Last Calls for Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, & Strontium Dog

The Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD line ends NEXT WEEK, and after that these books will never be available again.

Everything (except print-on-demand books) is half price! Already, some books are completely sold out, and stock is low on others.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 6.53.44 PM.png

Titles include the core rulebook, Dredd adventures like Luna 1, The Cursed Earth, The Apocalypse War, The Robot Wars, and The Day the Law Died.

Also available are the Strontium Dog (intergalactic bounty hunters!) and Rogue Trooper (sci-fi future war) hardcover sourcebooks.

Additionally, you can snag the GM Screen, counters, and various short adventures in the form of Case Files.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 6.54.31 PM.png

There are three ways to snap up these titles before the license expires.
  • Bundle of Holding lets you grab all the 2000AD RPG PDFs for a knock-down price; ends March 9th.
  • DriveThruRPG has a half price sale on 2000AD RPG PDFs (but not print on demand); ends February 28th.
  • EN Publishing's store has a half price sale on PDFs and print books (softcover and hardcover) while stocks last; ends February 28th.
This is it, folks! Last chance! After this, these books will never be available again.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 6.54.53 PM.png

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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Also available are the Rogue Trooper (intergalactic bounty hunters!) and Strontium Dog (sci-fi future war) hardcover sourcebooks.
These two are reversed, no? I used to read Rogue Trooper (still have some issues in box in the library).

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