[LAST CHANCE!] Vote For Your Favourite RPG Podcasts Of 2018!

Yeah, I was hoping there might be a random chance that someone had compiled some of them into a list previously. I’m honestly surprised there are so many nowadays.

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One really great pod that's missing is Turncloaks - a D&D5E actual play story in the dark world of Penumbra. And saying it's dark is only the beginning... Also great role-playing and really good sound effects. A great radio theatre!

Damian May

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My 8 year old godson is getting into D&D. Which of these podcasts might be suitable for younglings?

Of these? Not sure but High Rollers is fairly kid friendly most of the time.........actually scratch that...a 12 year old would be ok, 8 not so much. There must be a Hero Kids podcast out there somewhere...

I really want to say Critical Role and Venture Maidens but thats a big nope for an 8 year old. :)


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Hey [MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION] what's the deal with results? Are you doing an exciting podcast episode about it or other big reveal, or should we check here? Thanks!


Here is my best attempt at transcribing the results:

Actual Play Podcasts

10 Unintelligible
9 Danes and Dragons
8 Apparently DnD is for Nerds by Sams Pants Radio
7 Red Moon Roleplaying
6 How it Rolls
5 Drunks and Dragons
4 Dungeons and Randomness
3 Androids and Aliens
2 Glass Canons
1 The Adventure Zone

Talk Podcasts

10 Fear of Black Dragon
9 System Mastery
8 Gaming and Boat Sinking
7 Dragon Talk
6 What Would a Smart Party Do
5 Happy Jacks
4 Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
3 Fear The Boot
2 The Grognard Files
1 The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

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