carry, or your have to deal with his pet troll.

Just don't be caught in the dark forest on the other side at night, so stay in the rooms for rent. They are warm and dry but if somewhat expensive especially if you arrive after sun set.

My Players robbed and murdered the warden and buried him under the dead tree, then set his pet troll free.

comes complete with the interior of the wardens house see https://www.patreon.com/posts/29613932 for more details

The Old Tolgate Bridge Tiles.png

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