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Any insights would help numb the death of Chartis Gladen, the best gosh-darn rogue that ever sacrificed himself in a blaze glory for his companions and the good folk of Canton. :erm:

Heavy Blade Mastery, Gaunlets of Destruction, and Iron Armbands of Power are planned for later.

L15 Deva Avenger of Pursuit
Paragon Path: Oathsworn
Initiative: 7, Speed: 6, HP: 97, Surges: 7

32/33 AC; 1 race, 3 class, 2 ability, 7 lvl, 6 armor, 3 feat, (1 feat-wall)
29/30 Fort; 1 race, 1 class, 5 ability, 7 lvl, 4 item, 1 masterwork, (1 feat-oath)
25/26 Ref; 1 race, 2 class, 1 ability, 7 lvl, 4 item, (1 feat-oath)
32/33 Will; 1 race, 1 class, 7 ability, 7, lvl, 4 item, 2 feat, (1 feat-oath)

19 +4Str 12 +1Dex 25 +7Wis
13 +1Con 14 +2Int 10 +0Cha

17 Athletics; 5 str, 5 trnd, 7 lvl
20 Heal; 8 wis, 5 trnd, 7 lvl
11 History; 2 int, 2 race, 7 lvl
15 Insight; 8 wis, 7 lvl
15 Nature; 8 wis, 7 lvl
20 Perception; 8 wis, 5 trnd, 7 lvl
16 Religion; 2 int, 5 trnd, 2 race, 7 lvl
Languages: Common, Primordial, Draconic

20/21 Melee Atk: 7 wis, 3 prof, 3 magic, 7 lvl, (1 feat-wall)
10/11 Melee Dam: 7 wis, 3 magic, (1 feat-wall)

“Censure of Pursuit”: If Oath of Enmity moves from you willingly, gain +5 damage vs it ENEXT.
“Armor of Faith”: While not wearing heavy armor or using a shield, gain +3 bonus to AC.
Resist Necrotic, Radiant 12

“Blood Oath”: +1 bonus to all defenses against attacks made by your oath of enmity target.
“Sworn Action”: Action points that attack make two rolls against each target.

-Auspicious Lineage: Memory of Eons uses 1d8.
-Implement Expertise: +2 to attack with symbols.
-Improved Armor of Faith: AC bonus becomes +6
-Proficiency: Leather
-Proficiency: Hide
-Proficiency: Fullblade
-Back to the Wall: If next to a wall, gain +1 bonus to melee attack rolls, melee damage rolls, and AC.
-Devastating Critical: Crits deal +1d10 dam (incl)
-Iron Will: +2 feat bonus to Will.

1 “Bond of Pursuit”; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11
Standard, Melee Weapon
If ends not adjacent, shift 2 as a free action, but you must end that shift closer to the target.

1 “Radiant Vengeance”; 18 vs Ref - 2d8+9
Standard, Ranged 14, Symbol, Radiant
Gain 4 temporary hp.

1 “Avenging Echo” 20/21 vs AC - 1d12+10/11
Radiant, Standard, Melee Weapon
ENEXT, foes that end adjacent or atk take 5 radiant.

7 “Inexorable Pursuit”; 20/21 vs AC - 1d12+10/11
Standard, Melee Weapon
Before the attack, gain phasing ENEXT and shift 3.

11 “Oath of Weakness”; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11
Standard, Melee Weapon
Target: Your Oath of Enmity target
Target is weakened ENEXT.

13 “Whirling Blades”; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11
Standard, Melee Weapon
+2 bonus to attack if no foe is adjacent to the target.
Deals +5 damage if no foe is adjacent to the target.

1 “Aspect of Might” 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11 Standard, Melee Weapon
Miss: ½ damage.
For encounter, +5 power bonus to Athletics checks, speed, and melee damage.

5 “Executioner Cloak”; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11
Illusion, Standard, Melee Weapon
You become invisible to the target (save ends).
Aftereffect: Invisible to it ENEXT.
Miss: ½ damage, and invisible to it ENEXT.

9 “Enduring Strike” 9; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11
Standard, Melee Weapon
Make a saving throw with a +5 bonus.
Miss: ½ damage, and make a saving throw.

15 “Aspect of Fury”; 20/21 vs AC - 2d12+10/11 Standard, Melee Weapon
Miss: ½ damage.
Effect: For encounter, enemies that start adjacent or attack you via melee take 5 damage.

“Oath of Enmity” Class, Minor, Close Burst 10
For encounter against only adjacent foe make two melee rolls until 0hp whereby power is regained.

“Memory of Eons” Racial, No, Personal
Add 1d8 to an attack roll, a saving throw, a skill check, or an ability check you dislike.

“Divine Guidance” Class, Interrupt, Close Burst 10
If ally within 10 squares attacks vs Oath of Enmity target they roll twice.

2 “Refocus Enmity”; Minor, Close Burst 10
Target: One creature you can see in burst
Effect: The target becomes the target of your Oath of Enmity, replacing the current target.

6 “Wrath of the Divine”, Radiant,
Reaction, Close Burst 10
If you are critically hit the Oath of Enmity takes radiant damage equal to the critical hit.

10 “River of Life”, Healing, Minor, Personal
Gain regeneration 5 for the encounter.

12 “Sworn Crusade”, Minor, Close Burst 5
Effect: ENEXT, each ally makes two attack rolls if melee attacking against Oath of Enmity target.

Armor: Displacer Earthhide +3
Holy Symbol: Symbol of Victory +2
Weapon: Bloodiron Fullblade +3
Neck: Amulet of Protection +4
Ring1: War Ring

Bloodiron Fullblade +3, Lvl 13; AV-65
On criticals, deal the extra damage again at the start of your next turn: Crit: +5d10+2d12 (74/86/120)

Symbol of Victory +2, Lvl 9; Crit: +2d8
Power (Daily, Free): +1 AP if you or ally in 5 crits.

Displacer Earthhide +3(+6), Lvl 14, AV-44
Power (Daily, Minor, Illusion): For encounter, any melee or ranged attack against you must roll twice.

Amulet of Protection +4, Lvl 16, PHB-249

War Ring, Lvl 15, AV-163
Deal +1 die of critical hit damage. (incl)
Power (Daily, Free): +2 extra dice of crit damage.
Milestone: Max the extra dice of critical damage.
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