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D&D 3E/3.5 [Kulan] The Lands of Harqual (Updated: Feb 3/2022)


World of Kulan DM
Carl Tigerstorm, Founder and Guildmaster of the Tiger Guild
Stats: hm / 10th level fighter, 10th level rogue / neutral good
Homeland: The Kingdom of Thallin
Source: Original
Personality: Charismatic, brilliant, and meticulous.
Description: One of the most powerful men in the Eastern Shores, Carl is a well-known soldier in the Kingdom of Thallin and beyond. A veteran of the Second Ogre War, Carl is considered a hero by the masses of Thallin.

He is fond of the people of Thallin and in the past had often been seen wandering through the streets of Fruen helping the less fortunate. He isn't the sort to give out alms and instead tried to clean up the streets by offering wayward youngsters a chance to join the Tiger Guild to learn whatever profession they chose. Those with obvious magical talent he sent to the College of Wizardry, where his good friend Heward Tallinson would have them tested for entry into that guild.

Carl was a long time friend and loyal servant to last King of Thallin, Travathian Dragonguard. Carl is not pleased that Travathian’s son has become King as he has witnessed firsthand the young man’s vicious nature.

His grandson and Carl's long time friend, the ogre known as Kellin One-Eye, thwarted a recent attempt on Carl's life by a former guild member, Jacob Diamondeye. Carl is positive that King Varath hired the assassin to kill him. The recent proclamation that Nether will be the new state god of the Kingdom of Thallin hasn't given him reason to think otherwise.

Carl had no choice but to relocate his life and guild operations to the City of Tian in the Duchy of Minar after King Varath had his soldiers raid the Tiger Guild in Fruen.
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World of Kulan DM
INSERTED POST: Cauldron City Unshackled!

Small City
Other Names: City of the Silver Hand
Political/Religious Affiliations: The Dominion of Cauldron (capitial city); Church of Jalivier (patron deity); Church of Baervan (minor); Church of Bast (major); Church of Boccob (major); Church of Brenna (minor); Church of Calphas (minor); Church of Clangeddin (major); Church of Hades (major); Church of Hansa (cult); Church of Kord (major); Church of Mussin (cult, in hiding); Church of Sanh (minor); Church of Yondalla (major); Cult of Bharrai; Cult of Kharash; Cult of Sealtiel.
Power Center: Conventional (lord mayor).
Alignment: Lawful good
Population: 7,500
Demographics: Mixed (80% human, 8% halfling (hairfoot), 7% dwarf (hill), 3% elf (urbanite), 2% other races).
Fortified?: Yes; the city is built inside the inner bowl of an unnamed, dormant volcano. The city is surrounded by wall of black malachite. This wall has been damaged, and isn't as strong as it use to be.
Epic?: No.
GP Limit: 15,000 gp
Assets: 5,625,000 gp
Main Import: Armor and barding.
Main Export: Textiles.
Authority Figures: Hezekiah Grofus [male human (The Archmagus, lord mayor, member of the Order of the Silver Hand)]; Shötte [male frost giant (captain of the guard, member of the Order of the Silver Hand)].
Important Characters: Amaryllis Greenbottle [female halfling (lightfoot) (member of the Order of the Silver Hand and leader of the Halfling Syndicate in Cauldron]; Argo Flameheart [male human (The Trúa, The Bloodsun, leader of the Order of the Silver Hand)]; Deven Myrzal, [male human (city guardsman)]; Fulgar Crystalmantle [male dwarf (high) (city bailiff, merchant noble)]; Jacob Taskerhill [male human (city magistrate, merchant noble)]; Jefferie “Redshirt” Knobel [male aasimar (minister of the Sun Sanctuary, member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun)]; Karr'Toomba [male human (Seggr, warden of Cauldron, member of the Order of the Silver Hand)]; Zachary Aslaxin II [male human (high priest of of the Temple of Lordly Might)].
Other Characters: Abernath Vaine [male human (rogue and wizard, member of the Order of the Silver Hand)]; Beren and Seren [male and female humans (brother and sister, personal guards (paladins) of Argo Flameheart, members of the Disciples of the Bloodsun)]; Jasper Drundlesput [male rockwood gnome (mathematician and professor)]; Jendy Aslaxin [female human (Mistress of the Temple of the Cat)]; Jeneer Everdawn [male hairfoot halfling (local gemcutter)]; Keygan Ghelve [male kitt (owner of Ghelve's Locks)]; Ophellha Knowlern [female elf (merchant noble)]; Sinclair [male half-elf (member of the Disciples of the Bloodsun)]; Skie Aldersun [female halfling (hairfoot) (proprietor of Skie's Treasury)].
Organizations: Disciples of the Bloodsun (new), Halfling Syndicate, Last Laugh Thieves' Guild (two factions, restricted), Order of the Silver Hand, Striders of the Dawn, The Chisel (guild), The Heartless (in hiding), and Warders of Law (new).
Merchant / Noble Houses: Aslaxin, Crystalmantle (dwarven), Drekan (elven, new), Greenbottle (halfling), Grofus, Haljan (new), Knowlern (elven), Lathenmire, Linbak (halfling, new), Nebern (restricted), Silar (halfling, new), and Taskerhill.
Adventurers Welcome?: Yes, as long as their good-aligned.
Notes: This is the city of the Shackled City Adventure Path from the pages of DUNGEON Magazine (modified for Harqual, of course).
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Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Knightfall1972, I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Its been a hectic month. First off, I was unable to send you the files I intended to because my Yahoo email account is acting wacky of late. Secondly, if you are at all interested I'd like to help you get this stuff published to pdf. I have the power to do so. Please drop me an email if you are interested.


