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"Kobold Hall" intro adventure help


I am running the Kobold Hall adventure found in the DMG for a single level 1 player (paladin) and a lvl 1 rogue NPC. I have found it easy to scale down most of the encounters to accomodate, but am looking on suggestions for completely replacing the young white dragon boss.

I was thinking of simply a beefed up kobold leader or perhaps a rogue dragonborn... anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Make a tough dragonborn brute, turn it into an elite. Give the breath weapon a recharge when it becomes bloodied. Make the environment interesting so that the two Pcs just don't stand in a flanking position and commence a slug fest.

Another option would be to just make the Solo dragon an elite. Reduce its HP/defenses/saves/AP down to what would be appropriate for an elite, and play as is.

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