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Knave 2 from Ben of Questing Beast. Update: Backerkit store is open.

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One of the best things about knave is that it is very lo-fi. It's cheap ($3), and you can easily print it out at home. Someone even did a 1 page version which was genius. And very hackable. Hopefully that remains the case with this KS, and we avoid the usual deluxe-cover-and-stretch-goals bloat. But I'm interested to see in what Milton adds, as he is usually very good at synthesizing ideas from the OSR blogosphere (Maze Rats is excellent too, though not as compatible with TSR-era stats).


I crit!
I had an idea for "druids" in Knave.

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 11.06.54 PM.png

Nice! And a good fit for Knave IMO.
I assume this was shared via the Patreon? (just realized it's on the community tab of Ben's Youtube channel)

In any case: Knave 2e is one of two titles I look forward to most this year (the other is Dolmenwood).


I crit!
Got this update via email. Note Knave 2 preview with the new cover on drive thru!
Edit: it doesn’t appear the new cover is in the preview.
Hello! This is Ben Milton from Questing Beast Games.

My Tabletop RPG Knave is getting an expanded, hardback second edition soon on Kickstarter, and since you've downloaded my games before I thought I'd send you a free preview of the new version before it goes live. Check it out here: Knave 2e Kickstarter Preview - Questing Beast Games | DriveThruRPG.com

The full version of 2e is planned to be 90+ pages and include a huge toolkit of random tables for generating whole campaign settings. It will also include:

  • A relationship-driven divine magic system in which PCs make bargains with patrons for their blessings. What will you offer in exchange for divine intervention?
  • A monster-hunting alchemy system where players hunt down magical creatures for their special abilities and then refine them into potions.
  • Straightforward GM and player principles for getting started running an old-school style game.
  • A d6 Hazard Die system that condenses tracking encounters, clues, weather changes, fatigue, torch burn, and resource depletion down to the roll of a single die.
  • Downtime activities where you can carouse, gamble, recruit hirelings, and build bases.
  • A tactical warfare system that resolves mass battles in minutes.
  • And much more!
Enjoy, and happy gaming.

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