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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game (IC)


World of Kulan DM
Caerth growls as his ears stop ringing enough to focus again, and the half-orc's concentration is enough to prevent the bane spell from taking hold of him.

Narrowing his eyes, the druid mutters a few sylvan words and motions for a creature from the very earth itself to come forward, preferably behind the cultists of an evil air demon.
The rocks around the cultists shudder in time with Caerth's words. Flakes of stone appear to crack off from the walls and ceiling and begin to gather together behind the cultists.

As Caerth brigs forth the earth elemental, Meridith reloads and fires her crossbow at the head cultists fighting Maur. The bolt flies over Maur's shoulder and clips the cultist in the side of the head.
OOC: Earth elemental will appear just before Caerth's next's turn in round 3.

Meridith: Light Crossbow > 1d20+2=22 (hit, natural 20!), Confirm Roll > 1d20+2=13 (not a crit.), Damage > 1d8=3

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World of Kulan DM
Neurotic said:
OOC: And once again, I cannot fail DC 14 (but rolled 29 anyway) - should I roll? Does 1 always fail for saves?
OOC: I do consider a 1 to always be a failure. It notes it on p. 177 of the PHB. So, yes, please roll.

Phar masters himself and shakes his head to clear it. He raises his bow and looses an arrow straight at the lead cultist in one smooth movement.

bow attack and damage: 1D20+10 = [18]+10 = 28
1D8+1 = [2]+1 = 3 (+1 to hit and damage if within 30')
The arrow slices through the man's arm before he can move his shield.

Timmins slashes out twice at the cultist in front of him. His longsword connects with the first swing but his second blow is blocked by the cultist's shield. Gareth takes aim with his crossbow at the same cultist and the bolt finds its mark.

OOC: Timmins: Longsword (x2) > 1d20+7=24 (hit), 1d20+2=12 (miss); Damage > 1d8+1=4
Gareth: 1d20+1=17 (hit), Damage > 1d8=7

As Maur stops at the end of his charge and settles in the battle stance, the plates of his armor slide and click, locking their edges and closing small openings normally left between the plates.

He swings the hammer twice, connecting once and undoing any healing the patrol leader received.
"You lot, run away before my companions wake up. You cannot harm me. Nu! Run!"

The lead cultist's eyes roll up into the back of his head and he goes down in a heap. The man doesn't cry out in pain before slumping to the floor.

Quinten tries to shake off the effects of the bane spell, as he fires his shortbow at one of the cultists beyond Maur. He finds the correct range and the arrow slices the man's shield arm. Brutus picks himself off the ground and growls at himself for being clumsy. He unfastens his axe. Wieland tries to hit the same cultist as Quinten but his arrow comes up short.

Quinn unleashes his full might against the cultist in front of Timmins. The first strike takes down the cultist as it snaps the man's head back. He goes down in a heap, gurgling.

"Ha!" Quinn shouts.

He aims his second strike at one of the other cultists but he is to far away to connect with the chain.

OOC: Quinten: Shortbow > 1d20+3=17 (hit), Damage >
Wieland Shortbow > 1d20+3=12 (miss)
Quinn: Spiked Chain (x2) > 1d20+15=29 (hit), 1d20+10=15 (miss); Damage > 2d4+7=13

End of Round 2


World of Kulan DM
Aureus recovers her bow and lets an arrow fly. It passes over the head of one of the cultists.

"I'm not dying for that bastard," he shouts at the others. He grabs his bleeding arm where Quinten's arrow hit him as he runs away down the stairs.

The other two cultists glance at each other before casting protection spells on themselves and readying their heavy maces.


World of Kulan DM
Once the earth elemental finishes coalescing, it slams one of the cultists after the man finishes casting his spell. The new protective magic isn't enough to keep the elemental from bloodying the man and denting his shield.

Caerth smiles with satisfaction and then steadies himself and his bow and fires at the same cultist through the mass of bodies in front of him. Unfortunately, the arrow only hits the floor in between Timmins and Maur. His smile fades.

Meridith follows suit with her own bow shot. The arrow springs awkwardly out from the bow and breaks apart on the rocky wall to Quinn's left.

"Careful, back there," the big gladiator says.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Maur comes at the next cultist, chasing others isn't his strength. But he takes note to prepare something for the next time. Command. Hold Person. Something.

At the moment, there are cultist to kill. His heavy warhammer swishes next to the cultist and the weight of the strike makes the wall crumble at the impact site. The cultist flinches straight into the path of returning strike.


Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters