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[Kae] Previews for April and Beyond


First Post
Unhallowed has been out for over a month, most the addicts have gotten their Complete Set Fix by now, so we'll have to give them something else before they come down and do silly things like look into Reaper's Legendary Encounters too closely (dear DDM players, don't buy into Reaper's schemes. It's Bad. Only DDM loves you! Reaper called you an idiot just now, I heard it!)

Anyway, let's get this show on the road.


Kobold Trapmaker

Here we see a kobold engaging in the kobold mating ritual: The problem is that kobolds are go ugly and loathsome that even other kobolds wouldn't consider mating with them, the males have to set traps for their victimates so they cannot run away. Wherever human influence hasn't shown kobolds the uses of alcohol to enable even ugly creatures to find a mate, the profession of Trapmaker is held in high regard among kobolds, since without them, the race would have died out long ago (more's the pity).


Frost Giant Jarl

Here's a Frost Jia Giant Ga Jarl (That has to be the "Red lorry yellow lorry" for D&D writers). The Jarl is an honoured position among Frost Giant, Awarded with the High Regalia of Ugly-Head-With-Skull-Of-Some-Critter-Stuck-On-It (which shows the enemy that this Frosty is smart as two beasts - both of them ugly) and Groinal-Napkin-Of-The-Frowny-Face* (showing the enemy that even his junk is in a really bad mood).

The frost giants' favoured weapon - a big icicle cut to a sharp edge and then preserved by ancient magic - is the way to tell a true Jarl from a normal frost giant grunt: A Jarl's weapon is pure, while other frost giants' weapons all have a decidedly yellow tint (because they usually find their icicles after they went to the Jarls, uh, I mean the Jakes).

*We had some really bad production runs where that frowny face stuck its tongue out, so we took them out of production before enraged parents stormed our premises and killed half our staff. Again. You might get one of those if you're really lucky, though.

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