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D&D 4E Lack of interst in posting since 4e announcement?


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Bah! I've been badmouting random stats and HP long before 4e was announced. Has been ages since I used them in 3e. You can do either in 3e - roll the dice or use something else.

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Aeolius said:
And Gleemax....ewwww... and D&D Insider applications that don't work on my Mac...groan... etc etc.

That sure is one thing I notice quite regularly: Wizards doesn't give a damn about minorities. Mac users, people who liked the Realms as they were, people who like gnomes... For a hobby that is played by minorities, always has, always will, that's a weird attitude.

I'd like to try 4e. I even plan to purchase the DMG, PH, and MM when they are released. But I have yet to hear anything about 4e that would make me try either playing in or running a campaign with the new rules.

Actually, what I heard about the rules sounded good. The flavour part sucked, as well as design philosophies (like the Holy Cow Burger mentioned). What use is a great set of rules if they make it hard to play what I want there?

An excerpt from an EN World thread regarding a lack of Sea Serpents in Monster Manuals states "I read this post and thought, Man, that is weird. I talked to James about it and he says he'll make it happen for the first MM after we have robust aquatic rules (DMG2 maybe? No promises!).", posted by WotC Logan; Logan Bonner, Mechanical Designer, Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast.

Perhaps that's when I'll jump into 4e. But....ummm... no promises ;)

Uh, what? They don't have aquatic rules so aquatic monsters are out? Is it only the Sea Serpent or are Sahuagin, Kua-toa, sharks, aboleths, sea elves, tritons, mermen etc out as well? Seems we have to hold on to our 3e monster manuals there.


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I've avoided the 4e forum, and I can't remember the last time I visited the WotC site...I refuse to 'sign up' for content. I've no interest in 4e - not because it is going in a direction I don't like (which I think it is) or because change is bad, or anything like that. I simply don't want to buy YET another set of books. Maybe, when my son is old enough to get into gaming with his own books, I'll purchase 5.0 or 7.0 or whatever. But right now, 3.x works for me.

Actually doesn't matter because I've been GMing Conan for the last few months and my players aren't showing much interest in going back to D&D for the time being.

I've never posted prolifically - and I guess that hasn't changed much - but I'm reading less on the boards now because there HAS been a decrease in interesting topics related to 3.x or d20 or OGL.

If I had the free time to do useless research, I'd love to go back in the ancient posts and look up who complained bitterly about 4e being on the horizon and who announced they would NEVER change and see how many of them are ardent supporters on the 4e forum...


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Offtopic> I hate being sick and I especially hate being at work and being sick! {sniff}

dpetroc said:
I've never posted prolifically - and I guess that hasn't changed much - but I'm reading less on the boards now because there HAS been a decrease in interesting topics related to 3.x or d20 or OGL.

There has been less new material, which should be expected, what with a new edition on the horizon. I suspect many topics are being rolled up to 4e. Such as if they have a question about the rules, they'd first look to see if it is going to be redressed in 4e. Or if they are designers...they probably want to hold off for 4e rather than produce for a lame duck.

Elf Witch

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Kae'Yoss said:
Don't worry, you're not the only one who has no interest in 4e, and a lot of those who don't are among the heavier posters (meaning writing a lot of stuff, not the more enthusiastic eaters).

And this has always be a place for people who pretty much ignore Wizards and go with 3rd-party d20/OGL publishers, and I think Wizards has made an admirable work at alienating yet another big bunch of people with 4e and the things they'll be doing to D&D's flavour, both generally and that of its campaign settings.

So even if you won't go 4e, you'll still have enough company here.

I hope so because EN World has always been my resource for help in playing and running the game.

I have a bad taste in my mouth right now from some of the 4E posters. I am not against 4E I don't think WOTC is the great satan.

The reason I don't want to switch is that I like 3E. I like AOOs, and instant death spells and the fact that rogues can't sneak attack everything. I also like that wizards can run out of spells.

Also I have a ton of books that I still want a chance to use. I don't feel like I have explored all that 3E has to offer.

I don't like being told that I am too set in my ways or that I have a close mind when it comes to something new.

the black knight said:
Recently got a job teaching literature that's taking up all my time. That plus a disinterest in 4e has kept me from posting.

Impartiality such as this indicates a state of engagement more substantial than one of uninterest, at least.

Concerning your usage, I mean no offense. Tis a common mistake. I simply cannot resist these ironic little moments.

EDIT: I am also not interested in participating in the 4e forums. I plan to reserve judgement until the product is on the shelves. The lack of activity in the General forums has led me to check the site less often, and post even less.
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To a great extent I'm disillusioned with what I've seen of 4e, and that's causing me to post a heck of a lot less on the board here and elsewhere.

My storyhour has taken a hit in terms of timely updates, but not because of 4e. That's largely at the feet of real life with my crazy/odd hours at work lately.


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I've definitely noticed a lack of postage here at ENWorld on my part since the announcement of 4E.

Part of it is due to my lack of a steady workstation at work over the last several months. A big part of it is the announcement. I kind of like some of the (little) information we've received so far, but honestly have no intention of buying 4E stuff. Not because I'm protesting the edition change, but because I don't play much as is, and I just don't see myself shelling all the kinds of dough I spent on (largely unused) 3E stuff for another edition that I won't be playing much.

