KahunaCon '06 July 22nd and 23rd! slots still open! (greater Boston/Providence area)


Queen of Everything
It *was* really hard to sing! And I had to sing in my other game that day too. Actually, it wasn't the singing as much as getting put on the spot to come up with something.

Anyway, Jared definitely saved the day and impressed Jilllian. She thinks he's really smart! I had a great time in the UA game.

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Nine Hands

Qualidar said:
I want to thank our hosts and our gm's, I had a great time. With the Alternity/Mekton/Serenity trifecta I had my own personal sci-fi-Kahuna-Con. Thanks. :D


I'm glad people enjoyed themselves. Sorry I couldn't make it back on Sunday but with OGC this weekend, Lisa and I are really overworked right now.

Also thanks to the Kahunas for letting me drop by and pimp our two conventions.

Gotta remember to pack the battlemat next time.

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