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Klingons are generally regarded as a brutal warrior species, but this characterization is not entirely fair or accurate. Klingons are humanoids very similar to terrestrial Humans, with only a tiny portion of their planetary populations selected as warriors. There are two primary Klingon social classes: warriors and civilians.

Virtually all Klingons encountered, including starship, base, ground crews, Marines, ground forces, etc., will be of the warrior class. Since the Klingons typically encountered by other species are soldiers, the entire Klingon species is judged to have the same military mindset.

Klingon youths must take special training and pass a series of tests to become warriors, and while there are no formal barriers to children of civilians becoming warriors, few who grow up in a civilian environment show any interest. It is traditional for children of warriors to follow in a parent’s footsteps, although such heritage will not make their passage through the ranks any easier.

Klingon warriors are not sadistic or brutal. They do not hesitate to use force if it is the most appropriate course of action, but do not necessarily think of force as the first or only alternative. Klingons will not attack civilian targets simply for the thrill of killing defenseless people, but neither will they hesitate to attack a military target just because it is surrounded by civilians. The Klingons have been known to destroy Federation civilian colonies in the Neutral Zone (when they can get away with it) to prevent those planets from being claimed as possessions of the Federation.

Homeworld: Class-M, Gravity 1.02G, Atmospheric pressure 1.03, mean temperature 83°F, Zorski Group II.

[h=1]Species Traits[/h]
Size: As Medium creatures, Klingons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Ability Modifiers: +2 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Constitution, -4 to Charisma (treat their Charisma as -0 when dealing with other Klingons).

Base Speed: 30 feet.

Saving Throw Bonuses: Klingons gain a +4 to Fortitude checks when making checks versus their alcohol intake and to resist pain.

Skill Bonuses: +2 species bonus on Intimidation skill checks. Intimidation is a Klingon’s preferred method of diplomacy. Klingons also gain a +4 to Diplomacy skill checks when trying to impress others by their ability to drink alcohol.

Free Language Skills: Read/Write Klingon, Speak Klingon.
Other Languages: Any language the character can learn.

Other Modifiers: Reputation: Klingons feel that reputation is everything; they must make a Will check at -4 to accomplish any task that they believe would bring them dishonor.

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