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[lame mage] Death of Dr Null for M&M Superlink released

Ben Robbins

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"Would they remember the man who tried to help them, tried to rescue them from endless toil? No, but they will remember the man who brings this world to its knees!"

Death of Dr Null is the fourth M&M Superlink Second Edition adventure from Lame Mage Productions. It can be played by itself or combined with Day of Dr Null and Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge (free download).

Save the dam: Everything you need to run superhero action at a dam. Annotated diagrams, environmental hazards, and detailed Action Shticks to make saving (or destroying) the dam exciting and involving. Use it in this adventure, or steal it for another game.

Invade the secret base: Built to play comic book style, not as a dungeon crawl with capes. Nefarious traps designed as interactive encounters, not wandering damage. Find out what Dr Null has been cooking up in the lab.

Also includes all the old Lame Mage favorites: heroic Action Shticks, outlined Revelations, Fast Reference Sheets, rules-annotated maps, Silent Sound Effects, detailed scenario variants so you can run the adventure how you want, and a horde of GM Craft tips - all carefully playtested to give you an edge at the table.
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