World of Kulan DM
Kulanspace is the home sphere for my World of Kulan campaign setting. Quite some time ago, I decided that Kulanspace would exist in it's own unique Spelljammer "reality" that I call Farspace. Farspace is designed to be used with the rules given in the Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon minigame.

I also decided, several years ago, that the the planets of Kulanspace will equal the planets of our solar system in position and number. However, while these planets will be Sol-themed according to fantasy/science fiction tropes, the planets will differ greatly. For example, V'sal, the system's version of Mars, will be a red planet and will be influenced by Martian fantasy/science fiction; however, it will be more Spelljammer than anything else.

  • Sun (Primary Type: Yellow Star)
  • Halne
  • Belt of Trel
  • Kulan
  • V'sal
  • The Floating Maze
  • Zu
  • Karel
  • Tor
  • Seln
  • The Fracture
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