Kong: Skull Island for Everyday Heroes: an Interview with Dave Scott

Everyday Heroes (free quickstart at evilgeniusgames.com) is bringing d20 Modern gaming with a D&D 5E refresh. And in 2023 a Season Pass of Cinematic Adventure brings eight movie RPGs (like Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim) using the system! Dave Scott, owner of Evil Genius Productions, was kind enough to answer some questions about the RPG and the kickstarter kicking off in May.


CHARLIE DUNWOODY (CD): Please highlight the rules, tone, and GM support provided in Everyday Heroes.
We’ve developed a complete RPG manuscript spanning over 500-pages. It gives you all you need to play a modern action RPG. The rules are cinematic in nature, offering really fun options to roleplay your favorite action movie hero. Over half the book is for the GM, assisting them to build amazing roleplaying worlds. In the GMs section, we cover everything from Cyber-hacking to drug addiction.

CD: Releasing eight movie settings for Everyday Heroes in 2023 really makes the RPG stand out. Are the Cinematic Adventures settings, adventures, both, or something else altogether?
Think of these Cinematic Adventures as campaign settings similar to the Ravenloft or Eberron setting. They are worlds in which you can run adventures. But beyond providing an adventure, we wanted to do more. So, each book will offer new mechanics that can be brought into any of your 5e campaigns. For instance, the Universal Soldier book will introduce mechanics around Cybernetics. The Total Recall book will introduce mechanics around Mutations. If you want to run around Skull island battling monsters with a mutant arm that gives you a strength of 20 and bionic legs that increase your run speed by 10, you can do that with our system.

CD: Will the Cinematic Adventures support long-term campaign play or is each one more of a single adventure experience?
We have exciting plans for both Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island. For Pacific Rim, expect a World Book, a guide to Jaegers, and a Kaiju Monster Manual. For Kong: Skull Island, expect a World Book, a guide to the Corporations (like Monarch), and a Titans Monster Manual. For both of these properties, we have billion dollar franchises to draw from which gives us endless inspiration.

CD: Which of the eight movie settings are you most excited about and what new options will the setting offer GMs and players?
I’m most excited about Kong: Skull Island. When we signed the deal with Legendary, they gave us the Monsterverse Bible. This 1,000-page document gives us access to all the monsters, past and present, that exist within this universe. I personally love the monster hunter concept and we’re going to give it to you in spades.


CD: You have a kickstarter for Everyday Heroes in May. What items are you offering through this kickstarter?
Within the kickstarter, we’re offering everything. We have multiple versions of the Core Rulebook from a $25 PDF to an $80 Twentieth Anniversary Edition honoring d20 Modern. You will also have the ability to purchase any of the Cinematic Adventures for $20 each, or all of them in a bundle for a 20% discount. We also have an amazing partnership with Roll20 where anyone who buys our core rulebook will get the Roll20 version for free! And what would a movie be without a great soundtrack. That’s why we partnered with Syrinscape to provide SoundSets for every Cinematic Adventure we release.

CD: For players of fantasy RPGs like D&D, what does Everyday Heroes offer that might convince them to take the RPG out for a spin?
DS: Everyday Heroes
uses the 5th editions SRD which should make it easy for current D&D players to try our game. And if you’re an action movie lover like me. We’ll give you the chance to play out your favorite action scenes. In addition, it’s 100% compatible with your homebrew 5th edition game. If you want, you can build a Highlander Immortal that begins in the Ravenloft setting, solves mysteries in your Call of Cthulhu game, and then pilots a Jaeger in your Pacific Rim game. It’s all possible with a fully balanced 5e system like ours.

CD: Where can fans go to find your work?
We’ve assembled a group of amazing designers who have been responsible for some of the greatest roleplaying games of all time - Spelljammer, Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Star Wars RPG, and Marvel RPG. You need only to look on your shelf to see the work product of our team. But to see what we’re up to now, please visit our website at www.evilgeniusgames.com.

CD: Any final comments you’d like to share with the readers of EN World?
Our Kickstarter launches on May 17th at 7AM PDT. For Day 1 backers, we will be offering a free 5-part adventure played by Gen Con CEO Peter Adkison on GenConTV. If we are successful with this kickstarter, expect more exciting movie IP to come to life in the future

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody


I am surprised it took someone this long to attempt modern video game pricing with a tabletop RPG. And just like those situations, I'll probably just wait for the GOTY Edition...

2024 and Beyond​

Each year, we will announce a new slate of movie properties that we will make into amazing campaigns that you can play or use in your other 5e games. Urban Fantasy? Zombie Apocalypse? Stay tuned for future announcements.

Bright(by Netflix) and Walking Dead?

I wonder if someday we could see a TTRPG of Fornite: Save the World (that cooperative tower defense with husks and mist monsters).


So, with the alien technology on Mars (Total Recall) they've been able to build Jaegers. It's a good thing to since the Martian mining has created a breach to another dimension causing giant monsters to pour through. (Pacific Rim). MEANWHILE. The governments of earth (and the UN) freaked out when they discovered the existence of immortals (Highlander). Manhattan has been converted to a maximum security prison and appx. 90% of the world's immortal are incarcerated there (along with a bunch of other people designated as 'criminally insane') (Escape From New York). MEANWHILE. Some ruthless corporations have discovered a lost land of kaiju (Kong: Skull Island) and are using "technically dead" soldiers to try and exploit the location (Universal Soldier). Fortunately, there are those who see past the lies and deceit (Rambo and The Crow) and are willing to do what it takes to fight the ruthless bad guys.

They added a bit of info on the website for future game books that are not licensed: An armory sourcebook, one on military and how to run a military campaign and a book of vehicles.


I am surprised it took someone this long to attempt modern video game pricing with a tabletop RPG. And just like those situations, I'll probably just wait for the GOTY Edition...
I'll say that in talking to Dave (the CEO) he was really thinking about how he loved Polyhedron magazine and Dungeon back in the day and liked the idea of offering a subscription where you get a cool thing on a regular basis.

They will be available one at a time as they come out, but obviously, we prefer to cover our costs upfront if possible so we offer a discount on buying the whole subscription. That also helps us spread the cost between the most popular licenses and the more niche ones which lets us do a bigger variety.


The original D20 modern had plug in rules for magic and D&D monsters. Everyday Heroes doesn't seem to have them. Am I wrong?
We have not written any yet. That said, the design is meant to be very modular so that it's easy to add magic, mental powers, and what have you so we can do a nice job with the movie IPs we can get. The way licensing works, we didn't know at the beginning what licenses we would be able to get so we had to have something very flexible but still very flavorful. (That's basically my design specialty.)

That said, the call for an urban arcana style setting has been loud and clear so while we haven't created that in anticipation of the Kickstarter, we are definitely going to try and make that happen at the earliest opportunity. We've also been talking to other game companies that may want to produce setting books for the system but that is in very early stages.

The core rule book is solidly set in the real modern world, or a Hollywood version of that. The one exception is that our NPCs include a number of genre monsters, robots, and the like to spice up and surprise players if the GM feels so inclined.


This looks cool 😎👍

It’s too expensive for me at the moment (those pdf prices are pretty hefty btw) but it looks like it’s going great so maybe I’ll have a look at it when it reaches retail etc.

Good luck!

"Skull Island" is my favorite Monsterverse film and I love the fact that you were able to get the rights for it.

Question: what did the Anniversary Edition had, and how did it differed from the standard version?

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