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LCD Gamign Tables?

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We use a 46" Samsung LCD screen at native res. Been using it for the past 6+ months now 1/week. No problems here at all! I started with maptools which worked great and right now I'm playing around with d20Pro. I generally only use these for the maps though (we still use minis with plexiglass overlaid directly on top the LCD screen - yes its safe!). I just started looking at UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and Unity3 for interactive graphic battle maps. Check out this guy's UDK stuff he's been doing for their projector set up!


I've posted pics already but here are some recent shots from in-game use. And yes one of those shots is from a Paizo AP extracted from the pdf into jpgs for maps using d20pro and GIMP (really easy to do too btw). :)


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I'm in the process of building a Multi Touch table. You can find my documented efforts here: https://sites.google.com/site/mtgametable/
I'm pretty close to finishing the table at this point. Since we game in my family room, my wife gave me a list of requirements....after I started construction.
I'll be updating the site as I continue.

For those wanting more information, check out the NUIgroup for all things Multitouch. NUI Group - Natural User Interface Group Their forums are excellent.


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How is the viewing angle with the LCD? The way it looks in the pictures it seems the PC's would have to stand up to actually be able to see the map. Do you notice this as a problem? I am considering a digital gaming table and trying to decided between lcd or projector.




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I've looked at an LCD table for the last couple of years, I've hit the following issues:
- Cost
- Resolution vs. Size
- View Angle
- Heat

I wanted to try it with my two 30" 2560x1600 HPs, but each generates a scarry amount of heat (draws ~175W when in operation). Those are also my main displays and not exactly cheap. So I looked at an affordable 4 monitor setup with a high resolution and small bevels, you could get some interesting monitors for decent prices, but all had the crappy TN displays (doable when setup in front of you, not when laying down). Some of the older refurbished models were decently priced, but again you had a lot of power usage and thus heat. For now I've scrapped the idea for now, I might revisit it in the future (tech always advances).

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