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L4W Discussion Thread V


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
Little help needed..

I've decided to retire Larinza and create Saraz at a higher level rather than start her as a 2nd PC.

Larinza is currently level 4, I'd like to cash in 7 dm credits, making her level 5 before retirement, then create Saraz at level 5.

Is this legal? if it is what kind of gear should she have?

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Totally legal as far as I can tell. Saraz would start with items of level 5 and 4, and GP equal to the value of a level 4 item.


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Is it a month after release content becomes legal? I can never remember and I'm trying decide to wait for PHB3 stuff for my new character or just go ahead.


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
Ok, now I'm rethinking my plans after finding out cashing in all my dm credits brings me 2 points shy of leveling Larinza...

Lord Sessadore

Wow, paladins are actually the most popular class in L4W now? When did that happen?

I remember when I made Raiyek ... I think he was only the 2nd paladin in L4W. Definitely the least-played PHB class at the start :)

EDIT: PHB3 and 3rd characters, eh? I find myself tempted to make an elven seeker ... but that would mean I'd have three elves running around L4W. :-S Must think of something more original, haha.


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Lol, there's nothing wrong with liking a particular race, LS. I have yet to make one, but there have been several times that the Elf's racial power has nearly swayed me. The seeker looks pretty good, but I'm waiting to get my hands on the Monk :) I can't wait to try one of those out! I'm also tempted to create a Battlemind, but I've been a bit defender heavy on my characters here and in LEB, so I think I'll probably go with Monk.

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