L4W Discussion Thread V


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In a related couple notes, I'm guessing not many people are updating their status on the Character Status table... as I was updating Sir Exsixten's status I saw some level 3 characters that are now 6 and two adventures past what it says on the table. I also don't think I'm tied for the 2nd highest level character.
I didn't even know about this page on the wiki.

Does anyone have a list of all the places we should be keeping up to date for our characters on the wiki?

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
So, some updates today:
- Templar (updated PH1 Cleric) here. Lots of damage/range tweaks down.
- April Updates for lots here. I think most is just think from the update articles, but there is a tweak to Thiefs (making Cunning Escape useful)


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Kamotz needs a judge approval as well.

[MENTION=59043]Walking Dad[/MENTION] do you have one approval already, if not I'll review Vimak if you review Kamotz. That goes for anyone in either Baskrant adventure, or just shoot me a PM if your character needs 2 reviews still.

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