World of Kulan DM
Update to Races of Harqual

Reveille said:
Knightfall1972, I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Its been a hectic month. First off, I was unable to send you the files I intended to because my Yahoo email account is acting wacky of late. Secondly, if you are at all interested I'd like to help you get this stuff published to pdf. I have the power to do so. Please drop me an email if you are interested.

No worries, Reveille. And when you say published to PDF, do you mean d20 published or just converted to PDF files. If the former then that isn't going to be possible, as World of Kulan is too much a D&D World with influences from non-OGC material. It's been that way for so long, I wouldn't feel comfortable making it more generic to fit the OGL.

Now, if you mean just simple PDFs for my own use then sure I'd like to take you up on that. However, a lot of my material keeps getting tweaked, as I find old mistakes in text. I'll send you another e-mail later on in the week.
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World of Kulan DM
God of Mischief, Patron of Thieves, The Fiery North, The Sky Traveler

Greater Deity
Symbol: Flame and ice
Home Plane: Material Plane
Godly Realm: Hougard (Winter’s Hall)
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Mischief, fire & ice, thieves, trickery, duality of chaos
Worshipers: Barbarians, elementalists (fire), para-elementalists (ice), rogues & assassins, bards, bugbears, centaurs, dwarves (glacier), fire giants, frost & ice giants, dragons with the fire or cold subtype
Cleric Alignments: CN, CG, CE
Domains: Chaos, Cold, Fire, Secrecy, Trickery, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Lokun is the North God of Mischief, although he is rarely referred to by that title. He is more often referred to as The Sky Traveler or as The Fiery North, in Lands of Harqual. Lokun is an alternate aspect of an Old God, an Asgardian called Loki, who is venerated in the distant lands of Hjemland on the continent of Kanpur. (Only his most devoted followers know of this alternate aspect.)

Since the end of the Divinity War, Lokun’s Norse wife, Sigyn, as well as his sons, Narvi and Vali have become known in the Northlands. (Sigyn isn’t a member of the North Gods, instead being considered Interloper Gods, while Lokun’s sons are considered the adopted divine children of the North Gods.) Lokun’s Godly Realm is located on the island known as Hougard in the icy waters of the North Sea. While the entire island is considered part of his Godly Realm, it is the structure known as Winter’s Hall, in the center of the island, that is his true Godly Realm.

Thus, mortals could find their way to the island’s edge, even if Lokun didn’t wish them to. However, they wouldn’t be able to locate Winter’s Hall, or even set foot upon Hougard, without the divine permission of The Sky Traveler.

Lokun manifests to his worshippers a lot, in many different ways. These manifestations are usually not readily apparent as being a sign from The Fiery North, as Lokun is known for playing tricks on his own followers. He only sends his Avatar in dire emergencies and his Avatar hasn’t been seen anywhere south of the Greystone Mountains in nearly 800 years.

