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[lame mage] Day of Dr Null for M&M Superlink released

Ben Robbins

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"You wish to have a normal body again? Very well, you can have mine."

Day of Dr Null, the third M&M Superlink adventure from Lame Mage Productions, is now available.

After his first appearance in Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge, the bad scientist is back and and he is looking for payback, evil genius style. Mind transfer device? Check. Armies of Atomic Supermen? Check. A master plan to grind the city beneath his heel and crush those who mocked him? Big check.

Like all our releases it has been carefully playtested and focuses on being run, not just read. Includes a new Battle Tracker to make running city-wide mayhem a breeze, plus all the old Lame Mage favorites: heroic Action Shticks, outlined Revelations, Fast Reference Sheets, Silent Sound Effects and punched out dramatic moments, and a horde of GM Craft tips to give you an edge at the table.
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