Another part is that, unlike the speculation and anticipation that existed at the advent of 3E, the way the rollout on info has been on 4E thus far is somewhat disappointing to me. There is little enough information being disseminated, the main advertising venue of 3E (Dragon) is no longer in print, nor is there anything substantive coming from the digital version, and another great part of the 3E rollout- all the budding websites and speculation- is no longer the same (the climate is changed for that sort of thing).

I still pop in here to check Morrus' 4E info, when it does come, and for one or two other things, but not to the extent I used to. Same thing with the one Wizards forum I used to frequent with much regularity, the Mystara board. Just haven't had the "oomph" I used to.

(How long did the Countdown to Third Edition last in Dragon? Wasn't it almost, if not exactly, a year? Yet with 4E we've got bupkis so far.)


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I've been posting a lot less, but not so much because I feel strongly pro or con on 4e at this time (I feel rather agnostic right now -- I grok the avowed goals of the revision, though I've been pretty underwhelmed by WotC's marketing efforts and am downright skeptical of the whole Digital Initiative). It's because every thread lately seems to boil down to this:

WotC_Gleemax_Blog said:
Today we had another playtest of Jorge's campaign and it was a total blast. We were trying out the new rules for dinguses, and they are so cool now, not like in 3e, when they gave you herpes. These new dinguses work completely differently than the old dinguses, but I can't tell you more or else my boss will kill me, and besides I've got to run to submit my latest proposal on the newest whatzit mechanic.
4eFanBoi7 said:
Oh wow, this is the best news ever! Once again, they are doing exactly what I have been doing in my own campaign for years! The old dingus mechanic in 3.x was teh suck.
Grognard5 said:
What the hell are they thinking??? Dinguses have been in the fricken game since Blackmoor, and they were never a problem in any of my games. Why make dinguses play exactly like some WoW feature? This is just another example of crap change for change sake to sell more books. I'm never going to buy a single one of these stupid books. Wizards has lost another loyal customer.
4eFanBoi7 said:
Then why the hell are you posting in the 4e Forum? Sheesh, if you can't handle change then you should just wheel your creaky old wheelchair on over to Dragonsfoot where you belong. If you don't like these improvements, who cares -- you can always play your old, hopelessly outmoded game with the other geriatrics.
CrazyTroll said:
i havent bought any of the munchkin crap t$r put out since that unearthed arcana pos that gygax wrote. waste of money if you ask me. and wizbros totally screwed paizo when they killed the dragon.
Grognard5 said:
What's the point of even calling the game D&D if there are no dinguses? I mean, this is really a completely new game. And I thought the old one was just fine, thank you very much.
NiceGuy said:
I don't understand why everyone is getting so wound up about this change. I mean, we really don't know enough to judge yet, and maybe Wizards has a point about dinguses. I think they might have given me herpes. Or not. I dunno. How can anyone know? I guess it could be a big mistake, but we should really just wait and see.
Moderator said:
This is yet ANOTHER reminder to remain civil. folks. We really mean it.
WotC_Gleemax_Blog said:
Today we had another playtest of Sally's campaign and it was a total blast. We were trying out the new rules for whatzits, and they are so cool now, not like in 3e, when they gave you scabes. These new whatzits work completely differently than the old whatzits, but I can't tell you more or else my boss will kill me, and besides I've got to run to submit my latest proposal on the newest gorrfle mechanic.
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Slumbering in Tsar

Garnfellow, you just summed up the last 3 months of EN World beautifully.

Now we really don't need to read EN World anymore... :D


Extradimensional Explorer
More kudos to Garnfellow. :lol:

Back to the OP: I'm actually posting quite a bit, but not really in the 4e forum. I guess it's really that after about 2.5 yrs DMing, I finally feel like it's all making sense. ('Course that makes me less eager for an edition switch, which I wasn't enthusiastic about to begin with.) Or maybe my work is just going well, so I feel more energetic about posting. Whatever. OTOH, right after the announcement and before the 4e subforum got split off, I really just went to hide down in the CC forums with Shade. It was just too much of a madhouse up here.


Darn, I just snorted my morning V-8, which would have been annoying enough if I was at home but I'm at work. Man that was so funny. Work now. Crying. :lol:

-DM Jeff


Actually, the 4e stuff has increased my interest in ENW, which except for the Gygax threads, has largely been MIA for a few years.

Garnfellow: you get my vote for best post of the month.
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I hadn't posted at ENW in months until the 4e announcement.

I'm gradually getting over my excitement about reading about the latest 4e dribble, though. It's not even very likely that I'll convert.

I miss a good LMGNG flamewar. What's happened to the classic topics? :(


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I don't post much anymore, or even scan the threads like I used to, simply because I can't stand it when people talk so much about something only about thirty people in the world know anything at all about. 4e isn't even to the printers yet and they're already debating the wisdom of the mechanics. Not that we know the mechanics, mind you, but they'll still debate it.

I'll wait until it's here and then I'll decide, like a reasonable person.

Maybe that's it. With the 4vor going on, there's no longer much room for reasonable people in the forums. If you're not for it, you're against it and we hates your view. It's not the same place it used to be. I'm going to become a grognard for ENWorld.


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