Lokun’s Avatar is never apparent as such. Lokun always cloaks himself in secrecy and a veil of disguise. The few times his Avatar hasn’t appeared under a veil of secrecy, it takes the form of a Medium-sized human with hawk-like features and slick, black hair. His skin is the color of muted fire burning in the shadows. His dark purple garments are finely crafted and are often trimmed in a fiery pattern along the cuffs and edges. Black wolf’s fur lines the Avatar’s garments, which always look untouched by the weather. Lokun’s Avatar always carries a +5 chaotic flaming dagger and also has been seen wielding a +5 chaotic flaming burst longsword.

Note: The schism between the North God Lokun and the Asgardian Loki happened before Loki betrayed the Asgard by tricking Hod into killing Balder.

The worshippers of Lokun are accepted throughout the Lands of Harqual. Lokun is a god suffering through duality. He is forced to endure the bound pain of Loki, but is free to roam the Multiverse as a member of the North Gods. Thus his followers are often unpredictable and bound to both the good and evil sides of chaos.

Lokun teaches a freedom of spirit, which manifests in his faithful as a need to be pranksters. Mischief is the right of all beings and it is the dual duty of the followers of Lokun to teach others to cause mayhem and yet not to cause so much mayhem that the world is undone. Stealing isn’t a crime unless you are caught, although it is discouraged against the faithful of the other North Gods.

Lokun is known as the Fiery North and, thus, his followers must live a fine line between the cold of ice and winter versus the heat of the torches’ flame and the burning of the dragon’s breath. Lokun’s followers in the Northlands teach their peers the importance of fire, while those in the Far South teach the masses that cold sustains life under the extreme heat of the sun.

All this is the dual nature of The Sky Traveler.

Clerics and Temples
Lokun’s chaotic nature means that his clergy are known for their inability to stay in one place or follow the rules while they’re there. They are seen as troublemakers by those not in the Church of Lokun, even by the followers of the other North Gods. However, they’re usually welcome in strict lawful society, just not by the rulers of said societies. They tend to shake things up, which endears them to the poor and jaded, as they are great bringers of change.

The Church of Lokun doesn’t have temples of its own, instead petitioning the churches of the other North Gods to allow them to use their temples while visiting the area. The followers of Hansa, Kuil, Narvi, Sanh, and Vali are the most likely to allow Lokun’s clergy to ‘use’ their temples. None of the lawfully-aligned churches of the North Gods allow Lokun’s clergy into their temples.

Lokun’s clergy is mainly made up of clerics, adepts, barbarian/clerics, cleric/fire elementalists, and cleric/rogues. The Church of Lokun is the only North God church to allow true assassins amongst its faithful, although they must be cleric/rogue/assassins and are not allowed to assassinate the clergy of other North Gods.

As mentioned above, Lokun doesn’t have any temples, but there are many hidden shrines dedicated to the North God of Mischief. These shrines are always secret places and can only be found through the use of thieving skills and guile. They are often trapped with mechanical traps or magical fire or cold traps. It is said that there is a dungeon complex located somewhere under the sand and rock of the Great Expanse that is one huge, trapped sanctum dedicated to Lokun.
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World of Kulan DM
Goddess of Nobility, The Lady Judge

Lesser Deity
Symbol: Plain silver crown
Home Plane: Celestia
Godly Realm: Bastion of Righteousness
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Government, law, nobility, right to rule
Worshipers: Judges, lawful fighters, nobles, paladins, rulers, sentinels, enforcers
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN
Domains: Authority, Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Light or heavy mace

Mayela is the North Goddess of Nobility and is known as The Lady Judge throughout the Lands of Harqual. She is the daughter of Cronn and Inanna and is the only one of the original Divine Children, from the Time of the Calling, to survive the Divinity War. (While Hansa and Hela are trapped deities, they are considered fallen by the North Gods.) This is a testament to her strength or will and martial prowess.

Mayela’s Avatar usually appears as a Medium-sized human woman, with long following red hair and piercing green eyes, wearing a judge’s robe trimmed in gold and silver. She carries a book of law in one hand and her +5 holy cold iron light mace in the other. (This weapon is considered to be similar to a holy avenger, granting Mayela’s Avatar and anyone within 30 ft of the Avatar, Spell Resistance of 25, in addition to any other SR they might already have from other sources.)

