D&D 5E Keith Baker: Exploring Eberron

Eberron creator Keith Baker has been busy recently! He has unveiled the cover to his new book, to be released in July on DMs Guild in PDF and Print on Demand hardcover. It will dive into parts of Eberron that have received little attention in prior books, including the undersea civilizations and the planes.


Keith sent Sly Flourish a PDF copy of the book, which Sly flipped through

Also, check out the KB Presents Twitter for past previews
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A bit on the nature of immortals.

Also, I clipped the most important moment from today's stream - Keith showcasing the Map of the Planes

EDIT: Looks like Enworld doesn't have twitch embeds configured right
I really like his take on immortals - I think I will use a version of that moving forward

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I'll edit the OP for clarity

Quori have been fiends in past editions and will be fiends again in ExE - they're nightmare spirits and thus fundamentally comprehensible, plus this makes sure stuff like Divine Sense and Dispel Evil and Good work. But yes it's definitely a psionic metal and not Byeshk.
They're still Aberrations. Being an Aberration doesn't make you incomprehensible, being a Daelkyr does. They're Aberrations, so that those spells don't work. Riedrans, craft with solidified emotion, a component of psionics, and similar to Husksteel, maliable soul-stuff.

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