D&D General Kaijus vs Dragons. Godzilla-D&D crossover?

Haven you seen the last trailer of Ikoria: lair of behemots? The surprise is an official Godzilla card. Evidently there is a partnership between Toho Studios, the creatores of Godzilla and other famous kaijus and WotC. Maybe Hasbro could sell new toys based in Toho kaijus, or a future crossover between Toho kaijus and some Hasbro franchise. Hasbro sold toys of the movie Pacific Rim, didn't it?

How do you play with dinosaurs and megafaun (prehistoric beasts) with low level PCs?

What crossovers would you like in Magic: the Gathering or D&D? For example Transformers in Kaladesh, or a centauress D&D version of My Little Pony, enough cute to be shojo, enough action girls to be shonen, like mixing She-ra and Xena characters.

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