Mayela’s Avatar appears differently if on a battlefield. It appears as above but she is clad in perfectly formed plated armor in the style of the most dominant lawful good culture of the region. Regardless, the armor appears to be made of mithral and Mayela’s symbol is always etched into the breastplate. The Avatar doesn’t carry a book of law, instead wielding a +5 holy cold iron heavy mace with both hands.

Manifestations from Mayela are commonly the sound of a gavel hitting a wooden surface over and over again or trumpet fanfare (on a battlefield only).

Mayela teaches the balance between law and good throughout society. Actions by those in power must always benefit the concepts of law without harming the good in people. Her followers must always strive to change laws and government within any lawful-based society, even if that society is dominated by evil. These restrictions are loosened only slightly when dealing with neutral or chaotic-based societies. Because many of the deities of the North Gods are neutral and/or chaotic, Mayela teaches her followers tolerance before action. Mayela teach that Evil is worse than Chaos and the faithful must always work towards putting down evil for evil’s sake. Evil in the name of the Tenets of the Balance is harder for Mayela’s followers too stomach and they often clash with the faithful of Aegir, Hades, Lokun, and Narvi over ideology.

Clerics and Temples
The clergy of Mayela is made up of clerics, paladins, sentinels, monks, and any other individual dedicated to the concepts of law and good, regardless of class. A few enforcers are known in the Church of Mayela but they are rare. However, chaotic or evil people aren’t tolerated in the Church of Mayela. (Chaotic people with good hearts are grudgingly accepted as being members of society, as long as they follow the rules of law and only challenge government within the framework of those laws.)

Mayela is a favorite deity amongst the nobility and is the patron deity of many judges and rulers of lawful societies. Her followers are dominantly human but she does have followers amongst many dwarven clans as well as the race known as the luminous. Her worship is rare in other humanoid societies. However, the Church of Mayela doesn’t discriminate against race, believing that any soul can be brought into the fold. Thus it’s been known to occur, that silver elves, half-elves, hairfoot halflings, rakasta, and even rockwood gnomes have joined the church, in the past. The church also doesn’t discriminate against males, although most of Mayela’s high priests are female.

As a strongly aligned lawful deity, Mayela has temples in every land where law permeates. They are welcome in good lands and looked upon with suspicion and hate in evil ones. Rarely will the Church of Mayela be persecuted, as it’s tolerance for working within the system, for changes to the system, is highly regarded. Truly lawless lands and societies will work towards discrediting the Church of Mayela, but the faithful of The Lady Judge take this in stride, believing in the power of law and good to sway any soul, no matter how fallen from the Axioms of Mayela.

The most prominent temple to Mayela is in the Kingdom of Navirosov, on the island known as Calla. The citizens of the kingdom consider the Temple of Good Justice, in the Capital City of Magdalene, a bastion of goodness and law. While worship of the North God Jalivier is considered the state religion of Navirosov, the Church of Mayela is one of the few North Gods churches to be allowed full status in the kingdom. Its members are some of the most influential in society – nobles, judges, barons, knights, etc.

Other major kingdoms and city-states with powerful temples to Mayela are as follows: the Principality of Ambra, the Kingdom of Stonn, the City-state of Reims, the Monarchy of Avion, the Principality of Shaule, the Kingdom of Izmer, the Independent Domain of Anoria, the Sword Protectorate, the Kingdom of the Greystones, the Mines of Morhan, the City-state of Amdrall, the Four Cities of Foxe, the Republic of the Thorn, and the Kingdom of Halaian.

