Just out of curiosity - 3.0, 3.5, or something in between.

Which version of D&D are you using ?

  • 3.0

    Votes: 22 21.6%
  • 3.5

    Votes: 42 41.2%
  • Some of both (i.e. - 3.25)

    Votes: 38 37.3%


For those of you playing D&D now that 3.5 is available, I was just curious at the numbers (not the reasons).

What are you using in your current campaigns ?

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First Post
We are up to our third session with 3.5, switched an old Epic campaing to it and as far as I can see, up to now, all the modifications makes sense balancing wise.


First Post
I started up a 3.5 game just 3 weeks ago, and am loving it.

While I was mostly happy with the rules, now that I see them in play I'm _very_ happy with the rules.


Penguin Herder

Since so many of my house rules seem to have made it in to 3.5, I've decided that 3.5 + my remaining house rules = 3.6. So that's what we're playing.

-- Nifft


First Post
Mostly 3.0 with the Haste, Harm, Heal from 3.5.

We also added a few things that helped color: Druid spontaneously casting Summon Nature's Ally, spontaneous spellcaster spell replacement, staff now uses better of its caster level and attribute or the users, that sort of thing.

For the most part, ignored the feat changes. Did go to +3 for skill focus, don't have to choose weapon for finesse, but that is about it.

In our group, 3.5 would have sold a *lot* better if they hadn't done as many changes. Adopting it wholesale would have been disruptive to the campaign, required reviewing the spells with a fine tooth comb, and then trying to remember all of the changes when they came up in game.


First Post
Why worry about specific details?

Most of of forget details of the rules in the heat of play anyway. If not, then you are pay too much attention to the rules and not enough to the story.

I have never used a set of rules straight. Right now I am using D&D 3.Wombat


I bought 3.5, eager to move over completely, until I realized how much work it would be to change everything I had. I decided It would be easier for me to just take what I like out of 3.5 and add it onto 3.0....Besides, only one of my players bought the 3.5 PHB, the other ones aren't planning on buying anything 3.5.

3.25 for me.

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