4E LEB - Upcoming Adventures Thread


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Yes, I am. I was wondering why nobody replied to it yesterday. I guess people missed the part where the guy who walked in started talking.
I wasn't sure if you were just setting things up; you didn't say anything here or have someone poke their head into the Tavern.


I should bring Khazin back and play some over here in LEB. Anybody planning on running anything in near future? Any adventures getting close to finishing up?
I am running something on L4W so I don't have time to run something here.

I have a cleric|warlord 8 that has been gathering dust. I have a second character in an adventure that may yet end in a TPK, but either way, I'm thinking of retiring the character at the end of the adventure in favor of a ranger that I've been wanting to play.


If you're gonna roll a Ranger, I might scrap Khazin for something other than a Striker. Do we still have an abundance of Strikers in LEB?