Of these, the most notable is the Temple of the Lady Judge located in the city of Shaule. There, the Church of Mayela is the state religion and her followers govern all facets of law throughout the city and the few outlying communities aligned to the Principality. The ruler of the city, His Eminence, Prince Winston Hallet (½e / Ari8/Clr8 (Mayela) / LN), is also the leader of temple and Lord Judge of the city’s courts. His dedication to law is absolute, while his dedication to good could use some help. He is one of the few rulers in the Lands of Harqual who makes use of enforcers (LN holy warriors) as leaders of a Royal Guard and is a follower of Mayela.
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World of Kulan DM
Four Cities
Proper Name(s): The Four Cities of the Foxe, The Foxelands
Rulers: Council of City-state Rulers
Government: Confederacy
Capital: Foxellian
Major Towns: Alsesby (pop. – 12,453), Asera (pop. – 916), Cadno (pop. – 3,883), Caniadul (pop. – 4,057), Falke (pop. – 1,328), Fourivers (pop. – 11,208), Foxellian (pop. – 13,579), Redeno (pop. – 611), Rillby (1,033), Swannay (pop. – 2.791), Wateredge (pop. – 7,835).
Provinces: Four independent city-states, six outlying communities, and over a dozen individual holdings.
Resources: Cotton, domesticated animals, fish, metals, and some gems.
Coinage: Each city-state has its own version of the traditional coin types. Plus, the city-states produce a small gold ingot, called an “Anvil” that is worth 25 gp.
Population: 925,488 – Dwarf (Torin) 40%, Halfling (lightfoot) 30%, Elf (southern) 12%, Kitt 7%, Rakasta 6%, Gnome (rockwood) 3%, Other Races 2%.
Languages: Dwarven (Torin), Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Kitt, Rakasta, Suar, and T’skrang.
Alignments: LG *, NG, N, NE, CG
Patron God: None
Major Religions: Aerdrie, Berronar, Brandobaris, Dugmaren, Garl, Issek, Kuil, Mayela, Moradin, Rel, Sanh, Sehanine, Yondalla.
Minor Religions: Arvoreen, Baervan, Clangeddin, Corellon, Cyrrollalee, Dumathoin, Gaea, Muamman, Sheela, Tudsara, Vespin, Xan Yae.
Cults: Abbathor, Angrboda, Bast, Draven, Druaga, Euphoria, Gaerdal, Hendomar, Heward, Melira, Tulle, Vergadain.
Alliances: The Therse Dependency.

Map: World of Kulan Maps (Updated: Nov 22/11)
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World of Kulan DM
Hi all, I haven't updated this thread in a while. Been going through an emotional downturn the last couple of months. I seem to be coming it out of it now, slowly.

Anyway, I've just updated my post (#101) detailing my custom domains. I've been "lisiting" a Forest domain for several of my deities but just realized that I fogot to "create" it. :eek:

Oh well, no time like the present.

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the Jester

Hey Knightfall!

Just checked in on this thread- I haven't in a while- and as always, I'm frankly amazed at the amount of stuff you put together! Then again, I guess people say the same about me... heh.

Good to see those domains- hey, there's that Forest domain! :D I guess you decided the animal empathy wasn't too bad, eh? ;) :cool:


World of Kulan DM
the Jester said:
Hey Knightfall!

Just checked in on this thread- I haven't in a while- and as always, I'm frankly amazed at the amount of stuff you put together! Then again, I guess people say the same about me... heh.

Yeah, I'm one of those people too. You have lots of great custom material. Especially the classes, feats, prestige classes, domains, and spells. It works out well though. I'm not much for feat or spell design so i "borrow" a lot of your stuff. :p

I, of course, lean more towards custom races, deities, locales, organizations, and domains, as well as maps. Can't forget my maps. And while I haven't posted a lot of new maps on that other thread, that doesn't mean I haven't been making new ones. I've discovered a whole new level of detail in my maps by going in even closer. (I did post a, still incomplete, revised version of my Mor's End city map. That one needed (will need) a lot of work.)

As for this thread, I'm getting close to the end of detailing the "original" deities for the Pantheon of the North. I'm working on Ramara right now and then comes Rel, Sanh, and Tok. After I'm done those I'm going to go back add do the "new" divine children, born after the end of the Divinity War: Brenna, Casiia, and Draven. Also, Lokun's Norse sons, Narvi and Vali, are now officially members of the North Gods as well. after I'm done all that I'm going on to the Sword Gods, which includes Mussin, Angrboda, Battus, Belinik, Druaga, Hiisi, Math Mathonwy, Nether, and Xuar. After that will come the Interloper Gods, the Deities of Twilight, the Tabaxi Deiites, and the Pantheon of Ahamudia.

Plus, as the mood strikes me (as well as need) I will continue to work on and post my Harqual organizations. I'm not sure when I'll re-begin work on the Races of Kanpur, as I don't have a huge need for that material right now. More likely I'll work on my Fallenlands.doc, which does for The Fallenlands what my Harqual.doc did for the Lands of Harqual.



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