L4W Discussion Thread V

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I know we can't gain XP until a character is approved and I know a second character won't be approved until our first PC reaches level 2. Here's my question.

If we've earned enough XP to hit level 2 is it acceptable to bring a second PC into the tavern? I'm reasonably sure everyone in The Mine-Militia Identity has hit level 2 XP wise.


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I don't know whether there's a formal rule about the timing. I'd say that your first character needs to have actually leveled up (but does not need to have been approved for the next level).


This has come up before. IIRC, the rule is that you can start your 2nd character as soon as the xp is awarded that would get the 1st to level 2.

In practice, there's nothing stopping you from putting up a wiki page and entering the tavern even before that. You just wouldn't be eligible to be approved until the xp had been awarded that would make your 2nd character legal.


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I have Fredrock in my queue. I just approved Vimak (maybe you can help us out and review Frerock? :))

Edit: The judges recognize we have a bit (understatement?) of a backlog for us to review and we're discussing what the best solution is. We haven't to date been super strict on anyone missing out on XP as a result of our delays so I wouldn't expect it to happen right now.


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Can I get some clarification on this approval stuff?

I had a character in the Invasion of Baskrant adventure which was still unapproved when the adventure ended prematurely. I have since managed to obtain approval for him (yay) but am now waiting on the adventure itself to be approved for him to receive XP and loot and level up to 2.

So I wonder if I am supposed to wait for the adventure rewards to be approved before I level up my character and resubmit him for approval, or if I should level him up and seek approval, which would provide implicit approval for the adventure rewards?

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